Thursday, March 24, 2016

A soul searching for life..!!

Mumbai was great fun,
I had my friends, blogging & favorite food junctions.
With a heavy heart I had to bid them goodbye,
as USA was my next destination.

I was scared and a bit nervous,
as it was really a tough decision.
Living in a foreign land without your loved ones,
Is really a painful envision.

But lady luck favoured me, 
as I was showered with love & care.
I reciprocated them even more,
and thanked god for listening to all my prayer.

Life is always a game,
but I was not prepared to play this one.
Suddenly after couple of  months,
I was all alone as my team had none.

Pain, suffering and depression,
are my new friends now.
A soul searching for life,
whom loneliness has made it's pow.

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