Friday, June 21, 2013

Reliance Digital Experience...

As I opened Indiblogger website there was a beautiful woman smiling and The Reliance Digital Experience flashing in front of my eyes. I couldn't take my eyes off because of the word Reliance in it.
This is going to be something big and I was not at all disappointed.

An invite to explore the Reliance Digital store with a goody bag and Ipod shuffle in return, wow..!!! what more you can expect from the Largest private sector enterprise of India.

Without wasting anytime I quickly checked out the stores and dates and registered for the store at Infinity Mall, Malad on 15/16th June.


Few of my bloggers friends also registered for the same venue so we decided to drop there together on 15th.

On the D day we were really excited for the experience and fun that was lying ahead.
As we entered the venue we were warmly greeted by the security people there.
We told them that we are from Indiblogger and have come for the store visit.

He gave a big smile as if CEO of Reliance has come to meet him and at once called the manager.
Manager was a young man with a good built. He was accompanied by a person who checked the print out of our invites and took our mobile numbers.

Manager greeted us amiably and introduced himself as Vishal Singh.
He escorted us to the first section of the Store which he called as IT section.
It was where all the gadgets were kept. Right from laptops , tablets , cameras, TV's , PlayStations,  to mobiles , all the most important companions of a human being were there.


He explained us about different types of laptops and their features which suited different purposes. Like there was a Lappy for study , one for gaming and another for office purpose.

Next we moved on to the eyes of a shutterbug, the Cameras. There was a wide range of SLR's and DSLR's on display.
Quickly I scanned them and selected one but the price tag made me move forward..:P
The Reliance personnel explained us the pros and cons of the cameras of different brands.

Next in line were the most revolutionary product of the century , Mobiles.
All the big brands were ready with their best warriors. Samsung S4 , S3 and Grand were giving a glare to  Apple's i5 and i4. Nokia was ready with its Lumia combats. Micromax was teasing everyone with its A110 Canvas 2 and HD canvas, the in demand brothers..;)

Vishal took us to the next section of the store which was called PowerEye.
It was the fort of all hot selling products. The discounts that were offered were like the icing on the cake. This section was called PowerEye because it was the first thing an eye of a customer entering the store will notice. I really loved the concept.

Next we moved on to the most creative concept an electronics store would have, The Time Out section.
Here we had books, novels, CD's and DVD's of songs and movies and stationary items for kids.
The collection and choice of all the products in this section was really awesome and appreciable.

We were at the last stop of our trip as Vishal our guide cum manager took us to the last section of the store, The Accessories section. As the name suggest this section had all the accessories which adds on to the functionality of a product. This section was at display at the extreme right and left walls of the store. Another innovative concept, Products in the middle and Accessories at the corners.

Finally we were done exploring the store , All thanks to the manager, Vishal Singh.
The best thing about this exploration was we were detailed about every product and made comfortable so that we can easily ask questions and quench our curiosity.

Personal Experience : I always wanted to own a Smart TV which could function on just a wave of hand. There was a Smart TV of Sony on display , so decided to check it out personally .The personnel there gave such a wonderful demo and even asked me to try it out. You have to keep your hand still for 10 seconds infront of a camera which is embedded in TV and thus the magic begins.
You can change channel, increase volume , zoom in and out, watch videos and movies on Youtube and much more..Amazing technology, Amazing Product..:)

The same person who collected our Indiblogger invites took a pic of everyone and promised to dispatch the goodies bag and ipod shuffle at our doorstep.
I won't mind if iPad too wanted to join the party and come along...;)

Waiting eagerly for the 3 idiots (goodies bag, ipod shuffle and probably also ipad to drop by anytime..:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Where darkness meets light in 66 words

Clouds are gathering.. Gloomy silence descending.. Thunder in the offing.. Dark times are arriving.. War is on the cards..The battle cries have begun... All alone in this war... I fight I fail I fear... but i fight harder to stand again... A ray of sunshine cleaves through the haze of darkness..and i survive! A never ending cycle which continues till the end of life !

