Monday, November 23, 2015

How Smartphone technology is changing the world..!!

In today’s era, the word Smartphone is synonymous to world, as it covers everything under this universe.

You can connect to any person all over the world, listen to any kind of music, watch any flick in any language, learn and talk in all languages, shop whatever you want, order your favorite food, plan your complete vacation, pay your bills, transfer money, play games, get climate alerts, control your vehicles, click pics, get education, share and imbibe knowledge, socialize, earn your livelihood and even vote during elections.
Everything is just few clicks away.

Apart from the common ones stated above there are lot of other useful things that your Smartphone is capable of doing.

1.       Adjust the temperature of your AC or change the channels on your TV, these universal remote apps for Android controls all your appliances.  Few of them are Smart IR remote, Asmart Remote IR, and Unified Remote to name a few.

2.       Remain fit and fine with these fitness apps, which track your daily performance, send progress reports for the goals you have set and also give details of the calories you've burned.

3.       There are apps that can measure height and distance which can help architects and even common man while choosing furniture or checking dimensions of a room.

4.       You can digitize documents using apps like CamScanner, Genius Scan, FineScanner etc.

5.       Electricity waste is a common problem these days. Many people forget to turn off lights when leaving home and remember the same after coming a long way. There are apps which can control the lights for you even when you are away from home thus saving electricity.

6.       A budget manager and investment tracker is a must for everyone these days which keeps track of all your saving, investments, policies and plans and send regular reminders and even tips.
      There are some Apps in the market which takes care of everything mentioned above for you.

7.       There are Apps like Alcohoot, DrinkTracker for iOS and AlcoDriod for Android, which prevent drunk driving. So in a way a Smartphone can save your life too.

8.       The camera of Smartphone is bundled with magic. You can go for Panorama Sequence or use the slow motion feature which adds beauty to any video. There are lot of apps which provides a number of pre-made filters and effects which can enhance your photography experience.

       There are new Smartphone technologies which are making its way into the market.

One of them is 4G technology, which once made available across the country will be so useful for students as the buffering and downloading speed will be lightening fast, which means access to more amount of data in the same time.

Android M, also known as Android Marshmallow is another technology to wait for.
It is out for Nexus devices and slowly been updated on other devices.
With Android M you can expect battery life improvements, greater app permission controls, enhanced biometric verifications and new Google Now features.

Another thing to look out for is Octa-core processors. It lengthens phone’s battery without compromising on performance during multitasking which is the need of the hour.

Technological advancements are also made in the phone accessories.
There are wireless charger pads, solar case covers and power banks, Fitness wristbands, Marco lenses to put on your camera, waterproof & self chargeable mobile cases, multipurpose mobile cases, funky mobile covers (food, sports or any superhero) and different launchers with plenty of customization at your disposal.

So if you want to be part of #Technocrats, let your Smartphone do that for you.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fantasy : A pleasure to be experienced..!!!

Fantasy, the word itself is so powerful that we don’t need a description to understand it.
In today’s world everyone has some or other fantasy or even fantasies, mind you we are not referring to the fantasy world that is home to angels and demons.

Anyways as a human we have the power to think, imagine and dream.
We dream about being successful, rich and famous. We have our dream places to visit and adventures to fulfill, but in all these dreams, there are those which give us pleasure, something intense, ecstasy may be and are called Fantasies.

Fantasies can be divided into 3 categories
A. Common             --- Most of men will dream of going on a date with Angelina Jolie and women                                           with Cristiano Ronaldo.

B.  Non-Secretive   ---  Fantasies that you can discuss with your partner or even best friends.
                                      They are generally not very weird and are realistic.

C.  Secretive            --- This category constitute the major volume of fantasies.
                                      Mostly belonging to the dark world, these fantasies gets buried with the death                                       of a person. Sometimes they can be very weird and unrealistic.  

So here is the question should we go try to fulfill our fantasy or not?
Well the answer depends on various factors -:
1. Will your fantasy put your or anyone’s life in danger?
2. Will your fantasy isolate you from the whole world?
3. Is your fantasy going to give you guilt that you won’t be able to forget lifelong?
4. Will your fantasy get you involved in illegal activities? 

If the answer to above questions is a “NO” then you should definitely give a try to fulfill your fantasy.
When you are on your death bed, taking your last breaths, for a moment there will a smile on your face, remembering that time when you succeeded in fulfilling the most secretive thing in your life.

Yes fantasies are the biggest secrets of our life. We tell everything to our partner but it’s really difficult to express our fantasy to him/her, sometimes our best friends come in handy but it’s not the case always.     
If your partner understands and supports you to fulfill it, then that is the greatest happiness of your life.

Today we are not only improving technologically but also with our mentality.
People are becoming broad minded and logical. Though the progress is not that great but there are hopes that with time it will pace up.

