Monday, February 29, 2016

The shocking truth : Happiest people of the world are Liars

Scene 1
An employee who is honest and truthful confesses his mistake in-front of his boss without playing the blame game.
As a result he is also considered responsible for all other mistakes made from the past and gets the lowest rating among the team.

The Blame game players on the other hand are considered hardworking and sincere and are praised with top ratings.

Scene 2
A true friend advices his friend to live in reality, confront his imperfection and not get into the flattering words of fake & selfish people whose only aim is to get their work done.
In return he is titled as jealous, pakao and superior soul who loves to mock others. 

The Flatterers on the other hand are considered well wishers and great humans.

Scene 3
You love someone crazily. You feel that being loyal, truthful and honest to your partner is the most

essential thing in a relationship. You share your deepest secrets and weaknesses, your dreams and fantasies.
But my friend you are not aware about the fact that those dreams can make you self centric, those secrets will be used against you and those weakness will be used to take your advantage.

The Fakers on the other hand are considered caring, modest and selfless lovers.

Scene 4
You are in love with someone and you want to marry him/her after getting blessing from your elders because those are your sanskars. But when you confront them, you are been blackmailed, emotionally as well as financially. Restrictions, doubts and accusations will become part and parcel of your life.

The Liars on the other hand are considered maa ka lal or baap ki bitiya, treasure of sankars and morals. 

Scene 5
In general life too everyone is busy fooling and bluffing others for his/her own benefit.

If a fairness cream says that it won't cause any effect to your skin even after wasting thousand of bucks on it and also there are chances of getting some kind of skin infection, will you buy it?

On similar lines do big restaurants and hotels tell us what quality of food stuff are they using ?

90% of businesses fill their pockets telling lies and people are satisfied with their service.

So why be labelled , tortured and accused for speaking the truth.
Let people listen what they want and that is a "BIG FAT LIE".

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Expression of Love - You are my Cinderella

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

If I am a mountain, you are my peak
If I am Dubai, you are my burj khalifa
If I am Paris, you are my eiffel tower
You are always my crown, my princess, you are my Cinderella.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Expression of Love - The Forever love

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

The Forever love..!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Expression of Love - The Cupid Game

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

The Cupid game.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Expression of Love - Rain of Hearts

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

You are my world, you are my life.
I can fly high and touch the sky if you are beside me..!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Expression of Love - Bowled out

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Expression of Love - Engagement Ring

A new series dedicated to the most precious & pious thing in this world , Love.
I present to you the beautiful sketches made by dear friend Kavita Maheshwari.

Feel the love, spread it but never harm anyone for it.

Monday, February 22, 2016

SkyWatch - Tuesday..!!

Bright blue sky on my roadtrip to awesomeness..!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Open Letter to the Pride of India..!!

Hardly a month ago nobody in India would have a little clue about the state, the country is in today.
The peace and prosperity of our motherland is ruined by the Haters, Separatists, Hypocrites, Opportunists and Fakers who are also trying their best to divide the country on basis of religion, caste, reservations and patriotism.

I am really amazed to see how people can have different levels of patriotism.
If you feel proud of the Indian soldiers, Indian national flag and it’s very own identity, then you are labeled as extreme patriot. The heights and limits of all shamelessness have been crossed.

How can hoisting Indian flag even be debated, politicized and questioned?
How showing respect for those brave Indian soldiers who have lost their lives for us can be imposed on you?
How can someone breach your right to freedom of speech if you are told to respect the country and stand against the terrorists who could next time even kill you or your near and dear ones?

Reservation is a no lesser venomous snake that has bitten the talent of India severely.

Today this open letter is not to the Haters, Separatists, Hypocrites, Opportunists, Cowards and Fakers.

This letter is dedicated to those brave Indian soldiers who have selflessly served this nation, bright students who have to suffer mental and financial trauma because of reservation and responsible citizens who have raised their voice against the wrong happenings in the country.

Dear “Pride of India – Jawans”, “Intellectuals following Merit Culture” & “Responsible Fellow citizens”,
I and the entire nation are very proud to share the same identity that is of an Indian with you.

