Sunday, September 28, 2014

That day when she went to the Jungle

This story is of the time when India was still under the British rule.

Sushila Devi and her family used to live in a small village of Madhya Pradesh called Singoli.
It was surrounded by jungle from 3 sides and as there were no proper sanitation facilities so everyone used to go to jungle for disposing the human waste.

It was a normal routine for Sushila Devi too.
She used to get up before sunrise and the first thing was to pick the Lota and head towards jungle.

Today is also like just another day is what Sushila Devi thought but she didn't knew it was going to change her life. After brushing her teeth she headed towards jungle.
It was still dark as the winters were in full flow. After finding a suitable place as she was about to sit , voice of a child crying loudly started coming. She ignored it for sometime thinking that the mother of child might have gone for excretion and will return back for him.

But after 10 mins when the voice kept on coming continuously she made her way towards the source of it.
After walking for 100 meters she saw a pigeon tower or Chabutra where a child was bowling.
His back was towards her. There was no one around which was quite surprising.

As she went towards him and picked him up she was scared like hell !!!!
The child had no eyebrows, nose, eyes and lips. It was a face as plain as a white paper.

Slowly it started growing bigger and bigger. At one point it became as big as herself.
She was going to faint but somehow managed to run away from that place.

After that incident she fell ill.
Her condition deteriorated with every coming week. There also came a time when she started behaving like a psycho.
At that time her uncle who was a great devote of Lord Mahavir took her to Shri Mahavirji temple.
She was kept there for a week and it was really magical to see that she recovered completely.

It is a true story.
Supernatural powers used to show their presence frequently at that time and are still in existence today.
A spirit can be good or bad depending on the what its motive is. But not to forget there is one supreme power above all which is there to protect us, GOD.
The only thing it requires is faith and a pious heart.

This post is written for the Indipire Topic : Do you have a Ghost Experience? Do you wanna share it? Well now is the time :-)

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tere Bin Jee Raha thha :(

Wo zindagi to bas naam ki thhi..
Jo tere bin jee raha thha..
Adhuuri si thhi zindagi ki har khushi..
Akele hi har aansu pii raha thha..

Naa jaane ye pyaar hai..
Yaa anjana hai ehsaas koi…
Jo shaks kabhi anjana thha..
Aaj ban gya hai itna khaas wahi..

Aaj ki tension bhari life me..
Jab bhi tera chehra yaad aa jata hai..
Udd jata hai har bojh dimaag se..
Dil bhi ek dum khush ho jata hai..

Suu li khuda ne meri duaa..
Jo kabse maang kar jee  raha tha..
Adhuri si thi zindagi ki har khushi..
Akele hi  har aansu pii raha thha..!!!!

Planning the Big day for Saina Nehwal

The word marriage holds a very important meaning in everyone's life.
It is not just about 7 pheras, one mangalsutra or a chutki bhar sindur but its a much more deeper connection.
Coming together of 2 souls with a promise and  to be with each other in sweet and sour defines it briefly.

Saina Nehwal is one of my favorite celebrity sportsperson in India and one of my dream is to plan her wedding...
My dream came true when I won a contest organised by TOI in association with Manish Malhotra.
The ultimate prize was planning the wedding of queen of badminton world, Saina Nehwal.

I was given 10 days to do that as the wedding was on the fortnight from now.
Though I had planned wedding of many daily soap celebrities but planning this one was something big for me.She being an International sportsperson has friends all over the world so that was also a challenge.Also the theme of the wedding can't be too flashy as it was the case with TV celebrities. so I had to think of something classy and unique.

In this world where time is the biggest asset, saving every penny of it is very important.
The above phrase holds true in my case as I had only 10 days to plan the complete wedding.
I wanted one umbrella under which I could get everything.
There were so many online shopping destinations in the market but at the same time the cases of bluffing and selling fake products have also increased.
To be true I had no such tension as my companion for planning this much awaited wedding was Baggout, the one stop online destination for all your needs..:)
I had used it before and it always got me admiration.

The important categories for a me at this moment were
1. Bride Dresses
2. Bride Jewellery
3. Bridal Makeup
4. Food and Drinks
5, Accommodation & Commuting Arrangement for Guests
6. Decoration
7. Gifts for guests

Taking one at a time I started my mission "Saina ki wedding planning".

The most important thing in wedding is the bridal dresses.
There are around 5-6 times in the span of 2 days that a bride needs to change her dress.
The first ceremony is engagement and I planned to buy a beautiful gown for Saina.

