Monday, March 30, 2015

Latest Wireless speakers in India

“Cut the cord and not the sound” is the new cool in the electronics industry.
Every device is getting a paradigm shift from wired to wireless.

The pioneers of this shift were laptops and tablets which replaced the Desktop PC.
Today there are plethora of devices which have gone wireless, Mouse, Modem, Bluetooth devices, Headphones to name a few.
But one device which has exploded in popularity in recent times is Wireless Speaker.

Every major consumer electronics vendor has come out a wireless speaker of its own.
Today there are variety of wireless speakers of different shape, size and integrated wireless system available in the market.

Everyone wants to go wireless these days but before buying a wireless speaker, consider the below factors

Type of Wireless streaming system used by the Speakers

     The most commonly used wireless streaming system is Bluetooth.
     It doesn’t have as many features as other wireless steaming system but support most of the                  devices. As Bluetooth works by pairing hence there can be only one speaker connected at a time.        In terms of money speakers working on Bluetooth are less expensive than any other streaming            system. Also these speakers consume less power.

     It is Apple’s wireless audio feature that lets iPod, iPhone and Mac users stream their iTunes                libraries. Music can be played on multiple speakers at a time. But Airplay speakers are expensive        and more power consuming.

   Companies own Wi-Fi based wireless audio system

Quality of Sound

The quality of sound should be intact when music is streamed from a device to a speaker.
The speakers should not sound shabby on high volumes.

Value for money
The speaker should not be a bomb on your pocket forcing you to cut short on other gadgets.

Looks & Design
Appearance holds the key factor while choosing any gadget. Thanks to the innovative design teams of different companies, today we have variety of classy speakers with to choose from.

Let’s have a look at the latest popular wireless speakers available in the Indian market

1. Bose Sound Link Mini
    Key features -:
    a. Sleek design
    b. 8 hours battery
    Price -:16000


2. JBL Micro Wireless Speakers OEM    Key features -:
    a. 3 Watt speaker with built in bass port.
    b. Built in Li-ion battery that provides 5 hours of playback time.
    c. Can connect to any device and easily fit in any backpacks.
    Price -: 1029


3. Sony SRS-BTV5 Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. Excellent sound quality.
    b. Built in mic
    c. Great looks
    d. 4 hours battery life
    Price -: 3990


4. Beats Mini Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. Excellent sound quality.
    b. Durable
    c. Great looks and light weight
    Price -: 2999


5. Smart Dynamite Bluetooth Speakers
    Key features -:
    a. i-Blue HD technology for extra bass
    b. Micro SD Card / AUX-in
    c. In built MIC & NFC
    Price -: 3079


6. Creative D100
    Key Features -:
    a. Good looking two channel speaker.
    b. Can also use four AAA size batteries.
    Price -: 3442


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Digital India : A dream of 1.2 billion Indians

About the Campaign
Digital India is an initiative of Government of India to deepen the connection between government departments and people of India.

It’s two main aims are
To connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks.
To ensure that government services are available to the citizens of India electronically.

Three core components of Digital India are
Digital Infrastructure
Digital Literacy
Delivering services digitally

Key Mantra is IT (India Today) + IT (Information Technology) = IT (India Tomorrow)

The major challenges
Mandatory e-governance services in India reaching out to every part of the country.
Poor regulations in fields of data privacy and cyber laws.

E-Governance through technology 
Technology has revolutionized the way information can be send to and received from any part of the world. Today we can connect with any person sitting in any part of the world within few seconds.
The same can be used by the Indian government for better governance known as e-governance.

There are 4 models in e-governance.
1. Government to citizens
2.Government to employees
3.Government to business
4.Government to government.

The main aim of Digital India is to make government services available to every citizen of India electronically.

To achieve this motto, the first step is to make the people especially those living in the rural areas, tech literate.
To achieve this Indian government has joined hands with one of the biggie of the technology world, Intel.

Under the initiative “Digital Skills for India”, Intel India has unveiled a digital skills training application for 1000 panchayats, which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages. The app will be available free of cost on Android Play Store from 6th December.
Also Intel India will work with Bharat Broadband Network Limited to deliver offline training to the key resources in the first 1000 panchayats under the National Optic Fiber Network roll out in India.

E-governance through technology is necessary to provide acceleration to the vision of Digital India.
It will include building of technical hardware and software infrastructure all over the country which will help in better and faster connectivity options.
Also this way rural India will connected to high speed networks which is the first aim of Digital India.

