Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quikr NXT- Why to call when you can chat..

About the Brand

Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a place where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today it has over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. It has over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.

My experience - Before and after using Quikr NXT

Some months ago I tried selling my old cell phone through quikr, but after I posted the ad about my cell phone, a lot of phone calls came to my number. Being a professional person, it was not possible for me to attend all those calls and eventually I sold it after a long time. Also my number became public due to which even after the deal was closed, many buyers kept on disturbing me by asking about the cell phone. That time I felt that there should be a chat feature by which sellers and buyers can interact with each other as per their convenient time. I was happy to see that soon quikr introduced quikr nxt. It came as a blessing for me because after the introduction of quikr nxt , I easily sold many of my old stuff at a good price and at the same time my number remained private so I had no tension once the deal was over. I recommended this app to all my friends and all of them are having a nice experience with quikr nxt. I am sure that this app will soon bring a revolution in e-commerce industry.

Why I prefer chat over phone calls ?

The reasons because of which I always prefer chat over phone calls can be summed up in the below points:

- Chat comes with lots of exciting features such as photo sharing which makes deals on quikr much more interactive and easy for both the parties.

-Also chat makes the seller easy to track whether the buyer to whom he is selling has agreed to his terms and conditions. This reduces stress of the seller and also builds a good bond between both the parties.

-Through chat, communication is possible as per the convenience of both, the buyer and seller.
  Also there is no requirement of sharing the number.

So use the quikr nxt app and sell your unused stuff on the go at a good price and without sharing your number. Keep selling , keep enjoying J

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Will you be my valentine ?

A video dedicated to the most special girl in my life.
A foodie way to ask her the most important question - Will you be my Valentine ?

Thanks a lot Closeup for providing me the platform.
Every challenge listed under the Cupid Games 2015 is really amazing.
Check out my video on the official site.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Izhaar-ae-Ishq ....Say it Loud :)

This Valentine..Bring out the lover in you..and say "I LOVE YOU" to ur special someone..

Kabhi to ho deedaar tera..
Milne ke liye kab tak intzaar karu..
Izzhaar-ae-ishq ab zaroori sa lagta hai..
Yu tasveer se teri..kab tak pyaar karuu..

Jab se dekha hai tujhe..
Kisi aur ko dekhna bhuul gya hu..
Jab se dikha hai rab tujhme..
Us khuda ke saamne matha tekna bhuul gya hu..

Jab koi puche kiske khayaalo me khoya hu me..
To kab tak inkaar karuu..
Izzhaar-ae-ishq ab zaroori sa lagta hai..
Yu tasveer se teri..kab tak pyaar karuu..

Tere baare me soch kar..
Ek sukoon sa lagta hai..
Tujhe paane ki koshishe karna..
Ek junoon sa lagta hai..

Jo khayaalo me kahaa aaj tak tujh se..
Sochta hu wo sach me tujhe har baat kahuu..
Izzhaar-ae-ishq ab zaroori sa lagta hai..
Yu tasveer se teri..kab tak pyaar karuu..

So say the special words before its too matter how far ur special someone is...say it out..Louddd... :) 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Attacked by Aliens called Pimples...Garnier came as my Saviour

If we go two decades back it was just our skills which were enough for us to bag a whopping million dollar job.

At the time of marriage it was the family status and the parents’ consent which mattered the most.
But with time things have changed a lot.

Survival of the fittest, a very famous proverb finds its implementation in today’s world.
Now our success is not just limited to our skills but also depend equally on our personality and presentation.

Good looks not only boost your confidence but also provide a charming personality.
A glowing face can attract more audience then a face full of pimples and marks.

But in today’s hectic and stressful life it is really difficult to retain that glow on your face.
At some point of time in the youth you tend to suffer from one of the most annoying problem in this world.
Oil glands starts secreting more and inflammation of skin occurs for no reason.
It is the time when aliens called pimples attack and try to capture space on our face.

I too have faced this attack and believe me the experience is really bad.

