Thursday, March 28, 2013

Book Review: Lord of The Flies

Book: Lord of The Flies
Author: William Golding

Pages: 225

Publishers: Faber and Faber 

ISBN: 9780571245895 

The children's novel  "Lord of The Flies" by the Nobel laureate William Golding, was first published in 1954. However, Lord of The Flies is not an average read. To begin with, it has a plane crash thus leaving a school boys stranded on an deserted island. The entire book is set temporally during an unspecified nuclear war period. 

The book then introduces us to the unlikely protagonists Ralph and his sidekick Piggy, Simon and a bunch of other school boys. Ralph is elected as the leader of the pack due to his leadership qualities and popularity with the rest of the boys. He then befriends a choir boy Jack, who is the antagonist of the story. As the story progresses further, both come to eventually detest each other's presence as days pass and Jack becomes hungry for power. At first, they revel in the freedom but soon, the boys' fragile sense of order begins to collapse. They are suddenly faced with a more pressing reality--survival--and the appearance of a terrifying beast.

In their quest for survival, the book portrays their descent into savagery; left to themselves in a deserted island which is far from modern civilization and the well-educated children regress into a primitive level. At an allegorical level, the central theme is the conflicting human impulses towards civilization--living by the rules, peacefully and in harmony--and towards the will to power. Simultaneously, the book addresses themes such as the conflict between group thinking and individuality, civilization and savagery, rational and emotional reactions and between morality and immorality. How these themes influence different people forms a major subtext of the book.

At this juncture, it becomes important to state that Lord of The Flies is not a regular book that chronicles becoming independent. On the contrary, it holds a deeper meaning and has a more subtler meaning attached with it. The book is replete with symbolism and keeping symbols aside, the boys represent the darker shades of humanity as a whole. The provocative storyline forces readers to question what it really means to be immoral and depicts the true meaning of evil. 

The writer William Golding succeeds in shattering our beliefs about innocence and childhood. The island becomes a startling example of a place where innocence is lost and readers simply cannot take it further. In other words, the book reports and examines the worst, darkest side of human nature in a pessimistic tone. On the face of it, the book might not come across as a dark novel. There is surely more to it than what meets the eye. As the story progresses further, it is revealed the actions of the boys become worse. In an unflinching manner, the book takes us on a journey to question and make us wonder about the permeable boundaries and where the lines between good and bad cease to exist.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The biggest mistake of my Life in 66 words.

We have always been taught to learn from our own mistakes... but sometimes whatever the consequences we just can't stop ourselves from committing the same mistakes over and over again... No matter how much the pain, how much the agony.....But sometimes that feeling of Happiness while committing the mistake seems to be worth all the troubles......

Celebrating Love- The Biggest mistake of my life.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trip to 2 most amazing places in Asia : Singapore & Malaysia : PART IV

The alarm rang at 7:00 am, but got up before that as I was very excited about the attractions that were lined up today, Underwater World , Singapore Flyer and Songs of the Sea being at the top of the list..

After taking breakfast it was time to leave the hotel as we were moving towards the city side.
Next luxury to enjoy was Grand Waterfront Copthorne hotel.

It is situated at a great location with vicinity to malls and railway station.
The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Staff is friendly and understands English well..:)
A river flows nearby which adds to the beauty of this hotel. My room was at 17th floor and the view from there was just superb..
Restaurants, pool , gym..all facilities are really good..

After unpacking our luggage and checking out the room we quickly moved to the reception as our guide was waiting for us.
After everyone came we headed to our bus to kick start the Singapore Expedition..

First attraction was Singapore Flyer..
Singapore Flyer is the highest flyer in the world which provides a 360 degree view of Singapore.
At the highest point you can see the 3 countries Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia converging together.
The ride is about 30 mins in which you are seated in a Capsule like structure which is also known as Gondola. It's a worth visit because of the amazing view you get to experience but Marina Bay sand is a better option.