As the technology is changing rapidly, Indian government has to bring out new laws which incorporate the current technology and has enough space to incorporate the changing future technology.
Implementation of laws will accelerate the vision of Digital India.

E-governance through technology will ensure that all the government services pertaining to health, social, transportation, passport, and human welfare are available online.

In this regards, recently there has been collaboration between Indian government and twitter to launch a service called “Twitter Samvad” aimed to boast the e-governance plans of the current government.


There will be 16 launch partners including the government bodies and leaders.
Through this service anyone with a mobile phone, with or without a data plan, can register for it by giving a missed call to a unique number of each of the partners.Once registered, every day people will get set of curated tweets from the government bodies and leaders on their mobile as sms. During the time of emergency Twitter Samwad can be used effectively to deliver live updates by government bodies detailing about the rescue efforts and law and order situations.

All such initiatives where government services can reach to every person with a mobile is definitely going to accelerate the vision of Digital India.


For providing wings to the vision of Digital India not only services but information also needs to be provided online. E-governance through technology facilities centralized storage of government information, so that is available to the citizens of India.
Availability and transparency of information is very necessary for building the trust of citizens in the government which is one of the main aims of Digital India.

Digital India is a dream seen by more than 1 billion Indians.
Technology through e-governance is the magic wand which is going to turn this dream into reality..

This post is written for the initiative #DigitalIndia 

Monday, March 23, 2015

My visit to the house of Kellogg's Waale Guptaji

I am a foodie and I keep on exploring new varieties of food every day.
I have my lunch in office and for dinner I order from a restaurant but for breakfast I don’t have any option.
The best platform to find solution for any problem is internet.
I typed in the URL of YouTube and searched for different varieties of breakfast.

I found some but they were really boring until I landed on the channel of Kellogg’s India.
I was amazed to see over 100 mouthwatering recipes by Guptaji’s family, also known as
Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji ki family.

The foodie in me became their fan and was yearning to taste their recipes.
I so much wanted to have breakfast at their home.
Actually there is also another reason to visit their home for breakfast.

The story goes like this.
I work for Bank of America and my office is in Andheri, Mumbai.
As my hometown is Indore, I stay with my friends in a rented flat in Andheri.
There is a girl in my office who is an intern. Her name is Nicole and she is from USA.

When she joined the office I was given the responsibility to mentor her.
Within few days we became good friends. I was the only one she used to talk to in the whole office.

In past few days I have felt that she is more than a friend to me. She loves Indian food and I feel that the way to her heart is through her stomach.

My plan is to invite her for breakfast at my relatives place who will be none other than the Kellogg’s Waale Guptaji and his family.

I will tell them my whole story and convince them to act as my relatives.

Though I love all of their recipes but for my plan the best recipe will be “Walnut Cornflakes Choco balls”, which will do the trick for me.

I just love the way this Walnut Choco balls are prepared.
First we will have chocolate paste. Then we will put the crunchy cornflakes into it.
The last ingredient in the recipe is Walnuts which will be put in the mixture of chocolate paste and cornflakes.  We will mix them together and keep in the fridge to cool down.

I am sure the final product will be very yummy and tasty. Also I agree with the words of Guptaji’s daughter that none of her boyfriend had prepared such a sweet gift for her.

Coming back to the plan, when Nicole will arrive at their place I will tell her that I have prepared something for her.

Walnut Choco Balls will be served as a breakfast. I am damn sure that after having such a mouth watering dish she will be impressed and will accept by offer of a dinner date.

In this way both of my wishes will come true.
First one to visit Guptaji's house to taste my favorite breakfast dish, “Walnut Choco Balls and learn other recipes as well.
Second to win the heart of the girl I am crazy for.

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Things that make me feel happy

In today’s hectic life which is full of struggles and tensions we don’t get enough time to keep ourselves happy. There are only few eureka moments in our life which makes us jump off the ground.
If we wait for those moments to make us feel nice and happy it is difficult to live a peaceful life.

A human being is never satisfied in his life. If he gets a good job, he wants a car.
Once he owns a car, he wants a bungalow. Once he owns a bungalow he wants another bungalow and the greed keeps on increasing.

Greed, anger, lust and envy are the enemies of a person.
It’s really difficult to keep oneself away from them in the world we live in.

There should be some small and simple things that make us happy in our daily life.
For me happiness is something which makes me feel fresh and energetic.
It brings a smile on my face and makes me forget all worries and tensions for that moment.