Some of the consequences of this attack on me were -:
1. Once an outgoing person who was ready to step out at any time was now happy to stay at
2. Confidence took a dive. A person who used to look straight into the eyes while talking to
   anyone was now hesitant even to show his face.
3. Irritation and frustration levels increased to all time high.
4. Hours were wasted looking in the mirror and cursing god and luck for sending such ugly
5. Concentrating on things became very difficult. During studies, while eating, playing or even
   bathing I just used to think about the creepy pimples.
6. The free bird in me was now happy to remain in a cage.
7. I had to give up on the things I liked. As the list is huge I have mentioned the important ones.
   a. Eating spicy food.
   b. Night out with friends.
   c. Playing Holi.
8. I became too conscious about my skin and used to behave like mental whenever there was a
   new colony of pimples on my face.

As a result my life had changed a lot.
Earlier I used to wake up with a big smile on my face, energized to explore the world but now I was more worried about my face, frighten if a new pimple had popped out.

I used to go for jogging in the morning and sometimes also play cricket but all that had stopped now.
Trekking which was one of my passion was now not on the do to list also.
My friends had started thinking of me as an egoistic person carrying a lot of attitude as I used to back out from most of their plans.

Staying alone and isolated from the world was the only thing I loved. In no time depression and sadness took over me.

Seeing my plight a friend of mines suggested “Garnier pure active Neem” face wash which she had also used to get rid of these disgusting pimples.


                                                        Source - Here
The procedure was very simple. Just wash your face 3 times in a day with the face wash.

Within a month I could see a lot of improvement.
Most of pimples had dried up and marks also got reduced.
I was really excited to see this change.
3 months down the line and I could see my glow coming back.

Slowly I started hanging out with my friends, visiting new places, going for treks, in one word I started “Living” again.

Thanks a lot Garnier for this amazing product. It really has a magical touch on your skin which brings back its freshness and glow.

                                                               Source - Here

So if you are also been attacked by these aliens called “Pimples”, go for counter attack using
Garnier pure active Neem” face wash.

                                                             Source -Here

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

I will propose her on this Valentine..

As the big day is approaching my heart beat is going for a marathon run.
I am a bit nervous but this time I have decided to confess my love to her.

She was the most beautiful girl whom I met at my best buddy’s marriage.
Beauty brings pride but she was so down to earth that I lost my heart on our first meet.
My first crush was my senior in college and this was my second and final one.

Though she was a bit shy in the starting but with time we became good friends.
She switched job and got shifted to Mumbai which came as a bonus for me.

Hanging out together, trying out new cuisines and exploring new places were our weekend routine.
Slowly we became best friends and started sharing secrets.

In past few months we have really come close to each other and it was time to take the next step. Once she told me that she would love if a guy proposes her in front of a big public rather than in private. She always dreamed of a guy who had the guts to confess his love for her in front of the whole world and I was ready to make her dream come true.

Here is my plan for the big day.

I will request some of our common friends to take her for a movie on 14th February in Oberoi mall.
I will explain them my plan and request them to keep it confidential.

As she will enter the multiplex the female security guard will give her a bouquet of red roses, chocolates and a teddy and will inform her that someone had asked to give it to her.
I will be in the CCTV camera room observing who all are coming and will inform the guard as soon as she enters.

In the interval of the movie there will be a video played.

This video will contain all those lovely memories which we both have spent together and how much I love to spend time with her. There will also be a guitar performance by me where I will be singing her favorite song” Soniye Hiriye”. When the video will end there will be a message displayed which will ask her to come at the centre of the mall where I will be ready with my friends.

I have planned for a flash mob with few of friends who are part of a dance academy.
We will be performing on the most romantic songs of all time.

All of us will be wearing a mask of my face and at the end of the flash mob she will be asked to find the real me. The moment she finds me I will be ready with my poem which contains all my feelings and emotions, everything which I wanted to tell her from the day I saw her.

Finally I will say those 3 magical words and will wait for her reply.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meet the most talented people of India - The great Indian Litterbugs

It’s time to party and feel proud as India has been awarded.

Till now an individual or a group of people not more than 1000 have won the prestigious “Guinness World Record” but this time it is different and big because a country as a whole has won this award.

The reason for the award is really overwhelming as India is tagged as the country with most number of Litterbugs. Such great recognition is really impossible without hard work and determination showed by millions of Indians on a daily basis.

I was getting ready to attend Prime Minister’s speech on such a proud moment when suddenly a splash of water made its way on my face. It was 9 in the morning and my mom was rebuking me as I was again late for office.

Quickly I got ready and was on my way to office.

