Thursday, December 8, 2016

Why Distance BBA Is Better Than Online BBA

While an online BBA course in India has its set of advantages, it is imperative that students and parents understand the importance of a distance learning BBA course in India too. 

Access to universities

A student can enroll for an online BBA anywhere in the world- all he/she needs is an internet connection. Distance learning BBA programs, although few, are accessible around the world as well.


While an online BBA is dependent entirely on the internet, a distance learning BBA course involves a mix of online as well as traditional face-to-face classes.

Learning methodology

An online course is purely online, which means all the classes can be accessed on the internet. With distance learning courses, students follow a schedule, much like an academic year of a regular college. Their course material is made available to them via online formats and physical correspondence.

Responsibility of learning

In an online BBA course it is solely the student’s responsibility to catch up with the course. A distance learning BBA course on the other hand, offers guidance from staff as and when needed.

Opportunity for growth

An online BBA is relatively easier to get compared to a distance learning BBA course. A distance learning BBA degree adds value to a professional’s resume since it is considered equivalent to a degree from a regular university.

Distance courses are also easily recognized and accepted in the industry when compared to online courses.