Starting with the true heroes of this country, the great Indian soldiers.
My Jawan brothers & sisters don’t feel sad, disappointed and discouraged because of some bloody India haters who dream of dividing India, hypocrites who support them, opportunists who are politicizing the situation and cowards who can’t speak a word against them.

I and the entire nation hold our heads high when we think of you.
We are privileged to share the same nationality with you.
Though we can’t think of comparing ourselves to you but I assure you that we love this country as much as you do and we feel pride and honor to hoist the national flag everywhere we can, a silk cloth for which you guys even sacrifice your lives to see it flying high.

Next I would request the great Indian minds who believe in merit culture to not feel depressed when you see the reservation snake bite India yet again and again.

Country is ashamed to see the high class people who do showoff of their money and status but when it comes to education and jobs they want to be included in the backward class…Wow what logic..!!!
Hats off to such great personalities..!!

I firmly believe that reservation would make someone get into the elite institutes of India but success and opportunities will come to those deserving who are diligent and prudent.

Finally to all those judicious fellow citizens who are not selfish and self centric but think and work for the benefit and progress of the country and other countrymen.

Guys, we are the pillars of this country and if we are standing tall and high, no bloody Hater, Separatist, Hypocrite, Opportunist, or Faker has the power to stop India from progressing and being among the top superpowers of the world.

Let’s come together for a better nation and future of coming generation.
Jai Hind..!!!  Proud to be an Indian.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Meet the Fakers,Haters and Hypocrites of India..!!

Once India was called "Land of Revolutionaries".
There was a phase when people were ready to die for the freedom of the country, but today the time has come when people are ready to curse, defame and even sell the country in the name of their own so called freedom.

Meet the Fakers, Haters and Hypocrites of India

Thursday, February 18, 2016

When North meets South in USA - Dinner Preparation

"When North meets South in USA" is a comedy series which depicts the daily fun filled and dramatic confrontations of a North Indian guy who lives with his South Indian roommates in USA.

Take it with a pinch of humour. There are absolutely no intentions to defame or offend anyone.
I hope you guys will enjoy it.

                             Title - Dinner Preparation

  Description - North Indian suggests a vegetable for dinner.

Monday, February 15, 2016

An Angry Tax paying Indian open letter to all Anti-Nationals..!!

You curse a political party,
I don't care as it is your right of speech.

You abuse a celebrity,

I don't give a damn.

If you compare India with other developed nations,
And conclude that we still have a lot to achieve, I will concur.

Even if you are against giving death penalty to a terrorist,
I am fine with your senseless thinking.

But if abuse and defame my country or show disrespect to the martyrs, 
I will tear you apart into pieces and throw you back where you belong to.

Dear Mentally retarded, Logically dead, Anti-Indians,

I am a common man, popularly known as the mango man of India.
Normally I am quite chilled out, fun loving person. I mind my own business and happily pay tax to the Indian government. I am aware of my rights and also follow my duties.
I take care of my family and feel proud of all those Indians who are making my country proud.

But today I am quite disturbed, agitated, angry, surprised & focused.

Disturbed because some bloody bastards have been found in my country who are chanting
Anti-India slogans in a reputed Indian University as quoted below -:
1. Bharat tere tukde honge, inshallah-inshallah.
2. Afzal tere khon se inqilab aayega.
3. Afzal hum sharminda hai tere katil zinda hai
4. India go back, bharat ki barbadi tak jang rahegi.
5. Kashmir will go back to Pakistan.
6. Afzal hum tere armano ko pura karke rahenge.

Agitated & Angry because I am a responsible citizen of my country who respects it's integrity to the core and will not tolerate anyone defaming it, that too when my country is providing shelter and subsidized education to him/her.
Also I am proud of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives protecting my motherland and it's citizens.
I will condemn and even pick weapon to throw those bastards out of India who show disrespect to them and support terrorists involved in killing any Indian.

I am surprised to see reactions of political parties who are condemning the arrest of such
Anti-National, Anti-Social elements. I wonder how can parties in opposition be so irrational and anti-national that they are playing their dirty politics even in a case where their own country has been defamed and a terrorist has been portrayed as hero.
I am really really ashamed of them to the core of my heart. It is better to have a hiltor rule than such opportunists & hypocrites.

