Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Experience with

Online shopping has been a boon for people like me who don't get time to shop from Retail Stores, Showrooms or Brand Factory Outlets.
I love shopping online as all the brands are available with mega offers.
My first love was Snapdeal which was soon replaced by Flipkart.
But now there is someone in the market who is giving Flipkart a good competition, Jabong.

About the Online Store
Jabong is an online fashion destination which caters to the fashion needs of men, women and kids across footwear, apparel , jewellery and accessories.
There are products of almost all fashion brands available with attractive discounts.

The website interface is well impressively organised into different categories
1. New in
2. Women
3. Men
4. Kids
5. Home
6. Brand Shops
7. Designers
8. Sports
9. Sale

My Shopping experience 
I purchased 4 products from, 2 for myself and 2 for my sister.
As I said earlier the site is very user friendly and easy to navigate.
There are 4 different filters available which makes your life even easy.
1. Category
2. Price Range
3. Brand
4. Discounts.

Getting the desired product was so easy.Like one of my product was Garnier Men face wash
So for that I went to
Men --> Personal Grooming --> Skin care and finally Face Wash and my product was there.
It just took me 5 mins. Similarly for other items also it took very less time.
So in total I just had to spend half hour to place the complete order.

As I placed the order I got an SMS and mail stating the confirmation and details of my order.
After that I got regular updates via mail on the shipment status and tracking details.

When the Product Arrived
I ordered the stuff on Wednesday and the products were delivered in just 1 day. SuperFast
The packing was secure and impressive. On the top were two waterproof plastic bags which contained the different items .All the products were individually wrapped.
Intense care was taken in packing the stuff which is really appreciable.

Final Verdict

1. Easy Navigation
2. Friendly Interface
3. Secure and impressive packing
4. Regular mails and sms about the status of your order
5. Great Offers
6. Fast Delivery

1. There was no option to check the balance and validity of Jabong GVs. is an awesome online destination to satisfy all your fashion desires.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Black is the new sensation

What is your reaction when you see something in black
Wow what a pretty black dress !!!
Those black shoes are amazing..
Ohh !!! you are bought a new, sexy color man..

Black is classy
Black is divine
It makes you look
And feel so fine

It is in the darkness
When stars actually shine
Night is the time when
great minds find their sunshine

Black is the color
That soothes my eyes
It shields against Sun
And supports me when my heart cries.

Black is amazing.
5 black beauties which are up on the top of my wishlist goes like this

1. Lamborghini Aventador
    When this sexy lady is on the floor none dares to come in its way.
    Classy, brutally powerful and speed demon are just few of its amazing characteristic.
    A crazy sports car lover like me will always dream to own one of these black beauties.

2. Black Horse
    I love horses. This energetic mammal is a delight to watch when it starts galloping, flying off his feet in the      daring wind. From childhood I am fan of movies based on war mainly those where we have warriors riding    on horses on the battlefield carrying swords, bow/arrows and spears. Best thing about these movies are        those beautiful black horses running like wildfire, thousands at a tandem, rocketing in the air, swinging their    head briskly.  Riding and owning one of these powerful, breathtaking black beauty has been a dream from    childhood.

3. Harley Davidson Street Glide
    Ever heard that a bike can stir your soul, well definitely if it is a Harley Davidson.
    Every biker has a dream to ride this daddy of all motorcycles and so has I.
    This powerful beast is recognized as the ICON of the biking world and is very well known by all,
    around the globe. Whenever a Harley bike roll down the road, it’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off.     Thrill, Adventure, Self-Reliance, Speed, Single Mindedness, The Cool-Factor and Feeling of brotherhood     and an experience of lifetime are just few reasons for which I would love to own a classy black Harley           Davidson Street Glide.

