Thursday, July 28, 2011

I drove the road to success with my Fiat Fiabo..a diesel Car....

Everyone was busy clicking their shutterbugs to capture the glimpse of India's renown painter
"Shiv Prasad".
All were eager to listen to the story of this great painter..
From a small town part time painter how did he managed to become an iconic artist was what everyone was looking forward to listen..

Suddenly there was silence all around as Mr Prasad started with his story..
I lived in a small village called Rampur in MP...We were 5 people in the family...I, my wife..our 2 children and my mother..
There was a small school in the town were I was a teacher.I used to drive to the school by Luna, which was 30 kms from our village..Having great interest in painting, I used to try my hands on the canvas in spare time.

I believed in portraying the real India and its all my paintings depicted the same..
Once , while I was drawing a portrait of an old woman of my village ,our principal came to my room..

He was astonished to see the reality and emotions that were attached with the portrait..
"I could feel the woman talking to me" exclaimed the principal..
You should go ahead and display the paintings at some exhibition , for sure you will get many admirers and if luck permits than some buyers too..For the meanwhile there are some of my friends who are known industrialists of this town and they will be really interested in your paintings..

I used to paint at my home as in school I had very little time for my most of my paintings were at rampur but getting them to the town on my luna was very troublesome..

It was Friday and I was about to leave for the day when I saw our principal accompanied
by 2 other persons..Mr Ramshah Singhal and Mr Deepak Sethi 2 renown names of the town..
Mr Singhal was a diamond trader and Mr Sethi was the owner of the only mall of the town..
Both of them were big admirers of art and artists..
They saw few of my painting which were kept there and were amazed to see the way I beautifully portrayed real India...

They were eager to see more of my work and appreciated each bit of it..

In starting I had some visitors visiting once in a week..But slowly and steadily more people began to pour in to see my work and than it became a daily routine...

I was very happy to see my work getting recognized by the biggies of the town, but than it became next to impossible to carry the paintings from Rampur to the town on Luna as rainy season had also started and there was no other medium available except for bus which used to be jam packed..

I started getting orders from many people to portrait different paintings for them..I earned some 50k in 4 months and had a saving of 100k but that was not enough to buy a car and also I was worried about the petrol prices that were climbing day by day..

But coming into talks of different people I bought the cheapest petrol car available in the market. Within 1 month of purchase it called for maintenance..The car was not at all fuel efficient , so half of my salary used to go in feeding it petrol which was at its peak prices..
My financial condition started depleting and one point came when I found myself struggling to even feed my family properly..Finally I had to sell the car so save my existence in this world..

Without car I again became helpless....:(
I had to miss out on many exhibitions as everyone was required to carry all their paintings to the venue which was not possible for me on my Luna
As time passed the number of visitors at school also reduced as most of the paintings there became obsolete.All my new art work was at Rampur which I was unable to carry along..
People belittled me for not delivering their paintings on time and compromising with the quality..But it wasn't my fault..sometimes rain while in other cases crowded bus, dust proved to be the culprits..My image was lost and so was my self respect..I was depressed and my world came to a standstill..

One day I and my friend Rahim were sitting together and discussing on my petty condition..he was a mechanic at Fiat showroom in the town..There is a new car in the market which is going to be released next month..It's called Fiat Fiabo..a diesel car which is as cheap as Tata Nano and has charming looks too...I was bewildered by hearing about such an amazing car..The next step was to book the car as soon as possible..I did that and waited for the next month to come soon..The day finally arrived when I was about to bring the new and sexy Fiat Fiabo home..
The service at Fiat Showroom was phenomenal and appealing...It took me just 1 hour to fill in all the formalities and take my darling home..

Now I was able to carry all my paintings and portraits to the school and different exhibitions..
The car was really light on my pocket as its diesel engines gave better fuel consumption and delivered better torque as compared to any petrol car..running life of diesel engines is also much better than petrol engines so I didn't had to worry much about its maintenance cost..
The only thing it used to drink was diesel which was way cheaper than petrol and so was easily manageable..

Suddenly i felt a surge in me..a surge to succeed..a surge to get my self respect back..a surge to drive my passion...For that month I gave my everything to get my trust back.
And the seed finally sprouted ,it was the most happening month of my life....well it took a bit of time for the people to visit my art kingdom again, but when the flow started it never receded..visitors started pouring in huge numbers..Everyone was pleased to see my new work and was excited to see more of my artistic skills..I was now able to deliver all my contracts on time with 101% quality..The magic started working again..

One fine day Shri Babulal Mukherjee a famous painter of that time came to the exhibition where i was also a participant. He was delighted to see my work and announced to take me as his disciple..It was a dream come true to learn under him...As time passed I started displaying my paintings along with him..With each exhibition I got new fans, admirers and popularity..Painters from outside India too became interested in my work..

On 12th July I had my first national level exhibition where the chief guest was US president Barack Obama..My work was appreciated and I was given the excellence in art award..Rest is story which everyone of you know...

I know that what I have achieved is because of my hard work, my near and dear ones support...but let me tell you one thing..There is a big contribution of this small car Fiat Fiabo which helped me to drive the road to success..
Today I have mercedes,bmw..but Fiavo still holds a very special place in my heart.
It still tops my priority list when i think of the word car..

I am also a nature and environment lover so from an environment perspective i can definitely say that diesel is far better than petrol, as the emissions are less harmful as compared to petrol..

