Saturday, May 17, 2014

MyRoleModel My Dad

He is the person who inspires you
He is the one whom you aspire to be
His life is a book full of chapters
Each one of which is an experience in it
He has struggled , failed and been neglected
But every time he has come out hard,
confronted the obstacles and conquered.

For me he is my father, my guide, my teacher , my role model.
What do we except from a child who is studying in school with a dream of becoming a doctor.
Well for me its just to focus on your studies and do well in all your exams.
But for the man I am talking about, it was not the case.
He had to go to school, post school study for the medical entrance exam and then get back home to cook food for everyone. The reason was really heart wrecking. His mom used to remain ill and sometimes her situation was so bad that she could not even move from her bed.
His dad was a school teacher and used to be busy with his school routines.
One of his elder brother was studying in IIT and the younger one was just interested in roaming around, so the complete responsibility was on him.
Clearing a medical entrance exam with so much responsibility of home was really a daunting task.

Sheer dedication and diligence made him clear it with flying colors. While studying in medical college he lost his mother. It was really difficult to control the sentiments and carry on with his dream but he kept his nerves.
Another responsibility came on his shoulder when he was still studying in medical college, he got married.

When you don't have a mother, you always look forward to your sister-in-laws for that support and care.
But sometimes your good fortune or say good time goes on a long vacation or gets inspired from Kubhkaran and same was my father's case.
Study tension, responsibility toward your wife to make her feel comfortable in her new abode and the baap of all tensions,family tension is too much to endure for a 25 years old boy.
But a man with sheer mental strength, rock solid will power and a very pious heart was ready to face it.
This time luck favored him as my mom was really understanding and stood beside him whenever needed.

There were tantrums, accusations and fights every day. It was really difficult to live in such environment so my parents had to move in a rented house. My father was still doing his MD and getting a stipend of not more than 7-8k. No help was provided by his father, not even of a single penny.

Just in few months he had his last medical exams but something unusual and unfortunate happened.
There was always one student who has to be failed not depending on his performance but his skill of buttering. My dad seriously lacked the much imp skill of buttering and was declared failed.
You can understand the sentiments of a person who has done everything right just to be proved wrong.
Seniors told not to get into fight with the professor because it will call for more trouble and she will make sure that you don't get passed next year too.
My father kept his calm and tried to persuade her, not making her realize that she was wrong and he was right but making her understand the situation he was in, but she gave a damn.

Many people try the easier way of committing suicide when they are neglected by their family and failed in their exams without a reason. But my father was not in this world to give up so easily. He pushed himself for one more year, stayed focused and finally became a doctor.

If I go on to mention how much he has sacrificed for his family, mainly his children to ensure them a bright future will require another 5 pages so won't go into those details.

But I will proudly mention that,
A man who didn't had a single penny in the starting has not only built his own shelter but also ensured Bunglows for his children. A successful doctor and a man with principles is how he is known in Indore. In the whole family, be it paternal or maternal side, he is know for his pious heart, a man without any ego, always ready to forgive and welcome back with open arms.

Whenever I confronted the 4 D's
1. Dishearten
2. Disappointed
3. Disgusted
4. Disapproved
He was the one who gave me the energy to fight back , the never give up spirit.
His life inspires me to follow my dreams, to forgive others, value money and confront every obstacle with a calm mind & smiling face. I owe him a lot and hope to make him proud in every way possible.

My Dad my RoleModel...:)

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Weirdest Replies by a girl to a proposal

1. Get down on your knees properly.
    I mean what the hell. The boy had gathered all his courage to propose you in front of a crowd and you are     more concerned whether he is properly on his knees or not.

2. I don't believe in love
You are die hard fan of SRK. You like love everywhere whether it is movies, books or daily soaps
    but not in real life..huh

3. Can we be friends with benefits.
    The guy is giving his heart out to you. He is confessing his genuine feelings and you wanna become
     friends with benefits. Really !!!

4. I am a lesbian
    You talk about handsome hunks. Wanna get fucked hard.
     Blushes in the most feminine way and flirts like a pro but at the end you call yourself a lesbo..WTF

5. I love your friend
I mean for heaven's sake please someone tell me when did this happened.
    She was flirting with me but fell in love with my friend. Can I kill 2 people...grrhhh..

6. You don't belong to my caste
Really are you giving me that reason ? Were you born in Mughal era ?
    Did any museum offered you a place there as you have become obsolete ?

7. You have to sign a pre relationship contract
    Pre Martial contract is a thing but pre relationship contract ?
    And the clauses of contract includes, gifts every week, a candle light dinner date in a five star once
    a month and blah blah blah..!!!

8. I don't know
    Now this reply is the worst of all as the boy is in no man's land.
    Just tell him whether you feel the same or not then playing with his feelings.

