Monday, November 23, 2015

How Smartphone technology is changing the world..!!

In today’s era, the word Smartphone is synonymous to world, as it covers everything under this universe.

You can connect to any person all over the world, listen to any kind of music, watch any flick in any language, learn and talk in all languages, shop whatever you want, order your favorite food, plan your complete vacation, pay your bills, transfer money, play games, get climate alerts, control your vehicles, click pics, get education, share and imbibe knowledge, socialize, earn your livelihood and even vote during elections.
Everything is just few clicks away.

Apart from the common ones stated above there are lot of other useful things that your Smartphone is capable of doing.

1.       Adjust the temperature of your AC or change the channels on your TV, these universal remote apps for Android controls all your appliances.  Few of them are Smart IR remote, Asmart Remote IR, and Unified Remote to name a few.

2.       Remain fit and fine with these fitness apps, which track your daily performance, send progress reports for the goals you have set and also give details of the calories you've burned.

3.       There are apps that can measure height and distance which can help architects and even common man while choosing furniture or checking dimensions of a room.

4.       You can digitize documents using apps like CamScanner, Genius Scan, FineScanner etc.

5.       Electricity waste is a common problem these days. Many people forget to turn off lights when leaving home and remember the same after coming a long way. There are apps which can control the lights for you even when you are away from home thus saving electricity.

6.       A budget manager and investment tracker is a must for everyone these days which keeps track of all your saving, investments, policies and plans and send regular reminders and even tips.
      There are some Apps in the market which takes care of everything mentioned above for you.

7.       There are Apps like Alcohoot, DrinkTracker for iOS and AlcoDriod for Android, which prevent drunk driving. So in a way a Smartphone can save your life too.

8.       The camera of Smartphone is bundled with magic. You can go for Panorama Sequence or use the slow motion feature which adds beauty to any video. There are lot of apps which provides a number of pre-made filters and effects which can enhance your photography experience.

       There are new Smartphone technologies which are making its way into the market.

One of them is 4G technology, which once made available across the country will be so useful for students as the buffering and downloading speed will be lightening fast, which means access to more amount of data in the same time.

Android M, also known as Android Marshmallow is another technology to wait for.
It is out for Nexus devices and slowly been updated on other devices.
With Android M you can expect battery life improvements, greater app permission controls, enhanced biometric verifications and new Google Now features.

Another thing to look out for is Octa-core processors. It lengthens phone’s battery without compromising on performance during multitasking which is the need of the hour.

Technological advancements are also made in the phone accessories.
There are wireless charger pads, solar case covers and power banks, Fitness wristbands, Marco lenses to put on your camera, waterproof & self chargeable mobile cases, multipurpose mobile cases, funky mobile covers (food, sports or any superhero) and different launchers with plenty of customization at your disposal.

So if you want to be part of #Technocrats, let your Smartphone do that for you.

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