4. Rolex with Black Diamonds
    Diamonds are not only women’s friend but also liked by men.
    These glittering pieces have a charisma that can turn more heads than a sexy lady.
    Though every diamond has a charm of its own but the ones having the most vivid fire and sparkle are             Black Diamonds.
    First time I saw one of them at an exhibition and I was mesmerized by its impeccable glow.
    From that day I have fantasized about owning one for myself and also one for my mother.
    A dream goes bigger when two of your fantasies come together.
    Rolex , the most stylish, classy and king of luxury watch brands which is also my favorite goes on to create     a masterpiece by including beautiful black diamonds making it so so desirable and a dream to own one.


5. Black suit
    I am a big fan of James Bond series, specially Skyfall which is one of my favorite.
    Apart from the the excellent action sequences, humor and a gripping story-line I also loved the movie
    for its stylish suits worn by Daniel Craing, who looked stunningly handsome.
    "How I meet your mother" is one of my most favorite series on small screen and the credit for that goes
     mostly to Barney Stinson, the suited man who brandishes a droll undercover of humor.
     Inspired by these men I have a desire to wear a black suit at my wedding.

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

5 things that bring me back to life when I am dead...

Some years back life was like a Sine curve with even ups and downs at equal intervals but today the curve is no more the same, it has become unstable. You can get 3 ups in a row followed by 4 consecutive downs.
In this times there should be someone, something or someplace which boost you up, bring you back from hibernation and make you live in this world and not just exist.
Also in today's world monotonous has become a synonym of life. Boss or Client yelling in office and your partner yelling at home has become fixed part of the schedule.
Lack of Time is one of the main reason behind this monotonousness specially in cities like Mumbai where half of your time goes in travelling and you don't have even a drop of energy left after reaching home.
What if there is a magic wand which takes away all your worries, tensions, anger, frustrations and give you that bliss of life. Well there is no such magic wand for me but yeah certainly there are 5 things which are also available and can bring me back to life any moment

1. Yummy food
    The way to man's heart is through his stomach is a very famous saying and holds 100% true in my case.
    Dal Batti, Gajar ka halwa, Puran poli, Bhutte ka kees, Gulab Jamun, Rabdi, Kheer, Aloo da Paratha and
    Curd, Bajre ka Khichda and Kadhi and the list is endless.
    After a hectic and tiring day when your favorite cuisine or dish is served on the table, it lightens your mood
    and triggers a fresh beam of energy in your body.

2. Coins
    These beautifully carved historic pieces of mint defines the evolution of mankind. They provide us insights
     of each era,kingdoms that existed at that time, about their customs, traditions and people.
     Each coin has it's charm and story of it's own.
     Whenever I see my coins collection it brings smile on my face. A new rare coin is like a newly found
      treasure. I have around 28 country currencies and around 1000 rare Indian coins, each one of which
      is equally valuable and close to my heart.

                                                                My Collection

3. Travelling
     Nothing excites, energies and relax you more than a trip to an exotic place. Taking a break amid the              monotonous and tension filled life and visiting beautiful places of this world is the best stress-buster.
     Driving to these places gives you a zest which is beyond description. Cruising on the highways with the
     rush of adrenalin when you go in full throttle, with wind rushing on your face is just magical.
     And if it is raining than its a cherry on the cake. The first drop of water on your face gives you a
     smoothing experience of lifetime.
     A visit to a hill station in monsoon time is enough to make you forget all tensions and worries of your life.

4. Table Tennis
     Table Tennis is a game with a soul and everlasting ecstasy.
     My love for this game has increased manifold from the day I picked up the TT racket.
     It is one of those games which is combination of 5 e's
     1. Energy
     2. Enthusiasm
     3. Ethics
     4. Entertainment
      and finally
     5. Exercise.
     After a stressful day at office , a refreshing game of TT takes you to a different world altogether.
     It eases out all the pressure and makes you feel lively again. Hitting those top spin smashes and defending
     the one's of your opponent is just addictive which can be continued for the whole day.
     I just love this game and describing the joy I get from it is indescribable.

