Sunday, June 29, 2014

My best treat ever..

I am a foodie and my taste buds are always busy, urging for more.
I love to try different type of cuisines. No wonder why it is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach which holds very true in my case.
Though I love trying different varieties but when it comes to a perfect meal I always want it to be Desi Indian style.  My mom and by God’s grace my GF is also perfect in cooking Desi meals.

 It was my Birthday.
As I had to go out with my family for dinner so I told my GF to have lunch together.
But she had planned something else and asked me to come at her place.
Well I know what is running in your mind now but our “GADI” didn't go in that direction..:P
I also came to know about the same after reaching her place..:P

So around 11 a.m., I was there at her door with champagne, prepared for the surprise, a bit nervous and excited, thinking about what I can be.
As the door was opened, a ravishing beauty, my princess was standing right in front.
To my surprise she was dressed in a Saree, looking drop dead gorgeous.
As I entered in I was lost. The air was filled with aroma of my favorite dishes whose sensation even got to my mind.

She blindfolded me and took me somewhere where the aroma got further intensified.
As the blindfold was removed I was agape.  All my favorite dishes were beautifully served on the dinning table.

As I was ready to eat till I die, something else also got my attention. It were those beautiful glasswares in which the dishes were served. No doubt that added to the beauty and made the dish more desirable.
When I noticed the brand it was Borosil, the same which my mom uses. Intelligent gal..:)

Let me run through the perfect mouthwatering meal served on the dinning table which included the below delicacies

Favorite dish of all Marwaris and pride of Rajasthani food was served in deep round casserole.
These flaky round baked Baatis were completely dipped in ghee ready to give your taste buds a pleasure of lifetime.  

Curd is my favorite and the most delicious dish made from it is Kadhi.
Beautifully served in a easy grip round casserole with Ghee floating at the top and smell of fresh curd are enough to mesmerize you, but when Kadhi is served hot you are definitely going to get addicted.

Dals are a ready source of proteins for a balanced diet and the most popular among them is
Toor Dal, also known as the yellow pigeon peas. Just pour some Nimbu in it and the sour taste will add to the delight of gulping it. When combined with Baati, it forms a deadly Combo which will even make all the Angreji Indians lick their fingers.

Next my eyes fell on the red hot beauty. It was lying their warm and soft in a beautiful oval dish, ready to melt in my mouth…wow…mmmmmm !!!
This lip smacking dish is none other than “Gajar ka Halwa” also known as the sweet carrot pudding.  After having one spoon of it, I remember Lays Ad, no one can have just one.
Adding to its beauty were Raisins, Cashews and neatly sprinkled Almonds at the top.
Delightfully delicious is what I will say about this absolute beauty.

Gram flour dumplings flavored with dry species lying lazily in gravy of curd were looking amazingly beautiful.
This famous dish from the land of Rajasthan, “Gatte ki sabji”  is an add on with Dal-Baati.

Long grained rice flavoured with exotic Indian spices, layered with fresh vegetables and paneer in thick gravy was lying hot in a beautiful rectangular dish. Yes it is my all-time favorite rice dish, Veg Hyderabadi Biryani. Now I was confused what to taste first between the two B’s,  Baati or Biryani. My GF solved the problem by feeding me the ever yummy “Gajar ka Halwa”.

This easy to make great taste add on, versatile Indian condiment was placed beautifully in a small glass Katories.  Coriander Chutney also known as Hari Chutney is a must when you eat delicacies like Dal-Baati.

When you eat a heavy heal in summer there should be a drink which makes you digest it and at the same time is the yummiest of the lot. Pudina Chaas, an old time favorite drink was beautifully served in the Galaxy Glasses.  Another favorite of mines made from curd.

Finally crispy and flaky Indian flatbread called Parathas whose each layer was shining with Ghee were neatly placed in the container.

I asked my GF if she made it all alone and her reply made me feel SO SO blessed and fortunate.
She and our mutual friend Sneha got up at 6 in the morning to make me feel so special, to prepare my favorite meal. I hugged her tight, tears rolled down my eyes.
A girl who usually gets up at 11 and has strong aversion for heat, gets up at 6 in the morning and bear the heat for 5 long hours just to make me happy is nothing less than a goddess.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Sarhad Paar Dilo ko jodti ye zindagi..

