Tuesday, December 30, 2014

When I failed to impress her Dad...

I was going to meet my GF's dad.
It was a big day for both of  us. Her father was reluctant to meet a guy from a different community but finally after so much of persuasion he agreed to meet me.

I was having a very hectic schedule and because of that I didn't got time even to shave my face.
But for me it was a daily routine so I didn't cared much about that and reached my GF's home.

I was greeted my her with a puzzled and angry face as if I had committed some crime.
Anyways she escorted me to the dinning table where dinner was ready to be served.
Her parents, sister and niece all were waiting for me.

I greeted her parents and took a seat.
Her father asked me about my hometown, job and future plans.
I confidently answered all his questions as this was the most important interview of my life.

While we were having a conversation on meeting my parents some of the part of my beard got soaked in the soup that was served.
My GF's niece started laughing. It was hell lot embarrassing.

After finishing the dinner when I was leaving for my home my GF didn't even cared to escort me to the main gate of their society.

I took a rickshaw for my home.When I saw myself in the mirror of rickshaw I was scared for the first time.
A full grown beard was hanging like some bird's nest.

Next day my GF called and said Dad didn't liked you much, he was saying you wanted to marry a junglee like him. So remain happy with your beard and don't talk to me.

I said sorry so many times and promised her that on next meeting with her family I will come well groomed, Without wasting a second I quickly purchased Gillete shaving kit.
The day of meeting came and I was all set to impress her father this time with my clean shaven face.

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Saturday, December 27, 2014

The time when telling truth was the right thing to do..

Telling a truth needs courage and gut.
There are lots of times when we lie or just stay calm to avoid any future trouble or for the happiness of others.
Though it provides a temporary solution but in the longer run it can make things worse.
So it is important to speak the truth when it is needed the most.

One such incident happened with me when I was in 8th class.
We had a professor whose real name I can’t reveal here so I will call him Mr. Joseph.
He used to teach us Mathematics. From childhood itself I used to love playing with numbers so mathematics was my favorite subject.
In every class I used to be the favorite student of my Mathematics teacher and this time was no exception.

Mr. Joseph used to teach 4 different classes so sometimes he used to involve me in counting the total marks of the papers he checked and also preparing the assignments.

I used to consider him one of the best mathematics teachers in our school as he was from IIT.
One day while I was filling out marks of 9th class students I noticed something weird in the performance register. Every professor had to maintain a performance register where he needs to fill marks for every student of a class he teaches in.

There were 4 main exams for which marks were maintained which included quarterly, half yearly, pre-annual and annual exam.

For 5 students there was a red star drawn at the start of their name.
When I went through the names I recognized one of them as my neighbor Rahul.
I was surprised to see his numbers which were too high for a student like him.
He was weak in mathematics and used to get just passing marks in his previous class exams.

I could smell something fishy here and for knowing the truth it was important to speak to Rahul.
It was Sunday and we were playing cricket. As we were in the same team I used that opportunity to have a conversation with him regarding his studies.
He was very happy that our school hired a teacher like Mr. Joseph who was a boon for students like him.
It was nothing less than a miracle for him to score more than 80 in each of his mathematics exam this year.
He gave complete credit to the sincere teaching of Mr. Joseph which made him built the basic concepts.

I was not at all convinced by his points as I was being taught by the same teacher. No doubt he was good but making a boundary passing student score 80 was a big deal.
Now my only chance was to take Rahul to a pub and make him drink.
Once drunk every person starts speaking truth and I expected the same to happen.
My idea worked and Rahul confessed to give 10k to Mr. Joseph to make him pass in all the exams with flying colors.

Now that I knew the truth I had to tell it to our school principal before it was too late but I had no evidence to support it. Also I was a bit scared because Mr. Joseph was my teacher too. If I couldn't prove him guilty he was definitely going to take revenge and get me failed.
Also Rahul’s career was on stake. If he got failed he won’t be allowed to take PCM as his main subjects in 11th class.

I decided to keep mum. For few days it was fine but then I started having sleepless nights as my inner self was pinching me.There was something illegal and wrong going on and I couldn't just keep calm about it. Rest for students like Rahul who gave him money I decided to take classes for them and make them prepare for the final exams.

I was close to one of my previous Mathematics teacher Mr. Sharma. I told him everything after which both of us went to the principal to make him aware about the truth.
I requested him to tap Rahul’s mobile number as he was going to pay remaining 5k to Mr. Joseph.

