Sunday, November 19, 2017

Let’s give a tough fight to iron deficiency with a unique recipe

We met few women last week and talked to them about their health-related issues which they thought were normal. We asked a few questions and these were the findings.
Sheena wanted to consult a doctor after she started feeling quite exhaustive even after normal household chores.
Richa wanted to seek advice for her unusually pale skin which used to be very glowing few years back.
Mehreen had to see a doctor after experiencing breathlessness on a frequent basis in past few days.

All three had different problems, but their symptoms directed to one direction and that was iron deficiency which is very common in women after a particular age. According to a recent study, about 9 percent of women suffer from iron deficiency and doctors prescribe to take iron supplements after a particular age.
But there are many iron supplements present in our kitchen too which can help to maintain the required iron level in the body. We tried one such recipe and it turned out to be quite healthy and yummy. We would love to share it with you.

Here you go with the recipe “Beetroot tikkies with spinach gravy

For tikkies-
Beetroot: 1Piece (boiled and mashed, juice separated)
Carrot:  1 bowl (grated)
Eatable Oats: 1bowl
Chat masala: 1tsp
Red pepper: As per taste
Salt: As per taste
Oil: To shallow fry
For gravy-
Spinach: 1 bowl (blanched and grinded)
Tomatoes: 1 (boiled and grinded)
Kitchen king: 1 tsp
Red pepper and Salt:  As per taste
Oil: 1-2 tsp
Jeera: ½ tsp
Pomegranate: For garnishing

Mix all the ingredients of the tikkies and make soft dough. Don’t forget to take out the juice of the beetroot after mashing. Make small tikkies from the dough (round and flat) and shallow fry them on a non-stick pan till they become golden from each side. Try to make small size tikkies so that they can be served easily.
For gravy:
Grind well to slightly boiled tomatoes in a mixer. Pour some oil into a pan and let it heat. Put some jeera in it and pour the blended tomatoes in the pan and let it cook till the tomatoes leave the oil. Then pour the blended spinach gravy in it and mix the spices (kitchen king, red pepper, salt) and cook well. You can add a little curd if you fell that tomatoes are a little in amount. Garnish it with pomegranate seeds.

The healthy, tasty and iron-rich recipe is ready to be served. Put some tikkies in a bowl and serve it with this gravy. If consumed regularly, it will definitely help you with your lower iron/hemoglobin level.

Monday, October 16, 2017

No to lending: Find Cash for old gadgets

“Tring Tring” a cycle bell rang, the postman came,
He handed over the letter to the person it was named...
Those were the days when the letters were the ways,
To share the news and even transfer the dues and pays...
Slowly and steadily, the time moved on,
Few scientists did some ding and dong,
And here we are, holding a thing in hand,
Which we all call, the one and only “Our Cellphone”...
It changed the ways of our talks and says,
And, now “instant” and “in the hands” are the words for all the things that fall in our way.

So, guys, the story of technology upgradation and cellphone revolution is not new to us. It is something that has changed our approach towards executing tasks and gradually became an inevitable part of our day-to-day life. We all have a bit or more idea of how rapidly the graph of tech boost has moved from bottom to up in the last few years.
Talking of the smartphones, today, we all want to keep the latest model in our hands with maximum new features like high pixel resolution, dual camera, the new “bothfie” feature and much more. Turn the channels of your television set and you will get to see the launch of any new cellphone with some new additions to their feature list which you would have thought of not being possible in their previous versions.
To keep yourself equally updated with the flow of continuously evolving technology especially in the smartphones is like a keep-on-going race of maintaining the style statement. Nobody can win it but we don’t want to lose either. And that’s why; we come up with a middle way solution. 
Let’s sell the previous version of the cellphone that we have and buy a newer one. That will burden our pocket a bit lesser. I, too, thought of the same.

With the start of the touchscreen era, I bought the Samsung Galaxy and used it for some two years. With the introduction of the fast processors and higher RAM versions in the market, the slow speed of my phone was bothering me a lot, so I decided to sell it off and buy a new one with some latest features. At that time, I had no idea that this thought was going to add a quirky story in my list. Here is what has happened.

Instead of going to some local dealer, I thought of giving a try by myself and posted an ad on my Facebook account with all the details and my contact number. Two days later, my phone rang and a sweet voice came from the other end. 