At last I only have one thing to say from my past experiences with car, that once the car has been bought, diesel is always better for the owner than petrol.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My World... My Sony Cybershot

If asked about your first love, you may remember a secret kiss under a tree on the elementary school playground, a crush you had on a movie star as a teenager, or the first time your saw your spouse. There is another kind of love, however, that captivates us with its dreamy memory, promise of possibilities, and suggestion that we can do anything we put our mind to. That first love is found in the very beginning of our fascination with technology.

We all have gadgets, gizmos, and games that we hold near and dear to our heart. They either opened our eyes to the world of tech, or they encouraged us to explore even more - often leading to our current successes in education, career, and entertainment..

My close to heart..sweetheart is my Sony Cybershot..

I has taught me the 3 L's
love..laugh..and live life to the fullest..

I was a bookworm from childhood..not but interested in the outside beautiful world.I used to stay in the house ot play cricket.This was only my world.
Than one day my brother brought Sony Cybershot as he needed it for his college events and also beacuse he loved photography.

I was not much facinated by the gadgets and gizmos at that time as I had the aim of clearing IIT's and was all busy in its preparation..
Bhaiya used to click pics and edit them using photoshop on our dell lappy..

He was a good photographer and captured every image with a sense of perfection..He is a master of photoshop too..
Those were the images which made me realize that nature can be so beautiful..
My love for nature and its breathtaking beauty grew manifold after that.I started learning the art of photography and really enjoed it.
On all my trips either with friends or family I used to take my Cybershot with me.
I loved capturing waterfalls, sunset, water droplets on different objects post rainfall and many abstract items..
I used to edit them using adobe photoshop on my dell lappy..

It was my passion for photography which made me met the love of my life..We met at an exhibition as she too loved photography.

I and my brother had displayed few of our pics there and this gal came and started complementing them..
Fortunately I was also standing there and told her that this were my pics and blah blah....
Than we exchanged our no's and rest is story.

So from that day my Sony Cyber shot became 2nd love of my life..
well first you know well..:P
I am also thankful to my dell Inspiron , as without it I wont have had command over photoshop and it was not possible to give that extra touch and refinement to my images.

Today many people have started knowing me..appretiating me..
I have my love with me..and above all i started enjoying and loving a beautiful world around me..which i couldn't when I was a bookworm..

All this became possbile because of my passion for photography which couldn't be accomplished if I didnt had my Sony Cybershot and my dell inspiron

So here's an open love letter for my Cybershot

Dear Sony Cybershot

I fell in love with you since the day I brought you. My days are restless without your presence. You have became one of the most essential thing in my life.I can feel my presence every minute when i use you.You make everyday special.I love you because you put a simle on my face when i see you.You are beautiful.You are wonderful!You are always special to me!You are the reason for all my success and i wish to be with you forever Love you so much

Yours lovingly,
Ankit Jain

Here are few lines for my lappy as well..:)

my laptop is like no other.
He’s just like my little brother.
I cherish it every day,
And that is why I say,
that my laptop is like no other
He’s just like my little brother.

Whenever I feel quite down,
My laptop turns around my frown.
It comforts me,and can do anything I wish
Play music, save files, or upload a fish.
It can talk and beep,
and fall asleep.
And that is why I say,
It can do anything I wish.

This are some of the images I clicked which I adore the most

I have written this Post for the contest Change is easy sponsored by Dell Inspiron

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Colorful World

Black and white have become obsolete, its now a thing of past..Today every1 cherishes things to be more colorful, more vibrant...full of life..

Color plays a vitally important role in the world in which we live. Color can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite.

Life without colors is like a body without soul..Its all monotonous..
Without any boring and uninteresting isn't??

Questions that strike my mind

Sometimes I think what if people were only black or white like in America.
Black people might be always suppressed by white and there would have been racial discrimination everywhere.
But than I am proud to be an Indian..where people are colorful..There is not discrimination done on the basis of skin color..

When I was small I used to look at the sky at night and imagine can somethng be more beautiful than this...what if it was like a rainbow..all colorful..??

I went to Rothang pass which is in Kullu Manali..There we had snow everywhere..It was a life experience playing and surfing in snow..I wondered what if snow was not white but or some other color..??

Technology has made our life most colorful..Imagine a life with all gadgets operating on a
black and white screen with no graphics..colors and flashy GUI..can't even imagine

Things which I want to be colorful

When I was small I wanted many things to be colorful
like the blackboard..
I always liked the colorful chalks not the white ones...

Than I grew up a little and had interest in bikes and cars...
I never liked a car which was white in color..
golden...silver were the colors that intrigued me more..

Now I am an Engineer and working on a legacy technology called Mainframe
It all black with text in white and yellow...I love animations, flashy GUI(Graphic user Interface) so mainframe screen is very boring to work on..
If it was colorful with some kinda of GUI, work would have become more interesting..:)

Colors and their significance

WHITE is associated with 'purity' ,'enlightenment', 'calmness' and 'peace'

RED Associated with passion and love. In its negative context red can indicate danger, overactivity and anger.

YELLOW Associated with the Sun, and therefore masculine energies, yellow is linked to the intellect, reasoning, vibrancy and playfulness.

GREEN The colour of many growing things on Mother Earth. The energy of this colour is said to bring balance to mind, body and spirit, also said to have strong links to Mother Nature, and is associated with good fortune, and prosperity.

PINK It is associated with the 'feminine'. This colour shows affection, loving nature, which makes you sympathetic and understanding

GRAY stands for individualism and self sufficiency.

BLACK shows that a person is strong-willed, opinionated and disciplined.

Check out how colors add a zing, and gives new life to these images.

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