At one signal which was a long one I looked around and found the replacements for Fire Brigade in India.
These men are always ready with their fire pumps, ready to deliver anywhere and at any time.
They are also responsible for making the walls of India strong, even stronger than the “Great Wall of China”. 
I praised my luck as I got to see such talented people at the start of the day.

The signal was green and I was ready to take off when a shower of magical liquid made the earth beside me pious. It is another talent which we Indians are really proud of.
We have this amazing art of spitting anywhere we want. If there are sports in Olympics related to spitting we can grab all the gold medals in spitting most number of times, spitting the farthest and spitting the most in one go.
Also we Indians have a great talent of painting the walls red just by using our mouth.

After driving for 10 minutes I encountered another long signal.
I think god was happy with me today as I got to see one of the most heartfelt acts of humanity.
There was a big dustbin kept at the corner of the road which was half empty.
The reason was half of the garbage was thrown around it.
There were food items, plastic bottles, clothes and foot wears which were scattered in the vicinity.

I was glad to see dogs and pigs feeding themselves and their families.
Also the garbage collectors didn't face any trouble picking the items useful for them as half of the stuff was lying outside the dustbin.

Finally I was about to reach office and was crossing the slum area which lies ahead of it when my eyes felt on an intellectual activity. There were many small children who were defecating in public.
Seriously what a way to make a barren land perfect for growing crops by adding required chemicals and water to it. Their parents are mighty genius I am sure.

I was so happy and proud to see such talented “Litterbugs” of India.
Hail litterbugs!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

When she fought to replace the "ORs" with "ANDs" in her life..

Every human being has the freedom to follow his/her dreams and choose to do what he/she is passionate about. Religion, caste, color, tradition, gender and superstition should never serve as an obstacle in anyone’s life.

Future of a person should depend on his/her capability and not on the above factors.

In this post I want to highlight the case of one of my friend, Ruchi who fought for her dreams and finally achieved them with flying colors.

 Ruchi was the youngest of all her siblings who included 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Her father owned a grocery shop and mother was a housewife.
Her parents were quite simple but the family at her mom’s side was quite aggressive and dominating.

Her Mamas were into politics and believed in violence than peaceful negotiation.
Also they were quite narrow minded and used to treat women of their house badly.
For them woman only had 6 labels throughout her life.
#Cook   #HomeCleaner  #Housewife  #SexObject  #ChildProducer  #ChildCareTaker

Ruchi was born and brought up in Mumbai and hence she was an independent and ambitious girl who loved freedom. During summer vacations she along with her mom and other siblings used to visit her Mama’s place which was in Uttar Pradesh. When she was in school things were fine as she was small and used to listen to her Mama but things changed when she entered junior college.

All her friends were now serious about their career and also motivated her to choose one.
Most of them suggested her to join the aviation or hospitability industry as she was damn good looking, had charming personality and great articulation skills.
After pondering on their suggestions and also discussing with her favorite teachers she finally decided to give it a try.

She told her parents about her decision and asked for their consent.
In starting her parents were a bit worried as she would be away from home most of the times travelling to places which won’t be safe for her but finally were convinced.
One week before the interview of Indigo, her mamas suddenly came to Mumbai.

She was sure that her mom had casually informed them about the interview but didn’t think about the consequences.
As they entered the house one of them slapped Ruchi and asked her mother to send her with them.

According to them she had forgotten all her customs, traditions and sanskars , gone out of hand, hence it was necessary to bring her back to line.
From now on she will only learn household work were their clear instructions.
Her mother was too frightened to protest but Ruchi was ready for such situations.

She called her friend at once whose father was a police inspector and complained about the physical and mental harassment her mamas had caused her.
For a second her mamas were shocked to hear her words.
Though they were into politics in Uttar Pradesh but in Mumbai they were just a common man.

Police came in no time and were going to arrest them. Frightened they asked for forgiveness and promised never to interfere in her family matters.

Ruchi gave them one last warning and requested police to give them a last chance.

Finally her big day came.
She gave interview of 3 Airlines and got selected in all of them.

Today she is a senior cabin crew member who is enjoying her life to the fullest.
Not only her parents but also her friends like me are so proud of her.

She is an inspiration to all those who wants to free themselves from different labels given by the society or family members and live their dreams.

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Friday, January 16, 2015

She is above all labels...My Mom !!!

She is the one who has brought me into this world, taught me the principles of life and made me understand the difference between right and wrong.

She is the one who has comprised and sacrificed her pleasures so that I can enjoy mines.