I was in my college days and the cultural fest was on the cards.
Sonu Nigam, K.K and Euphoria were the obvious choices, but there was a surprise this time.
Few days later posters of JAL Band were put all over the college.
It was a Pakistani band whose songs ruled the ears..

Sajni Pass Bualo was on tip of every one's tongue..

Bikhra ho mai was equally popular

In those days I used to sing these songs everyday which are still in my favorites list.
Pakistani Gazals and songs have always had a long lasting impact on the people at this side of border.
So when Indiblogger announced the #JodeyDilonko meet along with Zee's new channel Zindagi which is about to go on air on June 23rd, 2014 with its Sarhad Par ki Kahaniyas, I was really looking forward to the opportunity to meet new artists from neighborhood.

The venue for the meet was one of my favorite "Hotel Leela" which had been the proud owner of hosting Zee Indiblogger meets.

Indi meets are always know to offer something different every time and this time the idea was to begin the meet with Lunch. Smart move to make all those lazy beings follow time.
Lunch specially the deserts were delicious. Ras Malai was nothing less then mouth watering.

Post lunch we were escorted to the Banquet Hall where the meet was going to be held.simultaneously in two cities Mumbai and Delhi. Bloggers at both the ends were quite excited.

The meet started with the Twitter contest winners who got 1k Flipkart vouchers each.
The contest was all about tweeting pictures of self with friends/family in a different city or country
Luckily my pic of Singapore tour where I was trying to imitate like the Transformer standing next to me in Universal Studios won me a Flipkart Voucher.

Also the best blogposts about one visiting another city/country were awarded with Moto G each in Mumbai and Delhi.

Next was what we have never done before, MumbaiVSDelhi.
It was a face-off were both the cities battled out to the best on various topics which were
1. Best public Transportation --> Mumbai Won
2. Best Food --> Delhi Won
3. Best Good looking Men --> Tie as the girls started flaunting about themselves.
4. And in the final round of Best Climate --> Mumbai finally won over Delhi ki sardi.

So the title went to Mumbai, with protests from Delhi side. Realizing the need to end this soon IB team quickly introduced the Zee Zindagi team. After the creative and business head introduced about the initiative, it was time for Imran Abbas, the lead Pakistani actor to take the centre stage.

All eyes were on him and the young lad didn't disappoint. He touched everyone's heart with his answers to the sensitive cross border questions asked by the bloggers. He didn't took any side nor talked senseless like the Pakistani army officials do on Times Now debate. I love to hear when someone talks in Urdu and Imran was no exception.
He told us about the different shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Auun Zara, Kash mai Teri Beti Na Hoti,etc which show the realistic stories from Pakistan.

Next he introduced Sultana Ma'am who had produced lot of famous daily soups in Pakistan and represents the independent Pakistani Women. It was great interacting with this lady who brought the real face of women in Pakistan.
Also Imran sang few songs for us and I must say the boy was not only good with his looks but also with his voice.

Now was the time for high tea and snacks, surely a delight to our tummies..:)
After tea break everyone gathered again in the hall and IB team who is so good at surprises was up with another one. It was a simple task in which one had to pick a number from 1-10, the only difficulty was to be pointed by Anup, the host of the day. Because if only he picks you, you will get a chance to pick a number.
The prizes ranged from Sugar Packet, Water bottle for the unlucky ones to Flipkart vouchers and Bagpacks for the lucky champs.

The meet ended with all bloggers from Mumbai coming into a single frame for a  group pic.

I am really glad that Zee has come out with such a great initiative.
Zindagi as seen in the promising promos also, intend to bring the real stories from Sarhad Paar.
I hope this channel touches as many hearts on both sides of the boundaries and also make these hearts come together.

I was indeed another great Indiblogger meet jisne kafi dilon ko joda and I pray, hope and wish that the Zindagi channel does this on a very grand level for years to come..:)

IMAGE Sources : Google and Indiblogger

Monday, June 16, 2014

My first IPL match experience with White Mischief..

