Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Favorite Phone..

In today's world mobile is the most important gadget one should have, its more like a necessity. Like in cars we have MPV ( Multi Purpose Vehicle) in the same way in gadgets, mobiles serve as MPG (Multi Purpose Gadget).

Today we don't need a TV, Computer and Music Player if we have a high quality mobile which all important features.

For me mobile comes at the top of the priority list. I am quite choosy when it comes to selecting a phone.
My favorite phone is Asus Zenfone2.

Here are some of the reasons for choosing Asus Zenfone2 as your next phone -:

It is world’s 1st smartphone with 4 GM RAM.
Imagine uninterrupted experience of gaming, music, apps and photography at the same time.
Efficient performance of different tasks requires sufficient memory and when it is 4GB RAM, you don’t have to worry at all.

2. Vibrant Design
This ultra slim phone has an incredible slim profile which is just 3.9 mm at the thinnest edge.
Such design makes ZenFone 2 comfortable to hold and easier to use.
This powerful device is also a sheer beauty. The iconic ASUS concentric circle design is a treat to eyes. It’s rear cover is crafted with an outstanding hairline finish which creates an amazing visual effect.
Also it is available in various premium and striking colors to reflect my personality and mood.

3. Razor Sharp Display
ZenFone 2  is equipped with a high resolution 1920 x 1080 full HD IPS display that offers wide 178 degree viewing angles.  ASUS built in TruVivid technology provides brilliant clarity and sharpness in every image making the world look more colorful and stunning.
Watching HD videos & movies and playing games involving high quality graphics was never so much fun before.

4. Incredible Camera
ZenFone 2 comes with 13 MP rear facing and 5 MP front facing camera which provides incredible photography experience.
It’s PixelMaster camera technology provides unparalleled performance in all conditions.
Through a combination of adjusting pixel size and advanced image processing algorithms, it increases light sensitivity by up to 400%, enhances noise reduction and boost color contrast by up to 400%.
The dual-LED Real Tone flash captures the real tone of the subjects providing the most natural illumination.
I love photography and there is no need of a DSLR when I have a phone with such amazing camera quality and specifications.

5. Simpler & Personalized ZenUI
The best thing about ZenFone 2 is that it always matches my mood.
It gives me complete freedom to choose from a variety of themes and live wallpapers to personalize by experience of using a phone.
The brand new ZenUI has variety of new features in the kitty, including ZenMotion , SnapView  and Trend Micro security that enhances usability, ensure security and deliver a seamless user experience.

6. Enough Storage
High end Zenfone2 has 32 GB internal memory space and a microSD card of 64 GB can be used additionally.

7. Battery Life
ZenFone 2 has 3000mAh battery which is in par with the high end phones available in the market.
Once charged the phone is alive for the whole day.

8. Treat for Gamers
The PowerVR graphics chip is a solid performer and that is a boon for android gamers.

9. Value for money
If such an awesome phone with a plethora of features cost you around 20k for its high end version, what more can you ask for?
It is one of best budget phones available in the market.
I think the above points will make you choose Asus ZenFone 2 as your favorite phone too.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

#LiveLodgyCal...the most happening event of the Blogosphere !!!

The announcement of #LiveLodgyCal event in GOA, sponsored by Renault India in collaboration with Blogadda brought a storm in the Blogosphere. All eyes were on the event, the 40 lucky bloggers who will be part of it and the various activities they would be involved it.

There was also a contest organized by Blogadda whose 5 winners were going to get the opportunity to be part of the 40 chosen ones. 

On a fine Tuesday morning, 3 days before the event I got the invite from Blogadda to be part of this awesomeness.
I was on cloud 9. Without wasting any time I filled the form to confirm my presence.

The event was scheduled from 19th to 21st June 15.  Next day I got my ticket which confirmed by presence at the event and also took my excitement to a new level.

