Tuesday, March 19, 2013


- By choice or design
Born as a child..tender,soft and pure to the core.A crystal clear heart,void of all emotions waiting to be filled with love and happiness.Breathing, bereft of all the worries and negatives of this big bad world.safely residing in mother's arm,feeling cozy and warm,the child lays waiting....Waiting to be engulfed in the machinery of life.A grinding process which breaks you apart,sets you free and expects you to pull yourself back together again.A highly exhausting process which never ceases to end,slowly clawing at your soul,until you lose interest in life itself.

The child begins to imbibe the ideals of life.Ideals which creates a mirage that life is some fairytale story with lots to offer and nothing to lose.A story with lots of fun,happiness and filled with love to the brim. There's so much to learn,so much to do and life is very small.Imbibed with such positives,the child begins the journey of life.

20 years later

The race is on.Some are clawing their way up the ladder of success,some still stuck at the bottom rung and many already destined to a life of failure,minds which have succumbed to the challenges of life.Worse still,many faced with the choice,the choice of evil and good,unable to cope up with pressure,choose the easier route.The route where life is a marsh hidden beneath a flimsy layer of satisfaction and happiness.Most who take this road,invariably end up in the dark alleys,writhing with pain and agonizing for the rest of their life. Only a few lucky ones survive the impending future of misery and doom,through self realization and tremendous efforts.

Lets pause for a second here and think what happened...?

No one was born evil.All began with the same ideals and aspirations.Then what went wrong?
And even if it did go wrong,then who is to be blamed,the person concerned or the prevailing conditions.


Lets take a case study to analyse this conflict.We all have come across teachers who are very strict,makes your life a living hell.We keep cribbing about them,comparing them with demons..But are they?

Bereft of strictness,filled with understanding of the students plight,there was a teacher Mr. Arjun of Nagarjuna school.The headmaster of that school was very strict,one of those who enjoyed doling out punishments.During the semester,the headmaster had planned to conduct a surprise test for the entire school.If anyone fails,he/she would be punished heavily. 

        Mr Arjun, out of consideration for students who were weak in academics,but hard-working,informed them about the surprise test,1 day prior to the test.As a result,they were able to perform at par with other students.But somewhere down the line,the information got leaked to the headmaster,Consequently the professor had to face the music.Would that professor remain the same,considerate understanding man as before?

This is what happens in real-time scenarions in all fields of life.This conditions play a major part in moulding our characters and shaping us as a person.


We punish people who are found guilty.More people are held for wrong doing and even more people get punished.A never ending process which keeps yielding increasing no of convicts.
But the question rises....What is achieved through this whole process?
The answer is,absolutely nothing.

We are just hacking away at the leaves,leaving the root intact.The conditions persist,which keeps nurturing more and more culprits.We catch a few,most remain and many others are born.This sums up the present day scenario where people are gauged on what is the end result,rather then what prompted them to be so.

We keep fighting a lost cause,not getting hold of the thread,slowly sinking to greater depths,created by ever growing corruption and criminal activities.

-By Abhinandan Pal

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