After the flyer ride it was time to swim with sharks, shake hand with octopus, ride the sea horse and play with crabs..The underwater world beckons..
There are 2 main attractions here
1. Oceanarium
2. Dolphins and Sea Lion show

Oceanarium has 3 levels.You have to move underground for going to the next level.
The first and second level has different varieties of sea animals right from Crabs, Sea horse,
jelly fish, sting rays, turtles , octopus etc..

The last level has a tunnel where you stand on a moving platform and all around there are different kinds of fishes including sharks swiftly moving in the water. Its really amazing to see them so closely..


The Dolphin and Sea lion show is worth watching.
The way this lovely creatures move in water and all of sudden a Somersault, well you can't just take your eyes off, its so wonderful..


The different tricks performed by them keeps you up on your seats..:)
In all this place is a worth visit , though Marine life park is a better option.

Next spot was Merlion Park.
Merlion is a mythical structure with the head of lion and body of fish used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Here in the park we have a 8 m tall statue of Merlion and water keeps on coming from its mouth.

This attraction should be visited in the night time. Along the riverside the view of other side buildings is beautiful. There are many cafes and restaurants around. The best part is the amazing view of Marina Bay Sands.


The last and most awaited attraction was Songs of the Sea..
It's a multimedia show that is located at the Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island.
As the show started a cast of 7 children came on the beach and a live drama started.
Within few minutes as the special effects of laser lights was on display , i could sense why this show
is so popular.

There were water shots , fire fuming , animations and projections thr laser, gr88 use of technology..
In all its an amazing show and a must watch.



Finally after a thrilling and fun filled day it was time to head back to our hotel for some good night sleep. But when we reached hotel there was something waiting for us. A red FERRARIII....
Wow it was so so damn sexy....

Also near to our hotel there is a showroom of Luxury car brand Maserati.

Now i got the point why guys love cars more than gals..:P

Next part coming soon..:)

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Life in 66 words..... Part 2

Lifes a maze....Every day new challenges which comes with different solutions....every direction you routes, new puzzles, new obstacles.....very few manage to follow the path dey initially wanted to tread..... most get lost at different points in life virtually ending somewhere which was never the plan.

So next time when things don't go according to plan don't panic..... thats the way of life!

Love aajkal in 66 words

I see her
I find her pretty, vivacious , like an angel
I fall for her
I stare her everyday
One day our eyes meet
She blushes
I start a conversation, slowly meet her everyday, exchange no's
Become Friends, best friends and finally fall in love
The start is amazing , but than misunderstandings and differences come in
One day she leaves me, pain and wine are my companions now

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Chalte chalte kahaniyon se mulakat hui
Mulakat k dauran thodi se baat bhi hui
Phir aaya ek mod aur sirf kaala andhera..
Jismei kho gaye kahin, tum aur hum.

Sanjh dhali aur hua naya savera
Naya tha sama, nayi thi umang..
Thode sehme, thode daare

Dil mei chupe the armaan tere aur mere.

Shayad manzur na tha qayeenat ko ye milan..
Aur judaa hogae hum aur tum.
Samay badla aur badle rishte..
Ek naya saathi mila aur khil gaya wapas ye jahan..

Lekin kami thi kuch, naajane kya?
'Pyaar se lagta kyun hai tumhe darr' puccha uss nayi khaani ne..
Aaj bhi yaad karti ho kyun uss purani kahani ko?
Unn lamhon aur baaton ko

Rehti ho gum din raat
Sanjote unn toote khawbon ko…
Jo thi kabhi teri meri,
Wapis mile toh lejaenge kisi aur hi raho pe….

