Thursday, December 12, 2013

Path-breaking surgery by Apollo Hospitals on 16th December, Are you with us...

                       History is going to be created in the Indian Medical World.

When à16th December
Where à Apollo Children’s Hospital , Vanagaram, Chennai.
Why à For the first time in India surgical separation of Male Pygopagus twins will happen.
               A unique and challenging aspect of the separation is the fused phallus, which has to be
               delicately separated to give each baby a functional penis.

Medical Understanding  à

The term Pygopagus means fixed at the buttocks. Conjoined twins are rarely encountered. Although seen in one in 200,000 deliveries more than 60% are stillborn. Of the remaining, 35% die within a few days or months of birth due to various causes. Conjoined twins can be joined at the chest, abdomen, back, buttock and head. Fusion at the buttocks (Pygopagus) is very rare and accounts for
less than 17% of all conjoined twins. Live born pygopagus twins are usually female in sex. Male pygopagus twins are very rare. Till now in medical literature only 30 sets of pygopagus twins have been reported. Of these 26 were female and only four were male.

Let’s hear the story of these rare twins à

A baby is one of life's most precious gifts that brings happiness, hope and meaning to life! And, the birth of twins would only bring twice the happiness and the celebrations. However, for one family, their joy soon turned into sadness as their twins were born conjoined, a rare condition that occurs every 200,000 births.
This is the story of two identical ‘pygopagus twins’,Ericana and Eludi from Africa. The mother hails from a small village called ‘Kasumulu’ in Tanzania. She went for delivery to the dispensary in her village from where she was shifted to the District Hospital because she had undergone a previous caesarean section.  At the district hospital a  ‘C ‘section was done but to the doctors' surprise there was enormous difficulty in delivering the babies out of the uterus as they were joined at the back. The mother was told that separation of the babies was fraught with risk and she was sent to the Mohimbili Hospital in the capital Dares Salaam by ambulance. It took three days to make this journey with the newborns. At Mohimbili the doctors contacted the health officials for advice regarding further action.
Apollo Hospitals Chennai is closely associated with the Tanzanian government by the Save a Childs Heart Initiative (SACHI). The babies were therefore shifted to Apollo Children’s Hospital in Chennai at four and a half months of age. After extensive work up it was found that the babies were joined at the tail end of the spines and shared a single anus and rectum. They were also found to have a single phallus and urinary passage.

Preparation of the Big Day à

The Big day is 16th December when separation of these babies is planned. It’s a mammoth task, which will take around 14 – 16 hours. A team of 20 doctors from the specialties of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, paediatric surgery and paediatric urology will attempt the separation. The services of Dr.Edward Kiely – Paediatric Surgeon and Dr.Richard Howard – Anaesthesiologist, both from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London have been sought to guide and help in the safe separation.
The babies are now 9 months old and weigh 16 kgs. During the last five months tissue expanders have been placed in the back, buttocks and thighs so that skin flaps can be rotated to cover the large defects, which will be left after separation.The nurses looking after the babies have been showering love and affection on the babies who have been nicknamed ‘Ammukutty’ and ‘Chellakutty’.
The babies can say ‘Thatha’ and ‘Athai’ and the mother has picked up a smattering of Tamil as well.

Apollo touching lives in many ways à

Apollo is bringing together different nations through it’s “Save A Child Heart Initiative” and one of its live example is the pygopagus twins from Africa.
Saving A Child's Heart initiative (SACHi) is one of Asia's largest voluntary organizations, dedicated to paediatric cardiac care and child heart surgery for the underprivileged. In order to combat the escalating problem of congenital cardiac issues in children, Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospitals established the Children's Cardiac Wing in the hospitals.
Established in 2003, SACHi aims to provide early diagnosis, treatment, surgery, post-operative care and financial support to children from economically weak sections of society. SACHi has till date touched 50,000 lives. Its main goal is that every child irrespective of community or background, is provided cutting edge treatment and operative care.

Prayers for the twins & salute to the great step by Apollo hospitalsà

On 16th December The whole world will be praying for a successful surgery and a new life for the twins. We heartily appreciate the efforts and dedication put in by the complete Apollo Staff.
Apollo Hospitals are very confident that the separation of the babies will proceed uneventfully.
Lets support and be with them at every stage of this legendary step.

                             Mother with her Pygopagus twins

It's Cranberry all the way..

Bacardi came out with 6 flavors of breezer.
I was asked to taste all of them and identify the best of the lot.

All the 6 bottles were kept in a room and I was given 1 hour to give my verdict.
As I entered the room, amazingly beautiful breezer bottles were waiting for me.
I was impressed by their make, slender and sexy.

Starting with the common flavors I choose Pineapple first.
It was okay but nothing exciting about it.


Next in line was Orange
After I took some sips I was confused.
Was orange juice better or orange breezer?


Now it was the turn of Lime.
This time I was super excited that I will be get to taste
something different. But to my dismay it was the common lime juice taste.


Disappointed by the common flavours I tried my hope on the new ones.
First in line was Jamaican Passion.
It was pleasant to taste and was really something different.


Excited by the turnaround I went for the fruity ones.
Blackberry was my flavour this time.
As I took one sip I was amazed by its refreshing taste.
The best till now.


Super excited by the amazing taste of blackberry I went ahead to
try the last flavour of the day,Cranberry.
Will it be better than blackberry or just another flavour like pineapple.
With mixed emotions I took one sip of it.
Was I disappointed ?
Below expression tell the story.
It was just wow, tantalizing my taste buds it gave me a tingling feeling.


