Thursday, March 31, 2016

SkyWatch : Friday

When the 3 B's come together, it makes the sky worth capturing.
1. Bright
2. Blue
3. Beautiful

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SkyWatch : Wednesday

Another Roadtrip..Another Awesome Experience..Another opportunity to capture the beautiful sky..!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Love is a Game of T20 Cricket..!!

In recent times, T20 Cricket and love marriages are considered to be among the hottest topics in India.
Anti-National and presstitute for sure top the list, but in this post we'll talk about the next two and see how they are related to each other.

PowerPlay (First six overs)
In a T20 the first six overs are where you can score the most, but you have to play smart otherwise you can end up losing your wicket.

Similarly the starting phase of a love life is where one of the partner, mostly the boy, tend to exhibit his skills and score the most i.e. try to impress the girl in the best way he can.
It is the time when he takes risks, couple of good dates (overs) can make him win the girl’s heart, but one mistake can also get him clean bowled.

Mid Overs (From 7 to 15)
In T20 this is the time to build a partnership and lay the foundation for a scintillating victory.
You need to be focused, have patience, bear pain, stay at the crease and keep on trying hard to get the score ticking. Also this is time when you reach milestones and cherish those awesome moments.

In love life also this is the most crucial time. After confessing your feelings to each other and starting a new relationship, it is very necessary to build the foundation for next 2-3 years until you become sure that he/she is the person you want to marry.
There will be crazy fights, sleepless nights and unbearable pain but you have to be at the crease thinking about the milestones your relationship has achieved and living those superb memories spend together.

Final Overs (16-20)
In T20 the final overs are where you need to hold your nerves and use your experience to setup a winning total. Here it is not your caliber but mostly the circumstances that make you lose the match.

In the same way in a love life when the partners are sure about spending their life together, the game goes to final overs when the families pitch in. You need to hold your nerves when convincing them because they will for sure make it really hard for you. Also blame it on circumstances but in some cases, the relationship comes to an end because of them. Things are not in your control and you can’t do anything about it.

The conclusion
Be it T20 Cricket match or love life, once you win, there is a sense of satisfaction, relaxation and accomplishment. You become emotional and thank god for supporting you at the right time.
Also there is lot of love and care, in T20 it comes from fans and in love life it comes from your soul mate.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Deyor Camps : Leaders in Camping Industry

Tourism has become one of the hottest sectors in today’s time.
People are keen to travel to new destinations around the world.
When it comes to travelling, today’s youth enjoys adventure and camping.

There have been lot of companies who have tried to set their foot into the travel industry, specially
the camping part, but have failed because of improper accommodation and high rates.

Though lots of them have failed but one company who has succeeded in setting their roots is Deyor Rooms. It’s co-founders also started Deyor Camps which has now become one of the best player of the camping industry.

Let’s know more about Deyor Camps and Rooms.

Deyor Rooms
Deyor Rooms is a budget hotel chain, delivering high customer satisfaction by providing consistent quality hotel experience throughout the stay. 


The wonderful experience includes all of the below -:

    Ease of locating the hotel.
    Painless check-ins.
    Clean linens/towels, hygienic washrooms.
    Free Wi-Fi.
    Complimentary breakfast.
    Dedicated 24/7 concierge.

Deyor aggregates selected budget hotels and converts them into Deyor Star hotels after a rigorous quality audits.

The company that operates from Gurgaon, and has few other offices across Vaishali, Bengaluru, Udaipur and Varanasi, records every single hotel stay experience in detail and loads of data is collected to analyze and ensure an improved experience. Deyor’s frequent random audits are very strong; if they receive 3 negative feedback then that property is delisted the from the Deyor Rooms brand.

Deyor categorizes its hotels into 3 categories based on fixed pricing, location, and quality:
Standard experience of Deyor Blue Star hotels at INR 1,099.

Superior experience of Deyor Red Star Hotels starting at INR 1,699.
Premium experience of Deyor Gold Star Hotels starting at INR 2,499.