As expected Rahul got a call from Mr. Joseph who called him at a nearby café to pay the remaining amount. We along with police caught them red handed. I requested principal not to detain Rahul and other students who gave money to Mr. Joseph. I assured him that I would help them in preparing for the final exams.

My hard work reaped fruits and Rahul along with other students got pass in the final exams.
I was damn happy and more then that I was relaxed as I spoke the truth.
If I had kept it to myself I couldn't have lived in peace.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Indore - The heart of Central India - Post III

Indore - The heart of Central India is a theme where a series of posts will be dedicated to the 14th largest city of India - Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Here is the third post of the series.

Located at the heart of the city!!! Rajwada Palace the royal palace of Holkar family..
This Indian heritage looks amazingly beautiful in the moonlight..
‪#‎palace ‪#‎holkar‬ ‪#‎rajwada‬ ‪#‎Indore‬ #heritage

Credit for the Pic goes to Rakesh Kumar Rakshit.
Being a Software Engineer by profession doesn't stop this enthusiastic photographer to pursue his passion for clicking. Once a novice now this skillful DSLR lover is steadily approaching towards becoming a pro.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vacation with Kids - How to make it memorable !!

Vacation is a word which brings a smile on anyone’s face.
It provides the needed refreshment and energy which helps a person to return back to his hectic schedule. Vacations are like dose which needs to be taken once every 3 months.

Every vacation has different experiences and memories.
When you are with your friends you enjoy the freedom more.
When it is family you tend to focus more on things you and your family members can do together.
And when it is with colleagues you tend to do things through which you can know the other side of the person.

But there is another vacation which is the most special of all. It is when children accompany you. The charm and excitement of this vacation is huge as they are there to add their magic.

Children are lively souls interested in anything and everything that they come across.
Their innocent talks, curious mind and way of looking at things make the trip more interesting and entertaining.

Children add energy to the group. If you are tired of roaming around, just a glimpse of their innocent faces brings back the energy in your body.

There are places where you tend to get bored and lose out interest but when you have children around it is always fun.

Watching them run here and there and try out new things is just amazing.
They are excited about each and everything they do and it also pumps you up.
Even if you have some tension or worry, it vanishes after seeing their happy and jolly faces.

Seeing them go crazy makes you remember your childhood vacations.
You become nostalgic and feel to relive those moments again with your children.

But there are also times on a vacation when your kids might get annoyed with you.
Some of the examples are as below -:
1. You want to spend more time with your partner and as a result give less time to your kids.
2. The travelling is of more than a day.
3. Due to some mismanagement you have to spend a sleepless night.

Such situations can cause trouble and make your lively kids dull.
So it is good to avoid such things or preplan them if can’t be avoided.

Whenever I go with my kids for a trip I keep the following things in mind to make it memorable and ensure that they have the best of times.
1. First of all I choose a destination which has lot of things for children like theme parks, zoos, museums, aquariums etc. This way they can learn while having fun.
2. Next in line is accommodation. As my kids love swimming pools and indoor sports like squash and billiards, I always choose a resort or hotel which has all of them.
3. One of my kids love Chinese while the other hop over Italian so I make sure to choose a hotel which provides multi-cuisines.
4. Finally depending upon the climate of the place I make sure to keep the required clothes and other stuff for them.

All the times, please remember that you are on a vacation so don’t be a Hitler and impose your rules on the kids. Play, enjoy and go crazy with them as vacation is just a short time but memories are forever.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Indore - The heart of Central India - Post II

Indore - The heart of Central India is a theme where a series of posts will be dedicated to the 14th largest city of India - Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

Here is the second post of the series.

One of the heritage site!!! 200 years old Krishnapura Chhatri the glory of Holkar era.
‪#‎‬monument ‪#‎heritage‬ ‪#‎holkar‬ ‪#‎chhatri‬ ‪#‎Indore‬

Credit for the Pic goes to Rakesh Kumar Rakshit.
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Saturday, December 13, 2014

When I overcame my phobia and rose above the fear..

Fear is the biggest enemy of a human being.
Because of it people lose their calmness, happiness and a peaceful sleep.

It makes you sweat, go insane and sometimes even take away your life.
A person who shows courage and takes risks to overcome it tastes victory.

Everyone has a fear and when it becomes large it converts to phobia.
Some common phobias are -:
Acrophobia – fear of heights.
Nyctophobia – fear of darkness.
Xenophobia – fear of strangers.
Herpetophobia – fear of reptiles.
Arachnophobia – fear of spiders.
Phasmophobia – fear of ghosts.
Atychiphobia – fear of failure
Monophobia – fear of being alone or isolated.
Necrophobia – fear of death.

