Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My World... My Sony Cybershot

If asked about your first love, you may remember a secret kiss under a tree on the elementary school playground, a crush you had on a movie star as a teenager, or the first time your saw your spouse. There is another kind of love, however, that captivates us with its dreamy memory, promise of possibilities, and suggestion that we can do anything we put our mind to. That first love is found in the very beginning of our fascination with technology.

We all have gadgets, gizmos, and games that we hold near and dear to our heart. They either opened our eyes to the world of tech, or they encouraged us to explore even more - often leading to our current successes in education, career, and entertainment..

My close to heart..sweetheart is my Sony Cybershot..

I has taught me the 3 L's
love..laugh..and live life to the fullest..

I was a bookworm from childhood..not but interested in the outside beautiful world.I used to stay in the house ot play cricket.This was only my world.
Than one day my brother brought Sony Cybershot as he needed it for his college events and also beacuse he loved photography.

I was not much facinated by the gadgets and gizmos at that time as I had the aim of clearing IIT's and was all busy in its preparation..
Bhaiya used to click pics and edit them using photoshop on our dell lappy..

He was a good photographer and captured every image with a sense of perfection..He is a master of photoshop too..
Those were the images which made me realize that nature can be so beautiful..
My love for nature and its breathtaking beauty grew manifold after that.I started learning the art of photography and really enjoed it.
On all my trips either with friends or family I used to take my Cybershot with me.
I loved capturing waterfalls, sunset, water droplets on different objects post rainfall and many abstract items..
I used to edit them using adobe photoshop on my dell lappy..

It was my passion for photography which made me met the love of my life..We met at an exhibition as she too loved photography.

I and my brother had displayed few of our pics there and this gal came and started complementing them..
Fortunately I was also standing there and told her that this were my pics and blah blah....
Than we exchanged our no's and rest is story.

So from that day my Sony Cyber shot became 2nd love of my life..
well first you know well..:P
I am also thankful to my dell Inspiron , as without it I wont have had command over photoshop and it was not possible to give that extra touch and refinement to my images.

Today many people have started knowing me..appretiating me..
I have my love with me..and above all i started enjoying and loving a beautiful world around me..which i couldn't when I was a bookworm..

All this became possbile because of my passion for photography which couldn't be accomplished if I didnt had my Sony Cybershot and my dell inspiron

So here's an open love letter for my Cybershot

Dear Sony Cybershot

I fell in love with you since the day I brought you. My days are restless without your presence. You have became one of the most essential thing in my life.I can feel my presence every minute when i use you.You make everyday special.I love you because you put a simle on my face when i see you.You are beautiful.You are wonderful!You are always special to me!You are the reason for all my success and i wish to be with you forever Love you so much

Yours lovingly,
Ankit Jain

Here are few lines for my lappy as well..:)

my laptop is like no other.
He’s just like my little brother.
I cherish it every day,
And that is why I say,
that my laptop is like no other
He’s just like my little brother.

Whenever I feel quite down,
My laptop turns around my frown.
It comforts me,and can do anything I wish
Play music, save files, or upload a fish.
It can talk and beep,
and fall asleep.
And that is why I say,
It can do anything I wish.

This are some of the images I clicked which I adore the most

I have written this Post for the contest Change is easy sponsored by Dell Inspiron


  1. thanks saru...
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  2. Lol, I too love my Cybershot...I just have a different version and not the pocket sized one. Mine is much older, but it's such an amazing piece of equipment I can't bear to part with it. The love letter was cute.

  3. thanks...
    nwys what should I call you...white bhabi..??
    do drop by again..:)

  4. thanks nirvaan..
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