Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top 14 Global Platforms for Bloggers and Influencers

In today's era of social media boom, millions of people around the world spend most of their time on social media platforms. As a result there are lot of advances made in social media marketing. Also brands are proactively looking for people who can ensure maximum engagement.

Today 1 out of every 10th person I meet is a blogger or social media influencer.
Every week I connect with at least 20 new social media influencers and bloggers.
With everyone desperate to cash in on the social media boom, here I present to you the top 14 platforms from my experience of 5 years which are highly recommended for a newbie.

1.     Klout
Klout is one of the most popular app for measuring the online social influence of a social media influencer. A Klout score is been used to determine the influence which ranges from 1 to 100, the more the merrier.
Klout Perks are one of the best campaigns where company or brand offers free services or products to Klout users according to their scores and locations.
Till now more than 10 million perks have been offered over 2000 campaigns.

2.     Indiblogger
The biggest blogging community of India, Indiblogger, also stands at no 2 when it comes to brand collaboration and campaigns.
With more than 40k bloggers & influencers under it’s umbrella, it provides one of the best platform for the brands to connect with bloggers and vice versa.
It is also famous for it’s Indi-meets , IndiRank, IndiOne and a new concept they have recently started known as
They also conduct their own awards where the best Indian bloggers in different categories all over the world are been rewarded .
Payment is in the form of Gift Vouchers, cash, samples and goodies.

3.     TapInfluenceTapInfluence allows brands to identify influencers who have registered on their platform as per their requirements and geological location.
The unique feature about TapInfluence is an influencer can’t register for any campaign as they are not visible on the site. He is notified via mail if he is gets selected for any of them.
Payment is done through PayPal and compensation in on the higher side.

4.     Sverve
Sverve provides a great platform to bloggers and influencers for paid reviews posts and campaigns.
Unique thing about Sverve is it has divided the opportunities into 4 parts -:
A. Sponsored content – All reviews and paid posts come under this category
B. Youtube Promotion – As the new suggests all video campaigns comes under this category.
C. Sweepstake Promotion – All pinterest campaigns are tagged under it.
D. Targeted Tweets – Lastly the category for all twitter campaigns.
Recently Sverve was acquired by Bloglovin and is renamed as Activate.Bloglovin
Payment is done through PayPal and the compensations are great.
It mainly operates in USA.

5.     BlogaddaFifth on the list is the most feel at home platform for bloggers & influencers, Blogadda. There are lot of campaigns, meets, activities and programs round the year, the famous one being the book & product review programs.
Recently they have also come with a new program, Bloggers to Authors, where they will guide and help you to get your first book published.
Payment is in the form of Gift Vouchers, cash, samples and goodies.

6.     Blogmint
To start with Blogmint was recently awarded the best startup of the year award by Dataquest. In India, Blogmint enjoys the third spot as influencer’s paradise. With over 10k influencers spread over 3 countries, India, Singapore and Indonesia, it is a great platform for brand collaboration and campaigns across most of the renowned social media platforms.
Unique concept of Blogmint is the Work Order. You can negotiate the amount you will charge for a campaign and if the brand accepts your proposal, a work order is prepared where campaign dates and requirements are mentioned. I just love this concept of having a work order, quite creative idea.
Payment is in the form of Cash and goodies.

7.     Blogmeetsbrand
Blogmeetsbrand is yet another renowned platform for brand collaboration and campaigns. Influencers register for the campaigns and get notified via mail if they are shortlisted by the brands.
Payment is done via PayPal and remuneration is very good.
It also mainly operates in USA.

8.     Fango.me
Fango.me is the best platform to promote apps.
Influencers are paid for the no of installs that happen through their unique link.
Payout goes as high as $2 for one install and successful run of the app.
An influencer can share his/her unique link across all major social media platforms and the best part is he/she can be situated in any part of the world to be part of the campaign.
Some of the top campaigns are -:
Mobile Strike
Vikings : War of Clans

9. Splashscore
Splashscore rewards influencers with gift cards of Amazon, Starbucks, AMC and VISA for successfully performing various activities listed on the site.

10. Boostinsider
Boostinsider also works like Fango.me.
When an influencer participates in a campaign he/she is paid according to the no of installs, signups or clicks which happens via their unique link.
As per the stats on the site it has max no of influencers, 100k+, among all the platforms,

11. NeoReach
On similar lines as Boostinsider and Fango.me , NeoReach also has campaigns where influencers are paid for installs and clicks that happens via their unique links.
One bad thing about NeoReach is you have to wait after the singup to get yourself registered, as the team says that they have hundreds of singup each day which keeps them busy.
As per the info on the site, over $3 M dollars have been raised by the company.
NeoReach is an unexplored place to me as I am still in the registration queue.

12. Readypulse
Readypulse is no 1 platform for influencers who are related to fitness and health world.
Perks include visa gifts cards and other opportunities.

13. Speaker
Speaker is a platform which hosts only twitter and instagram campaigns.
Once you register you have to wait to be selected for a campaign, as I am doing still after a week.
If you are selected , you will be asked to submit a tweet or pic for the campaign, depending upon the type of campaign and once moderated, it will be published when the campaign is live.

14. Fromote
       Fromote is yet another Indian influencer platform which is slowly making it’s way among in the influencer marketing industry.
An influencer has to promote stuff on various social media platforms and depending upon the amount of engagements and installs (for apps), he is being paid.
One unpleasant thing about Fromote is the threshold amount to withdraw, which is $30, certainly on the higher side as compared to other platforms.
The strange thing is no such minimum amount to withdraw is mentioned on the site and this $30 is quoted by fromote executives.
Also there is place to enter your PayPal information to withdraw money as present on most of the influencer marketing platform.


  1. Oh I am going to save this for later... I am using Activate right now, but there are some in the list I have not heard of before. Never hurts to have more options.

    1. Welcome to "From My Diary".
      Activate is awesome..I love it.
      Do visit the other ones too, they are good.
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  2. I found your article highly entertaining, and I will be sure to save this page for later uses.

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  3. I am quite in love with klout - I love the way it computes online influence!

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      Seriously I love the perks too..:)
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  5. Thank you for sharing this! This are really helpful!

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  6. Thank you for sharing your tips! A lot of tips for Indians, right? :)

    1. Completely my pleasure, yeah for Indians I have mentioned 4 platforms, rest others are for everyone.
      Thanks for your time :)

  7. Very educational article. Appreciate the time taken by you to prepare the list.
    I have worked with blogmint as well as fromote.com and the payout for fromote were much higher, so I would rank it much higher in the list. will also try the others pointed out by you.

    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words..
      So did you got paid from fromote recently or anytime ?
      Was it transferred to PayPal ?

    2. Yes, earned $45 from 7-8 campaigns and got it withdrawn to paypal.. Deliberately waited to accumulate amount else would have paid more money to paypal for frequent transfers.

      Didnt earn as much from blogmint as they pay just Rs. 10 per tweet. How was ur experience

  8. I can honestly say that I have never heard of any of these before! Some of them look very helpful - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Please do try them and share your experience.
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  9. I have never heard of any of these but I just joined Klout to see what it's all about. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Klout is the best tool in today's world to measure your influence.
      Klout perks are the best gifts an influencer can ask for.
      Do try the others too, might be of some help.
      Thanks for dropping by, would love to see you more often.

  10. Amazing post! Very useful! I am only signed up to Klout from your list


    1. Thanks a lot :)
      Do try the others too, they are good.
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  11. This is a great list. I am part of most of them except for some of the India specific ones. Maybe I will look into those too!

    1. Glad you liked it :)
      Wow..thats great, so how is your experience with each of them ?