Finally I came out of the room , super happy and excited.
When asked about my verdict I had no hesitation in declaring Cranberry as the
No 1 flavour among all the bacardi breezers launched in India.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

When she came..

It was pinch dark and all four of us were a bit frightened.
The forest was desolate, noises creeping around every corner like ghosts.

Suddenly a voice made us jump in air.
It was of female, sexy but haunting. We searched for the source, but found no one around.

As we moved back someone patted us, it was her.
For a moment we were lost.
Pale white skin, blood red plump lips and eyes which looked like a pool of darkness made her look like a goddess.

But something was abnormal and it was her feet. The toes were backward and heel in the front. At once we remembered the story of chudel of the forest which was told by many.

She in a terrifying voice declared.
I will take 3 of you with me leaving just one behind.

After glancing at us she said.
I will leave the clean shaved one behind as he might be of use to some girl alive.
I hate that unclean stubble as every girl does.
So rest 3 of you with dirty stubbles are coming along.

All of sudden I got up. Glad it was a dream.
At once I shaved off my stubble and called my gf to tell her about the good news she always wanted to hear.
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Monday, December 9, 2013

Smelly Air to Smiley Air with Ambi Pur

When I was moving to Mumbai to pursue my job the first thing that worried my mom was where was I going to stay and will it be clean and hygienic!!!

I had never lived away from home so this was my first time.
Cleanliness and hygiene were the top priorities in the list but my college hostel friends said “Bhool ja ye sab, a bachelor’s home is all messed up.

3 of my friends got the same office in Mumbai so we decided to share a 1BHK flat.
We choose a flat which was fully furnished and the rent though very high was reasonable according to Mumbai rates.
2 of my friends who were hostilities quickly got acquainted to the conditions but for me it was more difficult than cracking IIT.

As days passed our flat looked more like a dharamshala.
Friends of one or the other person were always there as a refuge.

Pile of stinging socks, clothes drained in sweat and gas problem of 2 of my fatty roomies would create an aura that would sometimes even burn my nostril hairs.
Adding oil to the flames was the poor drainage system. Whenever someone from the flat above us used to flush it’s incredibly amazing scent would make its way down, right into our nose.

When the scent became toxic and it was nearly impossible to keep my nose open excluding those time when I had cold and my nose was at the rescue, I consulted my friend for a solution.
He too left home for the first time and could easily understand my plight.

Have you not tried Ambi pur air effects and Ambi pur set & refresh my friend asked me.
It’s Lavender fragrance is just awesome.  My flat also smells like hell as it is a bachelor’s paradise but after using Ambi pur it smells like a real paradise.

I followed his advice and brought ambi pur home.
The aroma has changed drastically.
Now going to toilet would not demand a hankey on my nose.
I started liking my flat and wanted to stay for long just because of the pleasing fragrance that filled the air around.

Thanks a lot to Ambi pur who has made my world from hell to heaven.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mission Accomplished...

I was awed by her mysterious beauty.
Her oval shaped face had a pale tone to it. Those eyes were like pool of darkness.
Her hairs were cascaded like a waterfall down her back.
An unearthly goddess indeed but I had other things on my mind of utmost importance.

All eyes were on her, the centre of attraction of the party. Few guys tried their luck to woo her
but were badly rejected. Last one looked perfect to me but he too suffered the same treatment. She made a crooked face while pointing to his stubble and I understood the mystery behind the rejection.

Without wasting anytime with full confidence and composure I approached her and asked for a dance. Though I was a handsome guy but it was my clean shaven look that bowled her over.

After dance and drinks, the next destination was her place as her family was out of town.
She went to take a bath and I utilized the time to place my microphones.

She was daughter of a big business tycoon who had alleged relations with underworld.
And I was on a secret mission. Mission Accomplished for today, thanks to the clean shaven look.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Catch the flavour...its Cranberry

In India  Bacardi Breezer was the first entrant in the ready to drink category and is currently the market leader in its segment.

It’s main flavour includes

It is for those who wants something mild to drink and are not in a mood of a hardcore one.
Something that makes you feel just a little breezy after having a sip of it.

I had loved berries from starting and when Bacardi came up with breezers of berry flavours,
I couldn't stop myself from tasting them all.

Three of their flavours were quite common which included lime, orange and pineapple.
But what intrigued me were the other three.
Unique and ready to be gulped.

Among the three, red colour Cranberry looked colourful and sexy.
A blonde with great looks and sizzling taste.
Took few sips and I was like wow, this is the perfect one for me..:)
I loved Cranberry fruit for its taste and advantages,so a drink of its flavour
was a big thumps up by me.

Lets see the advantages of Cranberry fruit and a drink which is made from it -:
1. It helps to protect from Stomach Ulcer.
2. It also prevents urinary tract infections.
3. Has anti cancer properties which extend to cancers of breast, colon, lung and prostate.
4. Among fruits and vegetables richest in health promoting antioxidants cranberries rank right up at the     top.
5. It’s a huge source of Vitamin C and fiber.
6. In case of gums, the anti-inflammatory properties of cranberry can help us lower our risk of                 periodontal diseases.
7. Strengthens our immune system.

Healthy drink with awesome taste and sexy looks.
Cranberry is my flavour tonight what is yours..\m/

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