Air India was our airline. Flight from Mumbai was scheduled to depart at 1 p.m. on Friday. 
In the meanwhile twitter was buzzing with the updates on #LiveLodgyCal event.

Everyone was eager to know what all is in store, when suddenly a tweet from Blogadda unveiled some of the suspense.

All the 40 bloggers were divided into a team of 4.
I was excited to know my team members.
The suspense was killing me; I was refreshing my mail box every 15 minutes when finally a mail from Blogadda brought a smile on my face.  It had the twitter handles of my team members.
Atul, Tanmay and Kunal were going to be my family in GOA.
We had to decide on our team name and announce the same to the world.
Finally #LodgyCool were all set to rock GOA.

Atul took the initiative to create the WhatsApp group for the team and also tweeted the banner announcing the team name.

Because of hectic office hours I couldn’t get time for packing so had to wake up early on Friday morning to get all the packing done. 
Finally I was all set for “Go, GOA, Gone”.

It was raining heavily in Mumbai so Blogadda advised us to reach airport early for a hassle free journey.
I reached airport by 11:30 a.m. and was excited to meet all my teammates in person.
Atul, the co-founder at eVeltio Education Consulting appeared to be a jolly person.
Tanmay seemed to a cool guy who was all set in the party mood.
Kunal, a college student looked quite studious. ..:P

There were other famous Mumbai bloggers too at the airport.
Deepak uncle, a very famous national level rider and photographer.
@rutaagayire , a hotelier, rider and founder of PhotoKhatta. She is an inspiration for many women riders.
It was an honor to meet them all.

Our flight got delayed by an hour because of the bad weather.
We landed at GOA airport around 4 p.m.
There was a coach to take us to the venue of the event, “Hotel Leela Palace”.
Bloggers from other places of India were also there to join us.
Everyone was damn hungry.
Finally after travelling for an hour we reached the venue.
Leela Staff welcomed us with a tilak and garland.

Leela Palace justifies its name making you feel like a king/queen.
It's like a kingdom where you will get everything you can imagine of.

On my next glance I could see the Blogadda team, all smiling and happy to see us.
They escorted us to the hall where snacks were served. After appeasing the hungry stomach we got the keys of our room and a baggage containing all the details of the schedule for the event.

Kunal my teammate was also now my roommate.

We were escorted to our rooms in a Baggi, you can call it a big golf car.
The rooms were high on luxury, space and facilities. Our room had classic interiors, a king sized bed and a large bath tub.
Balcony was its main attraction which had an awesome lake view.

After refreshing up a bit we were requested to gather at the Banquet Hall, Hampi, for the first set of activities and presentation.

RJ Archana from Radio Mirchi, Kasa Kai Mumbai was our host for the eve.

There were tables set for everyone to get settled.
All the bloggers were set in the GOA mood which was evident from their attire.
Atul had booked a table for our team, so we quickly grabbed our seats.

Finally the eve started with team introduction.
Each team was called on the stage and asked to reveal the team name with a brief introduction about each team member.

There were people from all walks of life.

We had an hotelier cum biker, an army man wife who was an author, an education consultant, a biker cum photographer who had travelled for 13000 km in one go that also at the age of 60+, a fulltime blogger, few tech bloggers who had their own startups, auto mainstream journalists and many more interesting profiles.

After the introduction we had the Renault team on the stage with their presentation.
For next half an hour we were briefed about Renault Lodgy , its presence in the market, comparison with other MPVs and reviews from automobile experts.

After the session got over we were asked to head over to “ The Restaurant” as dinner was served.
There were lots of new dishes to try out.

After having a sumptuous dinner we headed to our room to relax and prepare ourselves for the next day as we were going for the #LodgyDrive.

6:30 was the wakeup call as the drive was going to start from 9 a.m.
We had our breakfast and headed towards the lake side of the hotel for the flag off.

Atul was very excited to drive the new Lodgy so we took back seat to enjoy the view as our route had a beautiful GHAT section on the way.