Deyor Camps
Deyor Camps is a unique venture which provides branded camps in various campsites all over India.


Till date 4000 campers have been serviced in 10 campsites with 2500 branded camp nights.
These campsites are situated in one of the most beautiful places of India, and here goes the list -:


There are expansion plans in line with 100 campsites to be set up in the span of next 6 months.
Also they established a camp site especially for the cricket fans who travelled to Dharamshala for the recent India’s T20 World cup cricket match with Pakistan.

Meet the Co-Founders


Dheeraj Jain is the Co-Founder and Lead Investor at Deyor Rooms, Managing Partner at Redciffe Capital and, Value Partner at Nine River Capital. He was awarded Bharat Gaurav award at the British Parliament, UK for his contribution to global businesses under age of 35.

Jain, who is an alumnus of Cass Business School, City University London, is a Computer Science Engineer from Delhi, and currently delivers an occasional guest lecturer at City University, London.

Post the completion of his education, Dheeraj worked in the telecom engineering sector in Norway and moved to management consulting covering energy firms like British Gas, UK. His career kept soaring high and he worked with US technology giants like Cisco, Sprint and Nokia in Finland. He moved up into core Finance team at Nokia, London as Manager in 2003 and became an Associate Director in 2007, where he led and supported countless global in-house investment, divestment programs, venture capital, strategic cross border acquisition and most importantly financial planning at board room level. He left Nokia to leverage his finance and investment skills with a European LBO fund.

In past 3 years, he has played a crucial role towards structuring and financing numerous cross border acquisitions in the mining, metal, technology, security services, manufacturing, shipping, oil, and renewable power sectors all over India, USA, UK, and Africa. He is a seasoned investor and has a network of investors, banks and other financial institutes supporting on investment banking transaction done with his acumen of risk/reward and ability of business dealing.

Dheeraj Jain is a Londoner, and keeps on travelling between London, US and parts of India, supervising existing investments and developing new relationships.


Chirag Gupta is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India, at the age of 23 he is the Co-founder of Deyor Rooms. An exceptional performer since school, Chirag single-handedly set up Redcliffe Capital’s office in India, and co-founded Deyor Rooms and Deyor Camps, which are valued at more than $50 million.     

A B.Com (Honors) from University of Delhi, Chirag has been instrumental in real estate sales as an intern with IREO. Post which he successfully finalized 4 investments in the start-up space in India, through Redcliffe. Even at this tender age, he has been associated with NGOs like Naz Foundation, Friendicoes and Happy School Project to work for the underprivileged.

Chirag likes to spend his free time gaming with his younger brother through the PlayStation. He is an ardent fan of the English Premier League and prefers to spend holidays and Sundays with family or playing golf, cricket or basketball.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A soul searching for life..!!

Mumbai was great fun,
I had my friends, blogging & favorite food junctions.
With a heavy heart I had to bid them goodbye,
as USA was my next destination.

I was scared and a bit nervous,
as it was really a tough decision.
Living in a foreign land without your loved ones,
Is really a painful envision.

But lady luck favoured me, 
as I was showered with love & care.
I reciprocated them even more,
and thanked god for listening to all my prayer.

Life is always a game,
but I was not prepared to play this one.
Suddenly after couple of  months,
I was all alone as my team had none.

Pain, suffering and depression,
are my new friends now.
A soul searching for life,
whom loneliness has made it's pow.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How Fashion is influenced by Politics..!!

Fashion has never been a separate entity. Fashion has always been at the core of a series of occurrences around the world. Inspirations are abound everywhere, and human life is intermittently connected through political and social systems. We can therefore, see eye to eye upon the subject that politics and fashion can be spoken of in the same breath. When we ponder upon politics, what really comes to your mind? Amidst the dirty gamble for power, we can recall some influential political players who have made tremendous fashion statements. These esteemed individuals were or are power figures in every way. Apart from their astounding political stature, their impact or influence on fashion cannot be ignored. Take a look at the personalities whose political identities have helped shape fashion as we know it.

