Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How India can become the most popular country in the world to live.

Today we are talking about Digital India. Our PM Honorable Narendra Modi is on a mission of visiting a lot of countries, meeting a number of CEOs of top MNCs to bring business and employment opportunities for Indians.
This is really commendable and welcomed with open hands.

But with all the things above there is also a need to change the Indian system in a way that makes India the most popular country in the world to live.

Here are few of my imaginary pie charts of how India should be.

A girl is brought up by her parents in the same manner as a boy by his.
After marriage its not only boy's parents who need support and feel lonely but same is the case
with girl's parents.
So in a year half of the time the boy should live with girl's family and vice versa.
If they all live together then it will be the best of the best.

I am Hindu, I am Muslim, I am blah blah blah..Is there any Indian in India ? Sadly very few...
We are Indians and that is the only religion we follow.
So there should be no restriction to marry an Indian based on caste, custom, region or color.

 Indian Universities should be ranked among the top in the world with students coming from all over the globe to study here.

To make Indian Education system robust and Indian colleges ranked among the top globally, the most stupidest thing called reservation which is currently followed should be removed and the admission should be given on below criterias.

We don't want illiterates and criminals to represent India.
For selection of Members of Legislative Assembly below should be the criterias and priorities.

The biggest problem in India is the inequality of professions.
If you are a labourer or farmer, you are looked down upon.
Dude these people are responsible for building our nation.

Power and money should be equally distributed across all professions. 
Also a country can't progress without startups and entrepreneurs bringing out a new innovation each day.

These are few points from my end. I hope there will be lot of them running across in your mind.
Mention them in the comments below and let's see how can we make them come true..

Your favorite recordings,Anytime,Anywhere with Tata Sky+ Transfer

You are going on a romantic date and want to enjoy that romantic movie which you both like the most as a couple. You had recorded it on your set up box last month but you can't carry the TV along.
So now what ?

You are with your friends at a night out and all of you are craving to watch that favorite cricket match of the gang between India and Pakistan . One of your friend has the recording on his setup box right now. But how can you watch it as you don't have a TV right now?

You are visiting one of your relatives who stays in a village where there is no internet connection.
All the "Comedy nights with Kapil" episodes are being transferred from the setup box to your mobile but without internet how are you going to stream them ?

And the biggest problem of every Indian joint family is 7 different people 7 different choices.
Dad and bro likes to watch news, while sister wants to watch MTV and Channel V shows, mom and bhabhi are keen to watch every episode of their favorite daily TV soaps, nephew cries like hell if you don't play his favorite cartoons and amid this you are a big fan of WWE, refusing to miss any of its event.

Well don't worry as I have the ultimate solution to all your issues.
Basically I also used to face the same problems earlier but after using Tata Sky+ Transfer I don't have to worry at all.

I have a travel bug and also officially I have to travel a lot to attend various conferences, trainings and meetings organized by my company across the globe.

In my initial days of job I used to miss out on those "last ball decider cricket matches",
MTV coke studio seasons, Comedy night with kapil episodes and many action packed movies which I love the most.

Though I used to record them using my TV Sky set up box but even watching them at home was like mission impossible for me as I used to visit my home only for sleeping.

A friend of mine came as an angel and told me about Tata Sky+ Transfer, the latest product from Tata Sky which allows you transfer/stream your favorite recordings from TV, directly on your android or iOS device, anytime,anywhere.
So now I have all my cricket matches, WWE events, coke studio seasons, action packed movies and Comedy night with kapil episodes transferred to my mobile which I can watch whenever and wherever I want.

Let me explain you how it works
1. First you record all your favorite content to your Tata Sky+ Transfer set up box.
2. Next you will transfer the recorded content from the setup box to your device via Wifi.
    Does someone else in your family also needs it, well don't worry 2 devices per subscriber can be
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     internet connection.

So simple it is..!!!!

Still worried about something ?
Ok ok I got it..What about the quality of the video and how much content can be recorded ?
Right !! See I knew it.

