Sunday, April 22, 2018

All in one guide for your abroad study or work dreams - PTE Academic

There is a very famous saying -:
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
                                                  --- Malcolm X---

With increasing competition, big dreams and soaring prices, a good education from a reputed institution has become a prime necessity. When we look at the top 100 universities in the world, none of those from India make it to the list, so many Indian students plan to study abroad.

But the ride is not smooth as there are lot of challenges one has to face during the whole process.
Some of the main and common challenges are -:

1. Having a medium through which you can apply and whose credibility is accepted by all universities across the globe.
2. A measure of global standards which can help you gauge your academic competencies.
3. Convenience to choose a time and place for giving the exams through which you can apply to
4. Quick results so that you are always ahead in the queue while applying to universities.

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During my education days, around 10 years ago, we didn’t had much options and had to struggle a lot to get into a good university abroad, but today we really have some good means to make our dreams come true and the best among them is PTE Academic.

I have heard a lot about PTE Academic from my colleagues and that aroused a good degree of curiosity in me. I decided to have a look on their site and I was really impressed with their structure and flow of process.

Since we know that the basic need for studying abroad is English proficiency and most of the universities check for it, PTE Academics focuses on giving you a helping hand to deal with it. And you know what the best part is? The PTE Academic test is world’s leading English Test that is accepted by wide network of universities globally and also for visa purposes. So it is like preparing for the exam with the guidance from actual test makers. You will not get that from anywhere else.

Their online preparation material are the best practice material to get the desired results. They have a number of options of choose from according to our need.

Here are a few points about PTE Academic that impressed me and made me believe that it can be a one-step solution provider for all the students who are planning to study abroad #DefinitelyPTE -:

1. PTE Academic results are approved by the Australian and New Zealand governments for visa applications and accepted by thousands of universities worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale
2. The results are declared within 5 business days so you are always ahead in the queue while applying for your dream institutions.
3. You get to choose the date and center of your choice as the test sessions run 360 days a year and across 200 locations worldwide. So there are abundant of test centres to choose from.
4. Test takers can send their scores to as many institutions as they like, without an additional fee.

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Apart from the above points, to make your life easy, there are a lot of packages available under PTE preparation course, to choose from as per your needs.

And lastly, let’s talk about the most important aspect about any exam, its authenticity, accuracy and transparency. So basically the scoring systems in PTE Academic use complex algorithms which are initially trained using human rated samples. Thousands of marks and examples of performance are used to train these automated scoring systems until sufficiently high enough levels of reliability are achieved.
Hence the scores are definitely the ones you can rely on.

So as per my assessment Pearson’s PTE Academic is all in one guide for all those who are seeking to work or study abroad. #DefinitelyPTE


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The girl who was returning to her home with a Yes

The journey to India

Yu to safar zindagi mai na jaane kitne mukammal hue the,
Par wo waqt uss ek safar ka kuch aur hi saath laker aaya tha..
Hum to bus you hi masti mai chal pade the ape aashiyaane ki taraf,
Par wo ek ladki soch ko badalne hi shayad humane sath aai thi..

The years was 2017. I was traveling back to India from USA with so much of excitement. After all, I had such a great time as a travel blogger in USA. I was so excited to share the experience of "how it feels like to be a world traveller "with my friends and family. I had my flight from New York to Mumbai with Lufthansa Airlines. The smooth booking and quick check-in procedure with them gave a very good start to my trip.
My seat was 17D and I was all set to flayed reach my destination.
I was now flying on cloud9.. Yuppiieee!!!!

It was approximately 20hrs of journey with a layover. Sitting at my place, I was thinking of the available options to pass this time. When I was totally into my thought, a girl of age around 25yrs came and sat next to me. She was Indo-American and was traveling alone to India. And her simple beauty caught my attention at the very first moment. Now I got my final decided option to make this journey happening.

I said,” Hello”
She replied with a smile, “Hi!”

I said,” Are you traveling alone to Mumbai?” (though I knew but it was just to carry on the conversation)
She said, “ Yes”.

I thought of giving a break here and started a movie on my display panel. Though I was quite occupied with my movie, yet whenever I had a glance on her in between, I found her watching at the sky with blank eyes and some deep thoughts.

After few hours, we were served with lunch. This was the time when I again I tried to have some conversation.

I said," By the way, this is a long journey and I would love to pass it like seconds. Do you want the same?"
She just smiled.

I said," I am Ankit. And you?"
She said, "Praniti"

 I said, " Ahhhaha.. Indian name!"
She said,"Yes my father is from India and he wanted to have a Indian name for me".

And we continued our talk.
She told me about her childhood days, her parents getting divorced, she being diagnosed with a tumor in stomach and her journey as a Food blogger.

Food Blogger!!!!!
Yes, she was a food blogger with about 25k following on Instagram and a good fan following on her food blog.
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And I was shocked to know that she started this all after her surgery that resulted in removal of her stomach as a whole. Yes she does not have stomach. I immediately looked at her stomach and then at her and I took my eyes off her stomach immediately. She smiled.
She said," Don't worry. I did the same thing when doctors told me this."

She was going to India to meet her father, to tell him how lonely her mother feel after he left her and to try this one chance of getting them back together agian. This was her £sayingyestotheworld moment.
She also shared her incidences with me when she played a comic role in a theatre, how she dance crazily in the snow on the day of her graduation and how she made her friends laugh with her sense of humor.
She also told me how much she love traveling and thinking of giving an serious thought of travel blog.

She gave a tough fight to the situations and the people like her gave me the reason of loving this world. Who fights all the odd against them. Thats why I love this world. That why I love traveling and interacting with people so that I get to know about them, their part of stories and their share to the world.

Her story made me more confident about keep on traveling, meeting new people and get to know about them, those who gave their desired shape to the path and walked on it proudly.
Each experience is unique and those experiences are my travel inspirations. The world is full of unsaid heroes. Lets explore them!Come and join me in my travel expedition.