Saturday, July 30, 2016

Do we require shock absorbers in life ?

Life is the synonym of uncertainty. We start everyday of our life with a positive and optimistic node, having a wide smile on our face, but how long the smile will last is completely unpredictable.

Everyone come across problems in his/her daily life, some take an hour while some a week to resolve but in the end we are sure of getting through it and the life continues on it’s regular pace.
But there are situations when life becomes stagnant, mind goes into turmoil and there is surge of uncontrollable emotions, such situations are when a person is in “state of shock”.

Death or critical health condition of a very close person, Betrayal by someone quite trustworthy, a heart wrenching breakup, bankruptcy, or sudden change in the thinking and behavior of a person you love are some of the conditions which leaves you blank and clueless.

Every person has a different recovery time. Some might take few days to come out of a shock while for some it even takes months or in rare cases years to get back on track.

It is said that every second of your life is precious and should be utilized to the fullest but such situations take away a lot of that precious time.

A shock which is given by god or nature is tolerable as we know it was not under anyone’s control but a shock given by a human being takes its toll on us to a severe extent.
We may lose years of earned confidence and trust, not only in others but also in ourselves.
But the worst part is the self-doubt mode, where a person blames himself/herself for everything that has happened and buys whatever is said about him/her by others.
Mind become unstable and there is surge of emotions, right from pain, anger, sadness, hate, uneasiness, distress, insecurity and alienation, all at the same time.

It takes hours of self motivation and boosting everyday for unpredictable time to get the self- confidence back and part away the self-doubt mode.
But the most difficult part is to make mind stable, control emotions and get focus back in life which may take even months and years.

Shocks take away some of the most precious time of our life and can also have a severe impact on our health, personality and thinking. Yes they make us strong to face another one but what they take away in the process is incomparable.

So don’t you think that we should be fitted with shock absorbers which might take at max a week to put our life back on track and help us to do justice to our purpose of living?
Would love to hear your thoughts on the same…

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Be humble & modest as life is unpredictable..!!

Everyone want their life to be perfect, smooth and as per expectations but the truth is completely opposite of it. Life is the most unpredictable thing in this world.
You never know what will happen in the next moment, whether you will be alive or dead.

There are people who are very proud of their wealth and love to show off their toys of luxury.
One natural disaster like flood or earthquake takes everything away with it, leaving no difference between them and a beggar.

Some people have superiority complex because of their looks.
They mock others who are a bit out of shape.
Always remember a road accident, an infection or a fire can take away that physical charm, labeling you as the ugliest in the town but nothing in this world can take away the beauty of your soul.

Opportunities knock at everyone’s door, for some it comes early while for few it takes a longer time.
There are people who land a fat cheque paying job in early times of their life and eventually become haughty. They look down upon on those who are still struggling to find one.
Never let success of your career get into your mind and bring that superiority complex along.

Love is as unpredictable as life.
People become so crazy about their partner that they forget their family, friends and well-wishers.
There is no guarantee that a person you love will also keep on loving you, but the worst part is in the process you ignore and belittle those who genuinely love you and want your happiness forever.

Life is to be strong but not rude, bold but not bully, successful but not superior.
Today your ship is sailing smoothly in calm water, free from big waves but tomorrow it may have to face a storm.
So always be humble, modest and down to earth because these are the qualities which will make you a bigger and better person.

Friday, July 22, 2016

How to sail your ship across a storm..!!

Life is an ocean and your ship is sailing across it.
Every day when you open your eyes you want it to be bright, with cool breeze and calm water making you love every moment of the sail but sometimes you are also confronted with a storm, which stays way longer than what you have predicted, bringing new challenges and obstacles every day.

Most of the people are not prepared to face it single handedly and in the process get drowned in the depths of the ocean with mere possibility of getting back to the surface again.

So how should we face such storms and keep our ship sailing across the gigantic ocean?

1. Believe in yourself
The difference between successful and unsuccessful people isn’t opportunity, intelligence or
     resources but the utter belief in one capabilities.

     During bad times people tend to lose confidence in themselves and their abilities.
     They forget that they are also a gem which has it’s own shine and charm.
     Self-doubt makes it’s way into their life.

     It is a famous saying, “When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt”.
     There will be people who will question your thoughts and principles and make you feel like a
     But if you want to sail your ship across the storm, recall your accomplishments and be proud of
     what you have achieved and the person you are.
2. Keep your hopes alive
The never give up attitude and strong will power holds the key to stay strong during a storm.
     A person who losses hope, losses his purpose of living.

     Change your strategy, try different options, look for alternatives and always be optimistic.
      Keep on motivation yourself.

     Always remember, “The greater the challenge, the greater the victory”.
     Don’t wait for hope, make your own hope and show the world what you are made up of.
3. Don’t be biased, think from all angles
Life’s most troubling moments often produce the most meaningful experiences.
     Hardships make you stronger, wiser and smarter if you can see the lessons in them.