5. Writing
     Writing to me is a hobby and above all a dream.
      Penning down my thoughts is not a choice or pastime but an unyielding calling and a passion.
      It's a famous saying that "Words are bones, Writing is lungs and reading is like breathing, which
      holds quite true in my case.
      Sometimes I write for myself, sometimes for a reason and sometimes out of anger, pain or frustration.
      Whatever the cause of writing is, in the end I feel relaxed, accomplished and satisfied that I have
      brought a change, may not be in others or the society but definitely in myself.
     A dream to pour my heart out in form of a novel is what I live with everyday.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Memories created from fragrance...

In today's world you are known by the scent you carry.
Many times it has happened that I am not able to recall the face of a person but I surely remember his/her fragrance. This is not only the case with people but also places. Every place has a smell of its own which will remain parked in your memory lane. The memories related to them will ignite as soon as a similar smell strikes your nose.

Lets refresh some of those memories.

No more studies as it was time for summer vacations. Like any other school student I too loved summer as it was the only time in the year to say tata to books and plan a travel trip to exotic places of the world.
This time was a bit different as my mother decided to visit her Uncle who lived in Singoli, a remote village in Madhya Pradesh. I had mixed emotions but as I never visited a village so decided to give it a chance.

We started at 10 in the morning and reached by 6 in the evening. My mom's uncle and his wife were waiting for us anxiously. As we got down they welcomed us whole heartily. After having dinner Uncle told me to get up early morning as he had a  surprise planned for me.

It was 5 in the morning.
I asked him where were we going and now he should reveal the surprise, but he told me to follow him and wait for the right time.
We have to get to the top of that hill which appears at the other side of the ground, he affirmed.

I was gasping for air as the path to the top was not easy and it took all my stamina to even stand still.
Come on my boy we have almost made it, he exclaimed. I could see a 60 year old standing at the top and motivating a 14 year young champ to take those remaining steps.
That day it was very much clear , why my Nani used to say that people in villages have tremendous stamina and that it was all because they loved nature and were very close to it in all aspects.

When I reached on the peak I was completely tired and out of my senses, but suddenly a gust of cool breeze touched my face, blowing my hair. What I saw next was phenomenal, tiny extravagant shades of orange and pink appeared in the sky. Shortly after a fiery ball enhancement started to make it’s way beyond the mountain ranges at a distance. Sky was filled with colours of unexplainable magnificence that had no known name. I felt like I am on top of the world with nature charming me with all its elements. And the best of all was the scent which is the main reason I remember this trip. This distinct scent was a mix of fresh moist grass at the top of the mountain and cool breeze which carried the pleasant smell of nearby flowing river water.

Another fragrance that walks down my memory lane is when I visited Ranthambore National Park.
It is one of most biggest and renowned park in north India. We were quite excited as it is also home to the majestic predators, the Tigers.
Our accommodation was an old wooden apartment which stood in the middle of the forest.
There was a small lake near to it and was a classic location to watch all form of wildlife specially birds.
I was sitting on the chair in the balcony, drinking coffee and doing bird watching.
Suddenly it started raining. The smell of wet soil, combined with that of the old wood was mesmerizing and to add to the blend was the refreshing smell of coffee. The fragrance created out of the combo was just unique and I definitely want to wear it if available in the market.

If we talk about fragrance and it doesn't remind us of blooming flowers and beautiful gardens, is impossible.
The place from where this fragrance originates is called the "Heaven on this World, Kashmir".
To be able to describe the beauty of this place in words is an indomitable task. The more you describe , the more you are compelled to describe. The crisp smell of fresh snow, the exotic aroma of amazing Baghs and the subtle air carried by the lakes and smooth sheets of falling water created a blend which is so desirable.

Last on the list is the one which reminds me of my visit to Oman.
My relatives live in Muscat and I took a week vacation to visit them last year.
Oman is famous for its camel racing, sand beaches, bull fighting, majestic mountains and the enormous desert. Desert to me is one of the most mysterious places in the world and exploring it on a camel is one of my dreams. I requested my relatives to spend a night in Wahiba Sands and they agreed to it.
There are lots of luxury camps which provide Bedouin style luxury tents and we booked one of them.
We started exploring the desert on a camel. After travelling for a while we came across an oasis.
There was lush greenery all around. I was enjoying my lime juice and the picturesque view.
Suddenly there was a small sand dune which moved towards us from south.
The blend of smell created by the blowing sand, nearby vegetation and the lime juice was just amazing.