My friend don't worry about the quality as everything is recorded in HD (High Defination).
Also Tata Sky+ Transfer gives you 500 GB of space to record as much content you can.
So happy ?

Still 1% of confusion.
Wait I have more for you. Tata Sky+ Transfer gives you the power to rewind your favorite shows, replay those amazing scenes and skip boring clips to keep the fun intact.
And you will watch all these in 1080i resolution which is 5 times sharper than normal TV and 16:9 aspect ratio to give you a much wider screen experience.

Now that you are 100% satisfied these additional features will add that 1% of extra satisfaction to the 100% .

Tata Sky+ Transfer box is 3D ready so you can enjoy a complete 3D experience with your 3D TV when 3D content becomes available.
Series recording feature let you record all the favorite episodes of your favorite TV series and last but not the least the Karoke feature that brings out the singer in you.

Now that everything is clear and understood, what are you waiting for guys ?
Book your Tata Sky+ Transfer box now.

                                                         Meet the Transferkars

Sunday, September 27, 2015

When two bloggers tie the knot - Part II (A lot can happen in a bloggers meet)

As Aryan was new to Mumbai's life so it took him sometime to settle down and get acquainted with it's fast life.

Getting an accommodation near to office and finding a good foodhub or tiffin centre were the initial challenges. Though he was saved from travelling in the overcrowded local trains but travelling in local best buses too was not an easy job.

Within a month he and his friends got a 1 bhk at a reasonable price, that is what their broker said.
Broker are angel of gods who are born to help the immigrants of Mumbai by charging a very minimum amount every year, which is a month's rent for their goodwill dead.

The only good thing about the flat was the society where it was located which had some hot girls, food junctions nearby and a bus stop right infront of it.
After living in a 1200 sq feet house with your parents if you have to share a flat of half the area with 3 other people, definitely cause a lot of pain in your ass.

Most of the low profile bachelors flats in Mumbai are not only congested but also dirty, messy and broken at places and Aryan's flat was no exception.
Within a month he got settled in the new home, got a tiffin service for food and also learned how to get his foot in the best buses.

For couple of months he was more focused on his new job.
Understanding the fundamentals of the project, his team members and the manager was his initial task. He didn't face much problems as he was an intelligent soul with a jolly nature.

Soon after setting his foot in the office he was ready to explore the blogging community of Mumbai.
After exploring a lot over internet for a day he came across Indiblogger & Blogadda, two of the biggest blogging communities of India which had maximum bloggers from Mumbai.

Without wasting any time he filled all the registration formalities and waited for the approval mail.
Blogadda was quick in its process and provided the approval within a day.
Indiblogger took an approx 3-4 days to give it's nod.

So within a week Aryan was part of the biggest blogging communities of India. He was excited to meet & interact with new bloggers but at the same time a bit nervous as he was just a novice without a godfather.

It was the mid of the year 2013 and both the communities were high on contests but a bit low on blogger's meet, specially when it came to Mumbai.
Aryan tried his luck in some of them but failed to win a prize in any of them.
Though he didn't won a prize but he won the heart of some readers who left comments on his posts applauding his work.

He was not kept disappointed for a long time as Indiblogger announced the "Reliance Digital meet"
in association with Reliance Digital Stores across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other cities across India.

Aryan was on cloud 9 as this as his first bloggers meet.
The were 3-4 stores in Mumbai from which Aryan selected the one in Infinity mall, Malad.
Soon he got an invite mail from Reliance Digital to visit their store on the predecided day.

It was the meet day and Aryan was dressed up for the event.
He had interacted with few bloggers online and was excited to meet them in person.
Travelling in Mumbai locals was a pain and he was not used to it.

Mumbai local is a magical vehicle in which you can get in and get down without applying any efforts. It can make a cool, fresh and energetic person, stinky, frustrated & tired like hell.

Anyways Aryan somehow managed to reach the destination in one piece,
On reaching the Reliance Digital Store he could recognize some of the faces he had interacted online.