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

When Gods met Goddesses..

Yes I proposed Vaidehi in a Jain Temple was my answer to Rohan's Question. 

Rohan , Amit and I were best buddies. We did all the crap, crazy, mindless and sometimes legendary things together. Like switching off the lights of the gal's hostel at 2 a.m , calling up Ambulance because the most irritating professor of our college nearly got a fake heart attack...:P..etc etc..

Vaidehi and I were into relationship from past 4 months and it was time to make it public.
So I had invited all our mutual friends for a weekend party at my house to make an official announcement of our relationship. Amit and Rohan were helping me out with the party idea. Suddenly Rohan popped up a question at me "Did you propose her at the Jain temple which is near to Oberoi Mall".
When I said yes he came up with an idea to make this party legendary..;)

We are going for a theme party dude. The gods and goddesses of Greek Mythology are coming on earth to celebrate this awesomeness with us.
I know the place where we can get the costumes from, now you decide upon the ambiance and decoration part of it.
"Leave the food and drinks on me", assured Amit.

Party is on this Sunday and we have just 2 days left, so guys let’s get working right away.

I told Vaidehi about the theme party we were planning for and if she was comfortable with it. She said that I was really an interesting idea and she was looking forward to it.

It was Sunday evening and we were ready with everything. I was dressed as Cupid the God of love, Amit was Plutus the God of wealth and Rohan as Bacchus the God of wine as his first love was wine and just wine..;)

All decorations were done. I have managed to get some cupids flying at the top and shooting @ of 100 Arrows/min..:P..just kidding..but yeah I did hang some cupids as they were symbol of love.

Also I had put strings of light, a combination of blue, red and yellow to bring a smoothing effect. Getting those Greek period statues from my boss house was tough but I managed finally and  dude it really made the ambiance more Greeky.

Friends started pouring in. Girls were looking like angels, so AXE guys angels
can come to earth without the axe effect too..:P

Where is Vaidehi? was the common question .”She could here anytime, so be ready to surprise her”, I told everyone. I peeped out of my house to see if she was somewhere down the lane. As I stepped out people looked at me as if I was some god from Greek mythology who has come to earth to sort all their problems..:P

After a long wait of 1 hour our goddess, rather say the most beautiful angel on the earth arrived.

She wore a beautiful golden arm cuff which glittered a lot. The Stola (a dress which is worn by Roman Goddesses) looked awesome on her and also had ribbons in it. Her wreath was made up of laurel leaves and feathers and gave her a perfect Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty) look.

We hugged each other and started with the celebrations.
A huge castle shaped cake came in front of us with 2 figures (me and Vaidehi) standing at the top of it. 

I sang TUM HI HO from AASHIQUI 2 for her and at the end of the song went down on my knees proposing her.
In return she made the official announcement of our relationship planting a kiss
on my lips.

After cake cutting it was time to move your steps to match your heartbeats and for that we had some of the best romantic tracks in the house.
Dancing like gods and goddesses made us feel in heaven..:)

Now came the best part of every party, the food and drinks time.
Everyone was eager to know the menu so I took out a Parchment, rolled it out and
began with announcing the dishes.

From the Kitchens of India I present to you

1.     Mango Garlic Chutney


2.     Strawberry And Mint Converse


3.     Mughlai Paneer


4.     Dal Bukhara


5.     Vegetable Biryani Mix


6.     Hazoori Petha Halwa


The food was really yummy and tasted like homemade.
After food it was time for drinks and everyone started shouting “Lets rock at the Bar”.
There was Red and White Wine ready to be served.

Finally it was time and people started to depart.
“This was the most wonderful party I have been to in my life. I am not saying so only because it had me and you but also because of the amazing theme and most importantly the most delicious food I had till date”, said Vaidehi with a huge smile.

We kissed each other and she left for home.
Now only I , Amit and Rohan were left. It was time to save the world from evil and free the goddesses from demons , so the gods were out to conquer...(*Wink*)

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