Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The time when we became chefs.....

Hmmm….so guys what did u make out from the title??…do u mean…. we got into d kitchen and cooked food!!!!…well thn ur perfectly correct…it was d day , when for d first time in history we cooked dinner by ourslf..we were done with our internals and were in mood of fullto masti nn long drive..bt jaye kaha…8 bande sab apni-2 de rahe the..finally we decided to go to escon temple…fir kya tha all got on their bikes and nikal pade…our route was via dewas bypass..riding bike on dewas bypass is ultimate fun man..ur speedometer keeps on hovering btwn 70-90 range and u get d feel of air..which rushes past u..man u cant jst only imagine dis..d real fun z whn u go out thr nn feel it..nwys we reached our destination..escon temple..it was time of aarti so we were fortunate enough to attend tht..whn we cme out of temple evry1 had d sme thing in mind…where to eat dinner??..kch ne bola ckd chalte hai..sme pizza lovers preferred US pizza..bt 3 guys i..pawan nn sanjay we determined tht khana to aaj khud hi banana hai..so we had a long discussion and finally we convinced othrs…pankaj parents were not at home..so we had all freedom in world to do wht we wanted..we reached his home at 8 and thn d main discussion started.. wht to make guys???? nn by whom??..finally it was decided tht mutter panner and aloo payaj ll b d perfect combination for vegetables…menu also included biryani..roti..salad..

All got to thr respective work..ravi and ashish went to d market for buying all d stuff and here at home..sanjay nn sandeep got to d task of making rotis…yar unko aata ghondata dekh bade maje aa rahe the..nwys I nn pawan started unveiling lasson..meanwhile kamlesh was bsy wid d salad stuff…tomatoes….onion nn all..and pankaj was cleaning utensils..sandeep thn got to potatoes and boiled thm..meanwhile I got to d camera and was bsy clikcing those funny nn lovely moments..

Ravi and ashish came aftr hlf nn hour…ashish was in his full mood to show his chef qualities..he started with making mutter panner…

All of us are crazy for spicy food so we had lasson..ginger all as ingredients for our gravy..i was bsy grinding lasson ginger for d masala stuff…meanwhile.. sanjay had started making rotis...bt to our astonishment.. they were round…how cme dude…no maps..no squares or rectangles…bt a perfect circular shape..

I too got to my job..dis time it was applying ghee to d rotis..hehe..i think im gud at dis..

Ashish was done wid his 1st dish…mutter panner and moved to d 2nd 1 which was aloo payaj…

Ravi was bsy fighting wid d pressure cooker in which he had to make biryani..

Pankaj..well man isko bartan chamkane ke liye award milna chaiye…bade aaram se ek-2 ko do raha tha..

Kamlesh was finished with his work of salad nn so was sanjay..it was sandeep dis time who was bsy making chapattis and ravi unko sake raha tha as birayani was ready..though kch rice, whistle aane par bahar bhi nikale the..bt itna chalta hai yar..it was his 1st time I guess..

Nwys I was bsy flattering d chapattis…30 was d count..till nw

Finally aftr 2 nn haf hours of hard work..we were done wid our cooking work..khane banana mai bada pasina bahana padta hai..i realizd tht today…i salute my mom..if u have to leave for some place and u want food in half nn hr..she gets on to it quickly and within no time d food is ready..love u mom

Nwys it was time to taste d delicious dishes which were all served in front of us…we had mutter panner…looking yummy…..aloo payaj…salad…biryani..chapattis..all set..i had my first bite wid mutter panner…ashish tu engg mai kaha aa gaya …tujhe to koi bhi 5 star wala shef rakh lega yar… mutter panner was delicious man…really gud wrk..

Bada maja aaya yar…food was really tasty nn we all were eating voraciously..finally it was last bite of my chapatti nn fullto pet bhar gaya tha..every1 had their belly full and dinner was over…It was really grt experience and was grt fun wid u guys...i didnt knew ki mere grp mai itne saare chefs hai..well nw planning to try out some Chinese dishes nn pizza dis time..lts c hw it works..dont worry u ll get invitation for d grand dinner party..hehe..chalo till thn gud nite..shabbakher..tc cya