An hour later Aryan was part of a bloggers group which included Steve K, Vrutika Mishra, Ajay Bagaria & Abhinav Iyer to name a few.
There were lot of bloggers flowing in and out but none of them could seek his attention until he saw someone known to his group.

She wore a cute smile, had brown eyes(later Aryan came to know that she wore lenses), a figure girls die for and nice dressing sense.
Everyone went to greet her and so did Aryan.

She introduced herself as Madhvi Mishra.

Finally after clicking pics of each corner of the store when all the bloggers were satisfied that they had more pics than others to win the first price which was an iPad, the group left for lunch.

Aryan and his blogger friends found a table in McD of the mall itself to have something.
He took the corner seat and was having a conversation with Steve K when someone called his name.
Madhvi Mishra wanted to exchange places with him for no good reason was what was communicated to him.

Aryan couldn't understand the motive behind the exchange of seats but he had no option as Madhvi was craving for it like anything. He thought about her mental state and gave a second thought to the first impression he had of her.
Later in 2014 he came to know that it was because her top was small from behind,we will come to that part afterwards.

So finally when everyone was settled, Farzana H didn't like anything in McD and wanted to go somewhere else. After lot of chaos the group decided to go to a pizza parlour as suggested by Abhinav Iyer.

Ohh!! she is a non vegetarian , Aryan said to himself when he saw Madhvi eating pizza having chicken filling. A mental by mind and non veg lover, obviously not my types, Aryan gave himself a confirmation.

After lunch everyone left for their sweet home where their family was waiting for them expect for Aryan whose family was miles away.

To be Continued in Part III (Love,Lalbaugcha raja & Local Trains)

Read Part I Here

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Splash Math partners with Sony for the 'Global Math Challenge'

Splash Math, a leading math practice program has announced its strategic partnership with Sony Global Education, Inc., a subsidiary of Sony corporation for the coming 'Global Math Challenge' that will be held on 27th September,  2015. 

What is GMC
GMC (Global Math Challenge) is a world wide math competition held online and hosted by Sony Global Education, Inc., and supported by Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee.

'Global Math Challenge' provides an excellent opportunity for students to test themselves at a global level on math and critical thinking skills,

It is packed full of fun math puzzles devised by the Japan Prime Math Olympic Committee, an organization with a strong track record in math contests geared towards children. The questions will test participants' creativity and will allow them to discover their true math sense.

Global Math Challenge features 9 different grades of difficulty to best suit the education levels of test takers, from the 1st grade in elementary school through middle school and all the way up to the adult level.

Available in English, Japanese and Chinese, the contest is welcoming thousands of math fans from right around the world. The one hour challenge takes place on Sunday, September 27 and is the perfect way to keep kids engaged with math at the start of a new school year.

Two plans are available for Global Math Challenge, the free Trial Plan and the paid Standard Plan. With the Trial Plan, participants will now be able to receive not only their score, but their global ranking as well, shortly after the test. And with the Standard Plan, under which up to 4 people can take part using one shared account, participants will also be provided with step-by-step, beautifully illustrated explanations for every question, analysis of their critical thinking strengths and an extra set of bonus questions.

About Splash Math
Splash Math is a leading math practice program for elementary school students that provides curriculum aligned personalized learning to young learners. It is great for both— classroom, as a curriculum supplement and blended learning tool; and home, as an after-school supplemental practice.

Splash Math’s power lies in it’s interactive and engaging content that enables and motivates learners to master math skills at their grade level and beyond. Teachers and parents are enabled with a powerful dashboard which assists them in analyzing student performance and take necessary actions.

It is available on iPad, Chromebooks, PCs and works seamlessly across multiple platforms. Founded in 2011, Splash Math has benefited over 12 million children.

Let’s meet the CEO
Arpit Jain is the CEO & co-founder of Splash Math which was formed by him with 3 of his other friends on 24th November 2010.

Arpit Jain is an alumnus of prestigious IIT Kharagpur college.
In past he was also founder of company Intinno.