Next was the Sangeet ceremony and for this I bought a beautiful saree for her.

The next day we have the Mayara ceremony and for that I decided to give Saina a different look with another designer saree.

The last two most important ceremonies are Reception and Feeras.

For reception I bought a beautiful Lehenga for her.

And for Feeras I wanted to simple it simple, not much heavy but stylish. So I went for a designer Salwar kameez.

All the dresses were brought from Jabong where I got 6% cashback.

Next category was the Bridal Jewellery
Diamonds are a woman's best friend and I wanted something which can match with the glow, beauty and charm of Saina so I went for diamonds.
For Engagement I purchased a beautiful diamond ring and a diamond set containing necklace and earrings. Necklace was my favorite of all three.

For Sangeet I purchased another beautiful set with Ruby embedded in it.

For Mayara I went for something traditional and when it is traditional it is always gold.
I bought a beautiful necklace from Jewelskart

Reception is where a girl can flaunt the most and I wanted to leave no stone unturned.
So I bought a very beautiful and stylish diamond necklace for her which could fill her neck and make her look even more gorgeous.

All the diamond jewellery was brought from Surat Diamond Jewellery where I got 10.5% cashback.

For Bridal makeup I choose the most famous make up artist of the town who had done make up of many TV celebrities.

Now as I had taken care of the Bride needs it was time to serve the guests and the most important thing for them is Food and Drinks.
Though I had booked a very famous caterer for the same but as there were many foreign guests also so I decided to order some Pizzas and drinks too.
Baggout had solution for it in the form of FoodPanda and Coke2Home. I quickly placed an order for the same.

Next was the accommodation and commutation arrangement.
As the guests were royal so they had to be given royal treatment.
Hence I choose Courtyard Marriott which was also near to the airport.
Thanks to I got 6% cashback on it.
Commutation was also managed by them.

Penultimate category was decoration.
A marriage is known by the unique and artistic beautification that charms the eyes of beholder.
It is the first thing that a person notices and I had to keep it nothing less than awesome.
So I choose FlowerAura which also gave me 11.25% cashback.

Last category which is liked by everyone is gifts.
People also remember a marriage by the gifts that are given and I wanted to make it special so I decided to give everyone Badminton Racquets signed by Saina Nehwal.
I ordered the stuff from PlantSportOnline which gave me an impressive cashback.

I also had a special surprise for Saina.
For that I ordered a Big Greeting Card from Archies where all guests were going to pen down their wishes for the couple.

I was finally happy and satisfied with my arrangements and was now eagerly waiting for the Big Day to arrive..:)

This post is written for a contest organised by Baggout.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Game of Blogs : Siege Saga- Round II (Part 12 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers

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“As-salamu alaykum”.

“Wa laikum As Salaam!!” 

Tara was telling that the mastermind to the attacks has been nabbed, is it true?

"Yeah Ibrahim Rehman has been nabbed  but your father is safe. I just had a talk with him 10 minutes back, he managed to flee from BARC".

"Thank God!! I just had a heart attack, Is it fine to call Abba".

"No not now, it can be risky. For the time being I am the only one who can connect to him but don’t worry you will get to meet him soon".

“Khuda hafiz Ahana”.

“Khuda hafiz Kareem”.

Ahana was a bit relieved now. She was happy about the fact that she would get to meet her father soon. But she was also agitated and disappointed by the failure of their mission.
She came to know from her ISI sources that Shekhar, one of the
top RAW agents was behind this failure. 

“He needs to die, I will kill him”, Ahana said, punching the mirror in the washroom in fury and breaking it into pieces.

“Sir we have tracked both the numbers.
One is from the restaurant called YummyWorld which is near to the Hotel Continental.
And the second one is from inside the Hotel Continental.
Let’s catch Ahana and use her as a means to make Kareem and other terrorists surrender”, said one of his team member.
“No Ali, it is not the right time. My mission is to get to the mastermind through her”, Shekhar said in a serious tone.

Soon the Indian defense ministry was there to discuss about the Operation “R” which eventually had become Operation “C”.
It was decided that army will break in the hotel tonight and get it under control before dawn. Shekhar was made the head of the operation.

After the meeting got over Shekhar got to his hotel room.
He had a new mission to accomplish but more than that something else was running in his mind. It was Ahana and her link to his wife Tara.
He wanted to know more about Ahana but how was a big question mark.
It was a tiring day and a bit of sleep was the need of the hour as the night was going to be power-packed and adventurous.