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a new revolution..online earning

dis time im wid a nw topic....whnevr i use to surf net a thought alwys provoked my mind..is it really possible to earn ur livinghood thr net..how r google and yahoo able to make loads of bucks??..
can we really earn online..??? and after surfing and searching d net for 2 days..i came to d conclusion..yes its possible..d date was 12/4/2009
today its 4/11/2009 and i can proudly say tht i have earned $46 in just 6 months...nn believe m its ture...so I gladly present before u 5 genuine methods of earning online
The most imp thing after u think of earning online is to have a paypal or an alertpay account
this are kinda of ol banks where u can deposit money which u have earn ol and also withdraw this money to ur bank accounts...which I did recently..i withdrew $40 and to my surprise,after 3 days I saw my atm credited with d sme amount.

five methods goes as follows-

The first one is via google adsense

if u have a site or say a blog google provides u wid google ads and
they pay u according to the hits ur site receives and d no of clicks per google ad..you receive a check from adsense once u corss d $100 limit..

second is via publishing of content

there are few sites on internet who pay u for d contents u post on this sites.. according to the no of time they r been viewed...some pay for writing poems while some pay for bloging too
some trusted site r







and d most imp of all…

the 3rd 1 z via PTC
ptc stands for pay to click
there are no of sites which pay u for clicking on ads displayed on this sites
this is d mst simple and sure way of earning money..u have to spend jst 10 mins/day for it..i have earned $20 thr it..i really works man....the sites which Im working on recently are



fourth is called PPC

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used on websites, in which advertisers pay their host only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Websites that utilize PPC ads will display an advertisement when a keyword query matches an advertiser's keyword list, or when a content site displays relevant content. Such advertisements are called sponsored links or sponsored ads, and appear adjacent to or above organic results on search engine results pages, or anywhere a web developer chooses on a content site.
Although many PPC providers exist, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter are the three largest network operators, and all three operate under a bid-based model.

Cost Per Thousand

CPM is frequently used in advertising to represent cost per thousand (where M is the roman numeral of 1000). When used in advertising it relates to the cost per thousand page impressions.
For sites earning revenue for advertising impressions, the related abbreviation RPM (revenue per thousand impressions) may be used
It is important to remember that when someone says something like, "our CPM is $5," this means that the cost per impression is $0.005.

Fifth and d last 1 is FREELANCING

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a self-employed person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any particular employer. The term was first used by Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832) in Ivanhoe to describe a "medieval mercenary warrior" or "free-lance".
Fields where freelancing is common include journalism, book publishing, journal publishing, and other forms of writing, editing, copyediting, proofreading, indexing, copywriting, computer programming and graphic design, consulting and translating.
These are some sites from around the web which are known for freelancing

1. FSw Job Board
2. WebProJobs
3. FreshWebJobs
4. 37Signals GigBoard
5. Krop
6. Programmer meet Designer
7. Blog Posts For Sale

Guys this is a really a whole new concept for us….bt is very popular in foreign countries and z becoming popular in India too..
well my suggestion to u z to jst devote 10 mins for clicking which u mite m wasting in peeping in others scrapbook on orkut or playing games on facebook….nn ya how can I forget chatting wid ur frnds…
So start writing..sharing and clicking online..and enjoy the world of online earning…
And ya whatever u earn..10% commission will b mines..hehe..jst kidding..chalo thn wish u loads of luck and $$$$...tc cya..

Friday, October 30, 2009

why do people change..???

Well today im really into a serious mood....i wanted to write on dis topic bt cldnt find approprite time for it..well today my question z..why do people change so drastically...why a pesron whos ur bst buddy betrays u d nxt moment...why z everythng so fake???.....why do we have to show off??...why arnt we loyal to sme1 who z so loyal to us..??..why r realtionships a joke...friendship a means to make our work done nn thn wht we do z jst kick d person off...well its not 100% true..bt in 90% cases things r d same...why have we become so selfish...???? still no ans...

why..sme1 who shares wid u everythng....dont hesitate to call u at 2 in d nite....considers u as bst pal...jst bcz of sme misunderstandings...nn blindly believing sme1 else...jst breaks off wid u...why so??

why a person who whole d year around alwys walks wid u round d corridors of college....shares wid u his personal..clg as well as his love life....things which he hasnt tld any1...fills ur heart wid aversion towards d mst beautiful gal of ur year.....wins ur confidence....makes u addicted of his company..finds another person...lts say topper of d clz nn nxt year u merely get a chance to tlk to him properly???....is dis frndship??

why z it so difficult to find a perfect match...whn u r frnds..a gal behaves noramlly..sme day u consider her as d 1...bt aftr getting into it .. why she becomes so emotional....why r u alwys blamed ...alwys considered faulty....