Currently he lives in California.

A startup helping Mumbai police to address drunken driving

There is a startup in the town that is helping Mumbai police to address drunken driving cases in the city. When a person is caught he is not reprimanded, beaten or put behind the bars but given a ticket/card.

This card is not a simple card but a personalized voucher from Taskbob, the startup that has collaborated with the Mumbai Traffic police through this unique activity at the Nakabandis, to extend their Don’t Drink&Drive campaign called #ArriveAlive.

About the Startup
Incepted in 2014, Taskbob is a reliable one-stop solution for on-demand home services. The platform provides instant, reliable and standardized home services ranging from plumbing, carpentry, electrical, home appliance repair, home and car cleaning to driver services.

Let’s meet the Founder
Aseem Khare the Founder & CEO of Taskbob is an alumni of IIT Bombay.
After working in world famous companies like Lehman Brothers & Nomura he and his friends, Abhiroop Medhekar (Co-founder & COO), Ajay Bhatt (Co-founder, Tech) and Amit Chahalia (Co-founder, Design) laid foundation of their dream startup, which they called Taskbob.

The unique campaign
The unique don’t Drink&Drive campaign called #ArriveAlive is been applauded by many in the city. Even the Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police, Mr Milind RambhauBharambe was all praises for the Taskbob team.

The campaign kicked off with a first of a kind flashmob, right in the middle of Carter Road, which caught many eyeballs as the Taskbob team danced away and shouted out slogans of “Don’t Drink & Drive”. This was followed by a shocker activity at the drunken driving Nakabandis on weekends as cops stopped vehicles to check for drunken driving.
Mumbaikars were surprised when the police asked for their name and then handed them a personalized voucher for a FREE driver for the night, with a message saying “ArriveAlive, Don’t Drink and Drive - Hire a driver”.

Taskbob app let’s people hire a chauffeur in just a few taps, for as low as Rs 80 per hour, without interfering in the regular job of the traffic police which is really commendable.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015 First coast #heartwalk

Advantage of being part of the corporate world is we keep on getting opportunities to be part of many 
CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) activities.
One of such activity was planned by American Heart Association, which they called 
"2015 First Coast Heart Walk".

About the Association
The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to defeating heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Their mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke — the nation’s No.1 and No.5 killers.
They organize heart walks every year where you can contribute by becoming a walker, donor or a volunteer.

2015 First Coast Heart Walk
The walk was organized on 19th September 2015 at the Metropolitan Park of Jacksonville.
It was a free event where anyone can walk, supporting the noble cause.

The walk was going to be start from 9 a.m.

TCS Contribution
I was part of the TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) team which had around 50 participants.

Our team has raised more than $500 for this noble cause and I feel proud to be part of it.

The Walk
The arrangement for the walk was superb.
At the starting point there were lots of stalls serving buns and donuts for breakfast.
The atmosphere was refreshing and energetic. The music was loud and a booster to the participants.

People from all walks of life were all pumped up to walk for the noble cause.

3..2..1 and the walk started on time, not like India where we will first wait for the chief guest, who will not be a fitness freak but a politician or bollywood celebrity late by an hour at least.

Also unlike India there were cheerleaders who were motivating us to walk for a noble cause.

Those beautiful girls posed for my camera otherwise if you are in India there are chances that you may be jailed for molestation charges.

The walk had 2 different routes, one was a mile long and the other 3 miles.

The goal was to complete any of the above milestones to reach the finish line.

We decided to go for the later one. The route had some checkpoints where volunteers were giving cold water bottles to the participants.
At the finish line there were stalls set up by different companies who were giving towels and water. One of them had also installed a photo booth where you can wear different accessories and get yourself clicked. 
The photo was given to you instantaneously.

After the walk we clicked some group pics near the stage and headed towards home.

A CSR activity is fun as you get to connect to new people and also contribute to the society by donating for a noble cause.

Click here to download the Heart Walk app for Android.

Monday, September 21, 2015

When opposites attract....The real truth !!