Here goes the list of simple things that makes me feel happy in daily life

1. As I live away from my family, a call from my parents brings a smile on my face.
    I feel happy that there is someone who cares for me and is always there to support me.

2. I feel happy when I get a call from my girlfriend.
    It assures me that there is someone who loves me a lot and is always ready stand beside me during
    my bad times.

3. Blogging is my passion. I love to write posts on different aspects of life.
    Whenever someone comments on my post I feel delighted. It brings new energy in me to write            more useful and informative stuff for my readers.

4. I love collecting old Indian coins and foreign currencies. Whenever I see a picture of new coin             being posted by someone on Facebook I feel happy.

5. Whenever an old friend calls after a long time it makes me feel great.
     Though I curse that person for keeping away for such a long time but in my heart I really feel              happy.

6. I love travelling and exploring new places. Whenever there is an outing to a new place I the first         one to register for it. Such outings give us a chance to connect with new people and I love doing         that.

7. Being a blogger has its own perks. There are lots of blogger meets where you get to meet                     like-minded people from different walks of life. I feel happy to attend such meets.

8. Everyone loves to get rewarded for their hard work. Whenever there is an announcement of a new
     blogging contest I feel delighted. Such contests bring a unique topic to write on and also amazing
     prizes to be won.

9. Morning walk and exercise refreshes my body. It makes me feel energetic and ready for the day.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Singaporean Cuisines on my plate..!!!

Recently I got a chance to visit Singapore as part of my family trip and the experience was memorable.
Singapore, the country with highest per capita income is the best place to settle down in Asia.
It is one of the most developed and beautiful countries of Asia, a travelers dream indeed.

There is lot to see and enjoy in Singapore.
Night safari and S.E.A aquarium are a delight for wild life and marine life lovers.
Singapore Flyer, the highest flyer in the world makes you feel on the top of the world.
Universal Studios, one of the best theme parks in the world gives you an experience of lifetime.
For all the casino lovers it is a dream destination.

I am an avid traveler and also a voracious foodie.
Exploring different food junctions and trying new cuisines is my favorite pastime.
I had heard that Singapore was an eating Mecca which made me more excited.

Though I was in Singapore but I wanted to try something unique and Indianised.
Finally after enquiring for an hour I came to know about 5 different varieties of Prata that can be tried in Singapore.

Here goes the list

Ø  Roti Tissue -:
Also known as Roti helicopter or paper prata, this thin piece of prata is skillfully rolled into a cone shape which is coated with sugar and butter. After the rolling is done sweet condensed milk is trickled on it. I love sweets and this desert was like a treat for me.
Loved it to the core.

You can get this tasty prata at Al-Azhar Eating restaurant.

Ø  Roti Plaster -:
This is another type of prata which attracts but veg as well as non veg lovers.
For the non veg lovers we have its egg version where the egg is cooked outside the prata and the yolk is still runny.
For the veg lovers you can choose from a list of fillings like cheese, onion and mushroom.
I loved it too.
You can try it at Casuarina Curry.


Ø  Murtabak
It is 4 times the size of a regular prata. It is a meat prata where you can choose from chicken, beef and mutton. As I am a vegetarian so I didn’t try it.


Ø  Chicken Floss Prata
After featuring as a topping or filling in buns and pastries, chicken floss has made its way into prata. For non veg lovers this is like treating your taste buds.
You can have the treat at Roti Prata House.


Ø  Red bean Prata
To a sweet lover like me finding a prata like Red bean prata was one of the best things that happened to me in Singapore. The very crispy thin layers embraced the red bean with great tenderness. The red bean paste was really yummy. Overall the taste was magical, that’s the only word I have for it.
Highly recommended for all food lovers specially those who love deserts.
You will get this amazing prata at “The Prata Place”


Ø  Prata Benedict
Also known as plaster blaster, it is amazing combination of east and west.
Prata topped with poached egg and Indian hollandaise sauce is a classic breakfast option for all the non veg lovers.
Try this dish at “The Prata Place”


Ø  Banana or Coconut Prata

I loved all types of prata but my favorite was the unique and yummiest of all, “Red Bean Prata”.
Even I would say that it was the best Singaporean dish my taste buds had experienced on my Singapore tour.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The perfect combo : Cricket and Fashion..

The world cup has entered into its crucial stage with quarterfinals in progress.
Excitement levels have increased and so are the expectations.
Since 1975 when the first world cup was held, there has been lot of changes in the way cricket has been played. Technological advancements have made the game more transparent and enjoyable.
In the starting it used to be bowler’s heaven but now a scoring above 300 has become a common trend.

