Sunday, December 20, 2015

Veg Bachelor Burtha - Recipe

Yes today I will tell you how to make Veg Bachelor Burtha.

Below are the ingredients
1. Mumbai's fast life
2. IT job
3. Non veg eating room partners
4. Demanding GF
5. Onsite dreams

Here is the procedure
1. Send the guy some 500 miles away from home to a place like Mumbai.
2. Choose his work location to be one the poshest areas of Mumbai where he can't afford to stay.
3. Force him to travel by local trains and if you have to boil the burtha more, go for Viral local.
4. Make him stay with non veg lovers who will daily welcome him with new smell in the house,
    sometimes fish, sometimes chicken, mutton etc etc..
5. Make him get attracted to a demanding & dominating girl who will add all the much
    needed masalas.
6. Finally show him onsite dreams and make him work day & night.

So finally after 6 months your veg bachelor burtha is ready to be served.
Add family tension if required.

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