Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life is less about money and more about satisfaction

Life is a race where most of the people in this world are busy showing off and trying hard day and night to get their bank balance bigger than relatives, friends and peers.

The urge to earn money has increased so drastically that people have lost all other purposes of living which are the main source of their satisfaction, motivation and energy.

A person gets a fat pay cheque at the end of the month but is he/she really satisfied with the job?
In 80% of the cases it is seen that people are into something just because it offers them good money and some power to belittle others and not because that is what they always wanted to do.
I am not saying that money is not important in today’s world but more than that the feeling of accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction serves the purpose of our life in a bigger manner.

I have seen people who earn well but refrain from eating their favorite food and just survive on bread butter, stay in unhygienic places, fight with others over a penny, end priceless relationships for some filthy bucks and even lose their lifelong earned respect. All this just to save money for a so called bright future which they have no idea about.
I just want to ask them one question; do they feel satisfied, content and happy when they go to bed?

Life is more about -: How many moments have you spend with your loved ones?
How deeply have you connected with the nature and in the process felt its beauty?
With how much zeal have you followed your passions?
How intense and true is your love for your partner?

Money can help you buy expensive gifts for your loved ones but it has no comparison to the importance your presence can make.
You can buy a big bungalow with a large garden infront of it, money can do that, but if you have never planted a seed in it, what is the use.
Money can provide materialistic pleasures to your partner but what about that mental, physical and spiritual satisfaction that he/she has a yearning for. If living away from your partner for half of the year adds another zero to your bank balance, also remember that the same money is making your relationship approach a zero at a much faster rate.

If money give you tension, separate you from your loved ones for a longer period, take away the peace of mind and is the reason for your sleepless nights, it is better to have a life where you earn a penny less but live a lot more.
In the end when you are on the grave, how many amazing memories you can recall will matter the most and not the number of zeroes in your bank balance.


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