Suddenly there were noises outside his room.
A gun fire was enough for him to sense the situation.
ISI agents send to kill him was his first guess.
He quickly pulled out his gun and got behind the cupboard from where he could see the door.
Two men banged in and started firing from the machine gun.
After 30 seconds of non stop firing when the men came to check out the dead body , Shekhar leaped from the side of the cupboard  shooting bullets right into their skull.

2 down. Shekhar came out of the room to hunt for others.
As he came near the lift a gun was pointed to his head from behind. It was Ahana, the same beautiful face which could  make any man in this world bow to her.
But this time he was not lost. In no time he displayed one of his martial art tricks and the gun was now in his hand.
Your game is over Ahana , now prison is your new home.

Suddenly a bullet pierced through his heart.
As he turned back it was Tara, his wife, holding the gun.
As his body dropped on the ground, he could see two faces coming close to him.
Tara stomped on his heart where the bullet was hit and shot right into his skull.

Shekhar got off his bed , perspiring heavily.
It was a horrible dream, nothing less than a nightmare.
But what if Tara was actually involved and Roohi’s life was in danger? A slight thought of that made him shiver.

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Game of Blogs : Story Weavers (Part 6 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers

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As the time was running out Shekhar became more worried about his baby girl, Roohi.
Her satellite phone which was the only means to know her condition was taken away and smashed
into pieces by one of the terrorist as if they knew what purpose was it serving to the Indian Intelligence.
He was now waiting for the night to sneak into the station and kill those bastards.

It was 7 in the evening when one of his man came running in.
"Sir a lady called up Inspector Arjun and told him to meet her as she wanted to share some information about the terrorist attack.
Defense ministry officials has asked us to get in touch with her and see if she can give us some clue on what the terrorists are upto.

It was all dark and quite. Though Shekhar was habitual of meeting his sources at scary and isolate places but meeting someone at a cemetery was his first.
He was standing against the wall when a figure appeared before him.
She looked stunning in her dusky complexion. Her coal black eyes were deep as an ocean.
And the killer of all were those curly strands cascaded down the side of her face which made her look like a diva.
Shekar was lost but soon returned to his senses as he was on a mission and was already married.

"Hi, I am Ahana. member of Fly India Cabin Crew.
I was in the hotel Continental before it was been attacked by the terrorists.
When I was coming from a SPA session I heard people talking in Urdu in the room next to me.
Thanks to my training I knew the language. They were terrorists who were planning to kill Mr Narendra Modi, the PM of India.
All this hijacking is just a hoax to divert the attention and achieve their ultimate goal.
This is all I wanted to inform you about. All the best officer, save our country and kill those monsters", she said in a confident tone.
Before leaving both shook hands and she disappeared in the dark.
The hand shake was firm as done by army people.

As Shekhar was about to leave he saw a pen drive lying at the place Ahana was standing.
May be she dropped it in hurry.
Suddenly he noticed something peculiar on it. There was a symbol drawn which had a moon and a star on it. On brainstorming he recalled that it was the same symbol which was used by ISI, Pakistani Intelligence.

Quickly Shekhar reached his base and plugged in the pen drive.
It was password protected. He called one of the best ethical hacker of India Amit Fadia to help him decode it..
15 minutes and the job was done..
As he opened the PPT inside it he was shocked.
Complete structure of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre was drawn on the first slide.
Next slides showed how to break in inside it.
And the most shocking of all was the description of the Indian scientists who were involved in one of the most powerful invention of the decade- "Trivya"
The weapon could projectile any missile at a speed of 4 km/sec 10 times the speed of sound.
Also the last slide had pic of Ahana with the name inscribed as Ahana Asiri  d/o
of Abdullah-Al -Asiri.
She was the mastermind behind this attack which was led by her father Abdullah-Al -Asiri.
The person whom Indian army caught was just his clone/humshakal.

So one thing was clear the main goal of terrorist was to attack BARC and kidnap the scientists.

Shekhar was in dilemma.
3 places were hit by the terrorist and he had to thrash them from everywhere.
What should be his priority ?
Roohi !!!
BARC !!! or Hotel Continental !!!
Suddenly an idea stuck his mind.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

First Novel..!!!!!

"How was your weekend", I asked Rahul.

"Don't ask man, it was full of adventure and uncertainties", he replied.

Rahul and I work for the same client, Bank Of America in TCS.
We met while playing Table Tennis and since than became friends.