One thing that has changed a lot with time is the style that is carried by the players today.
In the early days how well a player used to perform defined his fan base but today it’s also his presentation and fashion sense which makes him popular among the masses.

Different factors which have changed in the course of time are as below

During the initial world cups the dress of the players on the field used to be White.

But today the trend has changed and every team has its own color and design.
Media exposure has increased a lot today and the effect is easily visible on the players.

In this era of selfies players have to look trendy off the field too as they have to attend lot of parties,
events and interviews, hence they have to be always dressed in their best.

Physical Appearance
A mustache, a tattoo or even a haircut can make a cricketer a youth icon.
In today’s world film stars are not the only style icons as cricketers are also followed for their style and looks.
There are lot of cricketers today who are the trend setters, be it Shikhar Dhawan or Ravindra Jadeja for their mustache; Sunil Narine, MS Dhoni or Malinga for their hairstyle and Mitchell Johnson or Dale Steyn  for their tattoos.

Today players endorse a lot of brands and appears on the cover page of magazines.
Some have even started their own fashion brands, like Virat Kholi has his own fashion line called
"WROGN" and Zaheer Khan has Sher Singh.

Finally we can conclude that cricket players are becoming smart and well groomed with time.
A new era where the gentlemen game and fashion will go hand in hand.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cinderella Movie Screening experience...

We have heard a lot of fairy tales in our childhood.
Snow white, Aladdin, Beauty & beast and Cinderella are among the popular ones but my personal favorite is Cinderella.

It gives a wonderful message that we shouldn't be proud of our beauty or wealth and consider others as inferior. Luck can change anytime. A king can become a common man and vice versa.

The recent movie by Disney is inspired from the very famous fairy tale Cinderella sharing the same name. I was fortunate to watch the screening, thanks to Blogadda for providing the awesome opportunity.

The venue of the screening was Disney India, Mumbai.The show was going to start at 9 p.m.
I reached the venue around 9:15 p.m with one of my friend.

The screening started at 9:30.
Ella lives with her parents in a beautiful estate. Everything is perfect until her mother dies of illness.
Her father brings a widow as her mom who previously has 2 daughters.

Ella's father goes abroad leaving Ella with her stepmother and stepsisters.
Unfortunately her father dies leaving her alone.
Slowly her stepmother and sisters starts humiliating her and treats her like a slave.

Upset by their behavior Ella goes for a ride in the woods where she encounters a hunting party.
One of the hunters claims to be an apprentice named Kit who lives in palace.

Kit, who actually is the price of the kingdom falls for the mystery girl, Ella. When Kit’s father who is the king of the kingdom feels that he has very little time left, he insist him to find a princess who can be his bride, in an upcoming ball. Kit convinces him to call all the eligible maiden of the world.

The announcement of ball is made. Ella’s stepmother and sisters get excited on hearing it.
Ella decides to wear an old dress of her mom but her step family rips her dress apart as they consider her presence at the ball a disgrace.

A dishearten and upset Ella runs into the garden where she meets an old lady who turns out to be a Fairy Godmother. She uses her magic to turn Ella into a ravishing beauty with a gorgeous blue gown and glass shoes. She converts pumpkin into carriage, mice into horses, lizards into footmen and goose into coachman with a warning that the magic spell will last only till midnight.

When Ella enters the ball everyone is astonished to see her. Kit asks her for the first dance.
After the dance is over he takes her for a tour of the palace.
Slowly they fall for each other but unfortunately the clock strikes 11:59 forcing Ella to flee.
On her way to the carriage she drops her glass shoe.

Kit falls in love with her and asks his father for permission to marry her.
Unfortunately his father dies but not before granting him the permission to marry his love.

Announcement is made that the prince will marry the girl who fits in the glass shoe.
Ella is delighted on hearing it and goes to her room to get the other glass shoe, only to find her step mother already there. Her stepmother demands her to make her the head of the royal family when she becomes queen. When Ella refuses she breaks her shoe and locks her up in the room.

Kit asks his men to make every girl on the land, try the shoe. The magic of shoe rejects everyone till his men arrive at Ella’s house. The shoe rejects her stepsisters too. Disappointed when they turn to leave, a song is heard by them. It is Ella who is singing in her room. Kit, who actually disguised himself in the troop, comes out to investigate. The source of voice takes him to the locked room where he finds Ella.