IPL is considered to be the biggest revolutions in Indian cricket. It has gone into the second half of its initial ten year plan and it is so evident that the high profile tournament has passed the test of time with flying colors.

There are lot of contests during the season where you get an opportunity to meet players and watch those awesome matches live from stadium.

One such opportunity came knocking at my door from the brand "White Mischief" itself and I was all set to grab it. You must have heard about the proverb "Dono haath mai Ladoo" , but did you got a chance to experience it? If no then don't feel disheartened as everyone has their first time as it was mine.

White Mischief was kind enough not only to provide me with 2 passes for the match , Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals but also give me a chance to meet the ever gorgeous and lively Cheerleaders.

My bad that they had to fly early and we couldn't meet but nevertheless I was excited about the match.

The venue for the match, Wankhede Stadium.was the host to numerous international matches.

I and my friend Stephen were all set to bleed blue. As we got down at Churchgate station and headed towards the stadium, the ambiance was superb. The street was sea of blue , with MI tees and flags all around. There were around 7-8 gates for entry into the stadium and ours was Gate 2.

Our seats were in Block 4 , right at the top of the stadium. Though we were a bit disappointed by the seat selection but the atmosphere brought our smiles back. I don't have words to express that breathtaking moment when we entered the block and the ground was right in front of us. What a view, just one word, WOW..

We quickly took our seat and waited for the match to start. This was the last playoff match of IPL and probably the biggest of all. The fate of both the teams was at stack as only one of them was going to get the final playoff spot. MI won the toss and asked the visitors to take strike. Sanju Samson made sure he gave his team a good start. Though one of my favorite player Shane Watson got out early, Karun Nair who came one down supported Sanju well.  Duo went for an all-out attack and made 100 run stand just from 57 balls.

After both of them got out , Brad Hodge and James Faulkner joined forces and smashed MI bowlers out of the ground. Such a rock solid batting performance propelled RR to a huge total of 189.

Scoring 190 from just 14.3 overs was a very tough task.

The start was good from Simmons and Hussey but soon both of them found their way to the pavilion.
Then came Corey Anderson , who did the unbelievable. He along with Rayudu went after the RR attack with all their might and dispatched the blowers to all part of the ground. The crowd was on the edge with just 10 runs to win of the last 3 balls. First ball went for a single , while the next went for a six. Needing just 2 runs of the last ball was looking very much gettable when Rayudu was run out while running the 2nd one.

The atmosphere got really emotional when Rayudu on returning towards the pavilion sat down and started crying. Everyone got behind him and started cheering his name.

Scores were tied and both the teams had the same net run rate. MI was still in the chance to qualify if they made the ball travel to the boundary. Thanks to Aditya Tare the ball traveled over the rope for a massive six letting MI seal an emphatic victory and their passage to the playoffs.

It was one of the greatest T20 match ever where emotions took center stage. People were chanting names of "Corey" , "Rayudu" & "Tare". At one moment there was joy and relief which was transformed into tension with a fall of wicket. Regardless you are a MI or RR fan, you have to admit that this was one of the most sensational game of cricket.

Thanks a lot "White Mischief" again.

Here is me dancing with the cheerleaders, celebrating MI victory.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Exploring the world of cars with Carconnect.

Sexy lady on the floor
She drives me crazy like never before.
Her looks, her style , her features
Makes me go gaga for sure.

She is my sweetheart, she is the one I love to put my hands on, she is my car.
As you would have known by now that I am passionate about cars and for me my first love is my i10.
I love to drive, go on for hours and hours, travel to new places and test ride the new beauties who are ready to flaunt themselves. 

In the pursuit of my love for them I came across a place where there were like minded people having mutual feelings. These souls also shared the same passion for their sweethearts as I did.
A portal where we could share our car experiences, compare them , remain updated with the new beauties in the market was what I was looking for and my search ended at Car Connect.

The first and probably the best thing that I observed on Car Connect was it was a community for passionate people who wanted to share and know other's experiences. As I logged on with my FB account it asked me to share my car / long drive experiences. This was what I was waiting for and in no moment I started to pen down my experience  "The adventurous drive to Vaishno Devi". As I submitted it , it went under moderation.
I thought it will at least take 3-4 days for the post to be live but to my surprise it was published the very next day. Quick processing and I was impressed. Also to add to my excitement I was awarded a Bronze Badge as a gratification for my first experience.