And here comes the phobias which caught me, Glossophobia – fear of speaking in public and Anthropophobia – fear of company of people.

From childhood itself I was a shy person. I was hesitant in speaking to people especially the
opposite sex. Tough a bright student in school I never helped a girl when she came up with her doubts.
Consequences of the same were really bad for me. I was called stubborn, uncooperative and a rude person. People especially girls used to hate me and would look for an opportunity to defame me.

If a person has knowledge but he is not able to articulate it properly than it’s of no use.
When you are given the stage you should be able to address the people but I couldn't.
Stage fear is common but if you want to succeed in the long run it had to be overcome.

The two phobias were drastically affecting my life.
I was losing friends and missing out on opportunities. Severe depression and isolation took hold of me.
Finding solace nowhere I started spending hours browsing internet for solutions though I used to watch videos more.

One fine day I came across this site called Toastmasters.
On further reading about it I came to know that it was one of the best clubs in the world for public speaking.  There was a session scheduled in my city on Saturday.
I decided to give it a try.
Loved the way people spoke there and also the interaction. Impressed by the overall ambience I decided to join the local toastmasters club.

Starting was like hell.
If a girl asked a question to me I used to become so uncomfortable and hesitant that I had to leave the session in the middle. 
My first speech was really horrible where I couldn't give my introduction also properly.

People used to mock at me but there were also few generous and humble souls who used to treat me like their friends and encourage me.

Their efforts along with my determination started to show positive results.
Now I could atleast speak to an opposite sex by looking into her eyes.
My confidence which was a like a dead soul, now started to rise like a phoenix from ashes.
At the end of 3 months I could speak fluently on stage.

There were house elections in my school.
Every time I was chosen as a candidate for the house captain but I used to back out because of my phobias. This time was different.
It was the moment to prove myself and face my fear.
Risk involved was huge as 
trust and efforts of lot of people were on stack and more than anything my own self respect. One moment of fear could make me go blank. 
Embarrassment and a piece of mockery for next 3 years was really unbearable so I decided to give it a second thought.

I called Mr Iyer, my godfather at toastmasters. He just told me two things.
1. To stay calm and face the world with full confidence.
2. The people I was addressing had gathered to hear me so I should fulfill my duty.

Sound of claps filled the atmosphere as I said those final two words “Thank You”.
There was a standing ovation. Tears rolled down my cheeks.
It was a speech I could have never imagined to give even in my dreams.
Finally I had overcome my fears and phobias.
I was reborn, ready to live my life to the fullest.

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                                                   Watch this amazing Dew film 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pre Marital Sex - Yes or No.

This 3 letter word is one of the most used words in English.
In India just the mention of it raises eyebrows and what not.
Yes you guessed it right, the word is "SEX".

In recent times "SEX Education" has become mandatory in lot of Indian schools and people are now openly talking about it, but safety still remains a big issue.

Today's youngsters are not afraid of what culture, society, relatives and religion will say.
They will call them "A-SANSKARI" or immoral and even give a negative character certificate but these things doesn't matter to them.
That's good, but what worry me most is they are also the blind followers.

They are attracted towards the western culture and are following it religiously but also are ignorant about the do's and dont's of it.
In and out time of a relationship has reduced to a day. One night stands and blind dates have increased considerably.
In such situations it is really important to know your limits otherwise the consequences are for life long.

So according to me Pre Martial Sex is a No.
Also I thought to confirm if my thinking matches with my friends and for that I Whatsapp them the question and to my delight 12 out of 15 said "No".

Here are the reasons for this "No" -

1. Trust and loyalty has decreased significantly. Today it is you, tomorrow you could be replaced.
    So its better to save your virginity for your soulmate than a temporary jerk.

2. Blackmailing through videos and photos is a common trend now a days. Every week newspapers
    are filled with news about people blackmailing their Ex after marriage threatening to make their
    personal moments public. Even it is happening with many celebrities.

3. Safety while having sex has increased but still is far from the point of satisfaction.
    There are lot of diseases which can spread through unsafe sex making you suffer for lifelong.

4. Boy and girl loves each other but there are high chances of their family opposing the marriage
    because of caste or status differences. In many cases the emotional torture from family
    becomes so intolerable that the only option left is to surrender to their stubbornness and
    marry someone else.
    So its better to loose virginity to someone whom you are sure to spend your life with.

5. If you have pre martial sex and marry someone else there will be always comparison which can be
    dangerous for your married life.