The shoe fits in perfectly and Ella leaves with Kit after forgiving her step mother.
Ella and Kit gets married and are crowned king and queen.

I just loved the acting, particularly of Ella (Lily James) and her step mother (Cate Blanchett).
Great direction and effects. A must watch for all the fairy tale lovers especially Cinderella.

Also I would like to thank Disney India for the delicious snacks.

Looking forward to more such opportunities from Blogadda.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The day when I was with her..

2104 was a good year for me and I expected the same from 2015.

As the year started, the progress of my professional life became stagnant.
New opportunities which were going to come early in 2015 got delayed by months.

I was confused on what steps to take and whom to get advice from.
The tension of professional life was on its peak when a terrible incident happened with me.

I was on my normal routine to office which is in Hiranandani.
I got down at the bus stop where there was a crowd of people.
Out of anxiety I just peeped in to see what was going on.
Live gambling with cards under the bright day light was in progress.
I was not at all interested in it and tried to move away when two of the people there caught me by my shoulder.

I protested and told to leave when a third person took out my wallet and offered my money in the game. When I shouted and pulled him a heavily built man slapped me hard and started abusing me.

I called people for help but none of the passerby even heard a word. I was disappointed and threatened the gang to complain to police. After listening to my words they ran away with my money.

I called my team members who came with me to police station to file an FIR against the gang.
When one of the police officer heard my story he told an agent to accompany us to the spot.

The agent called his source and informed us that only half of the money was recovered.
I took it half heartedly as somewhere I felt that the police was also getting their part from the gang.

My life had come to a halt. Lot of tensions and worries surrounded me.
My family and gf were the only source of happiness for me.

I prayed to god for a smooth life but he had something else in mind.
My love life which was my source of motivation came under hammer.

My gf fought badly with me for events that happened in my past.
She threatened to leave me. I was broken and upset.
This was the moment when I thought my life had come to an end and there is nothing more left in it.

2 days after the day of fight she called. I told her to meet on Saturday if she could manage.
She affirmed and I prayed to god to sort out things between us.

It was Saturday and she came to my flat. I had prepared her favorite pasta and cold coffee.

She was delighted to see her favorite food and the efforts I had put in to make them.
We talked a lot while eating and slowly memories started to pour in.

She kept her head on my shoulder and we cherished the moments that we had spend together.
I showed her the pictures which we clicked on our different outings.

Tears rolled down our eyes after seeing the pictures. We could feel each other’s heartbeat.
Love made its way again slowly inside our hearts. We fell crazily and madly for each other.

All the tensions and worries took a back step as two souls were crazily in love.
Next we planned to watch a movie and booked tickets for “Dum Laga Ke Haisha”.
It was a superb movie which brought even more emotions to us as it showed how two opposite people can madly fall in love with each other. Ours was the same case.

We took a bus from the multiplex to Goregaon station and got another hour to spend together.
My gf loved travelling by bus and I loved it too.

After getting down at the bus depot we went to a restaurant as we were damn hungry.
We had our favorite Chinese dishes which were really yummy.

It was one of the most memorable day spend together.
Though we did nothing special but we really felt the forever, everlasting love for each other.
It was the day when we decided to marry each other, no matter what happens.

I was now a satisfied and happy soul. The regained stability in my love life gave me the much needed strength and motivation to fight against other tensions of my life. I was optimistic that the lady luck will bring the happy days again and I will soon get the opportunities, I deserved.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

The bold step that changed my life..

I was born in a middle class family. My father was a teacher and my mother was a housewife.
We had a small house in the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore.
From my childhood itself I had the dream of becoming an engineer.

After 12th class I gave the entrance exam for getting admission in the top engineering colleges of Madhya Pradesh. My hard work paid off and I got admitted to the best engineering college of MP.
After completing 4 years of college life I got placed in the top IT company of India, TCS.
I was on cloud nine as it was a dream come true.

After completing my 3 months of training in Gandhinagar, I got shifted to Mumbai as it was my base location. My office was in Hiranadani which was one of the poshest areas of Mumbai.

I was really excited about my first day as it was the new beginning of my life.
My team was mix bag of seniors and juniors. I was really happy to get such seniors who were very motivating and polite.

Blogging was my passion and I was very happy to see the opportunities Mumbai had for bloggers like me. I loved going to blogger meets and meet new people. I made many friends and one of them became so special to me that I proposed her. She said yes and I was delighted.