Finally the drive started with all Lodgys in a queue following the one ahead of them.

Our destination was Hotel Lalit where we were supposed to have lunch.

As it was monsoon time we had an awesome view to capture in our DSLRs.

Full points to Lodgy in the space department.  There is ample of leg space available for the front and rear seats. Also among all MPVs it provides the maximum boot space.
The rear seats are flexible and can be easily folded to make enough space to accommodate even a cycle.
Music system is powerful and the quality of sound is superb. There is noise reduction mechanism which improves the clarity of sound and we are able to hear even the minute details.
The interiors are classy and stylish.
Lodgy has a superb pickup and provides a smooth driving experience.
Even on the curves in the GHAT section we don’t have to decrease the speed.

Btw we had a funny incident on our way to Lalit.
A person driving another car asked us to stop. We were a bit skeptical about his intensions so were cautious in talking to him. Next came the hilarious part of the story when he asked us to show the Lodgy we were driving as he too wanted to buy it…:P
We asked him to go to the showroom of Renault as we had to reach somewhere urgently.
After he went we kept on laughing till our stomach started to ache.

Finally we reached our destination which was Hotel Lalit.
There were huge lavish golf grounds on both sides of the road. I assumed it to be one of the most famous golf destinations in GOA.
The interiors of Lalit were not very glistening but sober and classy.
After having a sumptuous lunch at the “Canacona” we headed towards the private beach of Lalit.

It was a clean and beautiful beach which had an awesome panoramic view. 
The tides were high and a cool breeze was making our stay more pleasant.
After clicking a lot of selfies and pics we started for our return journey to Leela.

Some of the bloggers also had video bytes describing their Lodgy experience.

On the way to Leela I got the opportunity to drive and I was really satisfied by my overall Lodgy experience.

When we reached Leela, tea & coffee was served at Hampi.
As we were a bit tired so we quickly had our part and went to the room to relax a bit and also prepare ourselves for the impromptu sessions and activities which were going to happen next.

Around 7:15 p.m. everyone was at the Banquet hall dressed in their best.
The stage was all set for a rock band performance. I was super excited and eagerly waiting for the performance to start.

Meanwhile Blogadda marketing head, the gorgeous Ankita took the centre stage.

She called on stage some of the great personalities we had among us who had their success story to share.
After the impromptu sessions we had the panel discussion where 5 coveted bloggers were at the centre stage discussing about their experience as a blogger, how they got famous and what inspired them to become part of the blogging world.

With the end of panel discussion everyone’s eyes were set on stage as Goa’s one of the most famous band was ready to set the stage on fire. It was time to rock n roll.

Officially the bar was also open now so without wasting any time people quickly made their way to grab their favorite drink.

The band started with some famous English hits and then slowly paced their way towards Bollywood party numbers.
For the first 15-20 minutes everyone was at the bar or their seat, enjoying the show, but soon all the shy bloggers started getting the kick. In no time the dance floor was set ablaze with the thumkas of
rockstar bloggers.
After the dance party got over dinner was served.

I was too tired to eat so quickly had a bit and headed towards the room to have a good night sleep.

Next day morning we woke up a bit late.
12 p.m. was the time to check out of the hotel Leela.
Quickly we did our packing and headed towards “The Restaurant” to have our breakfast.

Finally it was time to say adieu to the fellow bloggers who were now more like friends and head towards the airport to return back to our respective destinations.

Many Many thanks to Blogadda and Renault for such an awesome experience.
Blogosphere has never witnessed such a phenomenal event where super heroes of the blogging fraternity are under a single roof. Not only I learned a lot but lived like a king for 2 days and also improved as a person. Memories of this event will always travel through my mind whenever I will remember my journey as a blogger.

I was a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive by BlogAdda.com in association with Renault India

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ambi Pur Air Effects - Blossom & Breeze..Product Review

Nose is the most sensitive part of the body.  A strong pungent smell can cause headache and sneezing which sometimes can become unbearable.