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Poonaam Uppal  famously known as the "Love Goddess" unravels where True love is in her latest book A Passionaate Gospel of True Love : A Mystical True Love Story.

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Indore - The heart of Central India - Post I

Indore - The heart of Central India is a theme where a series of posts will be dedicated to the 14th largest city of India - Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh.

So here is the first post of the series.

Facing the sun from years!!! Portrait of Maharaja Agrasen taken today morning.
‪#‎sunrise‬ ‪#‎portrait‬ ‪#‎statue‬ ‪#‎agrasen‬ ‪#‎Indore‬

Credit for the Pic goes to Rakesh Kumar Rakshit.
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5 things about your BF you should refrain from commenting on

For a healthy relationship there are lots of tips given to a guy.
Take her to new places, always keep her happy, show care, respect her dreams and family etc etc.

But did someone think what a girl should do and most importantly what she should not for a healthy and strong relationship.

Here are the 5 important things girls should refrain from commenting on 

1. Religion
    In your religion why don't you eat this?
    Why your saints and guru dress like this?
    Why you have all this rituals?

    Well asking these questions once are fine but if you keep on bombarding
    them again and again on
    your BF, he will eventually get frustrated.
    Also never mock about anyone's religion. Remember it’s a weak point of
    most of the people.

2. Hometown
     Would I be able to live in your hometown after marriage?
     I went to one of the cities of your state, it was horrible. Is your hometown
     also same?
     Gal, you live in a metro doesn't mean all other cities are like villages.
     Comparing cities like Indore or Nagpur to a village is so insane.
     First visit the place and then start commenting on it,
     Half knowledge is dangerous, mind it.

3. Parents
    As you love your parents the guy also loves his own
    Why your mother does this?
    After marriage I don't know how will I live with her?

    A mother-in-law is also a human being. She loves her son doesn't mean she
    will hate you.
    So put some logic before you ask such questions to your BF. 

4. Mother Tongue
    Apart from English and Hindi there are more than 30 languages in India.
    People love to talk in their mother tongue with near and dear ones.
    Don't mock about it.

5. Money saving skills
    And here comes the most important point.
    "He is a Marwadi so kanjus to hoga hi" is so lame.
    Saving is an art which we Indians should be proud of. It is something
    because of which Indians are respected all over the world as it has saved
    them from many global crisis.
    Wasting hard earned money is never wise when you have other options

    Don't keep on taunting or harassing your BF if he is good at this art. 
    He is doing this only to give you a better future. 


There is a famous proverb "Give respect to get respect"
Follow it.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The first day of the training

I was excited to get my offer letter.
Adobe my dream company had hired me.

Two months later I got my joining date.
I was asked to join within a week in the city of dreams -Mumbai. I was a bit nervous as it was my first time staying away from home. Nevertheless I was ready for the next experience of my life.

It was my first day at the training centre in Hiranandani which is considered as one of the most posh areas of Mumbai.
Roman style architecture gives it a royal and classy look.

Our training centre was also built on the same lines.
There were around 8th floors, each one of which had 4 training rooms.

My technology was Java whose training rooms were on 4th floor.
There were around 30 people from my college and another 20 from NIT Bhopal who were part of the same batch.
As we entered the room all the faculties along with HR were waiting for us.
Shefali our HR escorted us to an auditorium which was big enough for 100 people.

For the first 2 hours of induction we were made aware about the do and don’ts in the training centre, our schedule for the training and accommodation details.

Everyone was bored and was literally feeling dizzy.
We were just waiting for the induction to end soon so that we could go to our training rooms.
But suddenly to our surprise, music made its way into the auditorium.
It was one of the most famous songs of the decade- Gangnam style.

All the lazy lads started tapping their feet.
After the song got over Shefali made her way to the podium.

Boys and Girls, I am pretty sure that everyone is surprised and eager to know what actually is happening.
So without puzzling you more let me tell you what we are going to have in next 1 hour.

Like you guys had Mr and Miss fresher in college we will also be having something on similar lines.
The boy and girl who wins will be made the POC (point of contact) for the entire batch.
They will also be entitled for occasional lunch with higher management, 1000 ADOBE stars, free membership of ADOBE sports club and a dinner voucher of TAJ hotel.

Wow !!!
Everyone was delighted to hear the perks winners were going to get.
Further Shefali briefed us about the different stages of the competition.
There were 3 stages in total
1. Written Test.
2. Show your X factor.
3. Personality round.