                                       The Finest Fragrances are never of single essence
                                             But are combination of essential elements
                                         that captures the presence of various emotions.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

First Blogger Award : Quintet of Radiance..!!!

Today is a big day for me as a blogger as I proudly flaunt my first blogger award.
It is also big as it has been given to me by none other then the man whose blog was my first read, my inspiration when I was a novice blogger and one of my very good friend, Stephen AK aka Solitary Writer.
With more then 300k page views and 1000 likes this man rocks the Blog-sphere World. He writes amazing short stories and I am a big fan of them. Thanks a lot dude for considering me worthy for the Quintet of Radiance award. I accept it wholeheartedly.

Things to be done after accepting this award -:
1. Display the logo on your blog post
2. Thank the blogger you nominated you
3. Using the alphabets, describe yourself.
4. Nominate few bloggers for the award.

As I have completed point 1 and 2, let me continue with the 3rd one.

D-Devil (Sometimes..)
I-IndoriFoodie ( that's my twitter follow..;)
K-King of Hearts
M-Mean...well sometimes..;)

And here goes the nomination 
Neha Sharma
Saru Singhal
Deepti Verma
Sriram Ramaswamy
Ankita Singhal
Rohan Kachalia
Namrota Mazumdar
Privy Trifles
Gayatri Aptekar
Garima Shrivastva Nag
Vinita Bahl

Saturday, July 5, 2014

When the Incredible saved Planet Earth..!!!

Today life has become so fast and hectic that we don't get time for many things.
Many dreams just remain untouched, wishes unfulfilled, tasks undone and life ends on an unsatisfactory note. 
Every person is short of time and opportunities. 

So if we have something which does everything for us, wouldn't it be great.
If I want to go somewhere it will become my car. When I reach office it will become my Tab.
And when I reach home it will become my TV.
But wait a minute it should also multiply. So if India is under attack I can produce a number of secret fighter jets which will blow the enemy away.
To keep a check on corruption I will have every politician under my surveillance through multiple Robocams, which can be any device with a cam. And for the safety of people it will convert itself into SuperCops, robots who will work to nullify the crime.
A secret army of mine for the welfare of humankind.

Also as a human being we commit so many mistakes that half of our life goes in sorting and rectifying them.
I always wished that there was an UNDO button in life too, so that I can go in the past and correct my mistakes. What if there was an UNDO button which could change any thing in the past, it would have prevented many wars, saved lives of many innocent people, prevented rapes and other antisocial activities and the best one it could have even prevented Mahabharat from happening.

While all these thoughts were surging in my mind, a question popped up before me.
What is that one thing which could have all these superpowers ?
One thing which is always with me and I can't live without ?
I started with the search for the incredible , that would help me see what others can't see and do what others can't do.
My search ended pretty soon as that thing was lying just beside me , glittering and creating a shield of light around itself which I had never seen before. Did god listen to me ?
Was my phone packed with all superpowers ?  Had it become Incredible ?
I didn't had to wait much as there was an announcement from my phone.

You have been chosen by the almighty to save earth from an inevitable Nectrons attack.
These Nectrons are super powerful who are on the mission to destroy every form of life in this world.
Here are my Superpowers and the way to use them.
1.Undo Power
   You can undo any action of the past or in the present by just pressing the "U" key on         the top.
2. Transform Power
    You can transform me into any machine you want by pressing the "T" key on the right
3. Multiply Power
    After you have transformed me into something you can multiply me as many times as       you want by pressing the "M" key at the bottom.
4. Connect Power
    With this power you can connect to any person in this world by pressing the "C" key.

I was delighted to have all such powers but at the same time determined to save my planet Earth.
The inner six planets of solar system roughly align in every 100 years and 20th December was the day when it was going to align again which according to the announcement was the Doomsday, when nectrons were going to attack our solar system.