why a gal who cares for u ...dont get ur attention bcz she z nt so gud looking...

why sme1 who z so true frm heart..a grt human beign makes u fall for her.... bt thn dont know how to express herslf...jst takes evrythng casually...alwys has a excuse for ny favour u want from her...may b shopping..lets say...

why z it so tht sme1 makes u feel spcl...makes u get addicted...makes u dependent...nn at d time of need jst cant get thr...jst cant help u..most oftenly.....

all dis has shaked my confidence to a grt extent and im ambigious abt certain things as like...still can u find a shoulder to cry upon...a hand u can alwys hold nn climb whn ur in trouble...a lap where u can keep ur head and relax like u do at ur home(ur mother)....

thanks to 3 guys.....SAHIL...RAKESH nn PAKKI who have kept my spirits alive..

do u guys have a ans for my WHY?????????????......plz make m know if u have 1..commnets r appreciated so plzz do write wht r ur views regarding dis..till thn cya..have a nice day..

Monday, October 26, 2009

my collections...close to my heart thn my gf..hehe jst kidding

Numismatics.....philatelist..r dis words very strange for u??..have u ever heard of them...those preparing for cat and gre mite have..bt not every1..starting wid numismatics...well sme was d case wid m 7 years ago...only till d time i was unaware of what was there in my nanas grandpa safe(tijori)..bt after his death whn it was opened up..i was astonished..nn hell lot confused on seeing wht i saw thr...there were stones lying in a big box..well thts wht i thought till d time i was made to know tht they were not stones bt they were actually coins...money which was used some 300-400 years ago..it was than tht my interest in collecting coins rose...since thn it has become my dearest hobby....i started collecting foreign coins too...my 1st question to a person changed from hey buddy wassp....to..hey buddy do u collect coins..hehe...really insane...im a hell lot crazy abt coins...spclly d rare 1s...its no mre jst a hobby bt a passion for m...i have around 25 countries coins and 6 countries notes..and lot of indian currency...my rarest note z 2 nn half rupee note...dont look agap..its true...in this collection my bro has a major part to play...he was twice mre crazy for it thn im....bt nw his job nn work has made him lose interst..
philatelist...a person who collects stamps...well dis z hereditary...my bade papa used to collect stamps...it got passed to his 2 sons...monu bhaiya nn sandeep bhaiya..nn thn they gave it to us..again i was too delighed to c approx 1000 stamp....old...new..indian..foerign countries..small..big..triangular...i have added upto 250 stamps to d lot hitherto(till date)..
so dis was all abt ankit as a numismatics nn philatelist...if any of u guys or may b ur frnds r into dis nn r intersrtd in exchange...im a only a call away..plz do contact m..this is the link to my coins album


time to sleep....tc..have a grt day..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

confront wid my crush

hey guys...happy diwali to all....hope u had a blasting diwali...i too had 1...bt thr z smethng mre ..tht happnd wid m on bhaidoj...
every year a huge aanakot is held at dady's freind place...yesterday was no different till we went to d venue...i was accompanied wid my family...we were searching for empty chairs so tht we can quickly have our dinner.. when i went to wash my hands...man i saw her...wellll ya it ws her...my school time crush...at 1st glance i was nt able to make her out completely...bt again we passed thr nn dis time i was sure..it was her..well i was all excited..at d sme time nervous...was vry confused wht shld b my nxt step...i looked all around bt she wasnt thr..i thought i lost her...bt thn my eyes went in d direction of d bid gate of the ground where aanakot was held nn was relieved to find her standing a few steps away frm d gate...i was in 2 minds whtr to tlk or not...i donno wht happnd..i calld by bro nn tld him d whole story..he rebuked m..nn said ho gayi CAT teri...well all courage i gatherd...sab pani mai mila diya..still wid sme hope i turnd to look at her nn to m surprise she ws cmng towards m...finaly i calld her ******....she lookd at m nn wid perplex expressions said...ankit..ohh ankit jain...hmm...gud memory mam..i was happy...we had a general conversation...kya kar rahe ho aajkal...whts nw..whts all happening..nn itne mai my bade papa cme to accompany m wid him...hehe nn i said 1 min plz...so embarassing yar..nywys i askd her whtr ur on orkut...sme common frnds of ours...bt hell she was nt on orkut..bandi ne account hi del kar diya yar..finnaly finding no othr means to get in touch wid her...i askd for her no..nn to my astonishment she gave it widout any reluctance...i was again vry happy...well i gave her a miss nn went towards my cousins who were bsy giving m miss calls..i hate tht grin which all had on thr face...i msgd her....w8ng for d rply....lts c...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

its all about attitude..d way u c d things..

hey guys here comes d 2nd post...nn as i said earlier we ll c how does a winner perceive things differently from a loser...
i have studied different opinions of great personalities..nn wld b presenting thr thoughts..opinions..along wid mines...
Becoming a winner is no baby’s work but becoming a loser is something anyone can do..

