Monday, September 15, 2014

Game of Blogs : Story Weavers (Part 6 of the story)

Team Name: Story Weavers

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As the time was running out Shekhar became more worried about his baby girl, Roohi.
Her satellite phone which was the only means to know her condition was taken away and smashed
into pieces by one of the terrorist as if they knew what purpose was it serving to the Indian Intelligence.
He was now waiting for the night to sneak into the station and kill those bastards.

It was 7 in the evening when one of his man came running in.
"Sir a lady called up Inspector Arjun and told him to meet her as she wanted to share some information about the terrorist attack.
Defense ministry officials has asked us to get in touch with her and see if she can give us some clue on what the terrorists are upto.

It was all dark and quite. Though Shekhar was habitual of meeting his sources at scary and isolate places but meeting someone at a cemetery was his first.
He was standing against the wall when a figure appeared before him.
She looked stunning in her dusky complexion. Her coal black eyes were deep as an ocean.
And the killer of all were those curly strands cascaded down the side of her face which made her look like a diva.
Shekar was lost but soon returned to his senses as he was on a mission and was already married.

"Hi, I am Ahana. member of Fly India Cabin Crew.
I was in the hotel Continental before it was been attacked by the terrorists.
When I was coming from a SPA session I heard people talking in Urdu in the room next to me.
Thanks to my training I knew the language. They were terrorists who were planning to kill Mr Narendra Modi, the PM of India.
All this hijacking is just a hoax to divert the attention and achieve their ultimate goal.
This is all I wanted to inform you about. All the best officer, save our country and kill those monsters", she said in a confident tone.
Before leaving both shook hands and she disappeared in the dark.
The hand shake was firm as done by army people.

As Shekhar was about to leave he saw a pen drive lying at the place Ahana was standing.
May be she dropped it in hurry.
Suddenly he noticed something peculiar on it. There was a symbol drawn which had a moon and a star on it. On brainstorming he recalled that it was the same symbol which was used by ISI, Pakistani Intelligence.

Quickly Shekhar reached his base and plugged in the pen drive.
It was password protected. He called one of the best ethical hacker of India Amit Fadia to help him decode it..
15 minutes and the job was done..
As he opened the PPT inside it he was shocked.
Complete structure of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre was drawn on the first slide.
Next slides showed how to break in inside it.
And the most shocking of all was the description of the Indian scientists who were involved in one of the most powerful invention of the decade- "Trivya"
The weapon could projectile any missile at a speed of 4 km/sec 10 times the speed of sound.
Also the last slide had pic of Ahana with the name inscribed as Ahana Asiri  d/o
of Abdullah-Al -Asiri.
She was the mastermind behind this attack which was led by her father Abdullah-Al -Asiri.
The person whom Indian army caught was just his clone/humshakal.

So one thing was clear the main goal of terrorist was to attack BARC and kidnap the scientists.

Shekhar was in dilemma.
3 places were hit by the terrorist and he had to thrash them from everywhere.
What should be his priority ?
Roohi !!!
BARC !!! or Hotel Continental !!!
Suddenly an idea stuck his mind.

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  1. Loved Ahana's character introduction here :) Very well thought out.

    1. I am glad that you loved it Vinodini..thnx for dropping by.:)