She is the one who can feel my pain, my sadness just by hearing my voice.

She is the one who is in tears even if I get a small bruise.

She is my everything, a friend, a teacher, a girlfriend, a critic and most importantly my

She is none other than my “MOTHER”.

It’s a great honor for me to write about her and describe the amazing personality she is.
Thanks to Blogadda and Gillette for giving me this opportunity.

My mom was interested in painting from her school time.
She had won lot of competitions and was a renowned face of the institute wherever she studied.

When she got married there were some problems in the family because of which my father had to separate out. He was still studying M.D and source of income was just the stipend which he used to get from the college.

Somehow he managed a rented flat, not really a flat but just a room which was partitioned in middle by a curtain to separate out the bedroom and kitchen.

After a year of marriage my elder brother was born.
There were multiple responsibilities on my mom now.

She had no time to follow her passion which was painting.
A new home and a new dispensary of dad were the top priorities.

2 years later I was born and hence came more responsibilities and pressure on her.
She devoted her complete time in taking care of me and bhaiya

For the next 10 years she was happy to be labeled as a supportive wife, caring mother and a responsible housewife. Till that time we got our new home and my father also purchased a new place for his dispensary. It was then, when my father motivated her to start painting again. He decorated the new house with her paintings which she made before marriage.

First it was difficult for my mom but slowly and steadily she got her touch back.
Her first exhibition was put in the yearly program of our community. There was none who passed by without appreciating the art on display.

After that there was no stopping for her and today she is counted among one of the renowned painters of Indore.

Whenever I get an opportunity to visit her exhibitions which I mostly do, it feels proud to be a son of such a great artist.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The New Sensation in the Hatchback Segment, Bolt from the Blue..!!!

There is a new sexy lady on the floor.
She is the soul shaker
She is the head turner
When she passes by, people lose their heart
She has the charm to be on the top of the chart.

Ok last hint, she is the new sensation in the Indian car hatchback market.
A creation of India’s most trustworthy brand.

If you guessed it “Tata Bolt” you have hit the bull’s eye.
Give yourself a pat.


After the success of Zest , Tata has brought its new weapon in the market.
“A Bolt from the Blue”, totally fits in here as everyone is surprised to see the back to back sensation from Tata Motors.

I wanted to see this beauty from proximity hence decided to visit Oberoi Mall in Mumbai where the car was for display.
As I entered the mall I was not surprised to see the beauty as centre of attraction drawing eyeballs from all around. None of the passersby could refrain themselves from giving a curious look to this stunning piece of machinery.

Somehow making my way into the middle of the crowd I got the opportunity to get a glance of “The Bolt”. 

The first feature about Bolt which impressed me was it was “High on style”.
The front-end is stylish and matured giving the car a bold and rich look.
The rear-end is quite fresh and wider making it look quite fetching.
The sharp headlamp clusters, bumper with an inverted smile and flame shaped units at the rear end definitely makes it aggressive and stand out in the hatchback segment.

Everyone wanted to step into the Bolt and have a feel of its interiors.
I was also eagerly waiting for my number so that I could explore its inner beauty.
As I got in I was not at all disappointed. The second feature of Bolt which made its mark on my mind was the “Spacious interiors”.
There is sufficient leg space provided at the front as well as rear bench, more than a majority of the other hatchbacks in the segment. I will say it is more on the lines of sedans. The height of the car is perfect making it easy for getting in and out.

I can’t step out of the car without giving the stylish and elegant dashboard a good second look. The “High on Style” quotient which was true outside holds it stand inside too.
For the style take a bow BOLT makers as it is for the first time I have seen such an improvement in what all TATA has offered till date.

I was thinking of stepping out when one of the executive got inside and started explaining me the mechanics. I told him that I am a layman and tell me something which is unique about this car and it was than when the third feature made its way.
For the first time a multi drive hatchback, interesting!!! 

There are 3 driving modes to choose from – City, Eco and Sport which you will find only in expensive luxury cars.

Next he talked about the fourth feature which I always liked in a car,
“Advanced Technology “.
By looking at the car it can be easily concluded that a lot of thought process has been involved in making it technologically sound. The power steering is attractive and comfortable to hold.
All the four windows are power windows which makes life easy for the people at rear bench.
Another thoughtful feature added is door open indicator which exactly tells which door is open.
Coming to the best of the lot, something which is developed jointly by the Tata and Harman is the ConnectNext touch screen Infotainment system. It has advanced voice command recognition and supports USB, AUX, SD card and Bluetooth connectivity. The sound quality is good and it doesn't echo or distorts when the volume is turned high.