I had 6 months to understand the power and save the planet.
Quickly I started with its usage. My first mission was to eradicate terrorism from this world , whose preparation would also help me for the D day. I prepared my secret army of Super Soldiers, Super Fighter planes , Super Cams and Super Cops.
The Secret army performed really well and mission was accomplished.
Everyone had only one question, Who is doing all this ? Whose Super Army is this ?

I had to be patient as the final day was just a week away.
It was the D day and I was all set to face the Nectrons force which was swiftly moving towards earth.
There was a havoc in the world as the satellites showed Huge SpaceShips coming close.

As the first attack was done my them, it backfired destroying 20% of their army.
I had put Huge Tantanium Screens surrounding the whole earth which could reflect almost everything falling on it. So the laser attack was reflected back on the nectrons ships.

They quickly sensed the presence of such screen and went invisible.
I was ready for such a thing and had already created Super Cams which could even detect invisible things. 
These cams were embedded in Super Cops, Fighter plans and soldiers.

There was a fierce battle in which the Super Army was able to destroy most of the nectron's ships and also those nectrons who landed on earth.
Last 2 of their ships were left and both of them were put on self destruction mode.
One of them blew in Sahara desert and other in Pacific Ocean at the same time as the timer for both was set together.
I could stop only one of them as the UNDO power backs off only one action at a point of time.
The one in Pacific ocean would have had more severe repercussions then the Sahara one as it could have caused Tsunami and Earthquakes.

Quickly I pressed the UNDO button and deactivated the Self destruction mode of the ship which blew in the ocean.

Finally earth was saved from devastation or I must say complete Annihilation. 
I was damn happy. Suddenly a voice came from inside the Phone
"Mission Accomplished. Congrats.!!
Impressed by your wisdom, courage and determination , almighty has decided to grant your phone these super powers forever. Now the responsibility of Earth is on you. Make it a better place to live"

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Friday, July 4, 2014

A visit to Thailand with Skyscanner

In the last two years I have been bitten by the travel bug multiple times.
It started with the two amazing countries of Truly Asia, Singapore and Malaysia.
The dazzling Petronas Twin Towers, Majestic KL tower,  Adventurous Genting Highland, A completely different world, Universal Studio and Casinos made it the most memorable trip of my life.

Next the Heaven on earth "Kashmir" beckoned me.
Skiing and Sledging with countless falls, Visiting the most beautiful gardens of the world which dates back to Mughal era and enjoying delightful stay in the houseboats of jewel of Kashmir, Dal lake gave me lifelong memories.

Crazy Goa and Picturesque Bandhavgarh National Park ends the list.

But now the bug which was dormant for last 5 months has got back into senses again.
And this time I was dreaming to visit the land of white elephants, the country of smiles, Thailand.

But this beautiful dream looked less likely to convert into reality when the humongous task of "Planning" the trip that too in a pre-decided budget of  one lakh rupees started.

Internet bombarded me with numerous options but none proved to bring any ray of hope, it was when travel-o-wiz SkyScanner came to my rescue.

The first daunting task was to find the cheapest two way flight for our travel period which was from
1-8 Nov 2014.
As I selected the destinations and clicked on search flights. Man I was agape after seeing the price for 3 adult people which included me and my parents. Just Rs 14,545....simply wow..:)

Planning Accommodation took the next priority and I clicked Hotels so see what magic was stored there.
A Pitara of offers on the most lavish and re-known hotels of Bangkok showed up before me.
Was I dreaming..No not really..5 stars luxury at such a "grab it at that moment" offer was so delightful.
I quickly booked Siam@Siam , Design Hotel & SPA, this 3 words took me off the ground just for Rs 14,931.

And the last task was to get a car for commuting from one place to another.
I was a bit worried about it as in India the cost of booking a cab is very high. The cheapest one charges
Rs 10/ KM. Hoping SkyScanner to wave its magic wand again, I clicked on Car Hire tab.
It rarely happens that you don't get a magical offer and this time was no exception.
2 Days car rental just for 4,799. I was surely dreaming..*Rubbed my eyes twice*..