1.       Jacqueline Kennedy


Jacqueline Kennedy was the First Lady of the United States, and was also a leading fashion icon. Being both popular and powerful, Jacqueline was careful to be nattily clad almost always. Her prim dresses matched with her signature pillbox hat and exquisite pearls would make her look like a vision. She would bare her well-defined shoulders to the maximum with sophisticated off-shoulder gowns and dresses. Trying out quirky elements like irregular sunglasses would only add to Jaqueline’s outward charm. 

2.     Benazir Bhutto


The first female prime minister of a Muslim country, Benazir Bhutto was a highly influential lady in the field of politics and fashion. In Pakistan, wearing the sari or western outfits had been outlawed in response to which Bhutto adopted the simple and sophisticated salwar kameez. A silky dupatta or a scarf would neatly crown her head, and she would appear indomitably in control of both her personal affairs and the affairs of her country.

3.       Princess Diana 

A phenomenal fashionista to reckon with, Lady Diana was a true-blue princess in every respect. She was a paradigm of grace and splendor. Much loved by her admirers and revered as a fashion icon, Lady Diana would wear all her ensembles with utmost charm and panache. The attractive, leggy princess was always on top of the fashion game; her statement blazer looks, the body-hugging sheath gowns and eclectic choices in hats have immortalized her as a powerful fashion icon in the minds of many. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has picked up on her late mother-in-law’s fashion instincts, and has wonderfully reinvented the same looks with as much flair. 

     4.       Indira Gandhi


Indira Gandhi was the indomitable female Prime Minister of India, who carried out the controversial Emergency in India. Successful and immensely powerful, Indira Gandhi would translate very strong sartorial vibes through her ensembles. Her bouffant-styled hair with its dexterous white streak gave a fashion fillip to her personality. Her elegant sarees would only add to her infectious charm as a political player and a fashion icon.

5.       Michelle Obama 

Michelle Obama has taken charge as First Lady, dishing out one stunning look after the other. Her fashion sensibilities are pretty versatile, and she brings colors and prints to life with flattering dresses and blazers. Her fashion sensibilities represent a great synthesis of power and prowess; she has truly become a fashion icon owing to the fact that she loves being comfortable in her own skin.
I am certain, that there are other political players, among both men and women whose style statement might’ve struck a chord with you. Although, in my estimation these ladies are among the rare few who can translate power through fashion effectively.

All images courtesy- pinterest.

This is a Guest post by  -:


About the Author

Mallika Chakrawarti is a designer, writer, and travel enthusiast. She is currently working with as a writer and is passionately involved in curating and forecasting fashion trends.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

How Affimity is different from other social networks..!!

“Change is the ultimate truth”, is a very famous saying.
Be it technology, fashion or food, a change which brings something new and different is always appreciated.

In 21st century the interests of people are also changing in quick successions and one industry where the players have to be always on their toes to be in sync is Social Media.
In today’s world, youth spends maximum time of their day on Social Media platforms.
The day starts with checking notifications on Facebook, rolling eyes over Whatsapp messages and counting the no of hearts on Instagram.

Each of these social media platforms has their own importance but do they really stand up to our expectations when it comes to promoting your passion. Lets have a look.

Facebook helps you connect with your friends and batchmates. It provides you a daily updated feed of the recent happenings in their lives and with the new emotions feature you can express at it in a better way.
But with so much of stuff happening at the same time, it is really difficult to cope up with everything going around, especially the things that interest you.
Though we have thousands of Facebook Groups on each major interest say food, travel, gadgets, technology, parenting or yoga, these groups end up discussing similar things without much interaction and are suboptimal.
Each individual on FB is just busy promoting his/her own stuff giving minimal importance to what others have to provide, hence it becomes really difficult for starters to promote their passion.

