Thursday, January 14, 2010

Areeeee ITs nOT govERnMenT WoRk..

hey guys wassp...happy new year to all..its been quite a long tym since my last blog..well exams thn placements nn all stuff got m bsy and r still going some time so lets get on wid d task..
AReee its not government work, u have to do it my urslf seems to b quite different frm wht I thought to try out smethng out of the box dis time..

God help those who help themselves and our sarkar goes 1 step ahead than doesn't even help those who help themselves..

It doesn't discriminate ny1 on dis...whether ur a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or doesn't matter, u have to do everything by urslf..

u have a voltage problem..u want an uninterrupted supply of light..dnt look to the government for it..better call an electrician.

hey ur not getting proper supply of water..force of water is not need to disturb government officials for tht..cme on its nt thr work..go nn dig a bore well for urslf..

caught up wid a karne ki nobat hai..its risky to go to M.Y...or any government hospital..dont worry go to a private 1 and pay a lammsome thr to fill their pockets..

where to send children for studies..government shcools..bacche ko kya peon banana hai..send him to some private school, whr thy ll charge u around 60000 or even mre for teahcing ur child abcdef......z

thr z a burglary in ur house..cme on r u mad dnt call police....frm next time keep a security guard..

bt in some cases u dont have any othr option thn standing in queues and w8ng for ur no..b it d payment of electricity or telephone bill or getting a speed post done..well u knw government officials work really fast..why to blame them??..jst sy 1 sentence mera no bhi aayega..

well thanks to the government..they are making us self dependent..DO it urslf india..
on tht node I wld end my blog..comments nxt time gn tc cya