Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween PhotoWalk @ Office

Halloween also known as All Hallow's eve is celebrated worldwide on 31st October.
It is that time of the year which is dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs and all the faithful departed believers.

We have lots of activities during halloween which include
1. Trick or Treating
2. Carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns.
3. Playing Pranks
4. Everything related to horror, visiting haunted places, watching horror movies and dressing like a
5. Apple bobbing
6. Decorating houses, shops and office places.

In our office also we celebrated Halloween.
A photowalk.

Monday, October 26, 2015

The 2015 Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular Air show..

Sunday was a big day for me as for the first time in life I was going to watch a live air show.
Normally in India the air shows are held on Independence & Republic Day parades in New Delhi where you need a pass for entry.

Unlike India, in US spectacular air shows are held over more than 30 cities featuring world famous US Navy Blue Angels along with other military flight teams.
These shows are packed with breathtaking stunts and formations which will leave you agape. 

The event is mostly free which apart from air show also include live entertainment, food stalls, display of military vehicles and recruitment booths.

2015 Jacksonville Sea & Sky Spectacular air show was organized by the city of Jacksonville in partnership with cities of Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Naval Station Mayport.

I got to the beach around 12:30 after spending half an hour in finding a place to park.
The houses near beach are old but beautiful.
The sky was clear, perfect for an awesome air show.

Finally the show started...

After watching a sensational over the ocean , sky performance it was time to take a lunch break.
Quickly I went to the food stalls to find some veg food as I was damn hungry.

Finally after searching for 15 minutes I was successful in finding Cheese Nachos & French Fries.
I enjoyed my food over a glance of military and firefighting vehicles & equipments.

Also I got my eyes on these beautiful souvenirs which were on sale at a shop.

I was mesmerized by these lovely models but an announcement quickly brought me back to senses.
It was time for Blue Angels to rule the sky.
Everyone had their eyes up looking for the fighter planes.

And here they came roaring...
The Pyramid Formation.

 And here comes the Diamond Formation

All planes Upside down...

The Crossing

The parallel formation  

And this one is my favorite which shows a plane, bird and ship, all of same size

I loved the show to the core..3 words to describe it completely.
Amazing...Jaw Dropping...Memorable.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life after becoming a husband but before a father..

It is alway said that a woman has to leave her family & shift to a new place after marriage.
She has to adjust according to the customs and rules of her new family.
Very true..!!! Totally agree..!!!

But a guy also has to bear lots of responsibilities after marriage.
He is the mediator between his gf turned wifie, or if its arranged marriage than only wifie and his family.
Also he has to balance his professional, personal life with wife and the rest of his personal life.
And the biggest responsibility is to give everyone happy, whether its wife, parents, wife's parents,
his relatives, wife's relatives, his friends, wife's friends and the list is quite long...

My imagination of how life of a man is after he becomes a husband but before a father.

Take it with a pinch of humor, no offence intended...:)

Life after you are pronounced a father....coming soon :)