We come across a lot of smells in our day to day life, some pleasant and some terrible.

Some fragrances bring memories, some makes you close your eyes and feel it and some may burn your nostrils and make you run for life.

We would never want the 3rd scenario mentioned above to occur in our day to day life.

Whether it’s our abode, office, gym or any surrounding, it should be clean and hygienic.
A good smell increases our productivity and concentration while a smelly one makes us lose out of our senses.

When I shifted to Mumbai as a bachelor, the first thing my mom was worried about was the hygiene and cleanliness at my place of accommodation.  

I was living with 3 of my friends in 1 BHK as the accommodation in Mumbai is quite expensive.
They used to be all groomed and hygienic in college and I expected the same here.

But as days passed my expectations took a backdrop.

Pile of stinking socks, clothes drained in sweat and remains of food material would create an aura that would sometimes even burn my nostril hairs.

One of them was a pet lover and would bring a new guest every week.
Pet odors used to get high on my nose and become really terrible to bear.

Also occasionally our flat used to become a dharamshala , when friends of friends used to come as a refuge to our flat, some of them even smelling like a dead rat. Drinking and smoking used to be the favorite pastime making the air unhealthy and smelly.

The poor drainage system used to add fuel to the fire, especially during monsoons.
Whenever someone from the flat above us used to flush, a disgusting smell with a warranty to burn your nostril hairs would make its way right into your nose.

One day I and my girlfriend went to one of my blogger friend house as he has invited us for dinner.
As I entered the living room I was mesmerized by the amazing scent that made my nose hairs dance with joy. For a second I felt as if I was in heaven.

As my friend came I enquired about the magical scent that was distributed equally across the room.
Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossom Breeze is the source of magic, my friend revealed.

He understood my plight as he too had to live as a bachelor for few months.
My flat also used to smell like hell as it was a bachelor’s paradise but soon after using Ambi pur it started smelling like a real paradise.

Luckily at the same time Blogadda also had Ambi Pur Air Effects – Blossom & Breeze home for the bloggers to try out. These generous people gave me a sample and I am really thankful to them.


I have started using it and to my delight the aroma has changed drastically.
Now going to toilet would not demand a hanky on my nose.
I have started liking my flat and I want to stay for long just because of the pleasing fragrance that fills the air around.

As the name suggests the fragrance is quite floral and refreshes your mind.
Also I liked the can design and the spray mechanism.
The trigger for spray is quite easy to use.
I was trying to search for the ingredients but P&G has quite wisely kept it a secret.
Ambi Pur Air Effects - Blossom & Breeze is like a breath of fresh air.
I would definitely recommend it to everyone especially bachelors like me who have to daily suffer from stale and stinky smells.


Thanks a lot to Ambi Pur who has saved me from the torture of hell and has given me the pleasure of heaven.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#SniffSniff Activity Experience..

Few days back I got a mail from Blogadda about a mysterious product is coming into the market which is going to take the Blogosphere by storm. 

To know more about the mysterious product there was an activity known as the “#SniffSniff” activity which was live on Blogadda. I quickly registered for the activity as I didn’t want to miss all the fun, thrill and excitement in unveiling the mysterious product.

Soon I got my first parcel.
There was a man face which had a pin on his nose.
I quickly understood that the final product has something to do with body odour.

Next parcel came after 2 days.
It had a potali which seemed to contain diamonds or gold coins..:P
Finally on opening there were coffee beans inside it.
My first impression was that the mysterious product could be a deo or a perfume.

It took 2 more days for the third parcel to be home.
There was a mask inside it with a message loud and clear, “Masks are for saving you from pollution not from bad body odour.

Finally it was time for the #SniffSniff event where the mega launch of the product was going to happen.
As we entered the venue which was four seasons hotel in Mumbai there was Nivea Men written on the backdrop which made it clear that Nivea was going to launch its new product.

