Friday, October 31, 2014

Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta -An Amazing Experience

I was wondering what I should gift to my best friend on her birthday.
 I wanted to buy a brand new phone for her but she was totally against it as she had already lost 2 Smartphone this year and was precisely looking for a used phone.

Upset by her straight forward no I logged on to twitter to check for any interesting updates.
The first thing I do on twitter is to check the tweets from Blogadda – “Largest community of Indian Bloggers”. It was then when I noticed an interesting activity mentioned in one of their tweet.
It said “Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta”. I read about the activity and found it interesting.
Also now I could buy my friend a cell at a discount which she won’t mind.
Quickly I registered for the activity and waited for the response.

On October 16 I was delighted to see Blogadda’s mail.
The title said “You have been shortlisted for the 'Quikr Free Shopping Fiesta' Campaign”.
I opened the mail and checked out the things to follow and remember.
The points looked pretty decent to me.

About the Brand
Quikr is India’s no.1 online classifieds platform, a place where people can connect with each other to buy or sell goods and services. Launched in 2008 with the vision for buyers and sellers to “meet online, transact offline”, today it has over 4.2 million listings and have generated over 150 million replies.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Quikr operates from 940 cities across India and is accessed by more than 30 million unique users and 26 million brand new customers per month. It has over 13 categories and 170 sub-categories, with the most popular being mobile phones and electronics, real estate, cars and bikes.

My Experience
I went to my hometown for Diwali vacations and came on 30th morning so had only 2 days for making the deal as the contest was going to end on 31st.
Also her b’day was on 31st October so I had just one day to finalize the deal and get the product. Without wasting a moment I started my free shopping fiesta.
Time to open Quickr.

It asked me to select a city.

As Mumbai was among the popular cities I quickly selected it.
After selecting the city as Mumbai it showed me different options to select from.

There were many categories available.
I selected Mobiles & Tablets.


A window popped up. Exchange your old phone for a new one. Upto 60% discount was available.
This was great. I wanted to exchange mines but before that I wanted to buy one for my friend.
So I kept it for future.

There were lots of filters available.
1. Brand Name
2. Used/New
3. Price Range
    Also there was an option to set Custom range.
4. Ads posted in time
5. Operating system
6. Located in and there were different areas of Mumbai given to select from.
7. Posted By
8. No of Sims
9. Ad Type
10. Photos which was an option to select Ads only with photos.
I loved the different filters.

In the subheading I selected Mobile Phones
Motorola and Xiaomi were my first choice.
Also the custom range was set to 0-5750, Dual sim option was applied and Ads posted in last 1 month were only selected.


I was searching for Moto E/G or Xiaomi redmi 1S at a good discounted price.
Finally I selected 5 Ads from around 38.
The first one was for MOTO G at 5200.
Not bad at all. I replied to the Ad with my message and gmail id.

The second one was also MOTO G at 5k. Wow !!
Again I replied to the Ad with my message and gmail id.


The 3rd AD was for MOTO E.
Though it was quite far but I replied to it too.

There were two for Xiaomi Redmi 1S. The price for one was 5k and other was 5500.
I replied to both and waited for the response.


In the meanwhile till the response came from the seller side I thought to explore the site more.
I thought to post my own Ad and went to Post Free Ad.
On clicking on it I was navigated to a new page where I had to select a category.

After selecting Mobiles I landed on a page where all the details about the product had to be filled in.
This was really quick and easy.


Also another amazing feature was “Create Free Alert”.
Here I could chip in the details related to the product I wanted and Quikr would send me alerts whenever it was available in my vicinity.
Quite impressive !!!.

Finally after no mails or replies from any of the seller, I decided to contact the proud owners of MOTO G as I had no time.
MOTO G for around 5k was a surprise element for me but when I came to know that they are used for more then 2-3 years I dropped the idea of buying them.

I took the suggestions of some of my Tech blogger friends and they told me to go for Redmi 1S if I was getting a month old for 5k.

I called the number whose owner was giving it to me for 5k.
A girl who called herself Monica received the call. As she lived in Andheri East so I decided to meet her and make a deal if the phone was in real good condition.

IT was my luck or what but the piece was in real great condition. After checking it thoroughly and also the accessories I decided to purchase it. I tried to negotiate the price but the girl was adamant to decrease a single penny.
I was content with the quality so decided to buy it for 5k itself.

The very next day on 31st I gifted it to my best friend and she has already started loving it so much.
Check out the pics here.

                                                             Here is my Redmi...

                                                             I am loving its features

                                                     Just check out my smile when I use it

                                         A bit of charging and the photo session will start again..;)

                                        I don't pose for the world it's just that I love myself

                                                 My Redmi 1s is also one of my cutie pie

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My experience with Matrikas- The future of Paper Products

About the Brand
Matrikas is the brand of Srinivas Fine Arts print (P) Ltd which was founded by Srinivas Group.
SFA print (P) Ltd is the baby of like minded brothers Mr.R.Vivekanandan, Mr.R.Viswanathan and Mr.R.Murugesan.

Products by Matrikas
Matrikas presents a wide range of paper products which includes exquisitely designed and finished Diaries, Notebooks, Journals , Office stationary and Social stationary.

Scribble your heart away.....
I got this wonderful opportunity to be part of "Scribble your heart away...." campaign and I was really delighted. After having a visit to their site my excitement reached a new height.
The collection was awesome and I was waiting to have a feel of it.
The day courier arrived I was in office.It was a huge packet.
I left my work and started unwrapping it. Finally when the products were unveiled I was impressed.

Cube Work - The Ring book
The first thing I had in my hands was Cube Works, the ring book.
To make a cover page like this a person has to be really creative and innovative.
All the activities you do round the year on a single page, isn't that amazing.
The paper quality was real good. I gifted it to my niece.


Mother Teresa Journal
Mother Teresa on the cover page , what a wonderful thought indeed.
As I opened it there was a short biography of her.
Before starting your own journey take some inspiration from the lady of peace herself, quite impressive idea.
And here I tell you the most beautiful thing about the book, a quote on each page.
Some of my favorites include

"Without patience, we will learn less in life. We will see less, We will feel less.
We will hear less. Ironically, rush and more usually mean less."

"And the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomats we have received, how much money we have made, how much great things we have done. Will be judged by "I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in."

"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty."

"Every time you smile at someone, it  is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing."


I kept the Journal for myself so that whenever I start a new chapter of life, whenever I start a new story there is a beautiful thought, an inspiring quote to begin with.

Cube Works Elite Journal
This classy journal had my eyes on it from the time I unwrapped the package.
Anyone can easily fall in love with it. The look and feel is just amazing.
As I opened it there were various sections where we can pen down our favorite things.
Apt for a person who maintains a personal diary.
Someone who loves to express his emotions with the power of pen.
So this was for my dad , my inspiration when it comes to blogging specially.

The quality of pages is impeccable, really smooth and silky.


6 Subject Note Book
A4 sized hardbound notebook was what I was holding now.
Big, rich & classy look and feel and ample of pages was my first opinion about me.
It was sufficient for a school/college going student to complete his assignments of various subjects.
The quality of pages as usual was quite impressive.
I gifted it to my younger brother.

A blogger/ writer like me who loves to pen down his thoughts on something which makes me write more and adds beauty to my words , Matirkas paper products highly satisfy my needs.
I would recommend it to everyone who loves the smell of paper and the smoothness of which urges you to pick the pen and start writing.

To know more about Matrikas products please visit their site here

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review of Book -God is a Gamer

I am a big fan of novels based on mystery and thrill genre.
Dan Brown and Jeffrey Archer are among my favourites but slowly another author is also making to this list, India's mystery king Ravi Subramanian.

About the Author:
Ravi Subramanian is an alumnus of IIM Banglore ,working as a Banker for last two decades.
He is one of the bestselling author in India. His previous novels include-:
If God was a banker(2007)
I Bought the Monks Ferrari(2007)
Devil in Pinstripes(2009)
The Incredible banker(2011)
The Bankster(2012)

What the cover speaks:
When I got the book in my hand I was fascinated by its cover. Perfect for a thriller .
God is a Gamer title deceives the reader of what is stored inside the book for him.
Bitcoin coined as the O in GOD suggests that the story is going to revolve around the bitcoins world which turns out to be quite true.

About the story:
The main characters of the story includes
1. Malvika - CEO of New York International Bank India who desires to be a lot more then this.
2. Tanya - Her daughter who loves a guy called Varun.
3. Swami - Head of retail banking NYIB who hates Malvika. He is a good friend of Adtiya and
4. Adtiya - Founder of eTIOS (leading BPO of India) & Indiscape (India's biggest gaming company.
                  Former Retail Banking head of NYIB.
5. Sundeep - Aditya's business partner and a very good friend.
6. Varun - Adtiya's son.
7. Gillian Tan - Senator US government.
8. Nikki Tan- Gillian Tan's wife
9. Gloria - Gillian and Nikki's adopted daughter.
10. Adrain & Tony - Special Agents US government.
11. Mike Hendricks - Chief of staff of President of America.
12. Josh - Admin of Cotton coil, an online website which deals in drugs, child pornography and other
                illegal activities. The transaction only happens in bitcoins.
13. Dan Malloy- Head of CRRU, US government.

Story starts with the assassination of Gillian Tan which shakes the US government specially the President.
Special Agents Adrain & Tony are given the case.
In India millions of dollars are stolen from NYIB customers because of a phishing mail.
Another incident of theft is reported in America where 5 millions dollars are stolen from various ATMs using cloned Credit cards. This is the biggest ATM heist ever reported.
Malvika commits suicide in a party thrown by her while she was with the finance minster.
Tanya claims it to be a murder.
Indiascape's most popular game Townsville spreads malware all over the world stealing bitcoins and using power of thousands of laptops, tablets and smartphones for that.
Cotton coil , the online website which deals in numerous illegal activities and accepts only bitcoins for transaction is considered to carry all the secrets of various incidents happening round the world.

Who were involved in the assassination of Gillian Tan ?
Were the same people responsible for the suicide cum murder of Malvika ?
Who is the founder of Cotton Coil ?
Will Adrain & Tony with help of their mentor Dan be able to solve this case ?

Its really interesting to read how answers to all this questions unfolds.

What I liked :
The story is gripping and makes you eager to know further.
Suspense and mystery the most important ingredients of this story are intact till end.
There are no loopholes.
Description of characters is good.
The flow and narration is quite impressive.
Best thing about this story is it introduces you the Bitcoins world explaining its details in a layman language. Full marks to Ravi for his detailed analysis of the Bitcoins World.

Things that can be improved :
There are too many characters in the story which sometimes make it difficult to relate their past and present actions.
The end of the story seems to be unrealistic specially the part of Varun.

My Verdict
One of the best books of Ravi Subramanian till date.
Perfect blend of suspense, thrill and mystery.
The detailing of the Bitcoin world is just superb which makes you aware about a completely different world which in future can replace today's currency.
All I will say is get your copy now..:)

Title: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian
Publisher : Penguin Books
Pages: 310
Language: English
Cost : 299

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Diwali celebrations at my home

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals in India.
This festival of lights is celebrated with full pomp and show.
It signifies the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

From a 6 year old child to a 60 year old man, everyone celebrates it will full enthusiasm.
The atmosphere is no different at my home.

Preparations start one month before the actual day.
Home Cleaning
The first activity on the bucket list of to do things is home cleaning.
We pick one room at a time and clean every corner of it.
This is the time when I become nostalgic.
It feels amazing to see those old drawing books, stationary items, greeting cards and cricket cards which are the treasure of my past.
Bed sheets, pillows and other clothes are kept in the sun.

Diwali Dishes
I love Diwali the most because of the delicious food items prepared by my mom.
Gajar ka Halwa, Gujiyas, Sweet/Namkeen Shakarparas, Khoparapak are some of my favorite dishes.
I love helping my mom in their preparations.
Cutting the Gujiyas and Shakarparas in proper shape is my responsibility and also my forte.

                                                               credit -wikipedia

Diwali shopping is what everyone awaits for the whole year.
People buy new clothes, electronic items, automobiles and jewellery.
There are huge discounts given by the brands to lure more customers.
Once free from all the Diwali preparations our family also indulge in shopping of new clothes and jewellery. Buying varieties of cracker is also on the top of the list.

Light decorations
Light decorations is my responsibility.
I think a house is known by its light decorations at the time of Diwali.

                                                                    credit - wikimedia

Led-strip lights are my favourite which keeps on flashing in different orders.
Also beautiful lanterns and decorative diyas add to the beauty.

                                                              credit -Flickr

Different types of Rangoli is been made by me and my sister during the course of 5 days.

Credit  - Wikipedia

The 5 days of Diwali
Diwali extends 5 days starting from Dhanteras till Bhaidooj.
Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali when my parents buy gold and silver coins.
It is considered as a good omen.

Roop Chudas is the second day of the 5 days when people try to look the best they can.

Finally comes the most awaited day of the whole year Diwali- Laxmi Pujan.
In our family Laxmi Pujan is done at two places, home and shop.

Different items required in Puja are brought a day before which includes
Gold and silver coins from bank locker
Idol or picture of Goddess Laxmi
Milk, curd, honey, ghee
Other daily puja items.

All set up is done at a particular place which is fixed for Laxmi puja.
Clean clothes are been spread and all the things are kept on it.

First the puja is done at the shop.
All the puja items are placed on a Thali. Dad and Badepapa sprinkles water to purify them.
Next they offer flowers, rice and other puja items to the Idol of Goddess Laxmi.

                                                                          credit - wikipedia

After it is done we recite MahaLaxmi arti and distribute sweets in the neighboring shops.
We burn few crackers on the road and then head towards home.

Puja at home is done on a grand level.
Relatives from my dad’s side come to our place.
After the puja is done we all sit together and eat the delicious Diwali dishes prepared by my mom.
And then comes the most important part of the day, burning crackers.
The complete baccha party is out on the roads with their colorful crackers.

Next day of Diwali is called Diwali Padva.
On this day we visit our relatives and friends and seek their blessings and love.
We exchanges gifts and sweets. This festival also helps in reconciling with our near and dear ones who are upset with us.

The last day is called Bhai Dooj which is the festival of brother and sister.
Finally the celebrations of the most most popular festival of India comes to an end.

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When I fell ill on Diwali..

Children are the powerhouse of a home.
Their hullaballoo, energy and activities make a place come alive.

                                                                credit- flickr
But they are also the most vulnerable of all in the family.
Their immunity is not as strong as the adults in the home.
Once ill they take a longer time to recover.

Same was the case with me during my childhood.
I was the livewire of my house.

There was no single moment when I was not busy with some or the other activity.
Visiting post office to pay electricity and phone bills, accompanying mom to the fruits market and
filling water in the containers were some of my responsibilities.

I was also the prime source of energy in my society.
On Holi I used to be the first person to color everyone.
When Dussehra came I used to be the head of the team who made Ravan.
During Navratri I used to be the most enthusiastic of the dancing lot.
Any festival or occasion was incomplete without me.

It was Diwali time.
Everyone was busy in their preparations.
Home cleaning, renovations, whitewashing, light decorations and sweets making were the major activities.

                                                                  credit - wikipedia

As a child I loved Diwali the most of all the festivals.
The reasons were quite simple. It was the only festival when my parents bought me new clothes, relatives gave me gifts, mom made my favorite sweets and I could burst innumerable crackers.

A day before Dhanteras I fell ill.
It was severe cough and cold which was followed by fever.
I was allergic to dust and during the home cleaning it grew more.

Lots of medicines, Khichdi in food and ample bed rest were suggested by the doctor.
Also seeing my condition I was asked not to burn any cracker as it would ruin my condition further.
I was very upset and started crying.
Seeing my condition my parents also became tensed.

The lights decoration was still to be done. Only half of the Diwali dishes were prepared by mom as all her time went in taking care of me.
My society friends were also sad as I could not join them in burning crackers.

Due to increasing pollution caused by crackers my condition deteriorated to the extent that I had to be hospitalized.
It was Diwali day and my family was in hospital.
It took me two days to recover from the weakness.
For 2 days the only house in the society which had no lights, no diyas , no rangoli and no crackers was ours.

Every year the house which everyone in the society had their eyes on was Jain Vila i.e. our house.
Right from the light decorations, beautiful rangoli to different varieties of colorful crackers made our house the centre of attraction. This year was no different but the reason was not the same.

This was not the first time when I had to be hospitalized because of my allergy.
Many renowned doctors of the city examined me but their medicines couldn’t find a cure.
It was then on Diwali get-together when one of my relatives suggested Dabur Chyawanprash to my parents.
I took it religiously for 6 months and to everyone’s surprise my allergy disappeared.
Also I did yoga but the major changes came when I stated eating Chyawanprash.

It has been 10 years now and I have never missed any Diwali because of my allergy issues.
Thanks to Dabur Chyawanprash for eradicating it from the root.


This post is written as a part of contest organised by Dabur in association with Indiblogger.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

#WordUp Indiblogger meet powered by BigRock !!!

Listen - Learn - Express were the 3 words which showed up when I opened the Indiblogger Home page.
Yipiee !! a new blogger's meet in Mumbai powered by BigRock - the best destination for buying domains & websites.
I opened the page to register for the meet and Oh Boy !!!, it couldn't have got bigger then this.

Speakers for the day -:
1. Varun Krishnan -      Founder of India's most popular mobile reviews destination                                                                    ""
2. Amit Agrawal -         The Big B of Blogsphere.
3. Anshul Tewari -        Founder of a revolutionary initiative for youth -""
4. Vinit Goneka -           National Co-Convener for BJP's information technology cell.
5. Scherezade Shroff -  A Fashionista who is the perfect example of what happens when beauty
                                        indulges with fashion.
6. C S Krishna -            Satire guru who writes for The UnReal Times.
7, Harsh Agrawal -       Founder of ShoutMeLoud - one of the most popular technology blog in                                               India.He is also a very renown SEO guru.
8. Lakshmi Rebecca -   Owner of Red Bangle, a film production house that's made over 300 films
                                        including Ad films, Corporate films, Web films & Animated films.
                                        She also features a online talk show , "Chai with Lakshmi" which has over
                                        30,00,000 views. Sunit Singh the lead designer at Cleartrip for her guest for
                                        today's  show.
9. Snigdha Manchanda - Founder of TeaTrunk & Story Ninja.

I registered quickly and was eagerly waiting to listen to the young entrepreneurs share their success stories.

Finally the day came.
I had never woke up so early on Saturday specially for a blogger's meet but this was something different and I was determined not to miss listening to any of the speakers.

The venue was Blue Frog in Lower Parel one of the most happening places in Mumbai.

I with my blogger friends reached the destination around 8:45 a.m.
The team of BigRock greeted us amiably and gave a token of gesture from their side.
Will tell you later what they gave us. Till then let the curiosity build up..;)

As we entered inside the venue, the ambiance was amazing as usual.
The stage was occupied with a drum, speakers and 3 mike stands. This was really interesting.
Start of the day with some boom boom, bang bang was definitely on the rocks.

To our surprise the whole IndiTeam except Renie made their presence on the stage. Anup and Karthik were looking great with their guitars. Nihal was ready to explode with the vocal and the most interesting was the drummer- A cute girl from Philippines.

The show was really rocking and all the crazy bloggers got of their seat banging their heads with the IndiBand. After the Rockstar performance it was time to call the Speakers on the stage.

The talk session started with Mr Vinit Goneka.
As a national Co-Convener for BJP's information technology cell he talked about BJP's presence on social media and their plans to improve it. He also told that no tweet addressed to him is left answered.

Next was Amit Agarwal - the Big B of Blogsphere.
He gave us tips on how to increase traffic on the blog , how to improve content as it is the king.
There are more than 15 slides in his PPT which covered every aspect on how to become a PRO blogger.

Anshul Tewari the founder of YouthKiAwaaz was next on stage to share his story.
His journey from a blogger to a journalist was really inspiring. He also gave tips on how to
promote one's blog and how can one bring a change in the society through it.

After listening to this inspiring story it was time to call the next speaker Lakshmi Rebecca who had an equally inspiring story to tell.
The session started with a video which showed one of the clips of her show "Chai with Laxmi".
I loved the concept of Entrepreneurs sharing their success stories on her show. 100%  thought provoking. Next we had a live show where Lakshmi called up Mr Sunit Singh- Lead Designer at

After the talk got over IndiTeam came up with a fun game "Guess the Number" just to ease out on the dose of GyanGanga. In this game the host picks anyone from the audience and asks him/her to select a number between 1-10. There were flipkart gift vouchers for some lucky ones.

Another Guru made his way to the middle of the stage. This time it was Phone Guru, Varun Krishnan the founder of
There was no phone in the market which was not reviewed by him to quench his thirst of getting the perfect phone.
He also talked about blog monetization and ways of doing it.

The last speaker before lunch was another Guru in the making. This time it was satire guru C S Krishna from The UnRealTimes.
He told us how humor can be used into blogging but you need to play safe with your words specially when your article is on a politician. He also shared his personal experiences on how not playing safe got him into trouble.

It was the most favorite time of mines and I guess everyone out there - Lunch Time.
There were delicious varieties to try and the pastries were just amazing.
I filled my stomach until it cried and made my way to our table as the session was going to start soon.

