Friday, June 24, 2016

Worst Times of Life - True Eye Opener

Life is an ocean and you are a boat sailing across it.
Daily you start fresh, ready to face the high tides and small thunderstorms, meet other boats, and learn new things and lessons. You sail pretty well for most parts of your life but there are times when you have to face a Tsunami too. You are hit hard from all sides, drowning in the huge depths of the ocean your boat needs great amount of support and a robust hold from those who matters the most to you.

These are the worst times of your life when you are in no man’s land, looking for those hands which will hold you tight and get you out of the mess. These are also the times which are true eye openers. You have a crystal clear picture of what is your worth and importance in someone’s life, be it your friends, relatives or your partner.

Everyone is busy in their own life, having their own set of problems and responsibilities but if you are their priority, say in case of friends, they will make sure you are back into happy mode, in case of best friends, they will leave no stone unturned to be a pain in your ass till the actual pain goes away, and in case of your partner who truly respects you, your love and relationship, will never let you alone for a second also.

Even there are people who have helped, supported and cared for their just hi/hello friend or even colleague in the worst times of his/her life. I had seen them falling in love and taking the step to spend the rest of their lives together. I used to think how people can have such a big heart and devotion towards a person who is not even their partner or best friend and have sheer amount of respect for them.

But everyone in this world is not that lucky.

There are people who leave their friend/best friend in the midst of the shit when they find a new company to enjoy.

Even there are cases where people leave their partner in his/her worst because they just fell for someone in his/her good.

Love, addictions and fantasies are all same, they only happen when you are willing to go with the flow.
And yes there is something called self control.
If you have self control you will never let yourself divert.
If a person who loves you and the relationship you share with that person is your topmost priority, you will never fall for anyone else.
Today’s world is full of influences, attractions, charms and ecstasies, if partners won’t have self control, not a single relationship in this world would be safe.

Now what about the person whom they left?
That person, who is already facing a Tsunami and is hit from all sides, forgets his/her suffering and pain that life has given and just craves for their support and love. A heart begs, cries and does everything in its power to convince, how much it loves the other heart, but the other stonehearted gives a damn.  

Finally after facing the Tsunami single handily, when the blindfold opens the person thinks was it even worth as in the process he/she also losses lifelong earned self respect, self confidence and the will to love someone again.

The only best part of worst times is they make you strong, determined, focused and help you set priorities in life. You also get to see the true colors of the near and dear ones around you.

There is a famous saying -:
If someone doesn’t love you at your worst, he/she doesn’t deserve you at your best.

I will just rephrase it a bit -:
If someone left you in your worst, that person doesn’t deserve a place in your heart anytime in life though you will be in unconditional love with that avatar of the same person, whom you fell in love with.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Ae dil mujhe maaf karna..!!

Ae dil mujhe maaf karna,
Aajkal tujhe samay nahi de pata ho.
Ek samay tha jab mai tujhme hi gum rehta tha,
Par aaj tujhse gum rehta ho.

Jeevan ke is mod par,
Tera mera saath thoda mushkil hai.
Wada karta ho tujhe fir pukaronga,
Par abhi hamara bichadna bahut jarori hai.

Ae dil mujhe maaf karna,
Par tujh par abhi vishwas nahi kar sakta.
Tujhe rote hoye dekh kar bada dukh hota hai,
 Isliye abhi tujhe kisi ke hawale nahi kar sakta.

Tu nadan aur seedha hai,
Dusro ki baton par bahut jaldi vishwas kar leta hai.
Par jab tujhe hota hai dard,
Kya kisi aur ka dil bhi peeghalta hai ?

Ae dil mujhe maaf karna,
Par abhi tera shant rehna hi jaruri hai.
Mujhe pata hai tu bechain hai,
Par tera jo khayal rakhe vo dil milna bhi to jaruri hai.

Mujhe thoda waqt de ae dil,
Tujhe sahi haathon mai soponga.
Tujhse jyada intazar mujhe hai us saksha ka,
Jab milegi vo dilbar, apne dil ka darwaza mai fir kushi se kholonga.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 fundas of life to live it to the fullest..!!