We had one of the hottest hunk of bollywood, Arjun Rampal to unveil the mysterious product.
History was in the making when India’s first Deodorizer was launched.

Everyone was so excited and eager to use it.
There were 2 variants, one was Ice Cool and the other one was Energy.

Next day a parcel came which had India’s first deodorizer. It was the ice cool variant. I sprayed a bit of it and the fragrance lasted the whole day. I am totally in love with the strong long lasting fragrance.

Cool product from Nivea Men which ensures awesome fragrance for the whole day.
Try it for a new feel of freshness.

I'm using my investigative skills to uncover the mystery of #SniffSniff at BlogAdda.”

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#SniffSniff meet experience..

I was part of the #SniffSniff activity and was eagerly waiting for the D day when the mysterious product was going to be revealed.  Finally 13th June came and it was time for #SniffSniff meet.

There were lots of predictions made for the product from various bloggers across the blogosphere.
Most of us were predicting it to be a new DEO. So were we right?

The mystery will be revealed soon, just keep on guessing & reading.

The meet was going on start at 11 a.m.
I and my fellow blogger friend Ste as usual were among the last few to reach the venue.
Actually if Blogadda want to honor us they can felicitate us with the “Last in Last out” blogger’s award..:P

Anyways we grabbed our seats quickly as the meet had already commenced.
It was an all male bloggers event but our host for the day was a beautiful lady.

Till now we were not aware about the brand that was going to launch the mysterious product until we saw Nivea men written all over the launch banner.

Soon after welcoming us to the event, the gorgeous lady made way for “Mr Animesh Gupta”, A soft skills trainer and EI coach.

He talked on different points related to “Body Odour”
1. What is the biological reason for development of body odour.
2. Effects of different kind of food habits on body odour.
3. What kind of diet is preferable when you have a body odour.
4. How to confront a person who has bad body odour and make him/her realize the same.
5. How to react when someone confronts you and says, “You smell bad today”.

It was an interactive session where we learned a lot on how to prevent, control, confront and accept a bad body odour.

Also there was a fun activity planned in the middle of it where all the bloggers were divided into groups of 5. In each group 2 of the bloggers were blindfolded who had to smell different things and depending upon the smell had to identify the personality of the person who smelled like that.
The other 3 had to pick five items at a time and make the 2 blindfolded persons smell them.

In my group I was among the 2 who got blindfolded but fortunately I didn’t had to smell onions but roses..:)

After the session there was surprise for us. According to rumors a bollywood actor was soon going to make his way in the middle. We were all thrilled and excited to meet one of the most handsome men of bollywood fraternity.

I think you must have correctly guessed the name till now…If NO, try connecting the dots when I say Nivea and Bollywood actor.

Finally the wait was over when “Arjun Rampal “, one of the most dashing actors of the decade made his way in front of us.
He had a class, every man would wish to have and style that would make a girl crazy.

He talked about his connection with Nivea and the beauty of its products.
Also he answered the questions asked by fellow bloggers.
I also asked him a question ,”How to handle such souls who consider themselves as superior and mock you even when you are hygienic and smelling good”.

It was time to feed the hungry stomach as lunch was served. 

After having a sumptuous meal we headed towards the hall which was all set for the launch.

It was show time as the curtains were going to be taken off the mystery product.

#BanBodyOdour was trending all over India. There was a hilarious video streamed spreading the message to #BanBodyOdour.

Mr Rakshit Hargave, the M.D. of Nivea India finally took the centre stage.
Lights, camera and action – “India’s first Deodorizer” was revealed.

A turning podium was in front of us which had a large model of “Nivea Deodorizer” and Arjun Rampal kissing it continuously…:P

It was Q&A round as Arjun Rampal and Mr Rakshit Hargave took centre stage.
After responding to around 7-8 questions it was time for photo session.

We too had our bloggers photo sessions.
It was time to head home with our goodies as the #SniffSniff meet concluded successfully.