By-Aditi and Fatima

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


- By choice or design
Born as a child..tender,soft and pure to the core.A crystal clear heart,void of all emotions waiting to be filled with love and happiness.Breathing, bereft of all the worries and negatives of this big bad world.safely residing in mother's arm,feeling cozy and warm,the child lays waiting....Waiting to be engulfed in the machinery of life.A grinding process which breaks you apart,sets you free and expects you to pull yourself back together again.A highly exhausting process which never ceases to end,slowly clawing at your soul,until you lose interest in life itself.

The child begins to imbibe the ideals of life.Ideals which creates a mirage that life is some fairytale story with lots to offer and nothing to lose.A story with lots of fun,happiness and filled with love to the brim. There's so much to learn,so much to do and life is very small.Imbibed with such positives,the child begins the journey of life.

20 years later

The race is on.Some are clawing their way up the ladder of success,some still stuck at the bottom rung and many already destined to a life of failure,minds which have succumbed to the challenges of life.Worse still,many faced with the choice,the choice of evil and good,unable to cope up with pressure,choose the easier route.The route where life is a marsh hidden beneath a flimsy layer of satisfaction and happiness.Most who take this road,invariably end up in the dark alleys,writhing with pain and agonizing for the rest of their life. Only a few lucky ones survive the impending future of misery and doom,through self realization and tremendous efforts.

Lets pause for a second here and think what happened...?

No one was born evil.All began with the same ideals and aspirations.Then what went wrong?
And even if it did go wrong,then who is to be blamed,the person concerned or the prevailing conditions.


Lets take a case study to analyse this conflict.We all have come across teachers who are very strict,makes your life a living hell.We keep cribbing about them,comparing them with demons..But are they?

Bereft of strictness,filled with understanding of the students plight,there was a teacher Mr. Arjun of Nagarjuna school.The headmaster of that school was very strict,one of those who enjoyed doling out punishments.During the semester,the headmaster had planned to conduct a surprise test for the entire school.If anyone fails,he/she would be punished heavily. 

        Mr Arjun, out of consideration for students who were weak in academics,but hard-working,informed them about the surprise test,1 day prior to the test.As a result,they were able to perform at par with other students.But somewhere down the line,the information got leaked to the headmaster,Consequently the professor had to face the music.Would that professor remain the same,considerate understanding man as before?

This is what happens in real-time scenarions in all fields of life.This conditions play a major part in moulding our characters and shaping us as a person.


We punish people who are found guilty.More people are held for wrong doing and even more people get punished.A never ending process which keeps yielding increasing no of convicts.
But the question rises....What is achieved through this whole process?
The answer is,absolutely nothing.

We are just hacking away at the leaves,leaving the root intact.The conditions persist,which keeps nurturing more and more culprits.We catch a few,most remain and many others are born.This sums up the present day scenario where people are gauged on what is the end result,rather then what prompted them to be so.

We keep fighting a lost cause,not getting hold of the thread,slowly sinking to greater depths,created by ever growing corruption and criminal activities.

-By Abhinandan Pal

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life in 66 words...

We love feels so good...breakup...nothing feels worse...
We make friends...we have the time of our life....we lose them...loneliness haunts u even more...
We trust someone more den ourselves..It gives u strength to live...betrayal by that someone..the pain breaks you apart

....sometimes i wonder whats better being a loner or treading this path of bliss and pain...?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trip to 2 most amazing places in Asia : Singapore & Malaysia : PART III

The Morning alarm rang at 7:30 a.m and it was time to wake for another amazing and fun filled day of our trip of Malaysia...

This time we were going to a place near Kuala Lumpur which was known as Genting highlands...otherwise also known as Resort World Genting..
It is a hill resort in Malaysia developed by Genting group. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the place from Kuala Lumpur.

I really enjoyed the ride from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland, the best part was when the Ghat section started.. The panoramic view was really mind boggling..It was nature at its best..

After enjoying the view it was time to start moving as we arrived at our hotel, "The Awana Resort"

It was a lovely resort with fish ponds, big swimming pool , nice dinning restaurants and luxurious rooms..Our room had a balcony too..And boy!!! the view was amazing..:)

Quickly we kept our luggage, unlocked the rooms and started with the expedition of Genting highlands..