Life is a beautiful journey in which we meet lot of people, some motivate us while some fill us with negative energy, some love us while some hate us , some influence us while some teaches us the hard lessons of life.

Everyday is a new experience, a new chapter of life which unfolds in front of us.
It can leave a negative or positive impact but how to tackle and respond to it depends completely on us. If we only care and get influenced by what others think about us, their opinion, judgement and comments, we will make our life hell and be depressed, sad and feel inferior lifelong.
But if we want to live our life to the fullest, here are the 5 fundas that should be deeply rooted in our soul.

1. Keep Self Respect above everything
    If you don't respect yourself no one in the world will respect you. No matter what life throws at
    you , people leave you in the middle of no man's land, even if you have to stand alone facing the
    whole world, your self respect should always be your first love and priority.

    A person or thing can be important to you but if it hurts your self respect, makes you timid,
    makes you feel inferior and you have to beg for it, let it go.
    Developing a strong sense of self respect will help you achieve your dreams, people will see
    you as a worthy person, your relationships will bloom and you will be able to live up to your

2. Be Strong mentally and emotionally
Nothing in this world can conquer you if you are strong mentally and emotionally.
    Be generous, kind and humble, admire people for what they have given to you,
    forgive others and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes.

    Learn how to manage strong feelings and emotions and communicate them properly.
    Don't panic on little things and learn to tackle stressful conditions.

    Don't be sensitive and devote your complete attention to small things people say about you.

    Don't be dependent on someone to such an extent that your life is a mess when that person
    leaves you. Be emotional but don't emotionally cling to someone that there small action or
    talk leaves a big impact on you.
    Be strong mentally and emotionally and you will easily sail across the big thunderstorms of life.

3. Be Passionate
Passion in life is very important. If you are not passionate about anything, you are probably a
    dead soul. Passion brings a sense of purpose to life, you are motivated to work hard towards
    achieving your goal and finally when you taste success, nothing in the world can match that
    feeling of self satisfaction.

    Being passionate requires stamina to bear failures and guts to take risks.
    You have to be always focused, motivated and keep the process of self improvement going.
     You can be passionate about your work, hobbies or anything in this world which inspires you
      to go to any extent to shed your blood and sweat for it.

4. Love Yourself
Nobody in this world loves a person who doesn't love himself/herself.
    Be proud of what you are, take care of yourself and feel happy the way you are.

    Every morning remind yourself of your worthiness.
    Appreciate your talents, hobbies and achievements.

    Accept your mistakes and forgive yourself.
    Go on a self discovery voyage to know yourself better.

    People who loves themselves see improvement in their relationships or the negative one dissolves
    for the beginning of a new one. Even they love others with the same dedication and charm.
    So Love yourself as you have every right to be accepted and loved.

5. Don't be someone's option but be his/her priority
    "Never allow someone to be your priority while
               allowing yourself to be their option." — Mark Twain.

     Never give away too much of ourselves for someone who doesn't want to sacrifice anything
     for your sake.
     You don't have to convince, plead or force anyone to make yourself his/her priority or feel how
     special you are, if that person consider you as his/her priority it is great, but if they don't, run
     away, you don't have to waste your time on such people.

     Be it any relationship, if you think the other person ignores you or take you for granted, don't
     be afraid to say them goodbye.
     Always take what you deserve and in life never settle to be someone's other when you can
     become someone's only.

Live life to the fullest in the present.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Son's emotions for his father..!!

This post is dedicated to a very close friend who wished to pour down his emotions through my blog.

You were my pillar of motivation,
You taught me the lessons of life.
You always made sure I was happy,
Even when you had to conceal your sadness in one of the brightest smile.

You used to get worried,
Even when I sneezed couple of times.
Your eyes used to get teary,
On seeing that bruise on my knee in the summertime.

Life was good, things were fine,
But suddenly there was a fire in the hole.
A series of unexpected things happened,
And we were ripped apart right from the soul.