There are other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram where you find lot of unique stuff that interests you and it is also easy to showcase your passion and get lot of interaction around it on a global level.
All mentioned above looks great but there is a one bottleneck when you think on a larger perspective, which is to build a community around your passion as these social networks lack advanced social features.

Twitter is one channel where you get the highest level of engagement, but the life of a tweet is just of few minutes making the time of interaction very less as compared to what is required to pursue your passion and build an audience around it.

Here is where the new-gen social media networks like Linkedin and Affimity makes the most sense.
They focus on your interests and passions within a community context.
You interact and share thoughts with people who share your interests (Professional advancement in case of Linkedin) and passions. Unlike Linkedin that focuses on one interest (and does that exceedingly well), Affimity brings more than 30 channels, each catering to a specific passion - Food, Parenting, Travel, Hollywood, Cricket, Jokes to name a few.

Let’s get to know this new player more.

What is Affimity?
Affimity is the coming together of Passion (Affinity) and Friendship (Amity). It is a social network, reimagined as a collection of interest-specific social channels. Each channel has dedicated content - curated as well as the community buzz, and people you can follow or friend. It also has a feed from just your friends and following, valuable advice and recommendations from people who share that passion, and services appropriate for that channel.

How it works?
First thing first, create a profile with all the relevant information, upload your pic, update the about me section and you are all set to explore the world of Affimity.
There are more than 30 channels catering to different interests and passions.
Every time you add a post in any channel, it creates a social blog for you, here  is mine.  Would love to connect with you on Affimity too, do follow me J

And the best part of Affimity is you only have to focus on quality of post and not desperately hunt for audience as Affimity Social network does that job for you.

My experience
It has been more than 3 months now on Affimity and I am really happy to be here.
I have shared around 15 posts which have received more than 100 comments and 500 likes.
Adding to it are the 1000+ followers and friends I have got connected to.
Also the user views on my blogposts (Which I have shared here) have increased significantly.

All this in just 3 months is like super awesome stuff..!!!

I love the way communities are formed, keeping in view the various interests and passions.
Some well thought upon unique communities include Everyday Science, Swifties, Lawrits, Starkids, Make In India and Immigration.

Would love to see new communities dedicated to Photography, Social Media and Sports (All in one community for all sports).

Also reply to a comment feature will enhance the engagement experience.

Overall Affimity is a great platform for all those who are looking to connect with likeminded souls sharing the same interests and passions. Interaction and Engagement at its best.

Friday, March 18, 2016

SkyWatch : Saturday

                    A beautiful evening sky after a rainy day..!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Long Distance Relationship : The Call

A new series dedicated to the most difficult exam on this earth , "Long Distance Relationship".
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

If you are in a long distance relationship and you love your partner with the same intensity as before, you are a true lover..I salute you.!!!

The most important thing in a long distance relationship is communication.
When you are in different time frames and working, it is really difficult to have the same level of communication, the way you had when you were together.
There will be network issues especially during travelling, family interferences and biggest enemy, loneliness.

But one thing that will keep everything intact is the satisfaction and refreshment you feel when you hear the voice of your partner :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

SkyWatch : Thursday

                     A beautiful orange sky just after the rains

Monday, March 14, 2016

Biking Fiesta : The Great Indian Riding Festival 2016

What’s the buzz
For all the travelers who love to have adventure and new experiences, there is a new festival in the town.
And yes how can I forget the awesome bikers, especially the bullet gang who love to explore new destinations.
Ok, not taking much of your time here I reveal the mystery; proudly announces the launch of “The Great Indian Riding Festival 2016”.

What is “The GIRF”
The GIRF is a six month long biking fiesta starting from 1 April to 30th September 2016 that runs with everything that bikers love. It is a tale of four destinations – Ladakh, Bhutan, North East and Spiti involving 25 tours from New Delhi. The festival gives you the freedom to choose the group, date and time as per your convenience. The festival has opened for registrations from 23rd February.
 For more details click here.