From 50 people 30 were selected for the X factor round and I was one of them
In X factor round everyone was asked to showcase one of their skills.
It could be dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument etc.
Dancing was one of my passions and I was ready for the challenge.

Finally 5 boys and 5 girls were selected.
I was delighted to be among top 5 but the final stage was the toughest one.
In the personality test we were asked to deal with a client and convince him for a business deal.

10 faculty members were made our clients.
I and one of the guy were successful in convincing our client to the fullest.
Fingers crossed I was eagerly waiting for the results and hear my name announced as the winner.

Finally when the name was announced I was disheartened. It was Rahul who won the competition. We were awarded similar points in all the sections expect grooming, where he scored more than me. On pondering a bit I understood the reason.
The stubble on my face was the culprit. My mom words started resonating in my ears
“Ankit, what jungle have you grown on your face. Learn to be a bit groomed”.

My ungroomed look led me to the second position and made me miss an awesome opportunity. From that day I took a pledge to shave regularly and stay groomed.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Most touching & powerful movie of the decade - Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain

                                                     Image courtesy : imdb                         

On the nights of December 2 and 3, 1984, the world's deadliest industrial disaster ever took place.
Over 5,00,000 people were exposed to toxic MIC (Methyl Isocyanate) gas leaked from Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal.

More than 3500 people died on the same night, 8000 were dead within two weeks and more than 8000 have since died because of gas-related diseases.

India is a country where the cheapest thing is life and the same happened in the case of Bhopal gas tragedy. It took years and years for the Indian government to actually provide some justice to the victims or their family.

Yes I have used the words "Some Justice" or "A bit of Justice" because of the fact that it is actually 20% of what all could have been done.

If such tragedy would have happened in USA or UK :
1. The top officials would have been arrested.
2. All the plants of the company would have been shut down.
3, A compensation of more than $10 billion would have been charged.

But as we know it's India and here the attitude is "Sab Chalta hai" ; let the common man suffer.

Anyways let’s now divert our attention to the other side.
There are people, institutions and organizations that have made efforts to bring this issue before the world and help victims get justice.

Lot of documentaries, short films and videos have been made on this ghastly subject.
All of them portrays the message in a very unique and powerful way but what touched my heart the most is the movie "Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain" .

Thanks to Indiblogger who gave me the opportunity to watch the special screening of it.

A big MNC, "Union Carbide" makes its way to the heart of the city of lakes -"Bhopal".
Delighted by the arrival of a behemoth, people of the city, especially the lower class, builds hopes of getting a decent job. One of them is a rickshaw driver Dilip.
His present condition makes him try desperately to land up a job in the company and he finally succeeds in it.
Though people are given jobs but none of them is made aware about the safety measures taken while working.
A major accident leads to his promotion but also brings the safety standards of the company under the lens.
In spite of the utterly risky safety standards, everyone stays mum because for them their job is the most previous thing in the world.
Finally that auspicious day comes in Dilip’s life when his sister is going to get married.
But he never knew in his worst dreams that it will also be the last day for him and his family.
The negligence of safety standards finally leads to dire consequences when MIC gets leaked out in the city.
More than 3000 people die on the same night.
There is not even a foot space left in the hospitals which are packed with patients suffering from the unbearable pain caused by the deadly gas.

Thousands of people are still suffering from the side effects of the gas tragedy.


Dilip role is played by Rajpal Yadav which according to me is his best till now.
The Comedy king also gives a touch of humor to otherwise a very sensitive and serious role. Hats off to him for doing full justice to his role.

Tannishtha Chatterjee gets to play Dilip’s wife who supports him well.

Kal Penn as Motwani the journalist is just superb.
His timing and punches are bang on.

Mischa Barton as Eva Gascon is quite graceful.
Her interview with Warren Anderson in the car is a treat to watch.

Finally Martin Sheen as Warren Anderson fits perfectly into the shoes of the Chairman of UCIL. He carries the right amount of maturity needed for the role.

My Opinion

Overall '
Bhopal : A Prayer for Rain' is one of the most touching & powerful movies of the decade.
The film oozes reality in every scene. You actually feel as if you are witnessing the people suffer right in front of your eyes and experience every bit of their pain.
A must watch for every Indian.

The Director of the movie Ravi Kumar has taken a bold step by making movie on such a sensitive subject. Let’s support the cause and spread the message given by the movie as much as possible.

                                                               Image courtesy : idiva

Official release worldwide on 5th Dec. Checkout more here

                                            Here is the much awaited trailer.

Rating -: