Thursday, April 28, 2016

US Diary : Over the Bridge

                                         A beautiful view over the bridge @ Saint Augustine 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

US Diary : Mesmerizing Sunset

                                                      Beautiful Sunset @ Saint Augustine 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Men’s Jewelry trends: brighten your day with some finery!

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What goes into your fashion routine apart from slick hair gels and truck loads of natural charisma? Ever thought of jazzing things up a bit by wearing a bracelet or two? It is probably still too early for men around the world to wrap themselves around some jewelry. That, however, doesn’t alter the fact that men’s fashion is reinventing itself, and menswear has experienced a shower of bling on the runways. Explore your creative side this season and try an eclectic mix and match that’ll turn your fashion statement around!

1. The break-through bracelets


        Men are steadily levitating towards a biker-casual outerwear appeal. Funky leather bracelets are         the break-through ornaments that men have taken a fancy to. Leather accentuates masculinity
        and is also perceived as a power symbol. Get entwined with the rustic charm of leather and
        flaunt the single-band bracelet with your stylish shirts.


        Riveted designs on leather are worth every penny this season! Available in a variety of styles,
        coil these stylish bracelets around your wrist, and intensify your love for pure leather. Keep your
        sleeves rolled up, flaunt those glamorous shades and let your leather bracelets shine on.


        Beaded jewelry adds a subtle tone of mystery to your personality. Give in to exquisite, beaded
        bracelets and try them on to add a level of playfulness to your attire. Colored stones and gems
        have been strung together to create some of the finest jewelry pieces for your wardrobe.


       We might be able to entice you with the delicacy of silver. We are assuming that not everyone
       would fascinated with boho-casual bracelets. A simple and sleek, silver bracelet would make for
       a sophisticated purchase. Try the bracelet with the lovely chevron design, and I’m sure you
       wouldn’t be able to part with it.

2. Lock yourself in a cool locket



       Coming back to rustic jewelry, we have a fair share of those awaiting you. Priceless pendants
       exhibiting curious features and symbols seem promising. Few lockets adorning rough strings or
       chains, have carried forward the do-it-yourself approach to men’s jewelry. 


       Little pendants crafted from silver can be your lucky charms! Attract a lot of attention and envy
       from onlookers, and create a glamorous league of your own. Sterling silver is a great choice to
       wear with your formals or party suits. You’ll soon realize that these pendants are rather brilliant
       for your everyday fashion fix. 

3. Ting-a-ring! 


         Rings designed from flawless, sterling silver represent brilliance in every way. The ingenious
         cut-work on silver and sparkly stones coupled immaculately with silver bands will immediately
         catch your fancy.
         We don’t want the men to miss out on some of the finest choices in jewelry. I’m sure the
         shopper in you is anxious to break free! Happy shopping! 

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            About the Author


Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Inherit College Education from your Parents

Have you heard any parent saying that I studied from Delhi University so my daughter is also going to study from there or that I was able to find a decent job after my graduation from IIT so let my son also pursue the same from there? Yes, every time a discussion on “Kya Socha” about kid comes and these conversation popes up. I feel such decision by parents are like asking people their kids to use Siemens phone (that big one with antenna) in the time of smart phones.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t inherit college education from your parents.

1. Today opportunity and requirements are changing. In this time it is important that we should not limit our children imagination and aspirations with our limited 80’s-90’s experience in the world of 2016.

2. The college which was good in those times need not be at the top now. So we should let
our children introspect and choose the college of their choice.

3. As compared to the old days, today foreign education has become a common trend.
So we shouldn’t limit our children to India but let them explore worldwide opportunities.

4. During old days education was limited to the field of engineering, doctor and law.
But these days colleges even teach how to become entrepreneurs.

5. Today education is 40% theory and 60% practical which was not the case during our
parent’s time where 90% of the syllabus was devoted to theory.

It is time when you should #thinkBIG and guide your children too. Here is why we want you to look at opportunities which are provided in universities like LPU which have been showcased through this unique video as well.

Also one learning from the video is that your present decision will impact your future too, so when you have to think then why not thinkBIG

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

10 facts about relationships..!!

In today’s world being in a relationship is the most common trend.
People fall in and out of love as if it is a dive in river Ganga.
Everyone is in relationship or desperately wants to be in one.

Among all this only 15% of people understand the true meaning of a relationship and
different facts related to it.

Fact 1.
Relationship involves two free birdies who love to spend their time, emotions and feelings together.
None of them is a slave of other and has their own freedoms and rights to enjoy.
A person is in a relationship with you to be happy and not to be in restrictions or bondages.
Give your partner space, rights and freedoms to enjoy and he/she will always love to be with you.

Fact 2
Don’t be a hurt-freak, getting hurt on every small action taken by your partner.
If you will behave like that your partner will feel uncomfortable and restricted in doing anything.
They will have to think twice before having a conversation with you.
Make their life simple and not painful because of you.

Fact 3
It is completely fine for your partner to enjoy with his/her friends.
Don’t become a jealous machine or get loaded with insecurities.
Always remember insecurities kill relationships. Your partner will always know the limit and will
respect the freedom and space they are enjoying with you.
Be a bit possessive but not a chipko.
Show your partner how much he/she means to you. Show your authority but only in a limit.

Fact 4
Don’t be a selfish bag always thinking about yourself.
Your partner has his/her own dreams, ambitions and principles.
Respect them and always make efforts to align them with yours.
Achieving success together is the real spice of life.
Also you are not the only one who is making efforts, your partner is giving equal blood and sweat.
Respect and appreciate their efforts.

Fact 5
Your partner is not a problem solver, he/she is with you to enjoy life to the fullest and live a simple life.
Don’t burden them with your problems and frustrations.
Always try to create a refreshing atmosphere rather than a tensed one.

Fact 6
A relationship is about solving problems and facing difficulties together.
It is not a one person job to do everything and the second person to just enjoy.
Put in efforts to show how much you care and love your partner.
Be proud of have them in your life.

Fact 7
Don’t play the blame game with your partner.
You are responsible for your problems and wrongdoings.
Discuss your problems and seek guidance, but even if the suggestion goes wrong, it
is not the whole and sole responsibility of your partner to make it right.

Fact 8
Don’t be a cry baby.
No one likes a person who is weak and cries on everything.
There will be situations when your partner will hurt you or go on a wrong path.
Be strong, stay there with him/her and give your complete support.

Fact 9
Be yourself. You are born with your own identity.
If someone loves you he/she should love the way you are without changing you.
Also don’t become so mad for someone that you lose your identity, respect and dreams.

And lastly the most important Fact
Fact 10
A person has come into a relationship with you on his/her own will.
It was his/her decision and nothing being forced upon.
In course of time even if your partner falls for someone else, that is perfectly ok.
Life makes us meet different people and it can be possible that we find someone else
who perfectly suits us.
Respect his/her decision. Don’t cage them with emotional blackmailing and heartbroken messages.
You can’t control your partner, it is completely their decision, what they want to do in life and whom
they want to like.

But yeah one thing you can do is always be with them in their goods and bad.
Be protective and caring and show your complete support. Don’t let anyone take their advantage.
Keep on improving yourself, have trust in your love and faith in god.
If you deserve them, they will always come back and embrace you happily.

Follow these facts before it is too late J

Sunday, April 17, 2016

US Diary : Sailing the endless sea from the infinite sky..

    Another pic from the Jax Beach visit, free birdies sailing the endless sea from the infinite sky

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Haircut in India and US : A humorous take

It was my first haircut in US and I am jumping like a small baby to share my experience through a comparison between normal Indian salons vs a normal US salons (which are nothing less than a Jawed Habib).

In US 90% of the time you will be greeted by a girl and even the cutting will be also done by her.
In India it is just the opposite.

So lets look at the way things happen differently in India and US.

How customers are greeted
In US salons the way customers are greeted, you feel to come again and again.
Also you can check-in online and reserve your no.

In India sometimes you will feel that the barber has even seen you or not.
When the person who came after you gets a haircut first you have to raise your voice to make
him feel your presence.

How the cutting is done
In US there are different scales which decide the type of haircut you will get.

In India, there are only 3 styles, Barik, Medium or any Celebrity cut.

The Payment
In US you need to pay a tip even when you don't like the haircut.

In India most of the times either customer or barber won't have Rs 5 change, which will be delayed to the next time.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Life is a bitch, learn how to fuck it...

Life's a bitch
It will lift you up
And throw you face first on the floor.

Once confident, energetic and ambitious,
You will suddenly fall in no man's land.

A person who used to rule hearts,
will now be on the sympathy of others.

Circumstances, luck and timing
if these are in your favour you rule
Otherwise you are left at the mercy of others.

Learn the art to love the pain, it's sweet
Get habitual to live on your own, that's life.
Get away from emotions, love and expectations,
It only kills and destroys a person.

Life is not meant to be lived on other's rules.
You are the hero/heroine of your life,
Love yourself, pamper yourself and spend time with yourself.
Follow your heart and respect yourselves.

There is no one important in this world than yourself,
Follow your passion, live your dreams and create your identity

Failures come to everyone but they are just a lesson to be learnt
How much life smash you down, rise up and show your middle finger.
Learn from your mistakes, be strong and fly high in the sky.
In the end how much you wept won't be count but what you achieved will define your personality.

Give a shit to what others think,
In the end it is your life and you are born to live it to the fullest.
Get high...Get Crazy...Get screwed...Get Famous...

US Diary : A flight from sea to sky

               A group of beautiful birdies ready to take off from the sea to measure the endless sky..

Thursday, April 14, 2016

US Diary : Mesmerizing Sunset

       Serene water, Cool breeze, Bridge in the middle of sea and a beautiful sunset..mesmerizing..!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Make your toddler happy this summer with Flintobox - 'Colour Carnival’

About Flintobox
Flintobox creates subscription activity kits for children between 2 and 8 years. 90% of brain development happens by the age of six. Early experiences and positive interactions during the age of 2-8 years determines the overall development of children for years to come. Based on this premise of Early Child Development, Flintobox helps in making these years count with fun learning play tools! The boxes are packed with creative play activities to teach kids concepts over a period of time. Flintobox feeds a child’s curious mind and fosters independent growth through explorative puzzles and games. The products are designed by game designers, montessori and pedagogy experts and child psychologists. Crafted with kid-friendly materials, the box is shipped all across India with COD available in certain areas.

New Product : Colour Carnival
Flintobox recently launched ‘Colour Carnival’ - an activity kit exclusively for toddlers. Colour Carnival box has been curated to introduce children between 2 and 3 years to the concept of colours and patterns in a unique and interactive manner. The discovery box, loaded with 6 play activities - including a storybook, is designed to keep toddlers busy and mentally active all through the summer holidays.

How Colour Carnival help Kids
With Colour Carnival, kids receive creative hands-on engagement with activities that help in overall skill and habit development while simultaneously getting introduced to different shapes and colours. From geometric patterns and colourful shapes, the box contains intriguing puzzles and riveting games along with experiential fine-motor activities. The activities are designed to cover 12 developmental areas including coordination, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills through fun means. This way, the child is wholly involved and ends up staying away from TV or excessive screen time! In addition, the activities also serve as a great way to spend quality time indoors with the family. Perfect for the Summer!
Flintobox has released 2 new themes for the month of April for the age groups 3 to 4 (Jr. Colour Scientist) and 4 to 8 (Wildlife Safari). Limited number of boxes are produced every month, so if you are planning to get one for your child, you know what to do next!

Flintobox Journey
Flintobox was founded by Arunprasad Durairaj, Vijaybabu Gandhi, and Shreenidhi Srirangam. As young parents, they realised the growing trend of TV addiction in children and the urgent requirement for activities to get their children engaged with. The idea of Flintobox was then born. After a few test runs, they invested their savings of close to Rs.10 lakh to establish the business in September 2013.

In October 2014, they raised USD 300,000 from leading angels GSF Global, Globevestor (USA), AECAL (Germany), and Mauj Mobile.

Connect with Flintobox
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FB                -
Google plus -

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spark Walk Jacksonville : A festival of Art

About the Event
One Spark is an annual crowdfunding festival held in Downtown Jacksonville, Florida, United States.
In the event, "creators" display projects in various categories (including art, innovation, music, science, social good, and technology) and crowdfund from attendees. The event also offers opportunities for private investment in projects as well as speakers, music, and entertainment.
The event launched in 2013.

Let’s know the walk
Jacksonville Downtown Artwalk is held on the first Wednesday of every month.
The Art Walk headquarters at Hemming Park hosts dozens of artists, seeking to show and sell their works. From jewelry to paintings, accessories to sculptures and many more, you’ll find a mix of unique, handmade items from both emerging and established artists.

Spark Walk 2016
Spark Walk 2016 was presented by One Spark Inc., in collaboration with Downtown Vision, Inc.
It was held from noon to 10 p.m.
The creator showcase was on Laura Street, from Adams Street to The Jacksonville Landing.
There were live performances, food junctions, stalls by startups and small businesses and art walk monthly artists.

My experience
It was my first Art Walk in Jacksonville and I was really excited to see the fusion of creativity and
uniqueness that was at display at each stall.
And I was not at all disappointed. The work of each artist was really commendable. Every time I
used to pass a stall, my eagerness to see something new increased manifold and my expectations
touched a new level.

Apart from artists there were also small startups and businesses who were promoting their stuff.
Each had a new concept and story to tell. I liked most of them but was really impressed by
“123 Apps Studio”.

The life performances were ok, not that great.
Food looked yummy but as I was full so could only crave for it from a distance.

123 Apps Studio
123 Apps studio is Mobile App development platform for small businesses starting at $25 per month. It’s mission is to help small businesses build their own mobile app at affordable cost and as simple as 1..2..3 steps. At this point, they are focusing on food service industry which includes Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries and other food junctions.
With the app a restaurant would you be able to provide special offers, rewards, online orders and many more features. Also restaurants would be able to manage the entire data on the app.

                                                                  Meet The Founders

Currently they are working with early customers and launching apps for first 5 customers by end of April.
For more information and to enroll as a customer reach out to them at

Monday, April 11, 2016

BananaBandy - India's Largest Platform for Creative Professionals

About BananaBandy
BananaBandy, an online market network for Indian creative professionals, founded in February 2015, is already India’s largest with 10000+ creative professionals. The basic aim of the website is to enable creative professionals such as graphic designers, photographers, animator, product designers, interior designers, fashion designers, etc. to upload and manage their portfolio and at the same time, connect them with relevant full time and freelance work opportunities.

Need for BananaBandy
The Indian creative community is the largest in the world, but inspite of the massive potential, it is yet under-appreciated and primarily untapped. Inspite of being an industry, which contributes over $7 billion to the economy, it is still slipping under the radar and connections are yet referral based.

How BananaBandy Works
BananaBandy serves as a platform for Indian creatives to connect with their peers and showcase, promote and monetize their work. The design industry is today valued at over $7 Billion by the CII Design Report 2015 and is a major facilitator in fields such as automobile, fashion, etc. which contribute over $300 Billion to the economy currently. The aim is to create an end-to-end solution for all the creative needs in the country. At its core, BananaBandy is an aggregator of creative services. Using its technology, it matches parties depending on time, budget and other criteria. It is working on various services to make recruitment procedure shorter, more efficient and cost-effective.

In a short time span of just 14 months, the website has facilitated over 700 job listings from 450 companies. It has over 6000 projects with 30000+ artworks. In the past 6 months, BananaBandy has got associated with companies such as Walt Disney, Ogilvy&Mather, CouponDunia, Practo, Sunburn, Grofers, Asian Paints, etc.
In 2016 BananaBandy was shortlisted among the top 10 startups in Mumbai.
At Surge 2016, the biggest tech conference in India, it was shortlisted among the top 40 startups in India.

The Journey
Founded by Kavan Antani, 19, and Shashank Jogani, 21, BananaBandy started off as a completely bootstrapped company. Within 2 months of the launch, it raised a seed round at Rs 2.5 crore valuation from Srinivasa Aluri, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley Private Equity and Chaitanya Deshpande, former M&A Head, Marico.
In December 2015, BananaBandy also hosted Design Mela, India's largest online contest for creative professionals. The design event received over 1500 entries from creative professionals all across the country and was judged by eminent professionals such as Shekhar Kapur, Namit Malhotra, Vikram Phadnis, KV Sridhar, etc.

Get in touch
For more details, visit
You can find out more about their 12 month journey on

Contact Details:
Address: 505, 5th floor, Pushpa Kunj Bldg, Sitaram Deora Marg, A Road, Churchgate, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400020
Tel: 022-22060815/9930112092

                                                           Watch this awesome video

Sunday, April 10, 2016

BlueCube Network launches Flipmetric at Surge 2016

Here we present to you another great startup which got into limelight in Surge 2016 , India’s biggest tech conference ever. Let's explore their awesome product FlipMetric which was launched during Surge.

Read my post about Surge

About BlueCube Network 
BlueCubeNetwork, a Jaipur Based Digital Media Marketing Start Up registered its presence at the biggest Start Up event held in India in the year 2016. It was for the first time that the Web Summit team had organized its conference in India and Surge 2016 marked a new revolution for the Startup Ecosystem in the country. As per the Web Summit CEO, Paddy Cosgrave, Surge turned out to be a huge success.
BlueCube Network, a 2012 established Digital Media Marketing Agency represented itself at the event as the Exhibitors and launched their product- FlipMetric at the elite platform. It was nothing less than an achievement for the start up to conduct a product Launch at the prestigious event. The event reportedly attracted over 5000 attendees from 72 countries. The same helped up the company for its product launch as well. The event was attended by 4 of its members including the CEO and the COO.

Let’s know Flipmetric
FlipMetric, a SaaS based product that is on its way to change the business analytics by streamlining complex data analysis & conception, providing an unprecedented power to firms with effective business intelligence processes. As reported by its representatives, they believe that Companies, in today’s times are still dependent on the intuitions and end up taking gut driven decisions. It is important that the performance tracking and final decisions are taken on the basis of real time data and analytics so as to get more effective results. FlipMetric assures the same with simplicity.

From Right- Mr Maneesh Sharma (COO), Rahul Jha (Web Developer), Richa Sharma (Head of Operations), Mr. Himanshu Sharma (CEO)

Their Story
On being asked to Mr. Himanshu Sharma, the CEO of the company for how the first thought of having this product came into existence, he quoted a very interesting incident. Here is what he reportedly said-
“Necessity leads to invention and that is exactly what happened with us..!!
So, it all started off with our own experience.
We are running a Digital Marketing Start Up named BlueCube Network. It was a way to learn and enhance the capabilities. Start Ups are meant to be fun & it was! But after a while, with management’s prospect, it became difficult for us to cater up and track the performance criteria based on various essential KPIs. With time, we realized the need of a definite and systematic approach for data driven decisions. We searched and sorted up for the viable solutions from the present options but nothing seemed to work appropriately. Hence, we ended up building a system of our own from the scratch that would keep a track of it all for effective work performance tracking and data driven decision making.
It was later that we realized that it can be scaled up with more features to be inculcated in and offer it to the market space constituting firms who are probably facing the same issues that we did!”

Customer Definition
On further queries on the focus group, it was cleared as the following- “Any professional who has gone digital and wishes to take decisions on analytical driven entities falls under our focus group. We help businesses to keep a constant track of the most important KPIs of your stream, in the most simplified version with no complex data structures involved.”

Connecting with BlueCube Network
With FlipMetric, the company has provided the audience with an online platform for building definite KPI dashboards to assist teams with an active data driven approach for taking effective business decisions. They claim to supervise the growth of the KPI driven entities in order to keep teams organized, practical & concrete in their approach. With a commitment to provide its consumers with an access to all the relevant figures wherever required with better visual insights, BlueCube Network has it all. FlipMetric being in private Beta version for now, one may register himself at the given URL Below.

The response at Surge was beyond their expectations and landed up boosting their desire to add on more innovation and creativity to the given product.

Product Website:
Company’s Webiste:

For more info, feel free to connect with-

Mr. Himanshu Sharma
COO, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 9784212868

Mr. Maneesh Sharma
COO, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 9024699512

Ms. Richa Sharma
Head of Operations, BlueCube Network
Contact Number: 8302691549

Friday, April 8, 2016

US Diary : BirdWatch @ JaxBeach

            A beautiful birdie gliding through the endless sky.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

RailYatri App : Simplifying Train Travel in India

What’s the buzz?
Recently Gatimaan Express, the fastest train of India started plying from New Delhi to Agra, covering a whopping distance of 188 km in just 100 minutes. Another feather added to the cap of the Indian Railways. No doubt we are witnessing lot of advancements in the Indian Railways which in-turn is attracting more people to travel by trains. In today’s date nearly 20 million people board a train everyday.
But the biggest problem is there is a dearth of information regarding train travel in India, causing passengers to make uninformed decisions that hamper their experiences.

But we don’t have to worry anymore as there is an App in the town which takes care of everything about Indian Railways, the “RailYatri”.


About RailYatri
RailYatri is India’s leading multi modal train travel information provider available in both web and app form. It is one of the most dependable and popular train apps in India.
The brainchild of seasoned experts from IITs and IIM, RailYatri provides the most comprehensive information on trains right from PNR status, train availability to train time tables, passenger amenities, food and platform information.

It also has some fancy features like GPS locator, fare calculator and speedometer.


Features of RailYatri
1. Book a Meal

     Lets start with the newest feature on RailYatri, Book a Meal. You can simply enter your PNR no,
     Train name or Train no and can order premium and delicious meals right from the comfort of your
     seat. Ordering food in train was never so easy.
2. Locals & Metros
At present there are 15 cities listed under this feature for which you can get details of the local and
     metro trains. In future when more cities are added to the list, an alphabetical order with a search
     option would really make it easy and quick for a passenger to directly get to his/her city, especially
      in cities like Mumbai where people are always in hurry.

3. Time Table
You can easily view and download the time table for any train you want by just entering the name
     or no of the train.

4. Train Running Status
With this feature you can get real time status of the train you are in. The app obtains this info by
     using your smartphone’s GPS. If you are not on the train it will display the last status update of the
     train by fetching it from the Railway servers.
     To get the running status you only need to feed the train name or no and you will get the status for
      last 3 days starting today.

5. PNR Status
The most frequently used feature in a Train app is PNR status.
      In RailYatri there is an additional functionality added to this feature which gives you the list of
      the recent PNR searches made.

6. Trains between Stations
Another frequently used feature on a Train App is to check the trains between different stations.
     In RailYatri you also have the additional functionality to download the search result.

7. Seat Availability
Another highly used feature by the Indian train passengers is the Seat Availability.
     Just feed in the train no/name or the From and To station details and the current seat availability
     will be displayed by RailYatri. You can also download the result.

8. Fare Calculator
Indians plan their vacation not according to the destination but according to the total cost they will
     incur in travelling to that place. Fare Calculator feature gives you the fare for different trains 
     which in-turn help you to plan your travel aptly.

9. Speedometer
One of the unique features offered by RailYatri is the Speedometer. Just enter your train name or   
     no and it will display the running speed of the train and will also compare it with the scheduled 

10. RailWisdom
The best feature of RailYatri is RailWisdom. Here they crowd source the data about each
      station and curate it to provide you with the best information possible.
      Right from nearby famous food junctions, transport facilities, must visit places, amenities to other
      important information is displayed on a single click.
      If you want to add any wisdom for a particular station you can do that too.


I searched for my hometown Indore and was impressed by the info provided by RailWisdom.



11. Medical Emergency
The most important feature on any Train App is to have the quickest medium to get medical help
      when required. Just enter the train or station details and you will get the medical contact.
      For quick medical help you can directly feed in the 10 digit PNR no.


My Experience
This app has everything a train passenger would need right from the time of planning the travel
       to alighting from the train. The navigation is quite easy and UI is friendly with logically cross
        linked paths. The only feature it lags is the one dedicated to curate the latest buzz in the
        Indian Railways. Overall a must have App for every Indian who travels by train.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

US Diary : Beauty or Beast ?

Love at first sight...what a beauty.!!
The daredevil, what a beast..!!
What will you call it a beauty or a beast ?
Comment with your answer..looking forward to read them all..

Monday, April 4, 2016

US Diary : The Serene Water

     Just love the serene water, it is a great source of inner peace.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

SkyWatch : Monday

  A colorful, beautiful sky marks an awesome beginning of the day.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Gatimaan Express - The Fastest Train of India

What’s the Buzz
Tuesday, April 5th 2016 is going to be a big day in the history of Indian Railways.
Something fast is coming, not exactly on the lines of a bullet train but surely will make us
feel proud and leave a smile on our face.

Gatimaan Express, the fastest train of India will be officially operational on this day.
It is going to run between Agra and New Delhi.

Finally the visit to Taj Mahal won’t be a daunting task.

About the Train
Gatimaan Express is a semi-high speed train that will run between New Delhi and Agra.
The speed of the train is estimated to be around 160 km/h.
It will take 100 minutes to cover the entire journey of 188 km.
The train comprises of 12 AC coaches - two executive class, eight chair cars and two pantry coaches.
The cost of each coach is a whopping Rs 2.5 crore.

Facilities provided in Train
Each coach will be equipped with automatic fire alarm, sliding doors, passenger information system,
bio-toilets, microbusters and emergency braking system.
There is an 8-inch LCD screen set at the back of each seat loaded with lot of entertainment stuff.

Each coach will have a hostess to greet the passengers.
Catering and hospitality operations on the train will be managed by IRCTC.
The pantry will offer Punjabi, South Indian and Continental cuisines.

Timing and FareGatimaan Express will run for 6 days of the week except Friday when Taj Mahal is closed.
The train will start from Hazrat Nizamuddin at 8.10am everyday and reach Agra at 9.50am.
A person has to shell out Rs 1,365 for travelling in Executive class while Rs 690 for the Chair Car.

Eagerly awaiting Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu to inaugurate the train.
Another feather added to the cap of Indian Railways.