It is alway said that opposites attract , fall in love and have a sizzling love story.
But do you really know the real truth ?
What happens once the initial spark fades away slowly ?
What happens when your likes are his dislikes and vice versa.

Here is my imagination of what would have happened.
Take it with a pinch of humour, no offense intended.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Long distance relationship - how it flows

Long distance relationship have its own flavor and gives you a different experience.
It starts with a puppy love but soon after couple of months you understand the actual colors of it.

Here is my imagination of how it flows.

Take it with a pinch of humor, no offense intended.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Favourite Dish

Being an Indori I am always crazy for food as Indore is a place where you get all sort of vegetarian dishes at one place. Though I am foodie but I always prefer my mom’s kitchen and I believe everyone likes their mom’s food and that can’t compete to any 5 star hotels.

I am a Marwari and I love to eat sweet dishes and typical Marwari food. There are numerous dishes like Dal Bati, Bhindi Curry, Curd Curry, Butter Aloo Paratha, Bottle Guard Curry and Besan Laddos which exist in my favourite food list.

Whenever my mom used to cook any of my favourite dishes I always used to help her and provide her all possible ingredients which I can provide to her to make her dishes tastier.  

Being an online user I always checkout what special discounts or offers are available in the online market so that I can save my money and can avail those best offers. Once upon a time when I was using my facebook from my friend I came to know about 27Coupons.com which were providing brilliant discounts and offers on Groceries from BigBasket.com online stores.

My mom was cooking Dal-Bati for me so I informed her about the same but she didn’t believe though she suggested and told me that “If it is true then you should buy; I will be happy”, Yes, I came to know her wish that she wants it and I used Coupons of 27Coupons.com for the first time. I bought Green Vegetables, Fruits, Dals & Pulses, Dry fruits and Curd. I placed the orders and got great discounts on my purchasing. The products and goods qualities were just like my expectations. My mom’s smile made my day and I had Dal-Bati which she cooked especially for me.

Apart from Desi food I always like to try some new food taste if it is healthy and tasty. When you talk about food then MacDonald’s and Dominos can’t be stay aloof for longer time. Hardly there is any person who doesn’t like their taste and I am definitely not that exception.

After exploring good discounts on groceries I became daily user of 27Coupons.com. Whenever my girlfriend used to come to spend her weekends at my place then I always used to order from MacDonald’s and Dominos by using coupons of 27Coupons.com in order to save more money and she is crazy for Italian food and burger.

Due to such a great money saving coupons of 27Coupons.com I saved a huge amount of money which I used to spend on my food with my girlfriend.

27Coupons.com is a great combination of travelling, eating and shopping. You can avail all sorts of facilities at great discounts from your all favorite online stores. Not only that you can also explore daily deals from their website.

I would surely love to suggest such an awesome online platform to my readers as it is from my personal experience. 27Coupons.com made my mom happy and saved my girlfriend food expenses as well. So if you are still buying products without any discount then visit 27Coupons.com and enjoy you money saving dhamaka.                  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

15 Reasons why Indians settled abroad don't wanna come back !!

1. In India a person is treated according to his religion
    Almost everything in India is related to what religion you belong to.
    Right from freedom of speech & expression, freedom of what you wanna wear,
    freedom of marriage to freedom of equality.

2. Laws are only for common people
In India laws are only made and should be followed by the common middle class people.
    Unlike in other developed or developing countries, a minister in India has the maximum rights and
    nearly negligible rules to follow, the process is same for his party members, family, friends and
    whomsoever has his number in their mobile.

3. Education is only for Reserved Category
In India the best pass time today for the people is to include their caste in the reserved category
    so that even having wealth in crores the can enjoy free education in elite colleges that too after
    getting failing marks ( less than 35%) in the competitive exams.
    For a general category guy getting a 98% is also less for the same seat.
    Merit has no meaning and only who has reservation is the king.