“Hello, Is this Mayank?", she asked.
“Yes, speaking”, I said.
“Hi, this is Alesha this side. I read your post on Facebook. You want to sell your phone and I want to buy it. Can we meet someday so that I can have a look at it and then decide?”
Alesha!!! This name echoed in my mind. Is she the same I am thinking of?
“Can I know your complete name?”
“It’s Alesha Sahai”, said she.
My heart started beating high in excitement. Yes, she can be the one!!
“Ok. Tell me the place and time. I will be there with my phone and all the other accessories.”, said I.

Next day, I went to the place half an hour before the decided time. I was waiting for her. Then, I saw a girl entering the café wearing blue kurta and green leggings. Her hairs were falling on her shoulders and she has put on a light pink shade lipstick on her lips. She was looking simple yet very beautiful in this elegant look.
When she was just a few steps away from me, I had a better look on her face and my heart started beating like never before. Yes!! She is the one. The first crush of my college-life!! I always wanted to exchange a few words with her but never got the chance. And here I am, getting my destined chance to have a coffee with her.
 “Hello”. We greeted each other and started talking. I told her that we were in same college and batch and we had some old school talks. I was so happy. We were on our ways to become friends, maybe the good ones at the end.
Then she asked me about the phone. I showed that to her. She had a quick look on it with all the other accessories. Then she asked me if she can keep that phone for a day or two for trial.
That is what I was waiting for. “No problem”, said I. After all, I have stored a few romantic songs in it for her to listen. This could be my chance to ask her on a date. We agreed to meet after two days at the same place and greeted each other with good-bye.
Next two days, I kept myself busy in preparing how I would be asking her for a coffee or a movie date in near future and much more.

The day after tomorrow story begins:
It was about 2 in the noon. I was constantly checking my Nokia 1100 phone if she has dropped some message or she called. But her name did not flash on the screen. I restrained myself to give a call and waited till evening. I didn’t want to be looked like a despo. Finally, I decided to give her a call.
I dialed the number she gave me to contact on.
From the other end, it answered “The dialed number is switched off. Please try after some time.”
I kept on trying till night. The same tone repeated each time.
This kept on happening for next few days and a week. I was not able to contact her. I pinged her several times on Facebook as well but of no use.
It was after two or three weeks that I realized that I have been conned by her. She always knew that I had a crush on her and she has taken benefit of this information. She flew off with my phone and then I was not able to contact her or do anything. I lost my phone for no cash.

So after this bitter experience, I realized that it is better to use social media only if you can use it rationally and wisely. Like if you want to buy or sell your used phone, instead of doing it by your way (which can be done), go to the Cashify site which is one of the fastest and easiest ways to sell the phones and laptop instantly for cash. Use Diwali as an Excuse to #CleanupCashout with Cashify. Get an Instant Quote, Assured Sale, Hassle-free Doorstep Pickup and On spot payment for your old devices.

For more information, Please visit the link.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Live-healthy live-safe: Purify the air we breathe-in

We live in an era where the quality of life matters more than the span of the life. No matter how short life is, all of us need the best food, best clothing, best education and the best family!!

But what about the quality of air that we breathe-in?

Source - here

Our lifestyle has changed a lot and along with it has changed the volume of synthetic products that we use that alters air properties, making the slope positive on the usage graph. You just state that you need fresh and smell-good air and the big blue-companies will fill the marketplace with lots of air-fresheners and perfumes or paints. But don’t you think that air should be equally purified along with being fresh and smell-good? I suppose, yes is your reaction.

But do we get that? Do we live in depolluted air environment or in the polluted one? Let’s find out... Come with us...

Story 1:

Song playing: “And baby pull me closer, on the backseat of the rover…….”

But suddenly, they need to get out of that rover which could have made its mark in their special memories’ box.But why??

The faces were sad and red; sad since they missed something really near to their heart and red since their eyes were burning??But why??

Well… coz the smoke of the cigar (used by the driver) in the car made them leave..!!


So that is one of the harm that indoor pollutants can cause.

Do you know that Indoor pollutants are five times more harmful than the outdoor pollutants?

Yes, it’s true.

The reason is very simple. Lesser is the area available for the dispersion of the particles, more is their concentration and hence more is the harm; since you are in direct contact with more amount of pollutant particles and too, for longer duration




Story 2:


Mehar was running all here and there in the room with a paint spray bottle in the hand. It was fun to paint. It was fun to play with them.


