Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life in 66 words...

We love feels so good...breakup...nothing feels worse...
We make friends...we have the time of our life....we lose them...loneliness haunts u even more...
We trust someone more den ourselves..It gives u strength to live...betrayal by that someone..the pain breaks you apart

....sometimes i wonder whats better being a loner or treading this path of bliss and pain...?


  1. Nicely summed up, you said a lot with just a few words!

  2. Hmmm first tell me, its your experience or just observation dude..!!
    Love, Hate, Trust, Betrayal etc....i think all these are the real flavors of life..!!!

    1. it was an observation which soon become an experience too..
      yeah life teaches u many thing thr them..

    2. Some are my experience others of my friends... real flavours alrite bt sometimes the negative emotions gets stronger then positive re