Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The KickAss Mardani...

It was evening time, children were playing, aunties gossiping with their neighbors and students returning from school. Mrs Sharma and her daughter-in-law were returning home buying some vegetables when a bike passed them snatching away the gold chain from the neck of Mrs Sharma daughter-in-law.

This was the 5th case of chain snatching in past 2 months and police could do nothing about it.
In one of the case , Mrs Tyagi who was riding a scooty even fell off from it because the chain was snatched with full force. There was no fixed time for this incidents. Some happened in morning while rest in the evening or night time.

My watch showed 8 p.m. and I was waiting for my sister to return from parlor as we had to go to a wedding function. As I peeped outside she was visible at a distance of 100 metres. But to my fear there was also a bike speeding towards her from back. As the bike came in parallel a guy with a scarf tried to grab her chain. Few seconds latter what I saw was just mind-blowing. The bike was ramped in a pillar and both the GENTLEMAN were lying on the ground. Next what happened will always remain in their memories.

One of them took out a knife and tried to frighten her with it. But they were not aware that my sister was a martial art trainer. A kick on the arm and the knife went flying into the bushes.
She caught them with their hair and slapped and kicked them with her full force.
"Jo aunty scooty se niche gir gayi thi tum kamino ki vajah se,unko seer mai 10 taake mai aaye hai", She bursted out with rage.

Grabbing them from collars she took them to the police station.
"These are 2 members of the chain snatching gang which police was so unable to catch hold off, I hope now police can at least catch the remaining ones", She said angrily to the Inspector.

She was just back for vacations but when she heard about the chain snatching incidents, she made her mind to kick the asses of culprits.
I am so proud of my KickAss Mardani sister..:) Chak de Fatte..\m/

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