My love as well professional life was going on smoothly until 16th February came.
As a part of my daily routine I got down at Hiranandani bus stop to catch a rickshaw for my office.
There was a crowd of people at the bus stop so I also felt the urge to see what is happening.
A guy was sitting with a briefcase and was putting cards on it. I understood that it was gambling and at once I tried to move away when two of them caught me from the shoulder.

I told them that I was not interested and was getting late for office. In the meanwhile a third person pulled my wallet out of the pocket. I began to protest as he took out Rs 5000 from it.

Very cleverly he kept the money on the briefcase showing that I was the one who was interested in playing. When I began to shout on the top of my voice, a big fellow slapped me hard and started abusing me. I asked for help from the people who were crossing by but there was none who was interested.
Finally when I threatened to call police, the complete gang ran away with my money.

I informed my family and relatives about it. Everyone told me to stay calm and not to go to police as it was just a case of Rs 5000. I was made to understand that protesting against such gang was not the work of a sophisticated common man.

I agreed to them but there was a fire burning inside me which didn't let me sleep peacefully.
My girlfriend who is a lawyer suggested me to go to police and file an FIR against them.
There were 2 paths in front of me, one which was to stay calm as suggested by my family and other was to protest against the crime that happened with me.

If I went to police, I could be stalked by the gang and beaten brutally, I could be threatened for life.
There were lot of bad consequences but I had to take the bold step and appease the fire that was burning inside me. I had to raise voice against the crime that happened with me.

Finally I gathered courage and went to police to file an FIR against the gang.
On the same day the complete gang was arrested and I also got my money back.
Now the fear inside me was no more. I was now a common man who was ready to protest against anything wrong that happened in the society.

That was the day which changed my life.
On that day itself I took a pledge to start a NGO which will work for the safety of men as today’s society is very keen to help a woman in danger but no one cares if a man is in similar situation.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The new revolution in Communication World - "Internet.Org"

Internet has been perhaps the most outstanding innovation in the field of information technology and communication. It is like a global meeting place where people from all parts of the world can connect with each other.
Today internet is the most powerful tool for the people around the world.
It is like a super massive server having plethora of information available to billions of people of the world. But the sad part is still two third of the world doesn't have access to internet.
To improve the condition an initiative called “” has been started.

About the initiative is a Facebook-led initiative bringing together technology leaders, nonprofits and local communities to connect the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have internet access.

Why aren't people connected to internet?
Some of the reasons why people are not connected are as below
a. There are no networks in many remote areas.
b. Gadgets which provide internet connectivity are too expensive.
c. Service plans are heavy on pocket.

The Big Goal      
Making internet available to each and every individual of the world.

a. Ericsson
b. Mediatek
c. Opera Software
d. Samsung
e. Facebook
f. Nokia
g. Qualcomm

Advantages of Free Internet

  Ø  Education
There are lot of villages in our country where children, especially girls are not able to take admission in school as it is very far away from their home and there are no proper means of transportation available.
In such situations, children who are the future of our country are even deprived of the basic education.              
If we have free internet facility in these villages, children would be able to study sitting at their home.
If we talk about cities, there are many bright children who lag behind because of unavailability of
internet. They are unable to complete assignments and projects before deadline and have to face the heat.  Also many students miss out on the deadline of the forms of top colleges because of unavailability of net.
With free internet facility the quality and scope of education is definitely going to increase.

  Ø  Employment
With free internet facility, people living in remote areas who don’t have a job can earn their livelihood by working as a freelancer. Also people who are disabled or can’t travel can take online coaching or sessions to earn their bread & butter.
Students can earn while studying by working on different online assignments.
So with free internet the employment percentage in India is definitely going to shoot up.

  Ø Corporate World
With free internet access people would be able to work from anywhere in India.
There are lots of people in metros especially Mumbai who daily travel for hours.
If they have access to internet, they can easily check mails and complete pending work while they are on the move.
With free internet facility quality of work will improve and efficiency will increase as people will have more time to complete it.

  Ø  Awareness
Free internet facility will help to improve awareness among society on different aspects.
Farmers will be aware about the modern technologies used in farming.
Students will remain updated about the latest courses and happenings in their field.
People of India will be aware about the latest buzz and happenings in the world.
In case of wars, outbreak of dreadful diseases and other emergencies important awareness messages can be send to each and every citizen of India through free internet facility.

