Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trip to 2 most amazing places in Asia : Singapore & Malaysia : PART IV

The alarm rang at 7:00 am, but got up before that as I was very excited about the attractions that were lined up today, Underwater World , Singapore Flyer and Songs of the Sea being at the top of the list..

After taking breakfast it was time to leave the hotel as we were moving towards the city side.
Next luxury to enjoy was Grand Waterfront Copthorne hotel.

It is situated at a great location with vicinity to malls and railway station.
The rooms are spacious and comfortable. Staff is friendly and understands English well..:)
A river flows nearby which adds to the beauty of this hotel. My room was at 17th floor and the view from there was just superb..
Restaurants, pool , gym..all facilities are really good..

After unpacking our luggage and checking out the room we quickly moved to the reception as our guide was waiting for us.
After everyone came we headed to our bus to kick start the Singapore Expedition..

First attraction was Singapore Flyer..
Singapore Flyer is the highest flyer in the world which provides a 360 degree view of Singapore.
At the highest point you can see the 3 countries Singapore , Malaysia and Indonesia converging together.
The ride is about 30 mins in which you are seated in a Capsule like structure which is also known as Gondola. It's a worth visit because of the amazing view you get to experience but Marina Bay sand is a better option.

After the flyer ride it was time to swim with sharks, shake hand with octopus, ride the sea horse and play with crabs..The underwater world beckons..
There are 2 main attractions here
1. Oceanarium
2. Dolphins and Sea Lion show

Oceanarium has 3 levels.You have to move underground for going to the next level.
The first and second level has different varieties of sea animals right from Crabs, Sea horse,
jelly fish, sting rays, turtles , octopus etc..

The last level has a tunnel where you stand on a moving platform and all around there are different kinds of fishes including sharks swiftly moving in the water. Its really amazing to see them so closely..


The Dolphin and Sea lion show is worth watching.
The way this lovely creatures move in water and all of sudden a Somersault, well you can't just take your eyes off, its so wonderful..


The different tricks performed by them keeps you up on your seats..:)
In all this place is a worth visit , though Marine life park is a better option.

Next spot was Merlion Park.
Merlion is a mythical structure with the head of lion and body of fish used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Here in the park we have a 8 m tall statue of Merlion and water keeps on coming from its mouth.

This attraction should be visited in the night time. Along the riverside the view of other side buildings is beautiful. There are many cafes and restaurants around. The best part is the amazing view of Marina Bay Sands.


The last and most awaited attraction was Songs of the Sea..
It's a multimedia show that is located at the Siloso Beach on Sentosa Island.
As the show started a cast of 7 children came on the beach and a live drama started.
Within few minutes as the special effects of laser lights was on display , i could sense why this show
is so popular.

There were water shots , fire fuming , animations and projections thr laser, gr88 use of technology..
In all its an amazing show and a must watch.



Finally after a thrilling and fun filled day it was time to head back to our hotel for some good night sleep. But when we reached hotel there was something waiting for us. A red FERRARIII....
Wow it was so so damn sexy....

Also near to our hotel there is a showroom of Luxury car brand Maserati.

Now i got the point why guys love cars more than gals..:P

Next part coming soon..:)

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  1. Don't you think ferrari looks creepy from behind? And you are a nice photographer too.
    blogger+photographer= I am feeling complexed!

    1. Hmm the back part is not that attractive..
      thnx dude..
      Blogger + photographer is very common thing these days..:)
      thnx for dropping by..would love 2 c u more often