Next I wanted to read the experiences of other passionate souls and for that CarConnect had a separate tab
called "Long Drive". Here you can select the starting point of the journey which ranges from Leh to Chennai and the related experience gets displayed in front of you.

Its very necessary to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts one puts in sharing his experiences and this is done perfectly under  "Leader Board". Here everyone passionate driver is facilitated with a badge according to the number of experiences shared. I just loved the badges, catchy and impressive.

Next very important and exciting feature that you look forward to on a car portal is the comparison between different cars so that it helps you choose the best among the rest. So here is where "Compare Cars" comes in. It allows you to compare cars of different companies and mails a detailed PDF report to you. The report covers every minute detail about both the cars and proves to be very useful while deciding on the final one.

A car enthusiast always search for a new love, a sexy lady which can make him fall again. On CarConnect "New Launches" fulfill that desire. Under this you get to know about all the new sweethearts who are ready to make a buzz in the market.

Last but not the least is the "Car News"  tab which keeps you aware about the latest buzz in the Car Industry.

Overall CarConnect provides you an amazing platform to connect with like headed passionate car lovers, share and read experiences, compare cars to choose the best one and get all the latest buzz of the Car World.
I would definitely recommend this portal to every car lover..:)

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

What if boys were also starred, bullied and teased by girls..

P.S : This post is just for humor. 

1. I was catching a Mumbai local and unfortunately got into Ladies compartment.
    Dude it was a Churchgate slow train and I wanted to get down at Andheri station but I was pulled inside
    and not left still Churchgate came. I can't say what all happened..sob sob.

2. Dad I will not go out alone. 3-4 MunniBhais have their adda at the end of the lane.
    They pass lewd comments like "Oye Chikane, bike par lift do kya", "Aaja item movie dikhayongi".

3. Guy to his friend -: I will not go to any party where drinks are served. Last night 3 wild girls
    intentionally tried to get me drunk and take advantage as my GF was not with me..:(

4. My GF has told me to call her whenever I am alone in the office or bus with a girl.
    Sometimes she also drops me till my home when I have to work late hours.

5. It's so risky to wear shorts or sleeveless tees even when it is so hot.
   Girls just stare continuously as if they don't have men at their home.
    Last time I had waxed by chest and it became embarrassing as the girls were peeping in so much
    that I have to put on the collar button.

6. BF to GF, please ask your BFFs to be in limit, yesterday one of them started flirting and asked
    me to come alone to Nariman Point.

7. Late night parties, trip which has night stay and roaming around with girls is strictly not allowed at
    my home. Last time Big bro got stuck with a gang of drunk girls and he somehow managed to flee
    with clothes on.
8.  1st year college guy to his friend -: Dude you know I have got the maximum proposals in first
     year. The count is now 20. Abhishek is second with 18. Also there are two boys who have got
     none, poor fellows.

9. In boys hostel - Dude it has become really difficult to peep out of the window even in morning
    hours. The girls from the nearby hostel always make embarrassing gestures especially those whose
    rooms fall right in front of us.

10. Yaar, yesterday traffic jam was a nightmare for me. There was this gang of girls on bikes who had
      tattoos all over their body and were around 6 feet each. I just 5 feet 2 inch was stared at with such
     intense gestures as if I was a Tandori Chicken ready to be served.

Any instances you like to add, just mention in the comments..:)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

22 Friends you will always have

1. I want to know everything
    This person wants to know everything, right from what you eat, what you like, do you have a love life,
     how many relationships you had, did you ever kiss and god knows what all..blah..blah..blah continues.

2. Chic Enquirer
     This friend of your's want to know about every damn girl you have a pic with.
      Whenever you put a pic with opposite sex, he is the first one to comment  "Bhai left wali kaun hai".  

3. 2 a.m. friend
   This person is probably your best buddy. You can call him/her anytime, may be it is day or night.
     You can pour your heart out, share secrets and talk on anything extending upto hours.

4. Follow you everywhere(Chipko)
      These friends are the brand ambassador of Fevicol or are inspired from the hutch dog.
      Wherever you meet them, they will be glued to you. There is only one place where you
       can be saved, Washroom.