The first adventure came in just 5 mins, it was Cable car also known as Genting skyway..
There were around 7-8 people allowed in a single car. The journey was of about half hour.
Now coming to the bestest part of it, the cabin view..
Nothing in the world can be as beautiful as those valleys , mountains , greenery.. that exotic

After this wonderful experience it was time for the theme parks..
There are 3 theme parks in Genting Highland
1. Outdoor theme park


2. First World Indoor theme park

3. Water Park


We started with the outdoor theme park. The volunteers gave us a wrist band which was our entry pass to the park.
The main signature attraction includes
a. Flying Coaster

b. Pirate's Train

c. Space Shot


d. Jurassic Park


e. Genting Sky venture and many more..

The rides were really thrilling and full of adventure..I enjoyed them thoroughly..\m/

This time all the baccha party of the MakeMyTrip group was together...The guju gals, Mr Iyer son and she is such a lovely example of natural beauty...Flawless skin, that glow, wow...mesmerized..:P
I tried to talk to her..did she enjoy the ride, how was the experience and all, but than there were people around to disturb us, our siblings ..:(...At times i really wished that the group should move ahead and by some chance I and she be left alone..Anyways that never happened..:(
But yeah i got to see her more closely, be with her for a longer time..something to cheer about..:)

It was evening time and our guide told us to head towards the Indoor theme park.
The indoor park is no less than the outdoor one..Statue of liberty riding a bike,
the symbol of love Eiffel tower, Genting Casino and a huge Oscar trophy are few of its attractions..

But what I loved the most is Ripley's Believe or not Museum...Amazing collection and hats of to the people who maintain it..really i mean it...simply wow..:)

Haunted house is a sheer waste of money so i suggest not to go for it..

The build of indoor theme park is also amazing..Castle like structures build everywhere...roller coaster running on top of your head..i wondered how much fun it is to be a volunteer there..



Had never seen something like this before, even not in India ,so i was really overwhelmed with thrill, excitement and lost in my own fantasy world for sometime..:P

Finally it was time to leave the theme park and move towards the hotel as delicious dinner was waiting for us..
After dinner we went to our rooms to enjoy the luxury of king size double beds, but this time it was one for each person..;)

Next day was a travelling day..We had to say good bye to Malaysia and head towards the enchanting Singapura..It takes around 5 hours to reach Singapore from Malaysia.. The journey is quite interesting with lot of panoramic views to enjoy..

We had to stop at the boundary of Singapore for the immigration verification..
After it was done we entered into one of the most beautiful ,developed and richest country of Asia, Singapore..

Just 15 mins had passed and a yellow Lamborghini overtook our bus in nano seconds i think..:P
Wow man...everyone was jumping, standing , pushing each other to have a glimpse of it..It was proof that we were in a country with the highest per capita income in Asia..

I think every 3rd car there was a BMW, Mercedes or Audi..I so so so love cars...*thinking to settle there*..

Finally we reached our hotel "The Hard Rock hotel" which was located in Sentosa Resort World..

As the name suggests it was based on the theme of rock music...The rooms are well appointed and the beds are comfortable..Bathroom is of good size with nice toiletries...The swimming pool is also quite big..loved it..:)


Next on the list was Night Safari. It was optional, per person cost $50 which included the transportation too...Most of the people from the group decided to go for it..
Nigh Safari includes few shows and a tram ride of 30 mins which passes through the natural habitats of various animals.


I would not recommend people to go for this attraction.
first because you can barely see the animals in night time , u need night vision goggles for a clear view..
and secondly  because there is nothing to do here except the 30 mins tram ride, the shows are also not that interesting..


After the shows and tram ride it was time for dinner which was at a restaurant in the safari itself..

It was time to head back to our hotel and have a good night sleep..:)

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