4. There is no value of Indian life
 Kill a Israeli soldier and they will kill 10 of yours.
     Kill a US solider and they will kill 5 of yours.
     Kill an Indian solider and the ministers will condemn it, console his family and announce
     Rs 5 lakhs compensation and tighten their own security.

     In US and other countries soldiers are given the utmost respect by every single person of the
     nation and cry on their demise. In India people cry when their favorite celebrity dies in a
     daily TV soap  or in a remake movie.

     There has been so many terrorist attacks in India which has claimed around 2k lives, ceasefire
     violations by neighbouring countries which has claimed live of many soldiers but all this is taken
     as a routine by Indian government and concerned officials of higher departments.

5. Clean India will be a reality by say, year 2100 
    In India people use the roads and public transport as their dustbin and spitting grounds.
    People are so advanced that they can convert any wall into public toilet.

    If you to any other country say US or Singapore, try doing the above activities and the police will
    make you their guest with all due respect also lightening your pocket a bit.

6. Individual ego is higher than everything else
    An Indian ego is higher than even mount everest, you hurt it once and pay the bill lifelong.
    Indians love their ego more than anything else and will die or even kill for maintaining it.
    Btw the fake status in samaj that Indians exaggerate about is actually their ego, in Hindi what we
    call "NAAK".

7. An Indian is for his religion or caste first and then for India.
    Every citizen of a country loves to be referred  by his country name but in India it is religion which
    takes the utmost priority.
    I am a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian , Jain, Pari first and an Indian later is the awesome
    mentality followed here. Die for the religion and not for the country, disrespect the principles
    of other religions is preached by the dumb religious leaders.
    You can even provoke a person to kill a person of another community in the name of religion.

8. Inflation is  becoming intolerable
    Salary is the only stagnant commodity in Indian market, the cost of anything else always keeps on
    increasing. The prices of daily food items like fruits and vegetables are touching sky.
    Survival of a common middle class man is getting tougher each day.

9. Infrastructure developments and technology advancements are at a snail's pace 
   India is developing but at a snail's pace.
   Main funding of the government goes into the programs or projects through which they can
   increase their vote bank.
   Funding for developing infrastructure, providing basic amenities and advanced technology is only
   on papers, Do these projects meet the Deadline ???????????????????

10. Unsafe country when it comes to life and health.
      India has been ranked 143rd in the global peace index out of 162 countries.    
      The main reason is the helpless Police with big bellies and even more bigger pockets, you know
      for what.
      Crime rate in India is directly proportional to Inflation rate, both love to be high even without a
      In WHO rankings also India loves to hit a century, you know the love for cricket, ranked 112 out
      of 190 countries. If we consider the infant mortality rate, may be it will be better than Africa.

11. Population Saturation
India ranks 2nd in the world when it comes to population but lags far behind when it comes
      to providing them even the basic amenities.
      If you talk about the commercial capital of India, Mumbai, it is really difficult to walk for even 10
      seconds without colliding into someone. The means of public transport like trains and buses are
      overloaded, literally giving you a feeling that the human beings are packed like animals in them.

12. You bluff me I will bluff someone else
      In US you go to any private or organisation like Bank, Insurance company or
      Financial institute, you will be responded at the right time, by the right person and with the
      right information unlike India where they will respond to your query after a long time and that too
      with half information.
      In India there will be always hidden charges for which you will be fighting for the rest of your

13. The government system is very unstable and slow
      There are many people in India who are enjoying even without having a birth certificate and they
       even don't care because the government also.
       Election ID cards are a good means of comedy with Rohan having sex as female,
       a dead person still eligible to vote and the most hilarious of all, cows and dogs pics on ID cards.
       Even if you apply for correction it take ages to get it done.
       Aadhar cards are just for fun, if you have one it's good otherwise no need to get it done.
       The system has lot of spider webs which needs to be cleaned.

14. Corruption is part of everyone's daily life
       In India a person can go to any limit to earn money and get his work done, the easiest way is to
       take bribe and vice versa.
       There is no system in our country where corruption is not prevalent, a truth also holds that you
       can resist it for sometime but in the end to survive you have to be part of the system.