After listening to all this I was really impressed and was thinking of buying the car. It was then, when the fifth feature came and I was sure that this “Bolt” is mines.
The fifth and the most important feature of all – “Advanced Mechanics”.

Bolt is powered by the same powerful Revotron engine as used in Zest.
It is nearly lag free and provides a smooth drive. The power @ rpm is one of the best among all the cars in the hatchback segment.
The different driving modes work in perfect mapping with the engine and make the car fuel efficient.

I took my mobile to click some pics of/with BOLT.

At the same time there were few girls who were passing by. I asked them to pose with the car and they agreed at once. 

Wow "BOLT" who are a great charmer..

Selfie to banta hai.!!!

Ohh Even Narain Karthikeyan was there to check out the new  "BOLT"..;)


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200th Post dedicated to the wonderful people I have met in Blogosphere..!!

I started blogging in 2009 but could manage to write only 1 post.
2010 was also an idle year and I could manage only 15 posts in the complete year.
It was 2011 when I came to Mumbai and got involved into serious blogging.

Today I have over 199 posts on my blog and more than 2, 00,000 page views.
There are more than 200 likes on my blog FB page.
For whatever status and position I have earned in the blogosphere here are some people I genuinely want to thank on this 200th Blogpost.

The first person I want to say thanks is Stephen. His short love stories and dedication towards his blog motivated me to be active again. He is also a genuine critic who has helped me to improve.

Indiblogger is definitely the next in my thanking list. It gave me the much needed platform where I could connect to bloggers all over India, few of who are now my best buddies.
Also the Indimeets were just awesome, one of which also made me meet the love of my life.

Blogadda, for its awesome initiative "Game of Blogs" which brought some awesome people together. These people called themselves "Story Weavers".
Nivedith, Deepika, Vinodini, Simardeep, Nikita, Swati and Avantika had great time with you guys. Crazy discussions, last time submissions and finally among top 5 teams, what an amazing journey and experience it was !!!

Sriram, a philosophist, coffer lover, a great leader and above all an amazing person.
He has the charm and skills to bring people together. The long talks we had were just superb.
He is definitely a source of inspiration. Thanks bhai for all the gyan..:)

Animesh Mishra, one of the most respected and renown face in the blogosphere.
He is a very down to the earth person and believes in simple living and high thinking funda.
I really enjoyed all our conversation bhai. It was great meeting such a wonderful person.

Saru Singhal, the poetess queen and one of my favorite blogger have always inspired me by her likes and comments on my posts. An appreciation from such an avid blogger means a lot. Thanks a lot mam for all your foot prints on my blog.

Anukriti Sharma, the famous blogger from Delhi and one of the sweetest blogger I have ever met till date has been a big inspiration for me. Soft music, photographs and the amazing choice of words are few reasons for which I used to remain glued to her blog. We met in one of the Indimeet and from then we are good friends. 

Monica Mishra, a great human being and a lawyer by profession.
Her legal articles are very famous among fellow bloggers.
She is someone who is quite close to my heart.
Thanks a lot for all your encouragement, support, suggestions and feedback on almost all my posts..:) I love you for everything you have done for me.

Tapobrata, you are great person. Though things were not that smooth between us but I would never forget the efforts you have put in to help me fulfill the dream of getting published.
Same I will say for Rafaa.

Whenever I dreamed of getting published you were the inspiration for me, Renu di.
Thanks for all your help and support. You are really a great sister any brother would love to have.

Deepti Verma, you were my inspiration whenever I used to write for any contest.
This girl is a serial contest winner and no doubt an awesome writer.

Westerlies, my team during the Indian Blogger League.
I would again like to thank Stephen and Sriram for considering me eligible enough to be part of the team.
Westerlies was a superb team which gave me the opportunity to meet some of the awesomest people of my life - Deepti, Tapo, Karan, Renu, Rohan, Harshal, Nikhil, Namrota Namrata, Sud, Amar, Fatima, Vaisakhi, Rafaa, Gayathri, Reshmi and Ritesh to name a few.