9. I want to meet your ex first 
    Straight away say a "NO" if you are not interested. What purpose will  be solved by meeting my EX ?
    You wanna hear someone bitching about me, wait I will do it myself.

10. Your place or my place
      Yeah it's quite true that some girls are only interested in one night stand and then Tata, Bye Bye.
      Don't fall for such eye candies.

Monday, May 12, 2014

When Arvind Kejriwal went Shopping

Current LokSabha elections are the most dramatic and interesting till date. Each party has given its best to fling dirt on each other, to divide India on issues like Communalism, Casteism & Secularism, make false promises and even use foul language to humiliate and defame each other.
This time there is a new player in the game , the AAM AADMI PARTY.

Bringing big names from different sectors of India together, bearing anguish of the AAM AADMI in forms of slaps, accusing big industrialists like Mukesh Ambani of fraud, Arvind Kejriwal and his troops did enough to create a buzz.

Now was the time to wait for 16th May, the result day and relax a bit. What better it can be then to do some online shopping, so Arvind Kejriwal followed his trend of asking the India Janta. He asked people to suggest him a platform where we can get all the best deals across India and people were smart enough to propose "Baggout".

Baggout is an online shopping platform where you can browse thousands of products from the best online shopping stores like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Ebay, Amazon and the list is endless. But what makes it unique and different from other players in the same segment are the below points
1. CashBack Policy -:
    You get cashback on whatever you purchase, isn't that amazing.
2. Products suggested by friends -:
    Till know our opinions were controlled and manipulated by the salespersons, marketers and                 anonymous reviews. But on Baggout the things have changed where we can browse through               different products suggested by our friends and choose the best one among them.

So Arvind decided to go with the AAM janta and logged on to Baggout using his FB account.
As he signed in he was surprised to see first thing as helmet suggested by Kumar Vishwas, may be because of the recent love shown in the form of Thapads by the AAM AADMI.
After buying helmet from Jabong, next suggestion was from Medha Patkar to buy some brooms as there was scarcity of the same in their godown and also they required them for their next rally.
All the brooms available online were purchased.

Gul Panag was the next in the queue with her suggestion of a stylish Muffler. As he always loved to wear one so was happy with the suggestion. After browsing through different brands available , he finally bought three from Myntra.

As he scrolled down something was there to surprise him.
Though this were probably the last two suggestions, but were from the biggies.
One was from Arnab Goswami who on behalf of all the journalists suggested him to buy some cough syrups as sometimes it was difficult to understand his talks..:P

And the final one was from Narendra Modi who suggested him to replace his party symbol from broom to vacuum cleaner as today's AAM AADMI had become a bit advanced...:P

Arvind Kejriwal was a happy man as he had saved lot of bucks because of the cashback offers on all the products he brought. After reaching the party office he made an official announcement declaring Baggout as the online shopping platform for the AAM AADMI  party in India.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

India vs Pakistan T20 Final..

Though there are lot of cricket matches that are part of my favorite list, but the first T20 world cup final , India vs Pakistan which was played on 24th September 2007 finds its place in the top 5.

It was Monday and I had to attend my coaching class, but my heart was reluctant to miss even a single ball of the match.
I left my home early informing my mom of attending extra classes but there was a different plan altogether.

In Indore which is my hometown, Rajwada is the best place to watch any India's match, specially when it is with Pakistan. Me and my friends decided to meet there and cheer for our team.

As we reached the decided destination, it appeared as if the complete Indore has gathered here.
Even before the start of the match there was hooting, cheering and the atmosphere was completely pumped up. There was a big screen around 15 feet set right in the middle.
All the roads around were jam packed and even the RJ's were cautioning those few people who were not watching match but roaming around to changed their direction if they were heading towards Rajwada.

Loud roar of more than 5000 people was heard on each boundary hit by the Indian batsman.
A fighting total of 157 was enacted by India, thanks to the amazing innings played by Gautam Gambhir.
When India started bowling each wicket of Pakistan was welcomed with patriotic slogans. And then came the climax, the last over. First ball was a wide with raised our heart beats followed by a dot ball to calm it a bit down. But then ball sailed over the ropes for a six and some of us were on the verge of having a heart attack.
We were praying and Misbah heard it at the right time playing a shoot which was never needed at this point of time when you only need 6 out of 4 balls.
Out !!! and everyone was jumping in the air, hugging each other, the atmosphere had gone crazy and so were we.

I lied to my mom, bunked my classes just so that I don't miss even a single ball of the match and it paid off really well. I was feeling like dancing, what an amazing match I had witnessed today.

But you can't bunk classes on a regular basis and that was when StarSports came as a savior.
Though I loved all its features but Action Recap was my favorite where I can watch the match from starting after attending my classes.

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