15. Justice in India takes ages 
      Ministers, Dons and other people enjoying illegal power die after committing number of crimes in       India but still cases against them remain pending in courts.

      An Indian prefer to get beaten, humiliated or even lotted then too approach a court to get justice
      as he knows that he has to invest all his lifelong savings without surety of a justice, unbiased
      comes after that.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

When two bloggers tie the knot.. Part I (Birth of a Blogger)

Blogosphere is full of charming women. Stunning fashion bloggers making their style statement , beautiful beauty bloggers setting the latest trends, gorgeous travel bloggers taking us around the world, cute food bloggers with their lip smacking dishes and finally those charismatic personal bloggers who can talk on love and relationship like no one else.

As a male blogger I felt it and the same would hold true when a female blogger describes the opposite sex.

My intuition says that you won't feel a need to look out of the blogosphere world to find that Miss right or Mr perfect.

Bloggers are the face of a nation. They can talk on almost every topic, are the favorite of brands and the prime attraction of any event. They are stylish, trendy, popular and of course wealthy..;)
Not to forget the huge list of followers and well wishers who consider their opinions and advices
before buying anything.

When a single blogger is so powerful, imagine what can happen when they form a couple.

Aryan, a software engineer by profession also had a passion for writing from his college days.
He used to write for his college magazine and also used to scribble any random thoughts in his personal diary.

One day while coming back from college he forgot his diary in the college library.
He called Ravi, one of his friend who lived in the college hostel to collect it.
As the diary only had some poems and short stories so he was not afraid of it being read by anyone.

Ravi was on his way to meet his gf Ria, so he took the diary along with him.
Ria always loved the articles written by Aryan in the college magazine and when she came to know
that it was his diary, she couldn't resist herself from reading few pages of it.

"Aryan, I am really sorry as I read few poems and short stories from your diary but believe it when I say that you write superbly and should start a blog soon", Ria gave him her piece of advice.

Upon getting the same compliments and advices from few of his friends, he finally thought of starting a blog which he called "From My Diary" as it was the online counterpart of his offline diary.

After blogging for 3-4  months his Marwari mind came into action and he started searching for options to monetize his blog. He lived in tier -II city where blogging was not taken seriously nor encouraged.
Also it was year 2010 and at that time social media had just started evolving as a blogger's paradise.
Blogging communities, sponsored review programs and social media campaigns were in their baby stage. The most reliable option at that time was Google Adsense which was not a difficult thing to get approved as compared to the current time.

Aryan applied for the same and got his Adsense account active in just a week.
Even after a month he only had a mere $5 in his account which was way below his expectations.

Finally he decided to involve his friends also in his strategy to fool google and make some quick bucks.
A PPT was prepared and presented in front of a group of 10 people who were friends and college mates. Google Adsense , amazon affiliate program and other sites related to PPC (Pay Per Click) world were explained in it.

A decision was taken to divide the amount earned in a ratio of 60 :40.
Each friend had to click the Ads which appeared on his blog in a judicious manner.
Aryan was going to take the bigger slice while 40% was for his friends.

The strategy worked and his blog earned a whopping $50 in the second month from google adsense which was the most important source of revenue.

But things didn't went fine the other month as one of his friend who was from world's dumbest species clicked on all the Ads on his blog every hour of the day.

Soon Aryan got a mail from Google Adsense that his account was disabled because of invalid clicks activity. He tried his best to convince the Adsense people but there policy was, "Once removed you can't become a part of it again".

In those days he also realized that his marwari mind had overpowered his creative soul and made him divert from the actual cause of starting a blog.
Finally he got back on the right track and it was a great time to be there as he also got a job in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Aryan was excited as most of the bloggers he followed were from Mumbai and also it was the top blogging hub of India.

It was now time for him to connect to other bloggers, learn from them and excel as a blogger.
But with that, time had a lot in store for him which he was unaware of !!!!!

To be Continued in Part II (A lot can happen in a blogger's meet)