Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 fundas of life to live it to the fullest..!!

Life is a beautiful journey in which we meet lot of people, some motivate us while some fill us with negative energy, some love us while some hate us , some influence us while some teaches us the hard lessons of life.

Everyday is a new experience, a new chapter of life which unfolds in front of us.
It can leave a negative or positive impact but how to tackle and respond to it depends completely on us. If we only care and get influenced by what others think about us, their opinion, judgement and comments, we will make our life hell and be depressed, sad and feel inferior lifelong.
But if we want to live our life to the fullest, here are the 5 fundas that should be deeply rooted in our soul.

1. Keep Self Respect above everything
    If you don't respect yourself no one in the world will respect you. No matter what life throws at
    you , people leave you in the middle of no man's land, even if you have to stand alone facing the
    whole world, your self respect should always be your first love and priority.

    A person or thing can be important to you but if it hurts your self respect, makes you timid,
    makes you feel inferior and you have to beg for it, let it go.
    Developing a strong sense of self respect will help you achieve your dreams, people will see
    you as a worthy person, your relationships will bloom and you will be able to live up to your

2. Be Strong mentally and emotionally
Nothing in this world can conquer you if you are strong mentally and emotionally.
    Be generous, kind and humble, admire people for what they have given to you,
    forgive others and ask for forgiveness for your mistakes.

    Learn how to manage strong feelings and emotions and communicate them properly.
    Don't panic on little things and learn to tackle stressful conditions.

    Don't be sensitive and devote your complete attention to small things people say about you.

    Don't be dependent on someone to such an extent that your life is a mess when that person
    leaves you. Be emotional but don't emotionally cling to someone that there small action or
    talk leaves a big impact on you.
    Be strong mentally and emotionally and you will easily sail across the big thunderstorms of life.

3. Be Passionate
Passion in life is very important. If you are not passionate about anything, you are probably a
    dead soul. Passion brings a sense of purpose to life, you are motivated to work hard towards
    achieving your goal and finally when you taste success, nothing in the world can match that
    feeling of self satisfaction.

    Being passionate requires stamina to bear failures and guts to take risks.
    You have to be always focused, motivated and keep the process of self improvement going.
     You can be passionate about your work, hobbies or anything in this world which inspires you
      to go to any extent to shed your blood and sweat for it.

4. Love Yourself
Nobody in this world loves a person who doesn't love himself/herself.
    Be proud of what you are, take care of yourself and feel happy the way you are.

    Every morning remind yourself of your worthiness.
    Appreciate your talents, hobbies and achievements.

    Accept your mistakes and forgive yourself.
    Go on a self discovery voyage to know yourself better.

    People who loves themselves see improvement in their relationships or the negative one dissolves
    for the beginning of a new one. Even they love others with the same dedication and charm.
    So Love yourself as you have every right to be accepted and loved.

5. Don't be someone's option but be his/her priority
    "Never allow someone to be your priority while
               allowing yourself to be their option." — Mark Twain.

     Never give away too much of ourselves for someone who doesn't want to sacrifice anything
     for your sake.
     You don't have to convince, plead or force anyone to make yourself his/her priority or feel how
     special you are, if that person consider you as his/her priority it is great, but if they don't, run
     away, you don't have to waste your time on such people.

     Be it any relationship, if you think the other person ignores you or take you for granted, don't
     be afraid to say them goodbye.
     Always take what you deserve and in life never settle to be someone's other when you can
     become someone's only.

Live life to the fullest in the present.


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