Monday, June 23, 2014

Sarhad Paar Dilo ko jodti ye zindagi..

I was in my college days and the cultural fest was on the cards.
Sonu Nigam, K.K and Euphoria were the obvious choices, but there was a surprise this time.
Few days later posters of JAL Band were put all over the college.
It was a Pakistani band whose songs ruled the ears..

Sajni Pass Bualo was on tip of every one's tongue..

Bikhra ho mai was equally popular

In those days I used to sing these songs everyday which are still in my favorites list.
Pakistani Gazals and songs have always had a long lasting impact on the people at this side of border.
So when Indiblogger announced the #JodeyDilonko meet along with Zee's new channel Zindagi which is about to go on air on June 23rd, 2014 with its Sarhad Par ki Kahaniyas, I was really looking forward to the opportunity to meet new artists from neighborhood.

The venue for the meet was one of my favorite "Hotel Leela" which had been the proud owner of hosting Zee Indiblogger meets.

Indi meets are always know to offer something different every time and this time the idea was to begin the meet with Lunch. Smart move to make all those lazy beings follow time.
Lunch specially the deserts were delicious. Ras Malai was nothing less then mouth watering.

Post lunch we were escorted to the Banquet Hall where the meet was going to be held.simultaneously in two cities Mumbai and Delhi. Bloggers at both the ends were quite excited.

The meet started with the Twitter contest winners who got 1k Flipkart vouchers each.
The contest was all about tweeting pictures of self with friends/family in a different city or country
Luckily my pic of Singapore tour where I was trying to imitate like the Transformer standing next to me in Universal Studios won me a Flipkart Voucher.

Also the best blogposts about one visiting another city/country were awarded with Moto G each in Mumbai and Delhi.

Next was what we have never done before, MumbaiVSDelhi.
It was a face-off were both the cities battled out to the best on various topics which were
1. Best public Transportation --> Mumbai Won
2. Best Food --> Delhi Won
3. Best Good looking Men --> Tie as the girls started flaunting about themselves.
4. And in the final round of Best Climate --> Mumbai finally won over Delhi ki sardi.

So the title went to Mumbai, with protests from Delhi side. Realizing the need to end this soon IB team quickly introduced the Zee Zindagi team. After the creative and business head introduced about the initiative, it was time for Imran Abbas, the lead Pakistani actor to take the centre stage.

All eyes were on him and the young lad didn't disappoint. He touched everyone's heart with his answers to the sensitive cross border questions asked by the bloggers. He didn't took any side nor talked senseless like the Pakistani army officials do on Times Now debate. I love to hear when someone talks in Urdu and Imran was no exception.
He told us about the different shows like Zindagi Gulzar Hai, Auun Zara, Kash mai Teri Beti Na Hoti,etc which show the realistic stories from Pakistan.

Next he introduced Sultana Ma'am who had produced lot of famous daily soups in Pakistan and represents the independent Pakistani Women. It was great interacting with this lady who brought the real face of women in Pakistan.
Also Imran sang few songs for us and I must say the boy was not only good with his looks but also with his voice.

Now was the time for high tea and snacks, surely a delight to our tummies..:)
After tea break everyone gathered again in the hall and IB team who is so good at surprises was up with another one. It was a simple task in which one had to pick a number from 1-10, the only difficulty was to be pointed by Anup, the host of the day. Because if only he picks you, you will get a chance to pick a number.
The prizes ranged from Sugar Packet, Water bottle for the unlucky ones to Flipkart vouchers and Bagpacks for the lucky champs.

The meet ended with all bloggers from Mumbai coming into a single frame for a  group pic.

I am really glad that Zee has come out with such a great initiative.
Zindagi as seen in the promising promos also, intend to bring the real stories from Sarhad Paar.
I hope this channel touches as many hearts on both sides of the boundaries and also make these hearts come together.

I was indeed another great Indiblogger meet jisne kafi dilon ko joda and I pray, hope and wish that the Zindagi channel does this on a very grand level for years to come..:)

IMAGE Sources : Google and Indiblogger

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