Thursday, December 12, 2013

It's Cranberry all the way..

Bacardi came out with 6 flavors of breezer.
I was asked to taste all of them and identify the best of the lot.

All the 6 bottles were kept in a room and I was given 1 hour to give my verdict.
As I entered the room, amazingly beautiful breezer bottles were waiting for me.
I was impressed by their make, slender and sexy.

Starting with the common flavors I choose Pineapple first.
It was okay but nothing exciting about it.


Next in line was Orange
After I took some sips I was confused.
Was orange juice better or orange breezer?


Now it was the turn of Lime.
This time I was super excited that I will be get to taste
something different. But to my dismay it was the common lime juice taste.


Disappointed by the common flavours I tried my hope on the new ones.
First in line was Jamaican Passion.
It was pleasant to taste and was really something different.


Excited by the turnaround I went for the fruity ones.
Blackberry was my flavour this time.
As I took one sip I was amazed by its refreshing taste.
The best till now.


Super excited by the amazing taste of blackberry I went ahead to
try the last flavour of the day,Cranberry.
Will it be better than blackberry or just another flavour like pineapple.
With mixed emotions I took one sip of it.
Was I disappointed ?
Below expression tell the story.
It was just wow, tantalizing my taste buds it gave me a tingling feeling.


Finally I came out of the room , super happy and excited.
When asked about my verdict I had no hesitation in declaring Cranberry as the
No 1 flavour among all the bacardi breezers launched in India.

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