And I am focused because now this is not just limited to debates in News Channel Studios or bloody blame games played by the political parties. This is an uprise of Anti-India notions, this is an encouragement to the idea of dividing India into pieces, this is a movement, a mission led by some handful anti-nationals against each Indian to support Pakistan & it's terrorists.

So I am also focused and determined to pick a weapon if that is the only way left to throw these bastards from my country to where they belong.

Last but not the least I am also a sincere taxpayer of this country who struggles day and night to earn my livelihood and feed my family. If my hard earned money is used to nurture anti-national elements, I will no more remain a common man but will become a MAN AT WAR...


Sunday, February 14, 2016

When North meets South in USA - The Feast

"When North meets South in USA" is a comedy series which depicts the daily fun filled and dramatic confrontations of a North Indian guy who lives with his South Indian roommates in USA.

Take it with a pinch of humour. There are absolutely no intentions to defame or offend anyone.

                                  Title - The Feast
                       Description - Feast made by South Indians

Saturday, February 13, 2016

11 ideas to surprise her this Valentine..!!

The day of romance, sizzling chemistry and sparks all around has finally arrived.
Yes it's 14th Feb, the day of love which is celebrated all over the world as Valentine Day.

It is a day full of surprises, proposals, red roses, gifts, kisses and some heartbreaks too.
A special day when you make your partner feel out of this world.

So here are 11 ideas from my side for all the he's to surprise their she's this valentine.

1. Pamper your girl on this valentine and book a spa session together.
    Indulging in pure bliss with lots of romantic talks will definitely make her day.

2. Girls love shopping and the best way to treat her this valentine is to sponsor an online shopping
    spree for her. She will definitely treat you with a return gift when her shopping is done ;)

3. Bring her favorite movies dvd home and enjoy the movie marathon together.

4. Girls like long drives and believe me when it is an Audi, Jaguar or BMW she will love it.
    Rent one of those luxury car for a day and make her feel like a princess.

5. You must have captured lots of beautiful memories together in your DSLR or Mobile and now is 
    the time to make a Collage or PPT out of it with some really romantic captions tagged to each 
    one of them.

6. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach is a famous idiom which also holds true for the 
     opposite sex. Take help from youtube and make her favorite dishes. I assure you she is going to 
     love it.

7. Ask your common friends to make a video each, saying something about you & your partner, 
    like how you both look together, how is your bonding and finally describing your relationship in 
    their own words. Make a movie out of it and I am pretty sure your girl will love this surprise.

8. A bottle of champagne, red roses, heart shaped balloons floating around, sensual smelling candles,
    exotic food and some romantic music under the stars.
    All these on a beach or at the rooftop will definitely make her on cloud 9.

9. If she loves visiting orphanages or old age homes, today is the day to take her there.
    Valentine's is not only about loving each other but also spreading that love among those who    
    yearn for it the most.

10. Women love jewellery and when it is a diamond she will have a sparkle in her eyes.
      Gift her a diamond this valentine and she will make sure that the rest of the year is filled with 

      sparks of love ;)

11. Take her to all those places where you guys had your first together.
      Place where you met for the first time, where the proposal happened
your first date venue,
       had the first kiss and the list can go on.

And yeah one free advice, if your girl is crazy about some daily soap celebrity, a cricketer or a bollywood star, this is the best time to find someone rational ;)

                I wish all the lovely couples a very happy Valentine's day. Enjoy the day together.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Road To Horizon..!!

  Road to Horizon : Wanna come along ?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

SkyWatch in KeyWest - Florida

Clear & Bright sky @ KeyWest in Florida

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BirdWatch - Thursday

    Will the supply meet the demand ?
@Magic Eye

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Essential Features of a future Smart Truck..!!

In today’s world everything is transiting from being ordinary to smart, few examples of the transition are Smart-TVs, Smart-Phones, Smart-Watches and Smart-Cars. 
Its an era of change and we are loving this transition, aren’t we?

Humans are making progress in all walks & sectors of life and one big sector to watch for is Automobile & Transportation.
Today we have Super/Smart Cars and Bikes but with time we have felt the need to have a smart vehicle which can cause a revolution in the transportation industry and that can certainly be a Smart Truck.

The road transportation industry is growing at a great pace, with improved road infrastructure and rising domestic consumption, the transportation market is expected to boom at a significant rate.
To sustain this boom it is very important to modernize the most important means of transportation in India, Trucks.

