Friday, January 20, 2017

Should we expect support in today's world

In today’s world when people talk about being independent and self-reliant, should we expect from our near and dear ones to support us during our bad times or during the struggling phase of life changing decisions.

No doubt being self-reliant is very important, furthermore self-actualization is needed for personal growth also it helps us function better in the society but life is so unpredictable that we have no surety of what will happen tomorrow. In such situations or decisions if things go wrong we would expect some support from our closed ones, especially on the emotional end.

Here are some examples -:
I had a friend whose best friend’s parents passed away in an accident.
She was broken like hell and needed support in every possible way.
What my friend did was the best support he could provide her, he married her. Today both are living a great life.
Another example is of a close friend who unfortunately had to suffer from a year drop because of an allegation put on her which she was not at all connected to. The examiner did ask her to write the paper again after 2 hours of exam time but she took the decision to not write it again but take the matter to the higher level.
Though things didn’t go as she expected and the allegations were made more severe which caused her to bear a year drop.
She was utterly depressed and upset. She took the decision what she felt was right at that time but things didn’t go as she thought.
At that point of time her near and dears ones, especially her bf and parents were quite supportive and helped her to come out of this terrible situation.

The Last example I will quote is of yet another very good friend of mines.
It was the end of 2014 and his mother was not keeping well. In spite of several medications, she showed negligible improvement. At that time he was quite tensed and worried about her health and needed someone to pour down his emotions. One of his best friends came as a savior. She not only took care of him but also his mother. Eventually,his mother showed signs of improvement. He proposed his friend for marriage as he knew that he could count upon her during the bad phases of his life.
Most importantly there was a feeling of security with her.

All these examples show that your near and dear ones who can be your partner or best buddies do support you during the bad phases of life but there are other examples too which prove them utterly wrong.

People have left their loved ones as per their convenience with the reasoning that as the decision was of the concerned person so eventually the problems are also his/her own and hence he/she has to suffer it alone.

The bottom-line is, though people have grown a bit more selfish and self-centered but still,  there are many generous souls in this world.
Yes,the need of the hour is to be more self-reliant and self-dependent but when the platter of life serves terribly bad times, it is good to have it together with a bunch of trustworthy souls than alone.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The two most difficult things in the world

Life is a journey where we meet a lot of people at different phases.
Some give us a helping hand while we are in trouble while some make us realize that we have to rise on our own.
Some motivate us to follow our passions while some discourage us for various reasons.
Some love us selflessly while some confront us with the harsh reality of life that you are needed only until the time you are important to someone.
Some get a place in our heart while some are privileged enough to make it to our ass..:P

Each chapter of life brings along with it a new experience which has its own series of struggles, hardships, success stories and learnings.
A man drives from one experience to another which is the milestone in the journey of life but there are two major roadblocks that slow down his pace.

These roadblocks are actually the two most difficult decisions/things in this world.

The first one is to “Accept one’s mistake and say sorry”.
We tend to make mistakes and hurt a number of people intentionally or unintentionally due to our thinking and actions during the course of our journey. And then comes the most difficult part which is to accept it and say sorry to the concerned person.

But we can’t blame anyone as saying sorry has become outdated.
The coolest thing in today’s world is to be selfish and self-centered.
Emotions, feelings and love are mostly found in the emojis on social media as they rarely make it to the heart.
Being heartless is the new trend in the market; very soon you can wear tees with that written on it.
People love their comfort and convenience even more than their parents, so whoever you are, they don’t care. And if the decisions though taken together affect their comfort and convenience, they will leave you to suffer alone as doing so is part of their morals.
And you dare even expect a sorry from them as thinking like that also is the biggest act of foolishness.

The second most difficult thing in this world is to “Forgive someone
You can forget a person who has betrayed, used or cheated you but you will never be able to forgive them.
Forgiving a person who has brutally plundered your heart is the biggest act of humanity. 

But in today’s world revenge is considered as the most beloved act of humanity as it is the path to nirvana, that’s what people think, I suppose.
Couple of day’s back I came across these 2 headlines -:
A guy tried to choke his ex-lover in a cab and second, Husband shot the bf of his wife who died later.
And there are number of such cases happening on daily basis where people choose revenge over humanity.

So if a person forgives you for the wrong you have done, you don’t have to say those 3 golden words but just a simple and sober “Sorry” as today the act of forgiveness is very uncommon in common people.