Bangkok is famous for its historic palaces, ancient temples , magnificent buildings and shop till you drop markets.

                                                              Temple of Emerald Buddha

We devoted two complete days exploring Bangkok. Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha and Holy temple of Wat Pho were the main attractions.

                                                              Holy temple of Wat Pho 

Next we took a flight to Phuket which costed us a mere Rs 4,796. **Happy face**..

This time we wanted to book a Resort near the beach and Skyscanner read our mind at once.
It presented with a wonderful option of staying at Mangrove Panwa Resort for a fair enough price
Rs 25,820.

We rented a car for 4 days and it was at our disposal for just 8,439 bucks.

After relaxing at the hotel for some time we were on our way to Khao Lak which is a collection of beautiful sandy beaches famous for clear blue waters far away from the cry of the city.
Just 1 hour boat journey from Khao Lak are the Similian Islands which are famous for their white sand beaches , underwater marine life and water sports.

                                                                 Similian Islands

I am always crazy for beaches. Fresh air of sea, cool relaxing sand and the beautiful marine life are just splendid. And if the beach is isolated its a treat for the travelers.
We returned to our hotel in night after having a chilling day.

Next on our list was Khao Sok National Park.
This 739-square-kilometer park offers a variety of outdoor adventure including elephant trekking, hiking, jeep safaris and canoeing. Also it is home to various mammals, birds, insect and reptiles.
It was a full day adventurous trip which gave us memories of lifetime.

                                               Stone Structures at Khao Sok National Park

Next day we relaxed at our hotel and also indulged in exploring the local markets and places.
It was the last day of our stay in Phuket and we planned to visit Phang Nga which is famous for James Bond Island. Long tail tourist boats are available to visit this magical land of mother nature.
James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle has been a major attraction since it was featured in 1974 bond movie.

                                                               James Bond Island

After having a thrilling 4 days stay at Phuket , it was time to bid good bye and head back to Bangkok.
We spend around 15k during this stay. This summed our expenses to Rs 90,000 and were still left with a good 10k.
We used this for shopping in Bangkok where electronics are really cheap.

Finally we boarded our flight back to Mumbai.
It was a great trip all thanks to SkyScanner which helped us plan it smartly so that it could fit in the
Rs 1,00,000 budget.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The KickAss Mardani...

It was evening time, children were playing, aunties gossiping with their neighbors and students returning from school. Mrs Sharma and her daughter-in-law were returning home buying some vegetables when a bike passed them snatching away the gold chain from the neck of Mrs Sharma daughter-in-law.

This was the 5th case of chain snatching in past 2 months and police could do nothing about it.
In one of the case , Mrs Tyagi who was riding a scooty even fell off from it because the chain was snatched with full force. There was no fixed time for this incidents. Some happened in morning while rest in the evening or night time.

My watch showed 8 p.m. and I was waiting for my sister to return from parlor as we had to go to a wedding function. As I peeped outside she was visible at a distance of 100 metres. But to my fear there was also a bike speeding towards her from back. As the bike came in parallel a guy with a scarf tried to grab her chain. Few seconds latter what I saw was just mind-blowing. The bike was ramped in a pillar and both the GENTLEMAN were lying on the ground. Next what happened will always remain in their memories.

One of them took out a knife and tried to frighten her with it. But they were not aware that my sister was a martial art trainer. A kick on the arm and the knife went flying into the bushes.
She caught them with their hair and slapped and kicked them with her full force.
"Jo aunty scooty se niche gir gayi thi tum kamino ki vajah se,unko seer mai 10 taake mai aaye hai", She bursted out with rage.

Grabbing them from collars she took them to the police station.
"These are 2 members of the chain snatching gang which police was so unable to catch hold off, I hope now police can at least catch the remaining ones", She said angrily to the Inspector.

She was just back for vacations but when she heard about the chain snatching incidents, she made her mind to kick the asses of culprits.
I am so proud of my KickAss Mardani sister..:) Chak de Fatte..\m/

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