Oopss…I forgot to tell what the goodie bag had, well a brand new “India’s first Deodorizer”..:)

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea

Friday, June 12, 2015

Natural Skin care tips

In today’s life everyone wants to look the best. People have become quite cautious about their skin, its problems and are ready to spend a bomb on different beauty products available in the market.

Today the beauty industry is worth $300 billion and is growing at a great pace.
But when it comes to radiant and glowing skin, it’s mostly natural beauty or result of Ayurvedic skin treatment.
My mom who is the perfect example of natural beauty believes in Ayurvedic skin treatment and also on natural methods to make skin healthy.

Some of the natural and simple skin tips which she used to share with me and my sister are as below –

1. Multani Mitti also known as Fuller’s earth
It is the most preferred and commonly used skin treatment. Multani Mitti is mixed with Rose
     water and the paste is applied on the affected areas. In few weeks all the pimples, blackheads and
     tan of the skin goes away leaving a smooth and fair skin.

2. Honey Face mask
 Raw honey is awesome for your skin. It is naturally anti-bacterial and is a great method to get soft
     and beautiful skin.

3. Aloe Vera
Skin treatment using Aloe Vera pulp is the cheapest of all treatments available. It is also quite
    easily available in the market.

4. Besan and Curd
Besan and curd paste is one of the best natural skin treatments available in today’s time.
     It is good for all kind of skins. People suffering from pimple, blackheads and whiteheads should
     apply it on a regular basis to get positive effect.

5. Lemon
There are lots of lemon face wash available in the market which shows the importance of lemon in
     the skin treatment.  Lemon, being a citrus food material is very good for skin.

6. Grapes
When it comes to radiant skin,fruit acids are the most effective of all.
    Cut the grapes in half and rub the cut sides over the skin.

7. Papaya
Papaya is very good for human body and helps to treat digestion and skin problems.
    There are numerous beauty salons and parlors which go for papaya facial as it is one of the best
    natural skin treatments available.  

8. Orange
Orange is very useful when it comes to treatment of rough and dry skin.
    Cut the orange into half and rub it gently over the affected areas of skin.

9. Olive oil & Salt
Mixture of olive oil and salt act as an effective body scrub. It helps to remove dead skin cells,
     creating softer and glowing skin.

10. Steam bath
Fifteen to twenty minutes of steam bath is good for your skin as it opens up the pores to let out
      toxins and impurities.

Recently I am using VICCO Turmeric cream and the effect is really great.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

An Open letter to Current GF

Dear Girlfriend,

I love you a lot, you know it and I know you also do, but every time when there is a fight you consider your past better than mines.

Comparing your ex with me is what you call "True Love"; I fail to understand this logic.

I never say your past was bad nor I flaunt that my coming in your life has made it beautiful.
What you have done for me and I have done for you are things to be felt not flaunt.

I respect your choice and hope the same in return but fail to get that.
There are many instances where you have considered yourself superior to my past.

A person who considers others as nothing and oneself as superior, such self obsessed person never remains happy in life.

Are you the same bubbly, down to the earth, peace loving girl whom I fell for, or you have changed?
The girl I loved used to respect every human being but the one today doesn't, so do you carry a dual face I was not aware about?

Give respect to get respect is a very famous saying; I think you might have heard about it.
We promised each other to respect each other's family, choices and past.
Do you still remember the promise or have you forgotten it?

The decision to be with each other, to love each other was mutual.
I am no prince charming, nor you are some miss world, let’s face the reality.
We are average human beings who love each other immensely and that hold the key to our future.

Neither I have done any favor being with you, nor have you.
We have accepted each other the way we are, with our past and now we have made plans to build an amazing future.

So let’s respect each other past and choices and not dig into it.

I have promised to love you till eternity and I will stick to that. 

Let’s sort it out quickly and began a new journey where there is only lots of love and no talks about the past.

In true love with you,
Current Boyfriend