About is a travel based platform founded in 2013 offering experiential trips with a touch of local flavour. It is an upcoming marketplace for unique travel organizers hosting budget group travels. Roots is a passionate group of travellers who explore offbeat places experimenting with different concepts to experience adventure and travel.
At present the two year old company, primarily based out of Delhi, has executed 34 trips involving over 500 travellers. With such a great response the company is expected to grow manifolds with the like-minded people.

From the Founders alley
“With the growing passion for motorcycling and exploring vivid terrains, India gives an opportunity to explore such landscapes to a great extent. I see India as a growing hub for riding tours and we are going to contribute continuously towards this mission,” says Rootsvida’s co-founder Anurag Chauhan.
“ will soon be rolling out a new program for travel organizers – a platform that provides bloggers, travellers, and passionate people to discover offbeat places,” states Rootsvida’s co-founder Shally Makin.

And now the most important question, Why to go for “The Great Indian Riding Festival”.
So here are some questions for you -:
1. Do you love to wander and reincarnate away from the busy roads?
2. Does travelling offers salvation to your soul?
3. Are you always looking forward to a fascinating experience of exploring the unseen, musing on solo travels and penning down your memoirs?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, you should definitely go for this amazing festival which will take you to the land of yaks and yetis, stupas and sherpas and some of the best biking roads on earth.
You will get to meet other riders on your journey, make friends, camp together and live some of the most memorable moments in the world’s most iconic places. Biking, adventure, camping, food and festivities! If these words excite you even remotely, then you should Join the TRIBE!!!

Here is a glimpse of the schedule

Not convinced yet?
Don’t worry the best part is here.
I have Rs 500 off just for you applicable on any trip you choose in GIRF.

Enter the below code and enjoy Rs 500 off.
Isn’t that an awesome deal?
So book now and Join the TRIBE..!!!
Click here to check all the amazing trips

Sunday, March 13, 2016

How excess of Women Empowerment is doing wrong to the Men's World..!!

I have read lot of articles on women empowerment, women safety, women rights and women equalities. I agree with most of the things written in those articles but in recent times there have been hundreds of cases where men had become scapegoats because of misuse of certain rights given to the women and the Indian mentality which has been infused with excess of Women Empowerment.

To start with Women Empowerment was and will always be one of the best initiatives taken by the government and people of India.

People came out on the roads in thousands to protest against the rapists and sexual assaulters who had crossed all lines of humanity and shown their true face of a devil.
It was great to see Indians raising their voice and demanding safety of women like never before.
Also politicians and self proclaimed religious gurus who gave their indecent and pathetic opinions about freedom of women and their attire were heavily protested.

There were campaigns, videos, social media posts and quotes from various celebrities and industrialists on the same.
It seemed like a revolution and everyone felt that now India would become a country where there would be stringent laws and punishments for those would tried to rape or assault any human being, especially women.

The Indian government tried to appease the growing voices and demands of the people and came out with two laws – Criminal Law Act 2013 & Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.
Also some amendments were made to the marriage law also.

The laws were implemented but seeing the statistics of last 3 years it is really sad to say that the number of rape or sexual harassment cases has come down negligibly.

The punishments are not severe and as a result there is no fear at all in the mind of those who commit these crimes or those who are quite willing to follow their path.
As a result the purpose of implementing these laws hasn’t being fulfilled.

But one specie that has suffered a lot due to these excessive women centric and women oriented laws is “The middle class innocent men”.
And the mentality infused with overdose of women empowerment has added fuel to the fire.

I have heard and read about lot of cases where innocent men had to bear financial losses, suffer mental and physical trauma and were even put behind the bars because of creepy women.
And this is happening not only in personal lives but also in the professional world.