The drops were forming pearls,

The lines were making beautiful arcs..

The hands were running in patterns shaped by the hearts,

And the walls were reflecting their beauty painted with love and abstract art.......


She slowly sprinkled a bit of colour on the back of Rishabh while he was busy doing his job for that time.


She laughed!! She was enjoying!! And so was everybody else...


In the end, the room was all messed-up. Colours were spread on the floor and brushes were making a zigzag pattern.  But some great motifs were decorating the walls. They have expressed all their creativity on the walls of the room with brushes and rollers in the hand and ideas from the internet.

But Shreya was sitting in the corner. She has kept her head on the knees facing downside. Was she tired?? No. Then what??


She was having a problem in breathing in that newly painted room.

And then, they found out that she was allergic to the volatile particles found in the paint. A not so known harm by the normal paint!!!!


Yes fellas, there are some kind of particles found in the paint, perfumes and almost every chemical containing thing that causes indoor air pollution and are more harmful to our health than outdoor polluted air.

To name a few, they may contain:

1.       Asbestos, which is one of the leading cause of indoor air pollution and can commonly be found in paints, coatings, building material etc.

2.      Formaldehyde, which can be found in paints, sealant, wooden floors etc.

3.      Radon, which can be found underneath our home in various bedrocks and other building materials. It can get into the walls of our home and can cause serious health problems.

4.      Tobacco smoke, contaminants such as bacteria, dust bites, gases from stoves, heaters and volatile particles in varnishes, paints can also cause significant air pollution.


These are just a few of them and long-term exposure to these can result in allergies, asthma, memory lapses, irritation, respiratory problems, cancer (long-term effect), kidney failure etc.


So the above situations are just a few examples of the sufferings that we encounter from polluted indoor air. Being a not-so-familiar form of pollution, as the pollutant sources are very commonly used in day-to-day life (perfumes, cigarettes, paint, pesticides, materials used in buildings etc.) and they release the particles in smaller amount (but in higher concentration if unleashed inside home or buildings), and hence we take this for granted and do not think of substantial solution for them.


But whether we take it to our notice or not, Indoor pollution should be tackled sincerely with intelligent and possible solutions like proper ventilation in the homes, no-smoking rule, using good quality products etc.


And now Asian Paints has taken the responsibility to take one step closer to the solution of this casually-ignored problem.

It has introduced a new range of paints named “Royale ATMOS” which promises to provide clean air and hence healthy living conditions to the inhabitants.
Royal Amtos is a paint that reduces harmful air pollutants and makes the air cleaner.
Additionally, it also absorbs various foul smells and makes the air fresher. Thus for the first time, Asian Paints presents a paint that not only looks good but also helps purify air quality inside our home.

                                                          Source - Here
Don’t forget, making small changes within the home can really make a huge difference.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Love forever

It was 12’00 clock in the night. He entered the room. She was lying on the bed facing the opposite side. He thought that she would be in her sleeps and dreams and thus avoided disturbing her, but was she really asleep? The pillow was busy absorbing the tears from her eyes and no other option was available to soothe her at those moments (and those were the moments when she missed those shoulders badly). So sleep was like a mile away from her eyes and brain.
He came and slept by her side.
This time, anger made the face red and tears hot.

How insensitive is he??

He didn’t bother to see me once or say about what actually happened??

Does that mean "Something really happened'??

Many questions were brewing in her mind but answers were on a long trip with logic and reasons. So at that moment of the hour, nothing helped her much.

On the other side of the bed, the person who was supposed to be in deep sleeps as per her better half was actually deep in thoughts, debating with himself.

She is not wrong on her part.

But she was supposed to be on the other end of the bridge on this way, holding my hand.

But I never made things clear.

But she should have the confidence and trust in me. After all, we are more of friends than anything else. How can trust not be there?

But then, she is also just a human being with emotions, feelings and expectations.

And the thought trails continued till…………….

Morning alarms were stopped at the first ring for the first time in house. The weirdness has knocked the door and found it open to make its way to this home.

It was Saturday morning.

Today the kitchen was empty!!

Usually it was filled with soothing music, enjoyed by the two persons in the home, murmuring the lyrics and trying their hands-on breakfast. Yeah Together!!! But today it was all void. And so were some eyes.

The couple was still in the room, not able to face each other.

