Friday, July 4, 2014

A visit to Thailand with Skyscanner

In the last two years I have been bitten by the travel bug multiple times.
It started with the two amazing countries of Truly Asia, Singapore and Malaysia.
The dazzling Petronas Twin Towers, Majestic KL tower,  Adventurous Genting Highland, A completely different world, Universal Studio and Casinos made it the most memorable trip of my life.

Next the Heaven on earth "Kashmir" beckoned me.
Skiing and Sledging with countless falls, Visiting the most beautiful gardens of the world which dates back to Mughal era and enjoying delightful stay in the houseboats of jewel of Kashmir, Dal lake gave me lifelong memories.

Crazy Goa and Picturesque Bandhavgarh National Park ends the list.

But now the bug which was dormant for last 5 months has got back into senses again.
And this time I was dreaming to visit the land of white elephants, the country of smiles, Thailand.

But this beautiful dream looked less likely to convert into reality when the humongous task of "Planning" the trip that too in a pre-decided budget of  one lakh rupees started.

Internet bombarded me with numerous options but none proved to bring any ray of hope, it was when travel-o-wiz SkyScanner came to my rescue.

The first daunting task was to find the cheapest two way flight for our travel period which was from
1-8 Nov 2014.
As I selected the destinations and clicked on search flights. Man I was agape after seeing the price for 3 adult people which included me and my parents. Just Rs 14,545....simply wow..:)

Planning Accommodation took the next priority and I clicked Hotels so see what magic was stored there.
A Pitara of offers on the most lavish and re-known hotels of Bangkok showed up before me.
Was I dreaming..No not really..5 stars luxury at such a "grab it at that moment" offer was so delightful.
I quickly booked Siam@Siam , Design Hotel & SPA, this 3 words took me off the ground just for Rs 14,931.

And the last task was to get a car for commuting from one place to another.
I was a bit worried about it as in India the cost of booking a cab is very high. The cheapest one charges
Rs 10/ KM. Hoping SkyScanner to wave its magic wand again, I clicked on Car Hire tab.
It rarely happens that you don't get a magical offer and this time was no exception.
2 Days car rental just for 4,799. I was surely dreaming..*Rubbed my eyes twice*..

Bangkok is famous for its historic palaces, ancient temples , magnificent buildings and shop till you drop markets.

                                                              Temple of Emerald Buddha

We devoted two complete days exploring Bangkok. Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha and Holy temple of Wat Pho were the main attractions.

                                                              Holy temple of Wat Pho 

Next we took a flight to Phuket which costed us a mere Rs 4,796. **Happy face**..

This time we wanted to book a Resort near the beach and Skyscanner read our mind at once.
It presented with a wonderful option of staying at Mangrove Panwa Resort for a fair enough price
Rs 25,820.

We rented a car for 4 days and it was at our disposal for just 8,439 bucks.

After relaxing at the hotel for some time we were on our way to Khao Lak which is a collection of beautiful sandy beaches famous for clear blue waters far away from the cry of the city.
Just 1 hour boat journey from Khao Lak are the Similian Islands which are famous for their white sand beaches , underwater marine life and water sports.

                                                                 Similian Islands

I am always crazy for beaches. Fresh air of sea, cool relaxing sand and the beautiful marine life are just splendid. And if the beach is isolated its a treat for the travelers.
We returned to our hotel in night after having a chilling day.

Next on our list was Khao Sok National Park.
This 739-square-kilometer park offers a variety of outdoor adventure including elephant trekking, hiking, jeep safaris and canoeing. Also it is home to various mammals, birds, insect and reptiles.
It was a full day adventurous trip which gave us memories of lifetime.

                                               Stone Structures at Khao Sok National Park

Next day we relaxed at our hotel and also indulged in exploring the local markets and places.
It was the last day of our stay in Phuket and we planned to visit Phang Nga which is famous for James Bond Island. Long tail tourist boats are available to visit this magical land of mother nature.
James Bond Island, with its signature rocky pinnacle has been a major attraction since it was featured in 1974 bond movie.

                                                               James Bond Island

After having a thrilling 4 days stay at Phuket , it was time to bid good bye and head back to Bangkok.
We spend around 15k during this stay. This summed our expenses to Rs 90,000 and were still left with a good 10k.
We used this for shopping in Bangkok where electronics are really cheap.

Finally we boarded our flight back to Mumbai.
It was a great trip all thanks to SkyScanner which helped us plan it smartly so that it could fit in the
Rs 1,00,000 budget.

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