Monday, October 16, 2017

No to lending: Find Cash for old gadgets

“Tring Tring” a cycle bell rang, the postman came,
He handed over the letter to the person it was named...
Those were the days when the letters were the ways,
To share the news and even transfer the dues and pays...
Slowly and steadily, the time moved on,
Few scientists did some ding and dong,
And here we are, holding a thing in hand,
Which we all call, the one and only “Our Cellphone”...
It changed the ways of our talks and says,
And, now “instant” and “in the hands” are the words for all the things that fall in our way.

So, guys, the story of technology upgradation and cellphone revolution is not new to us. It is something that has changed our approach towards executing tasks and gradually became an inevitable part of our day-to-day life. We all have a bit or more idea of how rapidly the graph of tech boost has moved from bottom to up in the last few years.
Talking of the smartphones, today, we all want to keep the latest model in our hands with maximum new features like high pixel resolution, dual camera, the new “bothfie” feature and much more. Turn the channels of your television set and you will get to see the launch of any new cellphone with some new additions to their feature list which you would have thought of not being possible in their previous versions.
To keep yourself equally updated with the flow of continuously evolving technology especially in the smartphones is like a keep-on-going race of maintaining the style statement. Nobody can win it but we don’t want to lose either. And that’s why; we come up with a middle way solution. 
Let’s sell the previous version of the cellphone that we have and buy a newer one. That will burden our pocket a bit lesser. I, too, thought of the same.

With the start of the touchscreen era, I bought the Samsung Galaxy and used it for some two years. With the introduction of the fast processors and higher RAM versions in the market, the slow speed of my phone was bothering me a lot, so I decided to sell it off and buy a new one with some latest features. At that time, I had no idea that this thought was going to add a quirky story in my list. Here is what has happened.

Instead of going to some local dealer, I thought of giving a try by myself and posted an ad on my Facebook account with all the details and my contact number. Two days later, my phone rang and a sweet voice came from the other end. 

“Hello, Is this Mayank?", she asked.
“Yes, speaking”, I said.
“Hi, this is Alesha this side. I read your post on Facebook. You want to sell your phone and I want to buy it. Can we meet someday so that I can have a look at it and then decide?”
Alesha!!! This name echoed in my mind. Is she the same I am thinking of?
“Can I know your complete name?”
“It’s Alesha Sahai”, said she.
My heart started beating high in excitement. Yes, she can be the one!!
“Ok. Tell me the place and time. I will be there with my phone and all the other accessories.”, said I.

Next day, I went to the place half an hour before the decided time. I was waiting for her. Then, I saw a girl entering the café wearing blue kurta and green leggings. Her hairs were falling on her shoulders and she has put on a light pink shade lipstick on her lips. She was looking simple yet very beautiful in this elegant look.
When she was just a few steps away from me, I had a better look on her face and my heart started beating like never before. Yes!! She is the one. The first crush of my college-life!! I always wanted to exchange a few words with her but never got the chance. And here I am, getting my destined chance to have a coffee with her.
 “Hello”. We greeted each other and started talking. I told her that we were in same college and batch and we had some old school talks. I was so happy. We were on our ways to become friends, maybe the good ones at the end.
Then she asked me about the phone. I showed that to her. She had a quick look on it with all the other accessories. Then she asked me if she can keep that phone for a day or two for trial.
That is what I was waiting for. “No problem”, said I. After all, I have stored a few romantic songs in it for her to listen. This could be my chance to ask her on a date. We agreed to meet after two days at the same place and greeted each other with good-bye.
Next two days, I kept myself busy in preparing how I would be asking her for a coffee or a movie date in near future and much more.

The day after tomorrow story begins:
It was about 2 in the noon. I was constantly checking my Nokia 1100 phone if she has dropped some message or she called. But her name did not flash on the screen. I restrained myself to give a call and waited till evening. I didn’t want to be looked like a despo. Finally, I decided to give her a call.
I dialed the number she gave me to contact on.
From the other end, it answered “The dialed number is switched off. Please try after some time.”
I kept on trying till night. The same tone repeated each time.
This kept on happening for next few days and a week. I was not able to contact her. I pinged her several times on Facebook as well but of no use.
It was after two or three weeks that I realized that I have been conned by her. She always knew that I had a crush on her and she has taken benefit of this information. She flew off with my phone and then I was not able to contact her or do anything. I lost my phone for no cash.

So after this bitter experience, I realized that it is better to use social media only if you can use it rationally and wisely. Like if you want to buy or sell your used phone, instead of doing it by your way (which can be done), go to the Cashify site which is one of the fastest and easiest ways to sell the phones and laptop instantly for cash. Use Diwali as an Excuse to #CleanupCashout with Cashify. Get an Instant Quote, Assured Sale, Hassle-free Doorstep Pickup and On spot payment for your old devices.

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