Saturday, January 24, 2015

I will propose her on this Valentine..

As the big day is approaching my heart beat is going for a marathon run.
I am a bit nervous but this time I have decided to confess my love to her.

She was the most beautiful girl whom I met at my best buddy’s marriage.
Beauty brings pride but she was so down to earth that I lost my heart on our first meet.
My first crush was my senior in college and this was my second and final one.

Though she was a bit shy in the starting but with time we became good friends.
She switched job and got shifted to Mumbai which came as a bonus for me.

Hanging out together, trying out new cuisines and exploring new places were our weekend routine.
Slowly we became best friends and started sharing secrets.

In past few months we have really come close to each other and it was time to take the next step. Once she told me that she would love if a guy proposes her in front of a big public rather than in private. She always dreamed of a guy who had the guts to confess his love for her in front of the whole world and I was ready to make her dream come true.

Here is my plan for the big day.

I will request some of our common friends to take her for a movie on 14th February in Oberoi mall.
I will explain them my plan and request them to keep it confidential.

As she will enter the multiplex the female security guard will give her a bouquet of red roses, chocolates and a teddy and will inform her that someone had asked to give it to her.
I will be in the CCTV camera room observing who all are coming and will inform the guard as soon as she enters.

In the interval of the movie there will be a video played.

This video will contain all those lovely memories which we both have spent together and how much I love to spend time with her. There will also be a guitar performance by me where I will be singing her favorite song” Soniye Hiriye”. When the video will end there will be a message displayed which will ask her to come at the centre of the mall where I will be ready with my friends.

I have planned for a flash mob with few of friends who are part of a dance academy.
We will be performing on the most romantic songs of all time.

All of us will be wearing a mask of my face and at the end of the flash mob she will be asked to find the real me. The moment she finds me I will be ready with my poem which contains all my feelings and emotions, everything which I wanted to tell her from the day I saw her.

Finally I will say those 3 magical words and will wait for her reply.

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  1. Bapre, this is indeed big Hardwork Ankit! all the best

    1. haha Reshmi..I am all set for it..thnx for the wishes..:)