5. The nothing friend
     This person holds the Guinness World Record of having the smallest vocabulary.
       There is only word in his/her dictionary and it is "NOTHING".
       If you ask how's life, the answer will be nothing great.
       If you ask what's new, the answer will be nothing.
       If you ask what's going on , the answer will remain the same , nothing.

6. Tantrum/Attitude Queen
    Everyone has this specie in their friend list. They are born princess or I must say angels who are
      unfortunately send to earth to suffer with the common people. For them everything is mismanaged,
      messy, filthy and unhygienic.

7. The Fekus
    You just give them a single chance to talk and they will make the Tata's/ Ambani's and Birla's
       feel inferior, Khans and Bachchans will take acting tips from them , youth of his country
       will seek flirting tips and all the Guinness world records for the biggest, largest , tallest..etc etc
       will go to them.

8. Friend or More
    This is a confusing specie with whom your relationship will always change gears.
       The following cycle will always continue
       Stage 1           Stage 2         Stage 3       Stage 4
       Hi hello --> Best friends -->  Flirting --->  Lovers and then they will have a fight and back to          stage 1.

9. I know everything
    These persons are the self proclaimed "sarvgyani". They know tit and bit of everything and are ready to
      shower you with their gyanvani even if you haven't called for.

10. Mr/Miss Showoff 
     These shoes I have got from woodland for 3000 bucks, Ray ban shades, how are they looking ?
        Yesterday I  did shopping of 11k , had to purchase some formals for office.
        These are those people who are born with silver spoon and if not then too they leave no opportunity
        to showcase themselves as Richie rich.

11.Just for purpose
     These friends are just for some purpose. Professional contact friends, Cricket friends, blogger friends
        are some examples.

12. Neta/Don/Dadas
      They will protest against everything you say and try to impose their points on you. Shouting without
         purpose, accusing without facts and senseless talks are what they love to do. Bragging , fights and
         dadagiri are their favorite timepass.

13. Born Brat
      Bold, beautiful & bindass are what people call them. Always ready with their pranks,
         pain in ass and extremely extrovert are their characteristics.

14. The Real Genius
      There are some extraordinary people in this world and you always have one of them in your friend list.
         At the time when you just want a job in an MNC, this person will have patents in his/her name,
         whitepaper published at international level , top MNCs of this world bidding to get him/her in.

15. The Pessimist 
      My BF is having an affair, I will fail in exams, I want to commit suicide, I hate everyone in this world
         are their personal favorites. They always carry a negative vibe and keep on sulking on petty issues.

16. Sexily Confused
      These species love to imitate the opposite sex. Their gestures makes the same sex uncomfortable.
         It is said in a humorous manner that mother wanted a girl and father a boy, but god gave them
          a different gift..;)

17 Cousins of Owl
      The night riders. These species are born in India but follow the time line of US. They will sleep when
         the whole country works and get recharged when battery of 90% of Indians die.
         You can call them any time in the night and they will be happily playing games, reading novels
         or flirting with the opposite sex.

18 Drama Queen
      Tears are her best friends and dialoguebazi is her hobby.
         She loves to create scene on petty issues and as a famous hindi proverb says
         "Baat ka batangad".

19 Chindi Friend
         These people fall below the poverty line of India.
         They carry a myth that their friends are running some government policy which provides them
          free food and drinks. Shamelessly they will always show their empty wallet and will be keen to
          become the object of sympathy.

20 Casanova/Coquette 
     For them the 3 F's go together
       Friendship, Flirt and the last one you know better.;)
       Flirting is in their blood. They are good with words and flattering.

21 Backstabbers/ Two Faced Friend
        These people are the most dangerous specie of so called friends. They are fake, selfish and opportunist.
        In front of you they will be so humble, polite and well wisher but their other face will always want you
        to fail and suffer. They will use you like tissue paper and throw you when done.

22 Virtual World friends
     Also know as the social media buddies.These people increases your profile pic likes on Facebook,
        retweet your tweets on Twitter, add you to different groups on Whatsapp.
        You have never met them, even in some cases haven't seen them also but there is a virtual bonding.