Monday, March 14, 2016

Biking Fiesta : The Great Indian Riding Festival 2016

What’s the buzz
For all the travelers who love to have adventure and new experiences, there is a new festival in the town.
And yes how can I forget the awesome bikers, especially the bullet gang who love to explore new destinations.
Ok, not taking much of your time here I reveal the mystery; proudly announces the launch of “The Great Indian Riding Festival 2016”.

What is “The GIRF”
The GIRF is a six month long biking fiesta starting from 1 April to 30th September 2016 that runs with everything that bikers love. It is a tale of four destinations – Ladakh, Bhutan, North East and Spiti involving 25 tours from New Delhi. The festival gives you the freedom to choose the group, date and time as per your convenience. The festival has opened for registrations from 23rd February.
 For more details click here.

About is a travel based platform founded in 2013 offering experiential trips with a touch of local flavour. It is an upcoming marketplace for unique travel organizers hosting budget group travels. Roots is a passionate group of travellers who explore offbeat places experimenting with different concepts to experience adventure and travel.
At present the two year old company, primarily based out of Delhi, has executed 34 trips involving over 500 travellers. With such a great response the company is expected to grow manifolds with the like-minded people.

From the Founders alley
“With the growing passion for motorcycling and exploring vivid terrains, India gives an opportunity to explore such landscapes to a great extent. I see India as a growing hub for riding tours and we are going to contribute continuously towards this mission,” says Rootsvida’s co-founder Anurag Chauhan.
“ will soon be rolling out a new program for travel organizers – a platform that provides bloggers, travellers, and passionate people to discover offbeat places,” states Rootsvida’s co-founder Shally Makin.

And now the most important question, Why to go for “The Great Indian Riding Festival”.
So here are some questions for you -:
1. Do you love to wander and reincarnate away from the busy roads?
2. Does travelling offers salvation to your soul?
3. Are you always looking forward to a fascinating experience of exploring the unseen, musing on solo travels and penning down your memoirs?

If answer to any of the above question is yes, you should definitely go for this amazing festival which will take you to the land of yaks and yetis, stupas and sherpas and some of the best biking roads on earth.
You will get to meet other riders on your journey, make friends, camp together and live some of the most memorable moments in the world’s most iconic places. Biking, adventure, camping, food and festivities! If these words excite you even remotely, then you should Join the TRIBE!!!

Here is a glimpse of the schedule

Not convinced yet?
Don’t worry the best part is here.
I have Rs 500 off just for you applicable on any trip you choose in GIRF.

Enter the below code and enjoy Rs 500 off.
Isn’t that an awesome deal?
So book now and Join the TRIBE..!!!
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  1. What a wonderful way to see the world - by bike! It is nice to see this being offered as an alternative to traditional ways of touring a country. This will attract a ton of adventure seekers.

    1. Welcome to "From My Diary".
      True words Suzanne..I would love to travel the whole world on bike if that was possible..thanks for dropping by..would love to see u more often.

  2. Lovely, love traveling by bike

    1. Welcome to "From My Diary", glad you liked it.
      Biking has its own passion and craziness..I too prefer biking over driving car..:)

  3. Wow .. Gr8 to know about GIRF .. Thanks for sharing very useful for bikers ..

    1. You are welcome Rashmi..glad you found it useful.
      Thanks for dropping by :)