She was fearful; fearful of the fact that what will happen if things turned out to be the other way.

He was also fearful; fearful of seeing the eyes of doubt where he was supposed to find the strength.

The phone of the husband rang. “Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nhi, shikawa nhi"

"Flashback of the memories in thoughts of both"

Both turned towards each other, saw the eyes of other and now words were far less to express.

The fear was gone and uneasiness took its place.

“You should have told me everything earlier. I would have definitely understood”, said the girl.

“And I was afraid that you would miss the directions and not get the real reason of all the drama”, he said

May be, I would have not but then at least I would have not got the shock that my husband is just helping her best friend to get her love with all the drama and action required without putting me in the picture. I deserved the acknowledgement at least.

Shocks give rise to abrupt reactions which are always hard to deal with.

Yes, I am sorry on that part. I was afraid since you are really possessive of me. And why have you not talked to me yesterday?

I can’t. I was all confused. At moments, doubtful but most of time worried. Worried for you, for us and for our relationship.

And I was worried only for the trust that we have for each other. Our love stands on that and I cannot afford to lose it or you"

And tears again rolled down the cheeks. But this time, Of love and happiness. Just a glance of each other was enough to break down the silence and make the other feel the anxiety of the other. They came closer to each other and kissed.

Truly said, Love forever just needs a genuine small gesture of trust.

The kitchen was now  again ready to see the mess and lyrics found the lips again.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain – The future of Financial Planning

In today’s world, the wisest person is the one who takes care of his/her future financial planning ahead oftime and that too as a prudent future money manager.

With so much to do in our daily lives, it is really difficult to take out time and analyse different investment schemes, especially those which are a complete package, fulfilling all your financial needs.
So to make your life easy and help you with your financial goals, through this article I will tell you about a recent product being launched by one of the most trustworthy names in the Life Insurance Industry, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance.

The product goes by the name of, “Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain” which is a great solution to help you realize your long term financial goals.

Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain
What are the different pointers that we have in mind while investing for long term financial goals?
1. The financial instrument that we invest in, should be bundled with the dual advantage of Protection and Growth.
2. It should allow the flexibility of investing in widerange of options.
3. It should provide us market linked returns and should be light on the pocket.

4. Lastly, it should ensure that our family achieves all financial goals that we
have planned for them.

Keeping all the above points in mind let’s see how the new plan in the market is one answer to all the questions.

A brief introduction about the plan.
Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain is a non-participating, individual, unit-linked regular/ limited premium payment endowment plan with two variants, "Wealth Plus" and "Wealth Plus Care".
Now let’s see how this plan works.

How it works
Investing in this plan is a pretty simple and quick process.
Below steps will help you with the same.
1. Choose from the two variants - "Wealth Plus" & "Wealth Plus Care".
2. Next step is to decide the premium amount, policy term, premium payment term and premium payment frequency.
3. Penultimate step is to choose the sum assured multiplier to decide your life cover
4. And finally choose between the two portfolio strategies available.
Focusing on the most important thing now, the key advantages of Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain. I will use FWG for the plan name going forward.

Key Advantages
1. The first thing that we look for is Life Cover and the FWG plan makes sure you get a High Life Insurance Cover.
2. Under the Wealth Plus Care variant, you get the benefit of Accelerated Cancer Cover combined with Income benefit.
3. One of the best things about the plan is the Loyalty Additions at each interval of 5 years from 10th policy year onwards.
4. In any investment instrument, you should have different choices and FWG takes care of that pretty well. 
You can choose from 2 investment portfolio strategies, 8 different fund choices and multiple policy terms.
5. You also have other options like, enhance Fund Value at maturity, take maturity benefit in installments and so on.


So guys if you are looking for an investment option that can help you realize yours and your family future financial goals by giving you the dual benefit of protection and growth, Bajaj Allianz Life Future Wealth Gain is the name to trust on.
Undoubtedly one of the best Unit-Linked Insurance Plans available in the market.Sogo ahead and#InvestBefikarto #JiyoBefikar!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance-The Copper-bottomed solution for Investment

Amresh:  Hey Rohit listen, from the last few months I am all shilly-shallying about my investments.

Rohit:  Why? What happened?

Amresh: Have you not observed trending market prospects? With so many investment options available and still getting unsure returns, I am telling you, I feel like there is no safe option within easy reach.
With growing responsibilities and getting that fixed amount of income in hand at the end, I really don’t find any well-grounded and trust-worthy pick for my money that can assure growth with protection.