Here are some of the recent cases -:

1.     Few days back in Delhi metro four women were drunk and two of them start abusing and beating a man. He had to suffer at their hands because he was helpless.
Here are the two main points -:
a. If he would have even touched them, they had all the rights in this world to go and complain against him in police, who without any investigation would have put him behind the bars.
b. There are some real men in today’s world desperate to get attention of the opposite sex and for that they would not hesitate to show their muscular power on an innocent guy.

2.     A month back in Noida a drunken woman dashed into a car of a man and started abusing and slapping him when confronted. Police tried to interfere in the matter but they too got a good dose of abusive words which even embarrassed them.

3.     In different parts of India there have been lot of cases where post marriage the girl has asked for some weird and unreasonable demands and when those were not fulfilled she went for verbal and physical abuse. When her husband and in-laws tried to retaliate a bit, fake charges of domestic violence & dowry were made against them and the entire family was put behind the bars without any investigation. Financial and status loss are add-ons.
4.     In the professional field also I have seen many cases where female co-workers have tried to threaten their managers and even team members by reporting absolutely baseless charges against them to the HR.
In recent times Marital rape law is also on the list of the Indian government and I genuinely pray to god to save all those innocent middle class men who are on the prey list of thousands of creepy women eagerly waiting to get an opportunity to exploit them emotionally and financially.

The final conclusion that I want to draw through this article is as below -:There is no harm in making women only laws for their safety, equality and freedom but there are three main points which needs to go along with them -:
a. The rules should not be made with closed eyes, without evaluating and
     foreseeing the consequences of the same. There should be some element
     of gender neutrality in it.
b. Every quarter the success rate of these rules should be evaluated and 
     changes should be made to fulfill any loopholes identified.
     Also if these rules are been misused, amendment should be brought
     into process at the earliest.
c. The Indian mentality that a guy is always wrong and a girl is always at the
     receiving end is totally rubbish and baseless. The excess dose of woman
     empowerment has made it even worse. In today’s Indian society
     a general category middle class man is the biggest sufferer.
     Everyday I see lot of posts related to women freedom and rights been
     shared across social media platforms. I appreciate that but at the same time
     we are forgetting a fact that a general category middle man also needs our
     support as much as any woman in this country. So lets fight for his rights


Friday, March 11, 2016

SkyWatch : Saturday

  Spotted a big birdie in the sky ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top 14 Global Platforms for Bloggers and Influencers

In today's era of social media boom, millions of people around the world spend most of their time on social media platforms. As a result there are lot of advances made in social media marketing. Also brands are proactively looking for people who can ensure maximum engagement.

Today 1 out of every 10th person I meet is a blogger or social media influencer.
Every week I connect with at least 20 new social media influencers and bloggers.
With everyone desperate to cash in on the social media boom, here I present to you the top 14 platforms from my experience of 5 years which are highly recommended for a newbie.

1.     Klout
Klout is one of the most popular app for measuring the online social influence of a social media influencer. A Klout score is been used to determine the influence which ranges from 1 to 100, the more the merrier.
Klout Perks are one of the best campaigns where company or brand offers free services or products to Klout users according to their scores and locations.
Till now more than 10 million perks have been offered over 2000 campaigns.

2.     Indiblogger
The biggest blogging community of India, Indiblogger, also stands at no 2 when it comes to brand collaboration and campaigns.
With more than 40k bloggers & influencers under it’s umbrella, it provides one of the best platform for the brands to connect with bloggers and vice versa.
It is also famous for it’s Indi-meets , IndiRank, IndiOne and a new concept they have recently started known as
They also conduct their own awards where the best Indian bloggers in different categories all over the world are been rewarded .
Payment is in the form of Gift Vouchers, cash, samples and goodies.

3.     TapInfluenceTapInfluence allows brands to identify influencers who have registered on their platform as per their requirements and geological location.
The unique feature about TapInfluence is an influencer can’t register for any campaign as they are not visible on the site. He is notified via mail if he is gets selected for any of them.
Payment is done through PayPal and compensation in on the higher side.