Post lunch the first speaker on board was the gorgeous Scherezade Shroff -  A Fashionista who is the perfect example of what happens when beauty indulges with fashion. She was a vblogger who has more than 1 million views on her channel.
People didn't ask any questions in this session may be because they didn't hear much..:P

Now was the time for another Guru. This time it was SEO Guru- Harsh Agarwal
He was the founder of tech blog -ShoutMeLoud. As a SEO guru he gave us a lot of SEO tips and tricks.

The penultimate speaker for the day was another pretty lady -Snigdha Manchanda.
This cute girl was the founder TeaTrunk and Story Ninja.
For the first time in life I heard about someone blogging about different varieties of Tea.
This entrepreneur through TeaTrunk provides people with good quality tea. This Tea specialist is also a storyteller who makes people aware about the complete cycle of writing a story.

After a lot of GyanGanga came Bhavish Ailani with his laughter therapy.
This stand up comedian was successfully able to tickle the funny bone of the bloggers.
I loved some of his jokes and gags.

Finally it was time to bid goodbye to all as the meet was about to end but this time there was something else also in store. The IndiTeam again called everyone on the floor as it was time for more head banging.

Group photo and pics with blogger friends marked the end of the meet.

Did I miss something ?
Ohh yes the token of gesture from BigRock

So here I reveal the secret.
A Backpack, Badge, Portable Wireless Speakers, free WordPress hosting and 1 year .ME domain coupon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Game of Blogs : Siege Saga- Round III (Part 28 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers


Read the first part of the story here.

Read the previous part of the story here.

Shekhar was shaken to the core by the series of events that had took place in the past couple of days.

Kareem , who was their only source of information about the lethal mission of terrorists was dead.
Ahana was in a state of shock after she saw the badly disfigured face of Kareem.
Whereabouts of Tara, the woman whom he loved the most was still unknown.
Aryan as per Shekhar’s secret sources was in Dubai to meet his Godfather.
Who was this godfather and how powerful was he?
Was he the same person who is considered to be the Supremo of ISI was still a mystery?

Everyone in his team was scratching his head to get some clue of the happenings when suddenly a picture appeared on their computer screens.
It looked more like a puzzle.

After 30 seconds the puzzle disappeared and a picture of post bomb blast appeared.


Hell man !!! What are these B***tards now after?
Haven’t they had enough bloodshed till date?
Bloody Monsters !!!!

Shekhar was red with anger, but suddenly the color of his face became pale.
Was someone able to crack the puzzle, he asked in a state of despair.
Yes sir on the verge to crack it, just give me 10 minutes came a voice from behind.
There are 2 dates in the picture. One of them is 31st December and the other one is 1st January.
31st December is the date when he is born and 1st January is the day when it is true only in a year.
Cyrus was not only a blogger but he was also a puzzle master.

Bravo man !!! You are really a genius Shekhar hugged Cyrus.
Guys quickly I want to 2 teams.
1.       Team 1 who is going to find out the events on 31st December and 1st January.
2.       Team 2 who is going to get me the best hackers of India.
I want to track the source of this message.
“Are we clear officers?”  , Shekhar asked loudly.
Yes sir, the reply came in unison.

Quickly team 1 came with the list of events on both the days.
Shekhar went through each of the event mentioned.
There were lots of New Year parties where many celebrities were going to appear.
Also there was India vs Australia match on 1st January in Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium.
This can be the event which we were looking for, he thought in his mind.

Sir, we have people from your wife’s channel.
They are talking about some secret cam which was hidden in Tara’s shoes.
When they got a bit of signal from it , they could hear somebody saying “This Delhi Traffic”.
So basically Tara and other journalists are in Delhi.
The hackers were also able to identify the IP address of the source machine.
It was from Dubai which confirmed the info about Aryan,

After combining all the information together, one thing which was now clear to Shekhar was Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium is where the bombs are going to be placed whose remote control is in Dubai.
Only 2 days were left for 1st January so they had to act on it quickly.

Without wasting a fraction of second he called for a meeting with all the high officials of Indian Intelligence.
Finally 4 things were concluded out of it.
1.       Hack the computers which are used to control the bombs and deactivate them.
2.       Get all the hostages back safe and sound.
3.       Nab Aryan and his Godfather dead or alive.
4.       Special safety for the BARC scientists.

     "Guys I just have one thing to say, shoot those cowards right in the middle of the skull", Shekhar said in a tone which was never heard from him before.

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