Rohit(smiles): Then, probably you are not aware of the best player in the market. The one can ensure a safe and well-planned future for you and your loved-ones. “BajajAllianz Life Insurance-The Copper-bottomed solution for Investment”

Amresh: Ohh really!!

Rohit: Definitely!! And you know what!! The timing cannot be better than this to invest.

Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is coming up with an investment product on 22nd June 2017 which can help you realize your long-term financial goals.
You can get live updates on the brand's Twitter Handle @BajajAllianzLIC.
You can also follow the brand on Facebook for more updates about the event.

Amresh: Is that so!! Then I would be eagerly waiting for it. Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance will not only insure my future but also help me to plan it in a progressive way.

Yes Fellas, now comes a product from a renowned and reputable firm that not only take care of our hard-earned money but also keep it growing. Because when it comes to our loved-ones, planning and growth is not all we want, keeping the finances with a staunch guard is also what we look for.

Bajaj Allianz Life insurance is one of the leading private life insurance companies in India. The Company has developed insurance solutions that cater to every segment and age-income profiles. Currently, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance has a strong product portfolio with adequate flexible products to cater to all kinds of customer needs from ULIPs to Child plans, from group insurance to health insurance.

So keep your diaries ready, grab your pen and cheque-books, and start planning for a better-future for you and your loved-ones. For the finances, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance is there to take care of.

#InvestBefikar with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance and #JiyoBefikar.

Monday, June 12, 2017

He and she to “They”: Out of the ordinary

Love is what you never understand
Logic has its own purview. It tries hard to reach its maximum. But she was beyond limit to reach. An apologia for reason to love was beyond her power to conceive. She was too pure to dilute and he was too strong to resist. And they were too complicated to decipher.

She said, “Life is too short to wait for things to happen. It calls for today and give tomorrow its space.”
He said, “Call for action is nothing without a definite day after today. You cannot climb another step if you don’t know the last one.”

They kept on talking. They kept the silence alive too. They were opposites in true sense and nonetheless attracted.
One day, they were walking over the sand on the beach. The sun was about to set. The sky was displaying different colors of red. And so was the conversation between the two.

“Love is just one feeling. Heart has its own boundaries. A whip is needed to make the horse reach its destination beyond boundaries.” said he.
“Infinity is answer to all the limits. Be it love, be it passion. The whip never comes from outside, it’s in your perception.” she replied with glowing eyes.
"Practicality reasons for trigger." he reacted immediately.
"Sustainability reasons for appreciation" she told with same fervor.

The battle was never ending. It started from nowhere and hence sought no end.   
You search for results when you have a question. They never had that. They never will have. It was just about their way to explore.
She believed in perfection with satisfaction. He was on continuous peregrination of perfection. For him, setting the goals and reaching the epitome worked as activator. Always, for anything.

They were near, they were apart. The bond they shared was not easy to comprehend. They complimented each other with aggression and passion. No one was ready to put down the sword. They were at war continuously. They were in love forever. 

They called for action to other’s passion,
They called for reaction to reach the real reason...
They held the hand of love too strong to break,
They got hooked to their true self with other’s vision to brace..
They were too near they were too far,
They were too difficult to be dealt hence to surpass..

Friday, May 12, 2017

Ms. Ordinary

She was walking down the lane. Tears were rolling down her eyes to the cheeks. She was trying to fight hard with them, to stop them but she couldn’t. There is always a limit.

That day, she was really happy. After all she has made her way across the first hurdle towards her success. Her words were dipped in emotions and her emotions in purity. She made the people knew about her existence with her talent and hard work. She always wanted to mark her presence with her work and today she was toward it. No matter how small it was for the world, but that was really big for her. Her words were getting recognition. Her thoughts were making impressions on other’s mind. Her first poem “The attitudinized individuals” was acclaimed for its essence; not just by the colleagues, the poetry fraternity but also by the common people. The number of messages on the venue’s bulletin board was its proof. Anonymous people were sending her words of praise for the beautiful lines on reality of life.

She thought that now her principles can get the wings to fly.

She ran hurriedly to the parking lot. She took no time in starting her car and after the next few minutes, she was in front of him. She was quick enough to reach him and hugged him with all her might. Water was flowing from her shining eyes and smile was flashing on her face.