Have you ever thought that what is the difference between a Winner and a Loser?
No..?, then i am going to tell the difference..bascily its all abt attitude.so lts c it in 18 simpe points

The Winner is always part of the answer;
the Loser is always part of the problem.

The Winner always has a program;
the Loser always has an excuse.

The Winner says, "Let me do it for you";
the Loser says, "That's not my job."

The Winner sees an answer for every problem;
the Loser sees a problem for every answer.

The Winner says, "It may be difficult but it is possible";
the Loser says, "It may be possible but it is too difficult."

When a Winner makes a mistake, he says, " I was wrong";
when a Loser makes a mistake, he says, "It wasn't my fault."

A Winner makes commitments;
a Loser makes promises.

Winners have dreams;
losers have schemes.

Winners say, "I must do something";
losers say, "Something must be done."

Winners are a part of the team;
losers are apart from the team.

Winners see the gain;
losers see pain.

Winners see possibilities;
losers see problems.

Winners believe in win/win;
losers believe for them to win someone has to lose.

Winners see the potential;
losers see the past.

Winners choose what they say;
losers say what they choose.

Winners use hard arguments, but soft words;
losers use soft arguments, but hard words;

Winners stand firm on values but compromise on petty things;
losers stand firm on petty things but compromise on values.

Winners make it happen;
losers let it happen.

Winners plan and prepare to win.
The key word is preparation...

well with this node i end d second post and d topic of winners vs losers...nxt time i ll b describing abt my journey as a numismatics...i believe not all of u mite b knowing abt dis...

tl thn a vry HAPPY DIWlALI to u nn ur family..njoy... have a blast...tc

Friday, October 9, 2009

Finally I'm also into d world of blogging...really wanted to start dis early...but jab jago tabhi savera..so here im wid my 1st blog....winners vs losers..a topic on which evry1 ponders upon once in his/her life....
ech 1 of us wants to b a winner a virtuoso...successful in evrythng 1 does....bt z tht possible always..well a biggggggg.....no z d ans....though we r quite reluctant in believing dis fact bt thts ture..really??? lts c..
At many times..we got dis feeling pinching us tht we have failed at many occasions of ur life....is tht really so??? have we failed in othrs eyes or in ours own???...lts look for d ans....

Starting frm schl..
all had expectations tht bande ko 85% to aane hi chahiye...we used to give our bst nn used to score smewhr around 75%..so we were satisfied...bt r we really not a loser in othrs eyes...those who have scored an aweosme 90..

moving on..
we wanted to b a rock star....bt due to peer pressure..parents desires...we went into a professional field...say engg..aajkal badi common hai..hehe..we somehow completed our job nn gt placed in mnc..bt is tht really wht u wanted...r u a winner??...really?? or a loser on ur part...think..

ab ye to sab ki life mai hoa hoga...
u like a gal/guy...she/he z ur crush...u become friends...as time passed both of u got along really well nn finally u proposed...if ur rejected..r u a loser??..bullshit..in any case no man..
nn lts take those cases whn proposal is accepted nn u get committed..nn aftr 6 months...u get dumped...so does tht makes u a loser???....u get depressed..hopeless...bt has ur world come to a halt..z dis d end..dont u think u deserved mch better thn dis....sme people commite suicide bcz of dis..to m dis z an act of loser..

d bottomline z u consider urslf a loser bcz othrs thnk so...nt bcz ur insight has dis feeling...perform deeds to become wht u want and not wht othrs want u to become..nn whn u achieve ur goal. ur target..ur a winner....a true survivor indeed...
so guys make it happen for u..nt jst lt it happen...c ur potential nn not othrs past...do wht u njoy..nt wht othrs get joy in..u cant become master of all...so dnt get dishearted whn u lose out on1...
winners dont create miracles..thy jst do things at d rite time...

wid dis node..i ll end my 1 post...hope u njoyd it..nxt post ll b on d sme topic throwing light on ways a winner and a loser think for d sme...
tl thn gudnite...shabakher....sayonara...tc