Sunday, February 21, 2016

Open Letter to the Pride of India..!!

Hardly a month ago nobody in India would have a little clue about the state, the country is in today.
The peace and prosperity of our motherland is ruined by the Haters, Separatists, Hypocrites, Opportunists and Fakers who are also trying their best to divide the country on basis of religion, caste, reservations and patriotism.

I am really amazed to see how people can have different levels of patriotism.
If you feel proud of the Indian soldiers, Indian national flag and it’s very own identity, then you are labeled as extreme patriot. The heights and limits of all shamelessness have been crossed.

How can hoisting Indian flag even be debated, politicized and questioned?
How showing respect for those brave Indian soldiers who have lost their lives for us can be imposed on you?
How can someone breach your right to freedom of speech if you are told to respect the country and stand against the terrorists who could next time even kill you or your near and dear ones?

Reservation is a no lesser venomous snake that has bitten the talent of India severely.

Today this open letter is not to the Haters, Separatists, Hypocrites, Opportunists, Cowards and Fakers.

This letter is dedicated to those brave Indian soldiers who have selflessly served this nation, bright students who have to suffer mental and financial trauma because of reservation and responsible citizens who have raised their voice against the wrong happenings in the country.

Dear “Pride of India – Jawans”, “Intellectuals following Merit Culture” & “Responsible Fellow citizens”,
I and the entire nation are very proud to share the same identity that is of an Indian with you.

Starting with the true heroes of this country, the great Indian soldiers.
My Jawan brothers & sisters don’t feel sad, disappointed and discouraged because of some bloody India haters who dream of dividing India, hypocrites who support them, opportunists who are politicizing the situation and cowards who can’t speak a word against them.

I and the entire nation hold our heads high when we think of you.
We are privileged to share the same nationality with you.
Though we can’t think of comparing ourselves to you but I assure you that we love this country as much as you do and we feel pride and honor to hoist the national flag everywhere we can, a silk cloth for which you guys even sacrifice your lives to see it flying high.

Next I would request the great Indian minds who believe in merit culture to not feel depressed when you see the reservation snake bite India yet again and again.

Country is ashamed to see the high class people who do showoff of their money and status but when it comes to education and jobs they want to be included in the backward class…Wow what logic..!!!
Hats off to such great personalities..!!

I firmly believe that reservation would make someone get into the elite institutes of India but success and opportunities will come to those deserving who are diligent and prudent.

Finally to all those judicious fellow citizens who are not selfish and self centric but think and work for the benefit and progress of the country and other countrymen.

Guys, we are the pillars of this country and if we are standing tall and high, no bloody Hater, Separatist, Hypocrite, Opportunist, or Faker has the power to stop India from progressing and being among the top superpowers of the world.

Let’s come together for a better nation and future of coming generation.
Jai Hind..!!!  Proud to be an Indian.


  1. Let's hope writing about these things really helps!! Kudos for a great write-up, Ankit :-)

    1. Let's play our part as and when we can and hope it helps
      .. Thnx for the encouragement Archana :)