She said, “They were clapping for me. I got the standing ovation from all the people who were sitting there. I won!! Yes, I won!!

No words came from the other side.

The expressions on her face changed swiftly bending towards panicky side.
She said again, “I won the first prize.

He said, “Ya Ya.. That’s nice! Congratulation! But you know what I had a much more happening day than yours.
I saw some of the beauties in the office corridors. Their hairs were flowing with the wind over their face like the stream flowing and accessorizing the mountain.
The glow on their face was like the shine of the sun which can make the sunflowers turn towards them.
Their perfect figure made them look like the mermaids with whom you can swim till you reach other end.
Haaassshhh!!!!!!! I wish I could have been with them. I wish you would have like them. But you are an ordinary girl.

She turned back without saying anything. She was out of words that instant. He was her world. She believed she was too for him. May be she was. But a part of that world was absent. And she was blamed for it.

She walked for hours on empty roads.

She failed to make him feel her power; the power of eternity, the power of being fair and square, the power of being truly and genuinely loved.
May be he would have felt but she lacked that one part which was not hers. Yes she looked ordinary by face but her heart was exclusive. Her thoughts resonated the notions that were hard to comprehend but vital for standing out of the queue. She was serene yet insanely mad, she was mature yet childlike. She had toiled the land of trust with love and devotion that made the flowers of happiness blossom in the spring of dedication.

But all this was not ample enough. May be she felt so!

She could hear her own words on the forlorn path.

“Yes they make the world see them,
Like they think they are the only gems..
They create a layer of gleaming reflection on the surface,
Beneath it is all the empty space..
Those who fill the space with love and care,
Pain is the avenue for them to reach upstairs..

She yelled loudly, “I am not!!!!!!!! But they are. And believe me I can be like them whenever I want to but they can never be like me.. Ever.. But I don’t care.”

Thursday, April 27, 2017

They were together, They were apart..!!

Someday, somewhere I have heard “Pura hoke ke khatam hua sab, jo hai aadhaa whi to zinda hai”. Be it dreams, be it life, be it relationship.
I am sharing a Half relationship story at BlogAdda in association with #HalfGirlfriend

#half girlfriend or half boyfriend.

Anonymous story anonymous voice.

It all started spontaneously. Summer was the season. Two different minds yet common attitudes crossed the path. She was not fat but definitely not perfect with curves. She was not dark but definitely not fair in complexion. She was not ugly but definitely not good with looks. Her persona carried an innocence which nobody noticed except him. He was tall, dark and handsome but also reserved and simple in nature. Words occasionally came out of his mouth. 

One bright day amid the chaos of the college campus her eyes reached his eyes. An unknown connection was felt. And the immediate upshot was smile on both the faces.

Friendship was the next step. She was good in talks. He was best at listening. Their chats were filled with colors of expression. She was the painter. He was the canvas.

But her expressions never got the silhouette. She never let her heart roam on those roads. Maybe she thought of a "no entry" board. And he was waiting there for her since ages. But he also visualized "no" in her eyes and hence never confessed.She used to express her possessiveness but never stated the reason. She was more than a friend but not his GF. I still remember the sweet incidents of them. She snatched the keys of his car for fun. Let me tell you no one ever dared to do that with him and he laid down on the road to clinch the deal of getting the keys back. On other occasion, she called his name from the tenth floor and what the name was, "kittu" his pet name. Everyone was down there and surprisingly he just laughed.

Time moved on.

They got busy in different cities and with different work. Rare were the occasions when they met. She wanted words to flow on the top layer and he wanted to dive deep down in water of unspoken words.They never met, they never left.

That day after 5 years, they met. She had changed a lot. Her curves are sexy. She was wearing pomps with skirt. She looked no less than perfect. But he was not happy. He was missing the old beauty, who used to speak her heart out, laugh her heart out, whose childlike behaviour made him fall for her more and more. And when I asked her about the makeover, she said she has done all this for him.Yes she understood the intimacy after distance. 

Yes she craved for closeness but with perfection. And their perfect world were different. The boy wanted a world enclosed within the borders of simplicity and innocence but for the girl, the borders were made of up worldly perfection. This time she figured out a no in his eyes and stepped back. He was more than his friend but not BF.  Though those were their own perceptions but not each other's confessions.
They were together, they were apart.