  Ø  Safety
Today rapes and eve teasing cases have increased rapidly in India.
Safety of women has become the prime concern of our nation.
In such situations if we have free internet facility than the location of a girl in danger can be tracked easily. Also she can use different apps to send alert messages to police and her near and dear ones.
Free internet facility also comes handy when we are lost and need to use Google maps to discover the right path.
Our soldiers can use it for monitoring enemy locations, controlling different weapons and internal communication.
All the above points emphasize on the fact that free internet facility has a lot of advantage when it comes to safety of every citizen of our nation.

  Ø  Tourism
Free wireless zone is loved by all. The moment a tourist dive in our country and his phone dings an announcement of free WIFI, definitely leaves a good first impression on his mind.
This will allow India to be recognized as a developed and tech savvy country.
In addition, all the happenings, events and things to do in a particular city can be easily checked by the tourists, which will result in more number of footfalls at every tourist location.

  Ø  Disaster Relief
The benefit of free WIFI is huge in disaster situations.
In one click you can spread information about where to volunteer or get help, which roads are closed and what supplies are to be needed.
Free internet facility can definitely improve and increase the scope of communication during disaster relief operations, saving lot of lives.

  Ø Networking
Be it for business or personal purpose, networking and socializing holds the key to success.
With free WIFI you can easily trace check ins of important people and can connect with them if you are in vicinity.
Also you can analyze the favorite places visited by your potential future clients and can win a deal while dropping in there.
You can easily promote stuff on social media sites while you are in any part of the country with the use of free internet facility.

How is doing in India?
Reliance communication and Facebook have come together in India to bring free access to 38 web sites for reliance mobile users via
The speed of net will depend on the kind of connection (2G or 3G) a user is having.
Here is the list of all websites that can be accessed for free
Aaj Tak
AP Speaks
BabyCenter & MAMA
BBC News
Bing Search
Daily Bhaskar
ESPN Cricinfo
Facts for Life
Girl Effect
India Today
Internet Basics
Jagran Josh
Maalai Malar
Maharashtra Times
Malaria No More
Reliance Astrology
Reuters Market Lite
Times of India

It is a great initiative which will bring people around the world together.
The dream of connected world will surely turn into reality with

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dry baby Happy baby

It was 15th January 2014, when my wife delivered a baby boy. Everyone in my family was on cloud nine as he was the first child in our family after me. My parents were dancing with joy and I was running in the hospital with sweets. He was soft and delicate and I was even frightened to touch him.

After 3 days we brought the baby home. He used to only sleep, eat and cry. This routine went on for next 6 months. The time between 6 to 9 months was really interesting as he used to crawl from one place to another in the house and enjoy every moment of it.

The next 3 months were even more interesting as he started trying to stand while holding onto a support.  It was Sunday morning and he was standing against the couch when suddenly he came running towards me. I let my arms open and embraced him tightly.  That was one of the most memorable moments of my life seeing him take his first step.

As baby grew up he became more active and jolly.

Some of the activities which made him happy were

a. Running in the house from one corner to another.
b. Playing with neighbor’s pet dog.
c. Dancing on his favorite songs.
d. Playing with his toys which included superman, spiderman and batman.
e. Painting a new modern art everyday on the paper as well on his clothes.
f.  One of us making funny faces in front of him.
g. And the activity that he enjoyed the most was watching TV and playing with mobile.

Everything was going on well when I left for a business trip to United States of America.
When I came back my wife told that the baby is not keeping well for past few days as he is getting lot of rashes near his thigh. Also the diaper was not able to soak up the urine which resulted in keeping the baby wet from outside. I was stressed as I can’t see him in any trouble.

I contacted one of my friends who also had a boy of my son’s age.
He told me to use the new Pampers dry pants which keeps baby dry from all sides.
His personal experience of using it for his son was really good.

I started using Pamper dry pants and within few days his rashes and irritation reduced in great proportion. It kept baby dry not only from outside but also from inside. Its magical gel locked in moisture keeping the baby’s skin dry and healthy for up to 12 hours.
His laugh, smile and naughtiness was back and so was my happiness. I would sincerely like to express my thanks and gratitude to Pampers for bringing back the cute smile on my son’s face.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The moment that changed my life.!!!

I was born in a middle class family. My father was a doctor and mother was a housewife.
From childhood only people used to call be junior doctor.
I was very happy to hear such comments and used to imagine myself as a doctor.

As I grew older I got more interested in mathematics.
My uncle was a broker and I used to spend a lot of time sitting at his office.
Numbers and graphs used to attract me. Analyzing the graphs of different scripts of share market was my favorite pastime.