He comes by the same route to the office as mines so sometimes I get a lift.

"Tell me what happened man ?" I was excited.

He started narrating his experience.

Actually my girlfriend lives in Delhi. From a long time things were a bit bitter between us which got worse in past few days. It was like a do or die situation for me and for that I had to meet her at any cost. It was 11 a.m of Saturday and I was still thinking for a way to meet her.
There is a famous saying, "Delli dor nahi", so I took inspiration from it and booked an AC Chair in Garib Rath which was scheduled to depart from Mumbai around 4:30 p.m.

When I reached station I felt that something was missing.
I need to write something for her. Words are more powerful than actions and though I was writing for her for the first time but I really wanted to wholeheartedly.
Quickly I searched for a novel which had the most number of empty pages. At the extreme corner I found "She broke up, I didn't" by Durjoy Dutta.

In no time I bought it and started thinking of what to write.
Just for tp I started reading the story and man I was amazed.
It was actually my own story, quite a lot of what I have gone through.
I read the complete novel and the last line was the most touching.
Go get her and I did the same I went to get her back, get my love back.
On reaching Delhi I called her.
She was surprised to know that I was in Delhi.

Without thinking much I booked a room in Hyatt Hotel and asked her to meet me there.
When she came I gave her the book asking her to read what is been underlined.

After 20 minutes I could see tears rolling down her pink soft cheeks.
I hugged her tightly and than rest of the things happened on its own.
Finally all was sorted and we were a happy couple.

I dropped her to the hostel and went to meet my friends.
It was time to party. For the first time in my life I had Beer and that too full bottle.

In a hangover condition headed to Mumbai by a morning flight.
Finally reached office around 12 p.m.

In last 48 hours I did things which I never did but finally I had my love back which mattered the most to me ..:)

Thanks a lot Durjoy, your story helped me get her back when she was actually thinking of the break up thing..:)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Review of book Private India..

About the Authors

Ashwin Sanghi
An alumnus of Xavier’s College Ashwin Sanghi currently resides in India with his wife and son. He is listed in top 100 celebrities by Forbes India Mumbai and Yale University.

James Patterson.
He is among the biggest selling writers and has written many popular series like Alex cross, Women’s Murder Club and Detective Michael Bennett novels. Also he is well known for many of his romance and stand alone thrillers. Currently he resides in Florida with his family.

What the cover page speaks
Cover page depicts the heritage of Mumbai I.e. India gate, Taj Mahal and Worli sea link which symbolizes Mumbai’s fighting spirit against all odd. Overall it depicts the baseline location of the story perfectly.

About the story
The story is based on the series of murders in which people are dying in the same ritual and with a strange object.  All 8 murder scenes depict 8 avatars of Goddess Durga.  The climax unveils how Santosh Wagh and his team rescue the 9th victim and finds the murderer.
 The series of murders happens in the below sequence -:
1. Dr Kamya Jaiyer
        She is a South East Asian doctor with sharp and attractive features.
2. Bhavna Choksi
        She is a page 3 columnist for a well-known Mumbai newspaper.
3. Priyanka Talati
        She is a sensational singer who had bagged many awards for her singing talent.
4. Elini Xavier
        She is a lady who runs an orphanage and now is a principal of a well know girls school in                   Mumbai.
5. Jara Omprakash.
        She is the hottest and most successful director of Bollywood.
6. Ragini Sharma
        She used to run a brothel and later turned into successful politician.
7. Anjana Lal
        She is a very successful Chief Justice.
8. Devika Gulati
        She is a very renowned Yoga Guru who has many celebrities as her clients.
9. Nisha
        She is a member of Private India, Mumbai Branch. She is the one who is rescued by the Santosh         Wagh and his team.

What I liked.
The storyline is very fascinating and it keeps you on the edge as the thrill increases with every stage of investigation process.
The description of all the characters is very deliberative. Most of the instances mentioned in the story are the one which we come across in our daily life; hence it is quite easy to correlate.
The mystery and suspense are maintained till the end.
The vocabulary is appreciable and language is very simple to understand.

Things that can be improved.
Sometimes it is difficult to capture the flow of the story. Transition from one scene to the other can be made smoother.

My Verdict :
The suspense and thrill is quite captivating. It keeps you guessing about the mystery of the murders till the end.
A must read for all the Sherlock Homes out there..;)

Title: Private India
Author: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books
Pages: 470
Language: English
Cost: 350