4.     Sverve
Sverve provides a great platform to bloggers and influencers for paid reviews posts and campaigns.
Unique thing about Sverve is it has divided the opportunities into 4 parts -:
A. Sponsored content – All reviews and paid posts come under this category
B. Youtube Promotion – As the new suggests all video campaigns comes under this category.
C. Sweepstake Promotion – All pinterest campaigns are tagged under it.
D. Targeted Tweets – Lastly the category for all twitter campaigns.
Recently Sverve was acquired by Bloglovin and is renamed as Activate.Bloglovin
Payment is done through PayPal and the compensations are great.
It mainly operates in USA.

5.     BlogaddaFifth on the list is the most feel at home platform for bloggers & influencers, Blogadda. There are lot of campaigns, meets, activities and programs round the year, the famous one being the book & product review programs.
Recently they have also come with a new program, Bloggers to Authors, where they will guide and help you to get your first book published.
Payment is in the form of Gift Vouchers, cash, samples and goodies.

6.     Blogmint
To start with Blogmint was recently awarded the best startup of the year award by Dataquest. In India, Blogmint enjoys the third spot as influencer’s paradise. With over 10k influencers spread over 3 countries, India, Singapore and Indonesia, it is a great platform for brand collaboration and campaigns across most of the renowned social media platforms.
Unique concept of Blogmint is the Work Order. You can negotiate the amount you will charge for a campaign and if the brand accepts your proposal, a work order is prepared where campaign dates and requirements are mentioned. I just love this concept of having a work order, quite creative idea.
Payment is in the form of Cash and goodies.

7.     Blogmeetsbrand
Blogmeetsbrand is yet another renowned platform for brand collaboration and campaigns. Influencers register for the campaigns and get notified via mail if they are shortlisted by the brands.
Payment is done via PayPal and remuneration is very good.
It also mainly operates in USA.

8. is the best platform to promote apps.
Influencers are paid for the no of installs that happen through their unique link.
Payout goes as high as $2 for one install and successful run of the app.
An influencer can share his/her unique link across all major social media platforms and the best part is he/she can be situated in any part of the world to be part of the campaign.
Some of the top campaigns are -:
Mobile Strike
Vikings : War of Clans

9. Splashscore
Splashscore rewards influencers with gift cards of Amazon, Starbucks, AMC and VISA for successfully performing various activities listed on the site.

10. Boostinsider
Boostinsider also works like
When an influencer participates in a campaign he/she is paid according to the no of installs, signups or clicks which happens via their unique link.
As per the stats on the site it has max no of influencers, 100k+, among all the platforms,

11. NeoReach
On similar lines as Boostinsider and , NeoReach also has campaigns where influencers are paid for installs and clicks that happens via their unique links.
One bad thing about NeoReach is you have to wait after the singup to get yourself registered, as the team says that they have hundreds of singup each day which keeps them busy.
As per the info on the site, over $3 M dollars have been raised by the company.
NeoReach is an unexplored place to me as I am still in the registration queue.

12. Readypulse
Readypulse is no 1 platform for influencers who are related to fitness and health world.
Perks include visa gifts cards and other opportunities.

13. Speaker
Speaker is a platform which hosts only twitter and instagram campaigns.
Once you register you have to wait to be selected for a campaign, as I am doing still after a week.
If you are selected , you will be asked to submit a tweet or pic for the campaign, depending upon the type of campaign and once moderated, it will be published when the campaign is live.

14. Fromote
       Fromote is yet another Indian influencer platform which is slowly making it’s way among in the influencer marketing industry.
An influencer has to promote stuff on various social media platforms and depending upon the amount of engagements and installs (for apps), he is being paid.
One unpleasant thing about Fromote is the threshold amount to withdraw, which is $30, certainly on the higher side as compared to other platforms.
The strange thing is no such minimum amount to withdraw is mentioned on the site and this $30 is quoted by fromote executives.
Also there is place to enter your PayPal information to withdraw money as present on most of the influencer marketing platform.