With more freedom to express, dream, live and enjoy, the possibilities to fulfill your fantasies has increased manifold, but remember that it should always be a calculative risk as it also has the power to break you and make your life hell.

So on a fantasizing node, I wish everyone success in their fantasies.
Let’s create a satisfied world J

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

For me he is a VIP(Very Inspiring Person) - #madeofgreat..

We meet a lot of people in our course of life and are influenced by them in various ways.
Some teach us how to love, while some teach us how to make others happy.
Some people help us to hone our skills, while some make us laugh.
There are those who makes us brave and impart courage, while there are those who inspires us to never give up and keep trying hard for our goal.
Few from the lot portray how to live life without giving a damn to anything, while there are those who teach us how to be responsible.

Among all these there is that one person whose life inspires us to become like him/her.

In my case that person is a guy.
He has suffered lot of pain but there is always a smile on his face.
He has seen worst of worst times when this family had to struggle for 2 times meal, but he is never behind to offer a meal to a poor child.
Dancing, singing or modeling, you make him do anything and he will surprise you with his talent and dedication.
He is a kind soul who is trustworthy and whole heartedly dedicated to his near and dear ones.

One of my best friends is the replica of the person I had described above.
His dream was to get into an IIT but due of his family financial condition he choose to take a break from studies, kept aside his personal dreams and took tuitions to support his family.
For 3 continuous years he was selflessly devoted towards his family.

Finally when things were fine, he got into a reputed college, though not an IIT but a decent one.
Because of his 3 years gap, he had to miss out on job opportunities in big MNCs but he never gave up.

He kept on trying and eventually got into a reputed firm, though not a biggie but nothing less.
Luck favors the brave, his hard work and dedication was appreciated by the senior management which helped him grab right opportunities at right time.

Today he is well settled, successful software engineer, soon getting married to the love of his life and a person whom everyone is proud of.

He is my friend from last 8 years and I am very thankful to god for that.
Whenever he is around you will always feel motivated and energized.
Even if it is a dance step, he will rehearse it till the time he does it perfectly.
He is an honest critic and will never appreciate your work till you have given your best in it.

I am very grateful to him for seeding the never give attitude in me.
It is because of his sheer hard work and dedication, that a lazy lad like me also got motivated to give something a next try.

He has the same time as us but his will power is way higher than most of the people I know.

Once a person has more grass at his end he thinks others as inferior but this guy was completely different. He is a modest, down to the earth person who always shares his success mantra with others.

I remember those college days when I used to get depressed on heartbreak or some other issues.
He was the only person who used to not mock around but make me realize my real worth.
He used to share his valuable experience and reveal those secret tips which life made him learn at such a young age.

Today also when I meet him there is always a new thing to learn.
These days he is into photography and I can bet you that you will definitely want to become his next subject.

There is nothing like he is god gifted or has something supernatural but it is his sheer will, never give up attitude, a desire to learn something new every time and his hard work and devotion to make himself a perfectionist in it, that drives him to reach new heights and also inspire people around him.

Whenever I am depressed, heartbroken, messed up or on the verge of giving up, I remember this person, his struggles and eventually I get the much needed kick from within to give my best.

For me he is undeniably #madeofgreat

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Create magic over your favorite Apps with Voodoo App

About the App
Don’t go on the name. It has nothing to do with black magic but yeah it has a different magic, magic over your favorite apps.

Launched in October 2015, Voodoo is a digital assistant for you, which will change the way you shop online.
It integrates with every app on your device and helps you get best deals, compare prices, get coupons and give recommendations for your online shopping. 

How Voodoo is helpful
Find Best DealsFind out the lowest price for products across all shopping apps, within your favourite apps. Get best deals by comparing prices and save a lot of money. What more, make money for extra shopping!
Casts a spell over: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, PayTM and three others.

Get Cab Faster: Find the cheapest and nearest cabs available across all apps and book with just one click. With Voodoo, you don’t have to waste time opening all cab service apps to check the availability. Open any one app and all your options will pop up in the same app, thanks to Voodoo.
Casts a spell over: OLA, Uber and TaxiForSure.


Find Similar Products: Find similar products at better price across platforms.  Voodoo scans all apps and find out what it thinks you’ll like, from shoes, bags to clothes and accessories. No more app-hopping. Get everything within a single app.


Casts a spell over: Jabong, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal and eight others.

Find Best Coupons: Get a list of all valid coupons, deals and offers on everyday purchases that you make and apply the best one with just a tap! Open any app and find a list of all active coupons. No more coupon hunting!

Casts a spell over: PayTM, Freecharge, Myntra, FoodPanda and 11 others.