                                                          Credits - Here

So let’s focus on the major factors/features that can convert an ordinary truck into a smart truck, which is the need of the hour.

1. FuelSmart -:
In India where everyday there are millions of vehicles running on the road, there are high chances of traffic jams. In such situations you have to drive at a snail's pace, which in turn has a negative effect on the mileage.

Also the load of the cargo is big and the distance to be covered is huge, so for the Indian roads and conditions a truck needs to be FuelSmart which is the topmost requirement for a Smart Truck.

In current times Mahindra Blazo has brought a smart new technology, present in form of 3 switches which provides unbeatable mileage without compromising on the power which certainly brings it closer to be called a Smart Truck.

2. Powerful Engine -:
A Smart truck has to travel through rough terrains, climb inclined roads and carry heavy loads over long distances. To achieve the above conditions and also fulfill all the business needs it is necessary for the truck to have a powerful engine.
If we see the current fleet of trucks available in the market, Mahindra Trucks lead the race with their world renowned m-POWER engines which are among the most powerful engines in the HCV segment in India.

These m-POWER engines deliver maximum power, improved responsiveness and fuel economy and their unique modular engines ensures lower maintenance & repair costs.

3. Driver’s Heaven
Any automobile can’t be called smart until it is a driver’s heaven.
Air conditioning, comfortable seats, enough leg space, chemical toilet and automatic driving are few of the most important features a Smart Truck should possess.

4. Safety Features
In India it is really disappointing to find that least importance is given to the safety of people while building automobiles.
For example the traditional trucks still doesn’t have sensors (that signals a warning when a driver is fatigued or when there is some obstacle head & the driver is not slowing down), rear view camera (for taking reverse) and airbags.
The above safety features and many more like them should definitely be present in a Smart Truck.

The traditional truck industry needs lot of technological advancements to fulfill the dream of building the first Smart Truck in India. Companies like Mahindra and Tata Motors are the pioneers in this initiative and I hope that they will succeed soon in their mission.

I’m writing this blog post for the MTBD #SmartTrucking activity at BlogAdda.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

SkyWatch - Tuesday

                  A bright start to the day with a bright blue sky

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Red Day : Women Heart Disease Awareness Day

February 5 is celebrated as "Red Day" in USA.
On this day American Heart Association asks everyone to wear red in order to raise awareness for heart disease in women. 
Created back in 2004, it was designed to promote healthier lives for women of all ages.

Tata Consultancy Services in collaboration with Bank of America follows it every year.

"Red Day" @office through pics

Saturday, February 6, 2016

When North meets South in USA

"When North meets South in USA" is a comedy series which depicts the daily fun filled and dramatic confrontations of a North Indian guy who lives with his South Indian roommates in USA.

Take it with a pinch of humour. There are absolutely no intentions to defame or offend anyone.
I hope you guys will enjoy it.

                                    First day at grocery
            North Indian goes to bring common grocery for all..!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

LakeView @ Office

      Merrill Lynch offices are know for great infrastructure, location and natural beauty around.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

BirdWatch - Friday

         They are free, they are united, searching for their prey as a team, they are all over the sky

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Relevance of Corporate Recognition Programs in Workplace

What is Employee recognition?
Acknowledging or appreciating the work, efforts, performance, contributions and behavior of an employee is termed as employee recognition.  An employee is recognized when he/she achieves predetermined set of targets or goals on or before the deadline that contribute to organizational success.
Recognition can be on a yearly, half yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or day-to-day basis.
It can be in form of money, company shares, gifts, verbal or written appreciation, improved quality of life at workplace, trophies, certificates, parties etc.

Why Employee recognition is necessary?
Everyone likes to be appreciated, motivated and recognized for their efforts.

Recognition is not limited to the corporate world but is applicable across all walks of life, whether it is recognition by parents at home, some friend at a party, your partner in a relationship or by a teacher in school.

On a corporate level employees need to be recognized for the following reasons -:

1. To boost their morale and make them feel part of the company’s success.

2. Whenever they achieve more than what is expected, an appreciation creates an environment of  
    respect and gives them a sense of responsibility and belonging in their workplace.