     So to understand the important lessons associated with each meaningful experience it is necessary
     to have an unbiased perspective. 
     While analyzing the real root cause of a situation or a problem, there will be times when your
     beliefs, principles and thoughts will be put to question, things will be unpleasant and  
     uncomfortable for you, but if you are mature and strong enough to carry an unbiased view,  
     thinking from all angles,you will get the best optimized solution.

4. Always try to find the brighter side
Every coin has two sides and so does every person and situation.
     It totally depends upon us if we want to keep on sulking our whole life seeing the darker
     side or be happy and content by observing the brighter one.

     Even if you lose out on opportunities, become alone in life or have to bear losses, always see the
     hidden positive part associated with it.

5. Don’t be influenced, take your own decisions
During hardships we tend to lose our sense of judgment and decision making and get highly
     influenced by what others say and think and also believe in it.
     Sorry to say but major chunk of problems in our life occur because we are not capable of taking
      our own decisions which should be the outcome of our unbiased beliefs and principles. 

     Always remember a wise man makes his own decision while an ignorant man follows public
     So don’t be confused while taking big decisions of life as it can change your life completely.

6. Set priorities and stick to it
During tough times it is very important to set priorities in life and stick to them.
      If you have to wake up early, do that.
      If your addictions are making your life hell, have self control.

      If you are able to stick to your priorities and get things sorted and settled, the satisfaction earned
      will be out of this world and it will leave a very positive impact on your life which will help you 
       in facing the adverse conditions.

7. Value time
It is not only important to value our own time but also the time of others.
     There is a famous saying that “Time and tide waits for none”, so it is of upmost importance to
      understand it’s worth.

8. Always be grateful to those who lend a helping hand
And finally always be grateful and thankful to those who have lend you a helping hand and saved
      you from drowning when your ship was wrecked into pieces by the storm.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life is less about money and more about satisfaction

Life is a race where most of the people in this world are busy showing off and trying hard day and night to get their bank balance bigger than relatives, friends and peers.

The urge to earn money has increased so drastically that people have lost all other purposes of living which are the main source of their satisfaction, motivation and energy.

A person gets a fat pay cheque at the end of the month but is he/she really satisfied with the job?
In 80% of the cases it is seen that people are into something just because it offers them good money and some power to belittle others and not because that is what they always wanted to do.
I am not saying that money is not important in today’s world but more than that the feeling of accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction serves the purpose of our life in a bigger manner.

I have seen people who earn well but refrain from eating their favorite food and just survive on bread butter, stay in unhygienic places, fight with others over a penny, end priceless relationships for some filthy bucks and even lose their lifelong earned respect. All this just to save money for a so called bright future which they have no idea about.
I just want to ask them one question; do they feel satisfied, content and happy when they go to bed?

Life is more about -: How many moments have you spend with your loved ones?
How deeply have you connected with the nature and in the process felt its beauty?
With how much zeal have you followed your passions?
How intense and true is your love for your partner?

Money can help you buy expensive gifts for your loved ones but it has no comparison to the importance your presence can make.
You can buy a big bungalow with a large garden infront of it, money can do that, but if you have never planted a seed in it, what is the use.
Money can provide materialistic pleasures to your partner but what about that mental, physical and spiritual satisfaction that he/she has a yearning for. If living away from your partner for half of the year adds another zero to your bank balance, also remember that the same money is making your relationship approach a zero at a much faster rate.

If money give you tension, separate you from your loved ones for a longer period, take away the peace of mind and is the reason for your sleepless nights, it is better to have a life where you earn a penny less but live a lot more.
In the end when you are on the grave, how many amazing memories you can recall will matter the most and not the number of zeroes in your bank balance.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The two worlds of life - Personal & Professional

Our lives comprise of two worlds, the one where we are called by our pet name, The “Personal” and the one where our designation comes before our name, The “Professional”.

Both the worlds are equally important to us and a balance between them is vital to keep us physically and mentally strong. A mess between the two can end up in a World War, where you will be the only one shot dead either by the boss at home or in the office, without even being declared a martyr.
So the art of successfully balancing the professional responsibilities along with personal priorities is the need of the hour.

When in office focus and concentrate on your work and don’t get distracted by world’s most addictive thing called social media. It will have a direct impact on your quality of work as well as you won’t be able to complete your deliverables on time. It will make your frustrated, will hinder your progress and also there are chances that you will carry work at home which will eat up your family time, especially the time that belong to your partner.

Patience and humbleness is the key to a successful relationship. Never vent out the frustration or anger of office on your partner, he/she is not with you for that.
Out of millions of people he/she has chosen you because your partner believes that you are the one who will treat him/her in the most special and respectful manner, so don’t let your partner think otherwise.