One day while I was sitting at the terminal, uncle and his friends were predicting the result of Infosys.
For past 3 quarters Infosys quarterly numbers were below expectation and the stock plunged 7-8%.

This time I had an intuition that Infosys will outperform and the stock will rally more than 5%.
Uncle started laughing at my prediction and told to focus on studies as share market was not my cup of coffee.

I requested uncle to believe in my prediction once and buy 100 shares of Infosys for me.
As I was like a son to him so he fulfilled my wish.

It was time for announcement of result and everyone was glued to the computer screen.
7% increase in profit and 14% increase in revenue were the numbers displaying on the screen.
Everyone was shocked to see the result except me.
I was jumping with joy as my prediction got true and the stock price was up by 6% within 10 minutes
of the announcement of result.

When my father came to know about this he told me to focus on studies and not get involved into share market as it was just another form of gambling. He also stopped my visit to uncle’s office.

My 10th board exams were in two months so he asked me to focus on science as I had to take biology in 11th class. I was not interested in biology but had to opt for it as it was my father’s dream to see me as a doctor.

I was a sportsman who used to love playing all kind of sports.
I used to devote two hours daily to some or other game in order to refresh myself after attending boring lectures of biology.

12th board exams turned out to be a nightmare for me as I failed in biology.
In the next attempt also I could only pass with grace marks.

My parents were really tensed as no decent medical college was willing to give admission to me.
At that time my uncle came to our house and had a talk with my father.

He requested him to let me do what I was interested in which was trading in share market.
He asked my father to give 6 months of time after which he could ask me to do whatever he wants.

I gave some certifications and started working at my uncle's brokerage firm.
In 3 months my skills started showing results and I became the talk of the firm.
After 6 months I was making more profit than many experienced people at the firm.

My uncle called my father to his office and showed my portfolio to him.
My father was delighted with joy when everyone at the firm was chanting my name.
They were congratulating him for having a son like me.

My father had tears in his eyes and he hugged me tightly.
He told me to continue my career in share market and become a successful broker.
It was that moment in my life which filled me with optimism and hope for the future.

Today I am running my own brokerage firm and my father is very proud of it.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Painting the world again.The Remade !!

The world that we live in is not the one which almighty had created billions of years ago.
For him everyone was equal in all sense, but things have changed a lot today.

Religion, caste, money and skin tone has brought a huge difference in the way we see another human being. Hatred, superiority and cruelty has increased manifold because of this.
People have become selfish, egoistic and snobbish which has made the world a living hell for many.

As charity starts from home, change also follow the same route.
If you want to change the world, you first need to change yourself.
The above para defines almost everything which needs a full stop and if you own any of those the first step is to dump them off.

God helps the brave and give them power to march ahead in their mission for the welfare of humanity.
If I get a chance to change the world, I will remake it in the best possible way I can.

Building stands tall if the foundation is good. Children are the foundation. If molded properly they will become great leaders otherwise it is quite easy to take the wrong path and become medium of mass destruction.
From school itself, values like humanity, humbleness and honesty will be incorporated in them.
Always provide a helping hand to those in need will be taught with utmost sincerity.

Education system will include more practical examples than just theoretical knowledge.
50% weight will be given to the analytical skills and 50% to Sports, music and arts.
Reservation based on any factor will be stopped and people will be awarded based on their capability.

There will be no boundaries or limitations based on caste and religion.
Only 2 groups will be there, one who believes in a supreme power and the other who doesn't.
Everyone would be able to love, marry and have kids with anyone he/she wants without worrying about religion, caste, color or nationality.

There will be no privilege or special rules made for any group of people or individual.

Strictly no restrictions will be imposed on the way you want to look and dress yourself.

Democracy will exist in this world but there will be only 2 parties.
All politicians will be highly educated and experienced.

Jurisdiction will be the most transparent body in the world having highly intellectual people running it.

Taxes collected from common man will be used judiciously for their development.
The utilization of every penny will be available online for people to check and be assured that their money is used in the right direction.

There will common police which will take care of law and order around the world.
As there will be common police so there will be no need of individual army for each country.

Top most priority will be given to persevering nature and its elements.
Poaching will be strictly banned.

Basic necessities of life will be provided to only those people having 2 or less than 2 children.

Plants for mass energy generation using solar or hydro power will be built.
Automobiles and factories which are the two biggest source of pollution will be constructed such that they run on above two energy mediums.

If I am able to do all the things I have stated above I would proudly and happily say,
“Here’s the World, Remade!”

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