3. To higher the employee productivity which is beneficial for the company.
4. To make the employee more loyal and attached to the company.
5. To decrease the attrition rate.
6. And finally to retain the middle & high performers and make them feel different from the low

                                                                 Credit - Here

Employee Recognition Programs
Employee Recognition Programs are part of organization’s compensation and reward system.

These programs reflect the cultural value of an organization.

An effective recognition program consist of frequent communication, impartiality, management support, consistency and a balanced approach with all the possible & popular award choices.
It supports behaviors that improve individual and team performance, align with organizational values and result in better overall company performance.

Some of the key characteristics of such programs are
1. They are built to cover the largest number of employees across functions, departments and
2. They are structured in such a way that they effectively deal with different situations and different
    kinds of needs of the employees.

3. There is always generosity and human touch in the way they function.
4. They are aligned with the values, strategy, culture and goals of the organization and also pull the
    employees in the same direction to achieve the best possible outcome.

Relevance of Employee recognition programs
According to a study in 1990 it was argued that rewards and recognition programs boosts morale of employees, maintain high spirits among them and keep them motivated & satisfied.

Another study conducted by the Society for incentive and travel executives found that properly constructed reward programs can boost employee performance by 44%.

Most of the organizations that were analyzed across various studies have shown to made significant progress by implementing a well balanced rewards and recognition programs for employees which in turn impacted their motivation and motivation has a direct effect on the innovation in an organization.

Ways to recognize employee accomplishments
There are different ways to reward and recognize the efforts and achievements of employees -:

The Traditional one includes -
1. Promotions mainly based on the experience.

2. Assured annual salary.
3. Annual increase in compensation based on the year round performance.
4. Bonus to those who have given exceptional performance.
5. Stake in the company in form of stocks to the people at higher positions.
6. Verbal recognition in front of the public or in person.
7. Appreciation mails from higher management to those employees or team who have done
    outstanding work.
8. Various awards on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or yearly basis, like best team award, star of
month award, star of the quarter award etc.
9. Trophies, certificates and cash rewards.

Nowadays there are many other innovative ways to appreciate the talent -:
1. Celebrating birthday and anniversary of employees by sending them gifts, chocolates and flowers.

2. Including names of those employees on the Hall of Fame, who have given some brilliant out of the
    box ideas, saved big bucks for the company or revolutionized the way a process works making
    their employer stand tall in the market.
3. Distribution of movie/match tickets, dinner vouchers and shopping cards to employees on special
4. Hand written notes for the employees from CEOs or MDs for their outstanding performance.
5. Fully sponsored travel trips for the employees and their family.
6. Periodic contests, quizzes and events, rewarding employees for their outstanding contribution.
7. Providing extra leaves.
8. Stock purchases program which enables employees to purchase shares of the company at a good

How Employee recognition programs are improving quality of life at workplace?
Survey done by SHRM showed that employers with recognition & reward programs had more value based employee engagement, increased employee happiness, improved employee relationships and augmented humanity at the workplace.

They feel more motivated, satisfied, worthy and oriented than those employees who are not part of such programs.

The best part of such programs are both the employees and employee enjoy the win-win situation.

Leader in Quality of Life Services
Sodexo is the world leader when it comes to Quality of Life Services.

It is the only company that offers integrated Quality of Life services to its clients through On-site Services, Benefits and Rewards Services and Personal and Home Services in 80 countries around the world.

On-site Services -:
Sodexo enhance the health and well-being of employees, students, patients and doctors, through a wide range of services from construction to reception, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning and foodservices.

Benefits and Rewards Services -:
Sodexo provides innovative responses to ease daily life and also design customized tools to recognize hard work and accomplishments to improve individuals’ quality of life.

From gym memberships to theater tickets or from meal vouchers to incentive and recognition programs, Sodexo opens the doors to healthier lifestyles, a more satisfying work-life balance, an improved standard of living and greater access to culture that directly impact individuals’ engagement.

Personal and Home Services
Sodexo’s personalized services respond to key trends currently impacting the society. As more women enter or re-enter the workforce, Sodexo eases the transition by providing flexible, affordable and reliable Childcare Services. As society ages, Sodexo’s In-Home Services allow seniors to remain safely in their own.