Manage your time and set priorities.
If your time is important the time of your family members, especially your partner is also equally important. Never let your work load eat up that time.
You near and dear ones are with you not to live their life according to your work schedule, so give them their freedom and space.
Earning money is important but the most precious thing in this world is the smile on the face of your beloved and that will be always there if give you them time and make them believe that they hold the highest priority in your life.

Always keep your hobbies and passions alive, your work might increase your bank balance but won’t increase your happiness or add another dimension to your personality.

When people achieve success in their work and reach new heights, they get into a superiority mode and consider the job of their family members, especially their partner as trivial.
Always remember if your job and dreams are important the job and dreams of your partner are equally important and you should always give due respect to them.

And most importantly, near let the emotional turmoil or breakdown of your personal world affect your professional side. You have responsibilities and duties towards your company and you can’t let them down because of your personal problems. Also there will be times when you will be working with a foreign client and at that instance not only the respect and value of your company but also the respect and value of your country will be at stake if you fail to perform, so always be composed.

Sometimes it becomes really hard to balance both the worlds because in the end you are a human being, but some careful planning and preparations and always sticking to your priorities will eventually help you master this art and give your pleasure, happiness and peace of mind of lifetime.
Also having a understanding, composed and loving partner is an added bonus.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Helicopter Ride : Myrtle Beach

My childhood dream was to become a pilot and see how the world appears from the top or an astronaut and explore the infinite space.
Though these dreams couldn't become reality but this time I got an opportunity to do one of the things from my bucket list, The Helicopter Ride.

I am always keen to try different adventure sports, especially where I can see the world from an eagle's eye, Helicopter Ride was one of them though Sky Diving still remains at the top of the list.

Here are some pics from my ride, hope you like it :)

                                        And here is the video

Monday, July 11, 2016

Zindagi ka Safar..!!

Zindagi ka safar bhi,
ek ajeeb khel hai.
Kabhi chamchamati dhoop hai,
To kabhi ghanghor andheer hai.

Kabhi har taraf khushiya,
Aur khilkhilate cheere hai.
To kabhi aankhen hai naam,
Aur akelepan ke dere hai.

Kabhi har jagah safalta,
Aur lakshmi ka vass hai.
To kabhi tumhari kismat hi,
Tumse udas hai.

Kabhi aankho mai nazakat,
Hoton par shararat,
Aur dil mai beintehaa pyar hai.
To kabhi unhi aankhon mai nafarat,
Aur dil mai kisi aur ka darbar hai.

Kabhi lagte hai sab apne,
Aur us khas par khud se jyada vishwas hai.
To kabhi is swarth bhari duniya mai,
Har saksha ke cheere par kayi nakab hai.

Zindagi ka safar bhi,
ek ajeeb khela hai.
Kabhi chamchamati dhoop hai,
To kabhi ghanghor andheera hai.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Why do we think we are right even when we are wrong


We always believe that we were right at most times of our lives. Whenever we had to make decisions we took the right ones, did right in our relationships and always chose the right path.

It is good to believe in oneself, but thinking that we are right even when we are wrong is a blunder that we do numerous times in our life, sometimes which even costs us or someone else a bomb and we don’t even realize it, living with the fact that we were right.

So why does this happens?
Well here is the answer to it.

Our thinking is motivated by our beliefs and our actions are inspired from what we believe in.
We tend to consider a piece of information, a thought, a belief, a situation or thinking, either as a friend or as an enemy.

We defend the side we consider as our friend and try to shoot down the other.

If things are the way we like, we are happy but if things turn the other way round, we are angry and frustrated and tag them as something bad or even worst.
Some simple examples are -:
Say in sports if a referee gives decision in the favor of our team we are content but if the opposition team gets the benefit of doubt we question his decision.
If Supreme Court passes a law which according to us is correct, we hail the court but if it is the other way round we curse it.

Our judgment is highly influenced by our fears, limitations and what we have seen or experienced personally. Our thought process is not broad but is restricted to our own lives.

We don’t want to get out of our comfort zone, get our ego hurt or show consent for something which can prove our thinking or belief wrong, that’s the fear we always carry in our mind and hence rather than going into the depth and understanding the situations, we just consider that right which doesn’t contradicts our judgment.

The scariest part is we think we are objective and fair minded but still tend to ruin life of an innocent person.  

So how to think rationally?
Below points might help -:

We need to cut through our biases, prejudices and beliefs and get to the real truth and meaning of a situation or thing even if it is unpleasant or inconvenient for us.

Rather than choosing a side and being headstrong about it, we should be open to test our beliefs and judgment and change our mindset if it is on the wrong side.

We need to consider the fact that we can be wrong at times and it doesn’t make us small or stupid.

And finally we should yearn to clearly see the world as possibly as we can rather than yearning for our own prejudices.