Let’s meet the CEO
Mohit Mittal the Co-founder and CEO, Voodoo is an IIT Madras alumni.
He was a master of innovation from his college time itself. In 2010 he received HSBC international award for innovation for the project TechMet, where he made a helmet capable of sending SOS alerts to the nearest hospital in case of a road accident. Also his patent includes a novel “e-headgear” to prevent and warn against drunken driving in two wheelers.

Before co-founding Voodoo, he was also co-founder of Myriads Digital Network LLP, Preburn Pvt Ltd which was later acquired by Freecharge and Burrn, a conceptualized gamified platform to grill your friends anonymously.

Download the App here.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A modern day love story

It is just a piece of fiction, don't blame my gf for it...

How I wanted to live with her forever but suddenly my love was dead and so was I...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali..!!!

A festival to enjoy together..
An excuse to forgive others and shower them with love..
A day to not only light up your house but also light up the life of a poor..
Celebrate this Diwali with lots of joy..Refrain from bursting crackers and instead heal those cracks between you and your dear ones..
Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali.:)

Watch this amazing video which beautifully describes the festival of light..

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween in Daily life

1. Monday
    For all the professionals, Monday is the scariest day of the week.

2. Exam paper
    There can be nothing more scary than an exam paper especially when most of the questions are
     first timers and also from that part of the syllabus which you thought would never be asked.

3. Once your GF now your wife
She knows all those secrets, everything you did as a bachelor. If  you act smart, she won't spare    

    a chance to intimidate you.

4. Chipko Friends
These category of friends stick like a gum at any location and under all circumstances.
     There pattar-pattar and chattar-chattar will make you run for your life.

5. Scary Reptiles
othing scares you more than a cricket or cockroach pouncing upon you or a lazy lizard falling 

    on your head.

6. Pimples
These unwanted aliens are the nightmare of any teen's life.

    A sight of pimple in the morning ruins your complete day.

7. That moment when you forget something valuable
We tend to forget things and most of the times it causes us a hell of trouble. 

    Sometimes we forget our purse and come to know the same after having a sumptuous dinner.
    There are many instances when we forget our company's ID card and know about it after reaching 
    office, which is 20 km from our home.

There can be many more of such things which can be added to the list.
So if you have anything in mind which scares you on a daily basis, mention the same in comment and I will add it to the list.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Exploring Wildlife - Predator of Jungle,"The Tiger"

This amazing pic was clicked by Debi Hill who is also member of our photography meetup.
Would love to know the opinion of all photography enthusiasts in the comments below.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Exploring Wildlife - Beautiful Flamingos

This is a pic clicked by one of our photography meetup member Debbie Bounds..
I have two words for it - Just Amazing.
Would love all the photography enthusiasts feedback on the same.

Poketshop App : Enhance your offline shopping experience..!!!

About Poketshop
Poketshop is a mobile marketplace for physical retail stores.
The main objective of this online-to-offline or O2O commerce venture is to alter the way Indians shop and interact with their favourite stores, shops and local businesses. 

How it works
Currently targeting the lifestyle category, it allows retail businesses to create mobile, limited time promotion ads, in less than 60 seconds and drive traffic to their store, shop or business instantly.
Shoppers can discover what’s new and happening at their local high-street stores on mobile, chat with them, find the most inviting offers and then make an informed purchase through the app or with a walk-in.

Let’s talk about the Mobile App
On 28th October 2015 Poketshop launched it’s mobile app on android platform.
Currently available in Gurgaon, the app has already signed up 500 retail stores on its platform.  It is also creating a huge disruption in the retail space by further bolstering the market position of offline businesses. The perfect bridge between virtual and brick-and-mortar retail, the Poketshop app is a true shot in the arm for local retail operating in nearby markets, malls, high streets stores as it will change the way they acquire new consumers to walk in or discover their business. The app leverages mobile tech to enhance their sales and footfalls. Poketshop is currently free for merchants and it’s extremely easy to set up a store on it.
The Poketshop app is efficient, smooth and perfectly tailored to delight the urban consumer, always in the search for instant gratification. If users like a product or promotion on the app, they have to swipe right. If something doesn’t pique interest then they need to swipe left. Shoppers can also save offers in their wishlist and avail these at the physical store. Payments can be done through Debit or Credit Cards or through the PayUmoney Wallet. It offers shoppers a curated list of sales, promotions and products at their favourite high-street stores besides the option of chatting with sales representatives to check availability, designs and sizes. 

Poketshop Expansion plans
At present, it covers a comprehensive list of fashion, lifestyle, footwear, home appliances and d├ęcor stores. With big plans on its radar, the company will soon also venture into the services segment and tie up with brands in the food, restaurant and hotel space.

Meet the Founder
The founder of PoketShop, Mr. Samarth Goyal has got a whopping 15 years of experience in the technology and product development. He started his career from Wipro and then moved into product development. Finally he left job at Qresolve in 2010 and started his own venture
He founded PoketShop in March 2015.
Mr Goyal says that at PoketShop they are committed to make user shopping experience joyous by moving online shopping with the fun of touch-feel experience of the offline format".

