Saturday, December 27, 2014

The time when telling truth was the right thing to do..

Telling a truth needs courage and gut.
There are lots of times when we lie or just stay calm to avoid any future trouble or for the happiness of others.
Though it provides a temporary solution but in the longer run it can make things worse.
So it is important to speak the truth when it is needed the most.

One such incident happened with me when I was in 8th class.
We had a professor whose real name I can’t reveal here so I will call him Mr. Joseph.
He used to teach us Mathematics. From childhood itself I used to love playing with numbers so mathematics was my favorite subject.
In every class I used to be the favorite student of my Mathematics teacher and this time was no exception.

Mr. Joseph used to teach 4 different classes so sometimes he used to involve me in counting the total marks of the papers he checked and also preparing the assignments.

I used to consider him one of the best mathematics teachers in our school as he was from IIT.
One day while I was filling out marks of 9th class students I noticed something weird in the performance register. Every professor had to maintain a performance register where he needs to fill marks for every student of a class he teaches in.

There were 4 main exams for which marks were maintained which included quarterly, half yearly, pre-annual and annual exam.

For 5 students there was a red star drawn at the start of their name.
When I went through the names I recognized one of them as my neighbor Rahul.
I was surprised to see his numbers which were too high for a student like him.
He was weak in mathematics and used to get just passing marks in his previous class exams.

I could smell something fishy here and for knowing the truth it was important to speak to Rahul.
It was Sunday and we were playing cricket. As we were in the same team I used that opportunity to have a conversation with him regarding his studies.
He was very happy that our school hired a teacher like Mr. Joseph who was a boon for students like him.
It was nothing less than a miracle for him to score more than 80 in each of his mathematics exam this year.
He gave complete credit to the sincere teaching of Mr. Joseph which made him built the basic concepts.

I was not at all convinced by his points as I was being taught by the same teacher. No doubt he was good but making a boundary passing student score 80 was a big deal.
Now my only chance was to take Rahul to a pub and make him drink.
Once drunk every person starts speaking truth and I expected the same to happen.
My idea worked and Rahul confessed to give 10k to Mr. Joseph to make him pass in all the exams with flying colors.

Now that I knew the truth I had to tell it to our school principal before it was too late but I had no evidence to support it. Also I was a bit scared because Mr. Joseph was my teacher too. If I couldn't prove him guilty he was definitely going to take revenge and get me failed.
Also Rahul’s career was on stake. If he got failed he won’t be allowed to take PCM as his main subjects in 11th class.

I decided to keep mum. For few days it was fine but then I started having sleepless nights as my inner self was pinching me.There was something illegal and wrong going on and I couldn't just keep calm about it. Rest for students like Rahul who gave him money I decided to take classes for them and make them prepare for the final exams.

I was close to one of my previous Mathematics teacher Mr. Sharma. I told him everything after which both of us went to the principal to make him aware about the truth.
I requested him to tap Rahul’s mobile number as he was going to pay remaining 5k to Mr. Joseph.

As expected Rahul got a call from Mr. Joseph who called him at a nearby café to pay the remaining amount. We along with police caught them red handed. I requested principal not to detain Rahul and other students who gave money to Mr. Joseph. I assured him that I would help them in preparing for the final exams.

My hard work reaped fruits and Rahul along with other students got pass in the final exams.
I was damn happy and more then that I was relaxed as I spoke the truth.
If I had kept it to myself I couldn't have lived in peace.

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  1. Good Work Ankit...I liked the fact that at the end u didn't desert your friend but helped him to improve his Maths.

    1. Thanks Neha..people tend to give lot of gyan but when it comes to helping others they back off..I don't prefer to do that..nwys good to see your comment after a long time..hows u ?