Bookster, a group of bloggers who saw a dream together which is going to be accomplished pretty soon.
We had crazy discussions, superb meets; some bad fights and lot of brainstorming but the most important thing we stood by each other so that this dream could see the day of light.
I would like to thank everyone for helping a novice like me and taking efforts to give such genuine, detailed and relevant feedback on my story.

Neha Sharma, though you are not active on social media but your activeness on my blog as a reader and your inspiring comments are definitely a source of motivation for me. Thanks a lot.
I would love to see you in the next Indimeet. 

Sushmita, a girl with sweet voice and cute smile.
It’s been hardly a month I have known her but it feels like I know her from ages. She is a bit maddy but from day one our bonding is superb and it is fun talking to her.
Having a renowned face of blogosphere as your friend feels great.
Thanks a lot for everything.

Happy Club, a gang of bloggers determined to bring new innovations in the blogging world.
Feels great to be part of this group. It’s amazing members include Braj, Nikhil, Simran, Sushmita, Ankita Singhal, Ashwin, Vaisakhi, Fatima, Renu, Ste, Ankita Verma, Himani, Divyashi & panda girl.
You guys are awesome. Thanks a lot making me a part of your life.

Readers are the motivating force for any blogger.
They are the one who keeps a blogger alive and active as he feels the urge to produce something unique and interesting at every point of time.
Thanks a lot guys for your appreciation, suggestion and love in the form of lovely comments on my blog. Each one of them is quite valuable to me.

Also thanks a lot to those silent readers who though don’t comment on my blog but promote and appreciate it through word of mouth.

Finally Thanks a lot almighty for giving me this skill of writing, my parents who have felt proud after reading my posts and motivated me to keep going and my friends -Kavita , Palak and Nitika to name a few who have always been there as a critic, reviewer, appreciator and motivator.

How can I end this post without thanking my partners in crime, Kunal and Rakesh who have given their blood and sweat to this blog..;)

I dedicate this 200th Post to all you wonderful people who have become an integral part of my life.
I hope I am able to meet your expectations and write something which adds value to your life.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How Quikr helped me when I was relocated to Bangalore..

About the Brand
Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a place where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today it has over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. It has over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.

My Experience
I was in Mumbai for last 4 years and now my project was getting transferred to Bangalore so I had to relocate to Bangalore.
My Flat in Bangalore had only a bed and a cupboard so I had to buy everything on my own.
As in my job transfers were frequent so I wanted to buy second hand items and was not planning to go for the new brand ones.
Quikr was the name suggested by majority of my friends.
So it was time to explore Quikr.

It asked me to select a city.

As Bangalore was among the popular cities I quickly selected it.
After selecting the city as Bangalore it showed me different options to select from.


There were many categories available.
I selected Electronics and Appliances.

First thing I wanted to purchase was TV hence I went to TV-DVD-Multimedia category.
There were lots of filters available.
1. Product type
2. Brand Name
3. Price
   Also there was an option to set Custom range.
4. Ads posted in time
5. Ads Posted By
6. Condition
7. Ad Type
8. Photos which was an option to select Ads only with photos.
I loved the different filters.

Sony was my first choice.
The custom range was set to 0-10000 and Ads posted in last 1 month were only selected.

I was searching for 32 inch Sony LCD TVs at a good discounted price.

Finally I selected 5 Ads from around 60.
I replied to all the Ads with my message and Gmail id.

Next I wanted to purchase some Kitchen Appliances hence I selected the sub category
“Home-Kitchen Appliances”.
Here I selected some Ad’s which were offering LG refrigerator for a reasonable price.
Also I wanted to purchase Whirlpool Washing Machine so I selected 4 Ad’s which were offering it on a reasonable price.

Finally I was done with my shopping and was waiting for the response from the seller side.

In the meanwhile till the response came I thought to explore the site more.
I thought to post my own Ad and went to Post Free Ad.
On clicking on it I was navigated to a new page where I had to select a category.

After selecting Mobiles I landed on a page where all the details about the product had to be filled in.
This was really quick and easy.


Also another amazing feature was “Create Free Alert”.
Here I could chip in the details related to the product I wanted and Quikr would send me alerts whenever it was available in my vicinity.
Quite impressive !!!.

The sellers were really friendly and belonged to a good class.
I was really happy that people like me loved to buy and sell things on Quikr.
This post is written for contest Quikr in Bangalore on Indiblogger