App can be downloaded from here

Monday, November 2, 2015

Jacksonville Zoo : PhotoWalk

Last Sunday I got a chance to visit Jacksonville Zoo for my first Photography group meetup.
The zoo has over 2000 animals, birds and plants in its collection and covers over 117 acres.
It is brilliantly built and is like a natural habitat to all the species present.

The zoo has total 9 loops.
We started with the African loop which exhibits
Warthogs, Ground Hornbills , Bongos, Rhinos, Zebras, Leopards, Elephants, Cheetahs, Reptile House, Lions, Ostrich and Cranes.
Loved watching all the wild cats. Rhinos were huge but the biggest of all was the Ostrich.
I thought it won't come near and I made a move when suddenly it came running towards our end.
Probably it had a sudden urge to eat the grass.

Next in line was the Giraffe overlook where we got the chance to get close & personal with the gentle giants amid beautiful, Savanna gardens.

South America loop was the our next destination which featured national award winning exhibit -"Range of the Jaguar". It also includes Giant Otters, Giant Anteaters, Sloths, Monkeys, Fruit Bats, Snakes and Fishes. 
Jaguars, you are such a beauty..

Walk few steps and you will reach the Australian loop which is home to Kangaroos, Cassowaries and lorikeets. Watching Kangaroos jump is a pleasure.

Far East loop awaits you next, also known as land of tigers which is abode of Tigers, Hornbills, Pigs and the huge Komodo Dragons. Watching dragons from so near was like a dream come true.

The penultimate loop was land of Great Apes which had the cute Gorillas , Bonobos, Mandrills, Lemurs and Siamangs 

After watching my so called ancestors closely I moved to the last loop which was Wild Florida loop which was home to the native animals like Alligators, Bears, Wolves, Panthers, Bobcats, Bald Eagle, Cranes and lot of snakes.

I loved the meetup. Got to learn a lot from the experts who were into photography from last 15 years.
Talking about the zoo, the staff was amiable, there were almost all species of animals in the zoo who were lively and loved their natural habitat which was superbly built.

Here are some pics from the PhotoWalk

Pics Credit - Novik Lee

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The best 3 hotels in Mumbai for vacation

In today’s hectic life which is full of struggles and tensions we don’t get enough time to spend with our loved ones.
As a bachelor you can find time to spend with your parents and girlfriend but after you get married, life become very different. People expect you to become a mature, responsible and sensible person on the other day of your marriage.
Even after marriage you tend to balance your personal and professional life and try to be a caring son and loving husband but things change once you have a kid.
After you become father, there are only 2 aspects of life, one which you live in office and the other with your kid. Your personal time with parents and wife is all devoted to the child.
I know my life is very hectic but there are few occasions round the year when I feel like doing something special for my parents & wife. In my view what can be a good surprise then a vacation in the arms of luxury where you are the king or queen. A place where you can sit back, relax, have fun and enjoy the royal treatment, yes I am talking about the magnificent hotels of Mumbai, the place where I live.

I have been to many 5 star hotels in Mumbai for my office conferences and other events and was lucky to enjoy the royal hospitality.
Though it’s a bit difficult to rank these hotels but if I have to choose the top 3, I will check for the below parameters -:

1. Location near to Sea.
    If you are in Mumbai and you can’t enjoy the view of the sea, relaxing in your room then you are
    probably missing something. A hotel providing a magnificent view of the sea is a must in my list.

2. Luxury Rooms
A normal couple feels like a king and queen if they are treated to a royal bedroom.
    Including basic amenities there should be in room dining so that you can enjoy your personal time
    feeding each other’s favorite dishes, WIFI, king sized bed with options to have pillows of our choice,
    class furniture and personal bar.

3. Spa
Best way to relax your body is to have a serene couple spa session.
    As a couple it is the best way to nourish your skin and also spend some personal time together.

4. Different cuisine restaurants.
    In my family all are foodie and multi cuisine lovers. In breakfast we would love to have some pasta
    while for lunch we will prefer something more of Indian taste and in dinner we will go for Chinese
    dishes. So multi cuisine restaurants are a must in our choice of hotel.

5. Luggage Handling
Though this service is provided by most of the high end hotels but for me this also forms a key factor
    while choosing a hotel.

6. A well equipped GYM
Last but not the least a fully functional GYM which is equipped with latest machines and equipments.
    Today most of the people are fitness freaks and so is our family. Burning calories together is
    also one of the best ways to spend time with the family.

Taking above points into consideration here are the top 3 in my list.

1. The Taj Mahal Palace And Tower

Source - Here

2. The Oberoi

Source - Here

3. Trident

Source - Here

To check on more hotels from Mumbai visit Cleartrip