A person who was my pillar of strength,
Suddenly needed 2 people even to stand.
Never saw you in so much of pain,
You went through hell, something not everyone could withstand.

Your eyes searched for me for support and care,
But your hopes died when you saw me weak and blind.
It was a son’s duty to appease all your pain,
But instead I gave you more as I too lost my peace of mind.

Sorry for all the tears that I brought on your face,
Sorry for not being there when you needed me the most.
Sorry for all the constant fights that I had for my choice,
Sorry for the disrespect you had to suffer at my cost.

But now tides and winds have turned their face,
Your son has learned the toughest lessons of life with fiery eyes.
He will leave no stone un-turned to make you fit and fine,
I bet you will feel proud of him till the time he dies.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

One of the most painful treatments in the world - Kidney Dialysis

What is Kidney Dialysis?
Kidney Dialysis is a life support treatment that comes into picture when there is a possible malfunction or failure of the Kidneys. The main function of a Kidney is to purify the complete blood of your body.
Because of increase in the creatinine level, Kidney fails to perform the blood purification process and hence Dialysis is required.
The danger level of creatinine is 8; if it increases above that there are high chances of the person getting admitted to the ICU as there are severe kidney impairments.

How creatinine increases?
Normal creatinine level in adult body is below 2.

The common causes of increase in creatinine are
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Diabetes
 If blood pressure and diabetes are on a higher side for a substantial period of time, there are high chances of increase in the creatinine levels which in turn causes Kidney failure and need for a dialysis.

Why Dialysis is the most painful treatment in the world?
If the creatinine level crosses the danger mark there is an immediate need of Kidney Dialysis.
In case of such emergency conditions, the Dialysis is done through the neck which itself is very painful.

Below are some major consequences of dialysis -:
1. Dialysis is a 4 hours process in which the patient is not given any seductive hence he/she has to
     endure whatever sufferings or pain comes for entire 4 hours.
     There is no movement allowed during those 4 hours.

2. In case of serious conditions the dialysis is carried out twice a week and depending upon the
     criticality the frequency can also increase to thrice a week.

3. During every dialysis there is loss of blood and in the initial phase there is a high probability of
    fresh blood requirements after the dialysis is complete.

4. Not only blood but there is weight loss as well.
    A person can lose up to a kg after each dialysis process. In couple of months a healthy person can
    appear to look like malnutrition.

5. Weakness is at such peak levels that the person is not able to even take bath or wear clothes.

6. There are chances of fluctuation in the diabetes and blood pressure levels.

7. Kidney Transplant which is a very complex and costly surgery is the only option for a better life.
     Even after Kidney transplant happens successfully there is risk of life for next 6 months.
     Finding a donor having the matching kidney is a very difficult process.

8. Lack of sleep and discomfort in chest are other sufferings that can happen.

Message through this post
I have seen one of the relative of my close friend undergo Kidney Dialysis and how painful and difficult it is for that person and her family to face it.
The patient breaks mentally, physically and emotionally and so does his/her family members.

This post is mainly to create an awareness about the dangerous pigment called creatinine, common causes of increase in it’s level and how can we prevent the stage of Kidney Dialysis.

Here are some of the key points we should take care of -:
1. If a near or dear one is having high blood pressure or diabetes, always keep a check on their levels.
2. If the BP or diabetes levels are not under control for substantial period of time, immediately get the
    blood test done to check the creatinine levels.
3. If the creatinine levels increases above certain level there is no treatment in homeopathy other than
    Kidney Dialysis. Naturopathy has some treatments but their success rate is highly questionable, so I
    will advice not to go for that.
4. The major disease or disease causing thing in today’s life is “
    Try to keep the person suffering from BP or Diabetes happy and tension free and it can only be
    possible if you are happy and tension free. I know negligible tension is highly impossible in today’s
    life but try to keep it to the minimum levels.

Stay Happy..!!                                           Stay Fit..!!                                         Stay Healthy..!!

It will be so kind of you if you can spread this awareness and save someone from a suffering of lifetime.