Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween in Daily life

1. Monday
    For all the professionals, Monday is the scariest day of the week.

2. Exam paper
    There can be nothing more scary than an exam paper especially when most of the questions are
     first timers and also from that part of the syllabus which you thought would never be asked.

3. Once your GF now your wife
She knows all those secrets, everything you did as a bachelor. If  you act smart, she won't spare    

    a chance to intimidate you.

4. Chipko Friends
These category of friends stick like a gum at any location and under all circumstances.
     There pattar-pattar and chattar-chattar will make you run for your life.

5. Scary Reptiles
othing scares you more than a cricket or cockroach pouncing upon you or a lazy lizard falling 

    on your head.

6. Pimples
These unwanted aliens are the nightmare of any teen's life.

    A sight of pimple in the morning ruins your complete day.

7. That moment when you forget something valuable
We tend to forget things and most of the times it causes us a hell of trouble. 

    Sometimes we forget our purse and come to know the same after having a sumptuous dinner.
    There are many instances when we forget our company's ID card and know about it after reaching 
    office, which is 20 km from our home.

There can be many more of such things which can be added to the list.
So if you have anything in mind which scares you on a daily basis, mention the same in comment and I will add it to the list.