Saturday, March 2, 2013

I wish you were here...

I walked down that narrow lane
With only my shadow for company
The mist, the grass, the broken window pane
Everything brings back her vivid memory....

I watched as the birds flew high
No fear, no tear, only plain cheer
I stood staring, wondering why
I am still being forced to suffer here....

I watched the street light glow in the dark,
Attracting little creatures all around
In this gloomy world today, we search
For a light to keep us safe and sound....

I watched as the sun rose brighter,
It made my heart feel lighter
A certain hope lifts my spirits high
Tomorrow will be a better day or is it a lie?

I remember the way your presence
enlighten my face and made my heart beats dance
If only I had one more chance
I would hold you tight in my arms...
and whisper in your ear...
Oh Dear!! I wish you were here!!!

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