Thursday, August 28, 2014

Univercell Sync Experience..A store for Gadget lovers !!

I was ready for a new experience as the latest Indiblogger gift to its beloved bloggers of Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai was visit to the Corporate store of one of the leading mobile retailer, Univercell who has launched one of a kind techsperience stores named Univercell Sync in India.

We as a group of 6 bloggers were all set to visit the Colaba store in Mumbai on 23rd August.
Though the store was a bit far away from our place but we were all excited to lay our hands on the latest Gadgets while chit chatting with the fellow bloggers and we were not disappointed.



Store was well equipped with latest gadgets suited for every age group , from a layman to a tech savvy.
Also I just loved the interior of the store..:)



Soumya Menon, vice president -brand Strategy was eager to know about different Apps we use and
what all we look for in a mobile.
It was a healthy interaction which also gave us the opportunity to introduce her to the most frequently used
App by the Mumbians, M-Indicator.


It was indeed a fun filled event with lot of photo sessions, chit chatting and Gadgets exploring.
Not to forget everyone was given a CCD refreshment packet which had a Rush fruit juice, mineral water, brownie and Spanish & Corn Cheese Sandwich, lovely gesture from Univercell Sync.

Last most not the least, the most awaited gadget which everyone is waiting for Philips Soundshooter SBA3010 Speaker.

Now let me tell you 5 things which makes Univercell Sync stand at the top of the list.

1. It has 4 zones.
    Point and shoot zone for the people who love to get clicked and framed.

    There are frames of different sizes which can be used creatively by selfie enthusiasts.
    Music Zone where you get to explore the best music phones in the town paired together
    with music accessories.
    Work Zone where you will get those gadgets which can fulfill all your business and professional needs
    Junior Sync a zone exclusively for children.

2. The staff are Gadget enthusiasts and are not there just for the sake of doing it.
     They are eager to listen about different Apps who have tried and also share their opinions and
     expertise on the same.

3. Univercell Sync offers something that no retailer offers and that is guarantee..
    Usually brand offers you warranty but there are many things which are not covered in it.
    Univercell gives you 1 year guarantee of complete replacement in case anything happens to your gadget.

4. There is different section for market toppers, Gadgets which are the most desirable in their categories.
     This way its easy for the customer to make a choose and decide on which mobile to buy.

5. Also there is another section where customers are allowed to experience gadgets which are yet to be
    introduced in the Indian market.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Achhe Din Aaenge :)

Bohot kahaa gya is desh me..
Ki achhe din aaenge..
Par kaise aaenge wo achhe din..
Ye hume koi nhi samjhaane aaenge..

Kuch baatein hai mere dil me..
Aur lagta hai…ki yadi uun par hum amal kar paaenge..
To sach maano ..dosto..
Achhe din zaroor aaenge..

#Desh me pichle kuch samay me..
Kayi jagah balaatkaar hue..
Usse rokne k liye action lene ka kisi ne nahi socha..
Hue to bas reaction ke bauchhar hue..

Yadi inn ghinauni ghatnaao ko rok kar..
Hum ladkiyo ko izzat de paaenge..
To sach maano ..dosto..
Achhe din zaroor aaenge..

#Desh ke yuvaa aajkal..
Yaa to desh chhod kar baahar naukri ko jaate hai..
Yaa fir jo desh me rehte hai..
Wo bus train rok kar dharne par beth jaate hai..

Yadi “bus train” rokne ki bajaae..
Hum “brain drain” rok paaenge..
To sach maano ..dosto..
Achhe din zaroor aaenge..

#Desh ke log aaj chahte hai to bass..
Khud ki unnati khud ki kamaai…
Koi nahi chahta desh ki unnati..
Koi nahi chahta desh ki safaai..

Yadi hum desh ko saaf rakh kar..
Apne apne kartavya nibhaaenge..
To sach maano ..dosto..
Achhe din zaroor aaenge..
 J J

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The very thought of reading a book based on the great epic scripture -"Ramayana" brings delight to a soul.
When Blogadda provided me the opportunity to review "RAMAYANA THE GAME OF LIFE-  RISE OF THE SUN PRINCE", I was all set to travel the journey again.

About the Author:
Shri Shubha Vilas is a spiritual seeker and a motivational speaker.
He holds degree of B.E in Electronics and Telecommunications & L.L.B Specializing in Intellectual Property Law.
Even after having such specialization he preferred the path of spirituality and became a monk
at the Hare Krsna monastery, ISKCON Chowpatty in Mumbai.
His leadership seminars are popular with top-level management in corporate houses.

What the cover speaks:
The cover page illustrating Rama and Laxmana protecting the sages at Viswamitra's aasharam
by shooting magical arrows at Demons Marica and Subahu is quite impressive and engrossing.

About the Story:
Book 1 of the series "RAMAYANA THE GAME OF LIFE" flows through the following events:
1. Narada Muni narrates the entire Ramayana- Saga of Lord Rama to Valmiki.
2. Lord Brahma asks Valmiki to render entire saga of lord Rama's life in verses.
3. Fascinating and captivating description of Dasaratha, his kingdom and the capital city Ayodhya.
4. Putrakamesti yajna performed by Dasaratha to fulfill his desire for sons.
5. Description of Lanka and the evolution of Ravana's family is what follows next.
6. Birth of 4 divine sons of Dasaratha, specially Lord Rama brings respect and smile on every reader's face.
7. Story proceeds with Vishwamitra appearance in Ayodhya and Rama and Lakshamana accompanying           him to start a new phase of their life.
8. Killing of Tataka and her sons, Maricha & Subahu by Rama and Lakshamana proceeds next
    which exemplify the power of Lord Rama.
9. Visit to the glorious city of Mithali.
10.From King to a Brahmarishi, Saga of Vishwamitra, the main hero of Part-I.
11.Marriage of Sita and Rama and other sons of Dasaratha.

What I liked:
1. Every page of the book has some messages or anecdotes by Shubha Vilas for the common man
    which are very inspiring and practical.
2. The book is written without losing out the original touch and story-line from the Authentic Ramayana.
3. The description of Ayodhya is really fascinating. Imagining it brings goosebumps to me.
4. The flow of the story is great and use of vocabulary is appreciable.
5. Care has been taken to describe every aspect minutely.
6. Preview of the book 2 "Shattered Dreams" in the first part is something unique.

Things that can be improved:
A bit more emphasis should have been given to the proof reading.
There are words in middle of the story whose first letter is capitalized even when there is no preceding full stop.

My verdict:
A very honest attempt at rewriting the epic scripture "Ramayana" with its learning simplified in a common man's language with logical reasoning behind every action performed.
Book is filled with very inspiring ,motivating and touching quotes or I must say truths of life.
A must read for every living soul.

Author: Shubha Vilas
Publisher : Jaico Publishing House
Pages: 252
Language: English
Cost : 250

This review is part of the biggest Book Review Program for 
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